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  A-ha 195 Rammy 06/20/2000 05:23AM
  RE: A-ha 133 Francesco 06/20/2000 07:34AM
  RE: A-ha and other 'non rock' bands 162Surfpunk06/20/2000 08:08AM
  The '80s are dead and gone... 126 Francesco 06/21/2000 07:55AM
  RE: The '80s are dead and gone... 152 Andrew 06/21/2000 07:36PM
  Looks like a duck... 125Surfpunk06/22/2000 08:26AM
  Fave Unsigned Bands 207 Nicky 06/20/2000 05:00AM
  RE: Fave Unsigned Bands 139 Andrew Paul 06/20/2000 05:46PM
  RE: Fave Unsigned Bands 139 Carl 06/21/2000 07:21AM
  RE: Yo Carl 143 Chris Pope 06/21/2000 09:47AM
  Obscure AOR treasures. 305MANUEL06/20/2000 04:54AM
  RE: Obscure AOR treasures. 201 Francesco 06/20/2000 07:39AM
  RE: Obscure AOR treasures. 207Surfpunk06/20/2000 08:12AM
  RE: Obscure AOR treasures. 180Dave06/21/2000 03:26AM
  RE: Obscure AOR treasures. 240 Tom Krupa 06/20/2000 12:16PM
  RE: Obscure AOR treasures. 269Jeff E06/20/2000 11:10PM
  RE: Obscure AOR treasures. 185 clemens 06/22/2000 09:03AM
  RE: Obscure AOR treasures. 264 clemens 06/22/2000 09:12AM
  NUCLEAR VALDEZ 212MANUEL06/22/2000 10:22PM
  RE: Obscure AOR treasures. 238Surfpunk06/23/2000 04:34AM
  Maximum Force 198Nicky06/20/2000 04:45AM
  Bon Jovi Credits? 221 Rammy 06/19/2000 06:54PM
  RE: Bon Jovi Credits? 131Dave06/20/2000 02:56AM
  RE: Bon Jovi Credits? 136Jack06/20/2000 03:54AM
  RE: Bon Jovi Credits? 153Preacherman06/20/2000 08:15AM
  That would be Eric Bazilian! :) (np) 153 Jack 06/20/2000 08:27AM
  RE: That would be Eric Bazilian! :) (np) 146Preacherman06/22/2000 08:21AM
  RE: Bon Jovi Credits? 121Gav06/23/2000 04:44AM
  House of Shakira "III" - WTF ?!?! 259 Jacob 06/19/2000 06:31PM
  WRONG!!!!! 200 Andrew 06/19/2000 07:30PM
  think twice 154 alfredo 06/19/2000 07:44PM
  RE: think twice 181 Jacob 06/19/2000 07:59PM
  RE: WRONG!!!!! 155 Jacob 06/19/2000 07:52PM
  Ok.. 158 Andrew 06/19/2000 09:15PM
  RE: Ok.. 248 alfredo 06/19/2000 09:47PM
  RE: Ok.. 154 Jacob 06/19/2000 10:20PM
  RE: House of Shakira "III" - WTF ?!?! 206Gitking06/20/2000 02:45AM
  new perspective 214MANUEL06/20/2000 05:23AM
  RE: new perspective 149 alfredo 06/20/2000 04:55PM
  New Glenn Hughes - opinions? 261John Q06/19/2000 05:46PM
  Not happy! 140 Andrew 06/19/2000 06:30PM
  RE: Not happy! 222 Andrew Paul 06/19/2000 08:45PM
  RE: Not happy! 175Surfpunk06/20/2000 08:24AM
  RE: Not happy! 178Surfpunk06/24/2000 08:51AM
  Banderjam 360 Banderjam 06/19/2000 04:26AM
  Wow 180 Curt 06/19/2000 04:30AM
  I KNOW 184 RockMan 06/19/2000 04:35AM
  RE: I KNOW 157Nicky06/19/2000 04:55PM
  Shooting Star - Leap of Faith 212Teaser06/19/2000 03:38AM
  RE: Shooting Star - Leap of Faith 129 Tom Krupa 06/19/2000 11:44AM
  RE: Shooting Star - Leap of Faith 124 Tom Krupa 06/19/2000 11:45AM
  CLASSIC CDR 227MANUEL06/18/2000 09:19PM
  RE: CLASSIC CDR 145Pablo06/18/2000 09:48PM
  RE: CLASSIC CDR 177 Susumu 06/19/2000 01:16AM
  RE: CLASSIC CDR 163 alfredo 06/19/2000 01:48AM
  RE: CLASSIC CDR 150Preacherman06/20/2000 08:33AM
  RE: CLASSIC CDR 150 essbee 06/21/2000 02:11AM
  yngwie tour 216 alfredo 06/18/2000 08:08PM
  RAINE 255 Susumu 06/18/2000 06:17PM
  Big Bad Wolf? 339Kris06/18/2000 01:43PM
  RE: Big Bad Wolf? 149 Mats 06/20/2000 08:13PM
  RE: Big Bad Wolf? 205Kris06/21/2000 11:09AM
  Z 2001 MOVES TO LARGER VENUE 267Z Rock Dude06/18/2000 09:29AM
  Z - Records 187 Rammy 06/20/2000 05:20AM
  RE: Z - Records 198 Andrew Paul 06/20/2000 05:50PM
  RE: Z - Records 161Mark Ashton06/20/2000 08:08PM
  RE: Z - Records 173 Rammy 06/20/2000 08:56PM
  RE: Z - Records 143Lonesome Dave06/22/2000 07:54PM
  RE: Z - Records 192 Rammy 06/22/2000 08:02PM
  RE: Z - Records 146Lonesome Dave06/22/2000 08:38PM
  RE: Z - Records 177 Andrew Paul 06/22/2000 08:22PM
  RE: Z - Records 170Stir Crazy06/23/2000 04:41AM
  Tell me MORE! 163 Rammy 06/23/2000 07:34PM
  think your facts are wrong 175Emo06/23/2000 08:41PM
  think your facts are wrong 179Emo06/23/2000 08:44PM
  RE: Tell me MORE! 186rachel06/24/2000 06:17AM
  RE: Z - Records 182 Nicky 06/23/2000 01:49AM
  Charlie Sexton?? 219 Jack 06/18/2000 03:47AM
  RE: Charlie Sexton?? 148Peter M. Bietenholz06/19/2000 04:42PM
  RE: Charlie Sexton?? 131 Andrew 06/19/2000 06:34PM
  Thank ye lads! Will do... (np) 153 Jack 06/21/2000 04:25PM
  Glenn Hughes re-releases + bonus discs? 241 Stephen 06/18/2000 01:58AM
  Yes 195 Andrew 06/18/2000 10:21AM
  Kee Marcello 275 Frank 06/18/2000 01:05AM
  RE: Kee Marcello 160 Alex siedler 06/18/2000 04:01AM
  RE: Kee Marcello 173 alfredo 06/18/2000 06:21PM
  KEE MARCELLO'S RED FUN 170 Francesco 06/18/2000 08:02PM
  RE: KEE MARCELLO'S RED FUN 249 Maciej 06/20/2000 09:01PM
  houseofshakira party 245 alfredo 06/17/2000 10:27PM
  sons of angels 214 Alex siedler 06/17/2000 07:11PM
  Crush 257 Jack 06/17/2000 07:13AM
  Speaking of which....... 205 Jack 06/17/2000 01:13PM
  RE: Speaking of which....... 158 travis 06/17/2000 01:40PM
  RE: Speaking of which....... 157 Andrew 06/17/2000 03:47PM
  I like it...well, half of it... 185 Benno 06/18/2000 02:39PM
  RE: I like it...well, half of it... 175joe06/19/2000 02:02AM
  Dude, I'll check it out 178 Benno 06/19/2000 01:03PM
  RE: I like it...well, half of it... 175Rocker Chic06/21/2000 12:53AM
  RE: I like it...well, half of it... 187 Rammy 06/23/2000 07:35PM
  Kansas New Album 229 Carl 06/17/2000 07:08AM
  RE: Kansas New Album 183 Phil 06/17/2000 03:00PM
  RE: Kansas New Album 196 Carl 06/18/2000 01:44AM
  RE: Kansas New Album 156 Rocker Chic 06/21/2000 04:15AM
  Europe/ Joey Tempest 305 Alex siedler 06/17/2000 06:54AM
  RE: Europe/ Joey Tempest 199 Richard Stewart 06/17/2000 11:18AM
  RE: Europe/ Joey Tempest 195John Q06/17/2000 02:50PM
  RE: Europe/ Joey Tempest 179Gav06/17/2000 08:16PM
  RE: Europe/ Joey Tempest 225 Rammy 06/18/2000 01:23AM
  RE: Europe/ Joey Tempest 165Surfpunk06/18/2000 06:55PM
  RE: Europe/ Joey Tempest 167Steve, Denmark06/20/2000 08:54PM
  RE: Europe/ Joey Tempest 195 Rammy 06/20/2000 08:58PM
  I`d say dark not "cheap" 201 chris 06/28/2000 05:14AM
  Can anyone tell me about Mad Max and Mac Beth 275 Charles 06/16/2000 11:45PM
  Rick Springfield 298 Lenman 06/16/2000 11:30AM
  Matchbox Twenty 337 Susumu 06/16/2000 10:47AM
  RE: Matchbox Twenty 163 Mike 06/16/2000 10:51AM
  RE: Matchbox Twenty 214Markus06/16/2000 03:06PM
  RE: Matchbox Twenty 174Rich06/17/2000 03:20AM
  RE: Matchbox Twenty 205Gav06/17/2000 09:30AM
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