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  Z-Records 226 alex sieler 09/13/2000 01:13AM
  RE: Z-Records 193 ronny werner 09/13/2000 02:55AM
  RE: Z-Records 136 Z Webmaster 09/13/2000 03:34PM
  ELYTE !! - unbelievable!! 207 Vince Viani 09/13/2000 12:11AM
  RE: ELYTE !! - unbelievable!! 114 VICENTE 09/13/2000 08:28PM
  RE: ELYTE !! - unbelievable!! 147 Vince Viani 09/14/2000 06:21AM
  RE: ELYTE !! - unbelievable!! 134 vinny 09/14/2000 03:47PM
  LATEST/INPUT 240 KIVEL RECORDS 09/12/2000 11:27AM
  RE: LATEST/INPUT 154 J.C. Believer 09/12/2000 01:25PM
  RE: LATEST/INPUT 140T.S. Allen09/13/2000 04:31AM
  RE: LATEST/INPUT 154 T.S. Allen 09/13/2000 04:34AM
  RE: LATEST/INPUT 140 KIVEL RECORDS 09/13/2000 06:19AM
  tour de force 146 jose beaskoa 09/15/2000 07:49AM
  SFK...where did it go? 191Tim09/12/2000 09:33AM
  RE: SFK...where did it go? 144 Matt 09/12/2000 10:54AM
  Shooting Star Leap of Faith Thanks for the head up 170 Steve 09/12/2000 09:22AM
  RE: Shooting Star Leap of Faith Thanks for the hea 130Teaser09/14/2000 08:56AM
  White Sister Re-issue 213 Steve 09/12/2000 09:20AM
  RE: White Sister Re-issue 162CDD8809/12/2000 10:50AM
  VIVA TV 208 ADOLFO 09/12/2000 05:35AM
  Nine Days 191Gav09/12/2000 02:11AM
  RE: Nine Days 151Surfpunk09/12/2000 03:33AM
  RE: Nine Days 129 sfk kurt 09/12/2000 04:26AM
  RE: Nine Days 143Dave R09/12/2000 05:40AM
  RE: SR-71 146Ditto09/12/2000 05:43AM
  RE: Nine Days 133 Andrew Paul 09/12/2000 10:43PM
  RE: Nine Days 194 sfk kurt 09/12/2000 11:28PM
  RE: Nine Days 130 Andrew Paul 09/13/2000 04:24PM
  RE: Nine Days 123Ace09/13/2000 12:51AM
  RE: Nine Days 140 sfk kurt 09/13/2000 01:59AM
  RE: Nine Days 173SP09/13/2000 06:07AM
  thanks for the input (np) 151Ace09/14/2000 10:55PM
  The latest on the Van Halen boys..... 250Jack09/12/2000 01:12AM
  RE: The latest on the Van Halen boys..... 141 sfk kurt 09/12/2000 04:28AM
  VH garbage 157 Rogue 09/12/2000 04:35AM
  RE: VH garbage 171 Dave 09/12/2000 08:19AM
  Right on!!! 156 Benno 09/12/2000 11:51AM
  RE: Right on!!! 144 Matt 09/12/2000 02:06PM
  RE: Right on!!! 128 Matt 09/12/2000 02:10PM
  RE: Well, Jack... 160 Don 09/13/2000 03:53AM
  RE: The latest on the Van Halen boys..... 193 jim 09/14/2000 01:54PM
  Hahahahahaha......... 117Jack09/14/2000 02:26PM
  RE: The latest on the Van Halen boys..... 116c dog09/14/2000 03:18PM
  HELP MP3s "How da ya make em?" 233 joemo5 09/12/2000 01:08AM
  RE: HELP MP3s "How da ya make em?" 147 sfk kurt 09/12/2000 04:29AM
  Jim Peterik Joined Two Fires 208 Susumu 09/11/2000 11:59PM
  Kharma Review - Andrew? 219Jordan in Jersey09/11/2000 11:50PM
  You bet.... 130 Andrew 09/12/2000 05:36AM
  What happened to Howard "Hojo" Johnson o 223 ARBA 09/11/2000 06:26PM
  RE: What happened to Howard "Hojo" Johns 156 Dokken 09/11/2000 07:39PM
  RE: What happened to Howard "Hojo" Johns 119Dave Reynolds09/12/2000 02:01AM
  Any0ne heard the awesome USM album yet???? 188 Nicky 09/11/2000 03:10PM
  RE: Any0ne heard the awesome USM album yet???? 125 Andrew Paul 09/11/2000 04:21PM
  Joe Lynn Turner song - Heartless 203 Rob 09/11/2000 12:58PM
  RE: Joe Lynn Turner song - Heartless 126 Dokken 09/11/2000 04:16PM
  transatlantic?? 211 brent 09/11/2000 12:56PM
  RE: transatlantic?? 128 Francesco 09/11/2000 06:17PM
  RE: transatlantic?? 119 Phil 09/12/2000 01:25AM
  RE: transatlantic?? 109 RICH 09/12/2000 11:09PM
  Not the same band! (np) 183 Phil 09/13/2000 02:50AM
  RE: transatlantic?? 208Scott09/20/2000 07:42PM
  NEW HEARTLAND? - nicky and others? 195 KAOS FAN 09/11/2000 10:38AM
  hey Kaos... 142 Andrew 09/11/2000 03:55PM
  RE: hey Kaos... 124 KAOS FAN 09/12/2000 02:36PM
  A message for Dave Reynolds... 164 Kieran 09/11/2000 09:25AM
  bar 7 263 jose beaskoa 09/11/2000 08:36AM
  RE: bar 7 120 Whynot 09/11/2000 08:42AM
  RE: bar 7 142travis09/12/2000 05:25AM
  Storyteller mystery 188 John 09/11/2000 07:48AM
  Gary Schutt - 'Playthings' 224 Nicky 09/11/2000 05:05AM
  Ten, UFO, Racer X first impressions 198Steve, Denmark09/11/2000 03:41AM
  Racer X Mania 104 Nicky 09/11/2000 04:06AM
  RE: Ten, UFO, Racer X first impressions 101John Q09/11/2000 05:17AM
  Well... 129Steve, Denmark09/11/2000 06:23PM
  RE: Ten, UFO, Westworld 137Viking09/12/2000 12:46AM
  RE: Ten, UFO, Westworld 135 john 09/14/2000 08:16AM
  BLUE TEARS 172 runaway 09/11/2000 02:45AM
  Enuff Z'Nuff/Jester and Heartland cd's 148 Nicky 09/11/2000 12:37AM
  Alien - a question 160Steve, Denmark09/10/2000 04:40AM
  RE: Alien - a question 117 Francesco 09/10/2000 07:08AM
  RE: Alien - a question 163 brent 09/10/2000 07:55AM
  RE: Alien - a question 120Surfpunk09/10/2000 08:47AM
  Hey Steve! 153Gav09/10/2000 12:05PM
  Thanks for all the info guys.... 141Steve, Denmark09/11/2000 03:08AM
  RE: Thanks for all the info guys.... 221Gav09/11/2000 04:33AM
  Alien debut 162CW09/11/2000 07:16AM
  RE: Alien debut 136Steve, Denmark09/12/2000 03:55AM
  RE: Alien & JIM Jidhed 166 Vince Viani 09/12/2000 06:40AM
  RE: Alien & JIM Jidhed 119 Eric 09/14/2000 05:24AM
  RE: Alien - a question 142Rocker Dave09/14/2000 06:57AM
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