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  Joan Jett 152Captain Chaos10/26/2000 05:02AM
  RE: Joan Jett 99Robert10/26/2000 05:35AM
  Didn't she shave her head? (np) 91 Big Dogster 10/26/2000 05:58AM
  who cares? 95 Stimpy 10/26/2000 08:47AM
  RE: Not only that... 88 Don 10/26/2000 10:02AM
  original Silk & Steel cd 4 sale 147 peter 10/26/2000 04:55AM
  Poison? 184Pete10/26/2000 03:26AM
  RE: Poison? 129Captain Chaos10/26/2000 04:54AM
  RE: Poison? 126 rtz 10/26/2000 02:02PM
  RE: Poison? Kotzen/Saraceno much better than CC 154 Nicky 10/26/2000 05:41PM
  RE: Poison? Kotzen/Saraceno much better than CC 99Robert10/26/2000 10:40PM
  RE: Poison? Kotzen/Saraceno much better than CC 137 TEC 10/27/2000 12:06AM
  RE: Poison? Kotzen/Saraceno much better than CC 108 Nicky 10/27/2000 03:32AM
  RE: Poison? Kotzen/Saraceno much better than CC 126 Rob 10/27/2000 02:14PM
  Kotzen nicked girlfriend 113 Nicky 10/27/2000 06:34PM
  Kotzen is excellent 96Ed10/27/2000 12:10AM
  RE: Poison? Kotzen/Saraceno much better than CC 128 John 10/27/2000 05:56AM
  I think you are wrong and here's why! 93Captain Chaos10/26/2000 11:14PM
  RE: I think you are wrong and here's why! 106Pete10/27/2000 02:07AM
  RE: I think you are wrong and here's why! 122 Nicky 10/27/2000 03:37AM
  RE: I think you are wrong and here's why! 111 Chris 10/27/2000 04:23AM
  What's your problem? 122Captain Chaos10/27/2000 05:23AM
  Well said chaos 114Pete10/27/2000 05:00PM
  Thnaks Pete! 107Captain Chaos10/27/2000 11:51PM
  RE: Poison? 113Robert10/26/2000 05:39AM
  RE: Poison? Give them their dues! 130 KAOS FAN 10/26/2000 04:26PM
  does anyone know?...... 131 mike 10/26/2000 01:50AM
  RE: does anyone know?...... 83 Tom Krupa 10/26/2000 02:33AM
  Van Halen 144 Hollywood Hogan"Ralphus' 10/26/2000 01:22AM
  RE: Van Halen 71 Vinnie 10/26/2000 03:44AM
  Bad Moon Rising -Opium 175 Mac 10/26/2000 12:02AM
  RE: Bad Moon Rising -Opium 95 Maciej 10/26/2000 01:38AM
  RE: Bad Moon Rising -Opium 103WM10/26/2000 06:57AM
  soft modern or heavy? 114 mac 10/26/2000 12:11PM
  RE: soft modern or heavy? 91Peter M. Bietenholz10/26/2000 04:41PM
  RE: soft modern or heavy? 124 brent 10/26/2000 10:09PM
  RE: soft modern or heavy? 103 Maciej 10/26/2000 11:10PM
  RE: Bad Moon Rising -Opium 113KT10/27/2000 01:36AM
  RE: Bad Moon Rising -Opium 123 Mac 10/27/2000 06:49AM
  Savannah! :) 161melodicrocklover10/25/2000 05:54PM
  RE: Savannah! :) 68 brent 10/25/2000 07:57PM
  Journey's ARRIVAL and Neal's Japanese mag inter 138 Meg 10/25/2000 10:47AM
  RE: Journey's ARRIVAL and Neal's Japanese mag inte 86 DJ Klaus 10/25/2000 05:20PM
  Concept Albums 180 Whynot 10/25/2000 07:28AM
  RE: Concept Albums 92 Mike 10/25/2000 09:21AM
  RE: Concept Albums 128 Joe 10/25/2000 10:23AM
  Wow! 116 Benno 10/25/2000 10:44AM
  Three more 103 Kilzer 10/25/2000 11:43AM
  Don't forget the best Concept album of all! 98Captain Chaos10/25/2000 09:44PM
  RE: Concept Albums 118 brent 10/25/2000 12:26PM
  another three more 134mark kennedy10/25/2000 08:33PM
  Of Course...and the reissue 126 Benno 10/26/2000 01:11PM
  Voodoo Hill - news or opinions? 196Steve, Denmark10/25/2000 06:48AM
  RE: Voodoo Hill - news or opinions? 105 Mats 10/25/2000 04:17PM
  RE: Voodoo Hill - news or opinions? 113Steve, Denmark10/25/2000 11:32PM
  RE: Voodoo Hill - news or opinions? 93 Jake 10/26/2000 12:41AM
  RE: Voodoo Hill - news or opinions? 105 marty s 10/26/2000 05:13AM
  Was M. bolton being considered for Journey? 172 HarryB 10/25/2000 06:35AM
  RE: Was M. bolton being considered for Journey? 90 Kevin 10/25/2000 08:12AM
  RE: Was M. bolton being considered for Journey? 87 Mats 10/25/2000 09:25PM
  RE: Was M. bolton being considered for Journey? 94 paul stephenson 10/25/2000 09:59PM
  RE: Was M. bolton being considered for Journey? 131 Stimpy 10/25/2000 11:19PM
  RE: Was M. bolton being considered for Journey? 91 Kevin 10/26/2000 03:19AM
  RE: Was M. bolton being considered for Journey? 124 Gareth 10/27/2000 05:04AM
  New Wallflowers 138Peter M. Bietenholz10/25/2000 06:17AM
  RE: Really, Peter?! 96 Don 10/25/2000 04:56PM
  RE: New Wallflowers 98 Susumu 10/25/2000 10:38PM
  RE: New Wallflowers 87 Matt 10/27/2000 08:15AM
  LAMORNA - GREAT NEW UNSIGNED BAND 294 Nicky 10/25/2000 03:29AM
  Speaking of stupid band names 94Captain Chaos10/25/2000 05:26AM
  Stun Leer 94 Mrpool 10/26/2000 07:29AM
  RE: Stun Leer 112 Tom Krupa 10/28/2000 02:18AM
  RE: Lamorna (the name)... 138 Don 10/29/2000 03:35AM
  RE: LAMORNA - GREAT NEW UNSIGNED BAND 96 Carl 10/25/2000 06:55AM
  RE: LAMORNA - GREAT NEW UNSIGNED BAND 96 Tom Krupa 10/25/2000 10:08PM
  Where are they now - Gudrun Laos of Laos 150JT10/25/2000 02:48AM
  RE: Good one indeed... 83Peter M. Bietenholz10/25/2000 06:09AM
  RE: Where are they now - Gudrun Laos of Laos 114 Tom Krupa 10/25/2000 10:21PM
  Billy Branigan - "where are they now?" 164 sfk kurt 10/25/2000 02:07AM
  answering my own post 96 sfk kurt 10/25/2000 02:13AM
  ZEBRA's Randy Jackson in Chicago!! 155 Don Wishon 10/25/2000 12:41AM
  Message for Capt kaos 179Captain Chaos10/25/2000 12:25AM
  Ten hut! A solution for squabbling Captains.... 92Jack10/25/2000 05:00AM
  RE: Jack... 93 Don 10/25/2000 10:25AM
  RE: Jack... 94Captain Chaos10/26/2000 04:57AM
  21 Guns / Z2001 question 131Dan10/24/2000 08:15PM
  RE: 21 Guns / Z2001 question 81 Terje Dokken 10/24/2000 10:55PM
  EBAY - Auction. Diggler17 135 Rammy 10/24/2000 07:46PM
  BOSTON and SUBWAY SERIES! 161 KAOS FAN 10/24/2000 07:12PM
  Hey SFK Kurt... 192 Don 10/24/2000 04:32PM
  RE: Hey SFK Kurt... 125 sfk kurt 10/25/2000 01:54AM
  RE: Thanks SFK Kurt... 143 Don 10/25/2000 10:33AM
  Hi Don 109Captain Chaos10/25/2000 05:31AM
  RE: Vertical Horizon 141Peter M. Bietenholz10/25/2000 06:27AM
  RE: The Mighty VH... 166 Don 10/25/2000 09:50AM
  Angie Aparo 95Captain Chaos10/25/2000 09:46PM
  RE: Vertical Horizon 115 Tom Krupa 10/25/2000 10:04PM
  THE GODZ 2000 191 Nicky 10/24/2000 04:17PM
  Help with a song... 170 Don 10/24/2000 04:04PM
  RE: Help with a song... 123 Francesco 10/24/2000 08:42PM
  U2 .. beautiful day 164 Geoff 10/24/2000 03:10PM
  RE: U2 .. beautiful day 104 Andrew 10/24/2000 08:09PM
  RE: My thoughts on this band... 115 Don 10/26/2000 10:21AM
  RE: My thoughts on this band... 95 Susumu 10/26/2000 08:50PM
  RE: Hi Susumu/Fave U2 albums... 121 Don 10/28/2000 12:59AM
  What bands had career-killing names? 152 Jason 10/24/2000 01:43PM
  RE: To tell you the truth... 114 Don 10/24/2000 02:48PM
  Here's a couple 121Captain Chaos10/25/2000 12:30AM
  RE: Here's a couple 107Robert10/25/2000 12:52AM
  Is this the slowest wit on the board??? (np) 117JT10/25/2000 01:40AM
  RE: Here's a couple 118Blues10/25/2000 01:42AM
  RE: Here's a couple 123 sfk kurt 10/25/2000 02:03AM
  For real 122Captain Chaos10/25/2000 02:16AM
  RE: (are you) For real 150 sfk kurt 10/25/2000 04:57AM
  Bad Band Names. 122Jack10/25/2000 05:13AM
  I have to say... 113Steve, Denmark10/25/2000 07:00AM
  RE: I have to say... 159Private Pumpkinhead10/25/2000 07:31AM
  RE: Speaking of bad punk names... 114 Don 10/25/2000 09:58AM
  Don, how could you forget... 109 Alan 10/25/2000 12:25PM
  RE: LOL, Alan!!! 125 Don 10/25/2000 04:59PM
  Throbbing gristle anyone?? 119Pete10/25/2000 06:10PM
  Ya wanna see some bad names? 128 Joe 10/25/2000 10:45AM
  Alltime favorite: Dumpster Juice 114 Big Bow Wow 10/26/2000 12:55AM
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