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  Tour DE Force and Shang Hai-More Great Rock!! 172 Steve 08/02/2000 04:01AM
  RE: Tour DE Force/Shang Hai-KIVEL ROCKS!! 126 C-Man! 08/02/2000 01:25PM
  RE: Tour DE Force/Shang Hai-KIVEL ROCKS!! 143 John 08/02/2000 11:38PM
  RE: Tour DE Force/Shang Hai-KIVEL ROCKS!! 140 Steve 08/03/2000 07:57AM
  RE: Tour DE Force and Shang Hai-More Great Rock!! 102 Danimal 08/03/2000 03:33PM
  RE: Tour DE Force and Shang Hai-More Great Rock!! 149 C-MAN 08/05/2000 11:18PM
  RainLord on Farmclub 170 RainLord 08/02/2000 12:37AM
  Night Ranger 185 Adam 08/01/2000 05:41PM
  RE: Night Ranger 152 Richard Stewart 08/01/2000 09:53PM
  RE: Night Ranger 105 GUSS 08/02/2000 05:52AM
  RE: Night Ranger 123 Rocker Chic 08/02/2000 06:38AM
  No plans... 93 Andrew 08/02/2000 07:53AM
  RE: No plans... 149 Jim 08/04/2000 02:18AM
  HEARTLAND PICTURE: thanks Andrew 151 KAOS FAN 08/01/2000 01:32PM
  RE: HEARTLAND PICTURE: thanks Andrew 97 Andrew 08/01/2000 09:53PM
  Marvelous 3 soundbytes/feedback 132 dee 08/01/2000 07:16AM
  When is the Gods 2000?? 146Scott W08/01/2000 06:45AM
  RE: When is the Gods 2000?? 94 Kieran 08/01/2000 10:49AM
  NEW BANDS:- LAZY JANE/RAINLORD 196Nicky08/01/2000 04:16AM
  RE: NEW BANDS:- LAZY JANE/RAINLORD 136 Terri Henman 08/01/2000 05:29AM
  RE: NEW BANDS:- LAZY JANE/RAINLORD 118Nicky08/01/2000 06:06AM
  RE: NEW BANDS:- LAZY JANE/RAINLORD 107 Terri Henman 08/01/2000 08:14PM
  LAZY JANE/Pair-A-Dice 145Deb08/01/2000 02:11PM
  RE: LAZY JANE/Pair-A-Dice 124Nicky08/01/2000 05:01PM
  RE: LAZY JANE/Pair-A-Dice 121 Terri Henman 08/01/2000 08:15PM
  RE: LAZY JANE - CD REVIEW 108Nicky08/02/2000 02:15AM
  RE: NEW BANDS:- LAZY JANE/RAINLORD 137 RainLord 08/02/2000 12:39AM
  Australian Charts 182 Richard Stewart 08/01/2000 01:04AM
  RE: Australian Charts 109 Kevin 08/01/2000 03:57AM
  i like "freestyler"!!!! 129 Geoff 08/01/2000 04:48PM
  RE: Don't worry ! Look at the French Charts 103 C├ędric 08/01/2000 05:05AM
  Farnham at 42 112 Andre 08/01/2000 07:21AM
  RE: Farnham at 42 118 Richard Stewart 08/01/2000 01:09PM
  RE: Australian Charts: Britain is worse. 105 KAOS FAN 08/01/2000 01:21PM
  RE: Australian Charts: Britain is worse. 106Surfpunk08/02/2000 04:11AM
  RE: Australian Charts: Britain is worse. 92 Andrew Paul 08/02/2000 11:01PM
  Mutual admiration society! 117Surfpunk08/03/2000 04:56AM
  RE: Mutual admiration society! 96 Andrew Paul 08/03/2000 05:43PM
  And remember... 137Surfpunk08/04/2000 04:13AM
  benny mardones wanted cd 174 luca 08/01/2000 12:45AM
  Def Leppard Rocked 172 Jeff 07/31/2000 09:54PM
  RE: Def Leppard Rocked 137 Eric 07/31/2000 10:31PM
  RE: Def Leppard Rocked 112 Rocker Chic 08/02/2000 12:07AM
  RE: Def Leppard Rocked 102 Snake65 08/02/2000 10:11PM
  RE: The Unband 158 Rocker Chic 08/02/2000 11:02PM
  Leppard rock US shock!! 148Surfpunk08/03/2000 05:03AM
  Newman ~ Dance In The Fire ....release date? 158Kris07/31/2000 03:41PM
  RE: Newman ~ Dance In The Fire ....release date? 126 KAOS FAN 08/01/2000 01:24PM
  RE: Newman ~ Dance In The Fire ....release date? 121Kris08/01/2000 10:20PM
  Has anyone seen the VH1 MeatLoaf movie? 157 Okie 07/31/2000 12:58PM
  Two Fires playing live in the US... 194Jack07/31/2000 12:42PM
  RE: Two Fires playing live in the US... 133 Susumu 07/31/2000 10:09PM
  RE: Two Fires playing live in the US... 123 Kevin 08/01/2000 03:51AM
  RE: Two Fires playing live in the US... 129 Aaron 08/02/2000 01:25PM
  RE: Two Fires playing live in the US... 140 Kevin 08/02/2000 02:28PM
  Supporting are music 130Devlik07/31/2000 10:44AM
  RATT(sort of), WARRANT, L.A. GUNS 167Rock07/31/2000 05:03AM
  RE: RATT(sort of), WARRANT, L.A. GUNS 92I wanna Know07/31/2000 04:12PM
  RE: RATT(sort of), WARRANT, L.A. GUNS 100Joe07/31/2000 06:49PM
  RE: RATT(sort of), WARRANT, L.A. GUNS 110Tammi Memphis08/01/2000 07:28AM
  RE: RATT(sort of), WARRANT, L.A. GUNS 109 hello 08/04/2000 02:53PM
  Tour De Force & Shanghai soundbytes 194 DJ Klaus 07/31/2000 03:11AM
  Jeff Scott Soto/Talisman 143 Rob 07/31/2000 01:25AM
  RE: Jeff Scott Soto/Talisman 103 brent 07/31/2000 10:27AM
  RE: Jeff Scott Soto/Talisman 126 Marc 07/31/2000 11:32AM
  i-TEN "Taking a cold look". A little que 178 Catman 07/30/2000 08:13PM
  RE: i-TEN "Taking a cold look". A little 91 John 08/01/2000 04:47AM
  What ?? 113 Catman 08/02/2000 10:31PM
  RE: What ?? 97 John 08/03/2000 03:13AM
  And now... 97 Catman 08/03/2000 06:43PM
  RE: What ?? 99 John 08/03/2000 03:13AM
  RE: What ?? 145Dave08/03/2000 07:15AM
  Re:Innocent cd 101 Tom Krupa 08/04/2000 04:58AM
  Re:Innocent cd 127Dave08/04/2000 06:18AM
  Re:Innocent cd 111 Carl 08/06/2000 12:30AM
  Cinderella 146RevRon07/30/2000 05:38PM
  RE: Cinderella 89Kazlynn07/31/2000 03:11PM
  Ratt' s "Pearcy", Muzik & Tour 151 TFR 07/30/2000 05:21PM
  RE: Ratt' s "Pearcy", Muzik & Tour 137 I wanna Know 07/31/2000 04:15PM
  RE: Ratt' s "Pearcy", Muzik & Tour 72 ratt fan #1 08/01/2000 05:05AM
  MP3 editing? 156Jack07/30/2000 01:00PM
  RE: MP3 editing? 83 Richard Stewart 07/30/2000 01:44PM
  RE: MP3 editing? 108 Tinger 07/30/2000 02:04PM
  Thanks a bunch.... 84Jack07/31/2000 06:32AM
  Np Jack, Anything For My "Peeps" 85 Tinger 07/31/2000 08:20AM
  Any Snakes fans out there? 142 Rob 07/30/2000 04:12AM
  RE: Any Snakes fans out there? 112 Nick Green 07/30/2000 06:58PM
  RE: Any Snakes fans out there? 96 Peter Sims 07/30/2000 08:21PM
  Well.....aren't I a dipshit :) 83 Rob 07/30/2000 10:36PM
  RE: Well.....aren't I a dipshit :) 101Peter M. Bietenholz07/31/2000 12:03AM
  Snakes 100 Rob 07/31/2000 01:17AM
  RE: Snakes 90 Peter Sims 07/31/2000 02:55AM
  Glenn Hughes From Now On in UK 116 Martin Robertss 07/30/2000 02:03AM
  Trippin On Dolls 124 Chris 07/29/2000 11:45PM
  The Optimist - Eric Bazilian 157Stefan07/29/2000 09:25PM
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