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  New Valensia CD - rubbish! 81 Misterpomp 06/06/2001 03:41AM
  Where? 54Kris06/06/2001 05:47AM
  Re: Where? 60 Carl1 06/06/2001 09:16AM
  Re: Pompy's learnt a bunch of words in Spanish LOL 102 Melodic Lover ( Spain ) 06/06/2001 11:22AM
  krokus and quiet riot lyrics wanted...emergency 81 GEORGE PANTELIS 06/06/2001 03:17AM
  Re: krokus and quiet riot lyrics wanted...emergenc 54 Bart 06/06/2001 04:07AM
  ndrew, FM live...where do i purchase it? 67 luca 06/06/2001 02:10AM
  Re: here ya go 61 sfk kurt 06/06/2001 06:21AM 69 Andrew 06/06/2001 07:22AM
  Re: 58danthecdman06/06/2001 07:20PM
  Any truth to this rumor ? 65 clemens 06/06/2001 01:14AM
  Re: Any truth to this rumor ? 52blm06/06/2001 01:28AM
  Tesla is back 59 Tesla songs 4 2 06/05/2001 11:41PM
  nubreed album of the year? 64 sfk kurt 06/05/2001 10:52PM
  Raine......???? 87 Mats 06/05/2001 10:35PM
  Re: Raine......???? 53 Bart 06/06/2001 01:56AM
  Re: Raine......???? 54Kieran06/06/2001 07:25AM
  Raine news... 54 Andrew 06/06/2001 07:25AM
  The board is weird! 69 Captain Can Man 06/05/2001 04:08PM
  Re: The board is weird! 65 Carl1 06/05/2001 09:00PM
  Re: The board is weird! 64 CARL 06/05/2001 10:31PM
  Re: The board is weird! 66 Carl1 06/06/2001 04:17AM
  Re: The board is weird! 53 The Real Richard 06/06/2001 09:14AM
  One more time... 94 Brian 06/05/2001 01:48PM
  Re: One more time... 55danthecdman06/05/2001 07:06PM
  Re: One more time... 56the encyclopedia06/05/2001 07:09PM
  Re: One more time... 55 Brian 06/05/2001 07:16PM
  Re: One more time... 59 Daniel 06/05/2001 08:09PM
  Re: One more time... 57 Tinger 06/05/2001 11:35PM
  Re: One more time... 55danthecdman06/06/2001 06:35AM
  That would be Beau Nasty... 53 Alan 06/06/2001 10:17AM
  Re: That would be Beau Nasty... 53danthecdman06/06/2001 07:21PM
  California? 75 Gabe 06/05/2001 01:13PM
  Re: California? 60 Stuart 06/05/2001 07:17PM
  Who is Terry Brock 95 PHILLY MIKE 06/05/2001 12:07PM
  Re: Who is Terry Brock 67 Tom Krupa 06/05/2001 12:40PM
  Re: Who is Terry Brock 66 Mayhem 06/07/2001 05:41AM
  Angelica info please... 91 Rich 06/05/2001 10:43AM
  Re: Clarification, please... 62 Don 06/05/2001 12:22PM
  Re: Clarification, please... 65 Rich 06/06/2001 07:16AM
  Re: Will the real Angelica please stand up... 80 Don 06/06/2001 04:41PM
  Re: Will the real Angelica please stand up... 63 Rich 06/07/2001 03:58AM
  Re: Well... 68 Don 06/10/2001 03:35AM
  Re: Will the real Angelica please stand up... 71 Dan 06/09/2001 02:29PM
  Planet X review 107 Paul 06/05/2001 10:36AM
  Re: Planet X review..SET LIST!! 59 KAOS FAN 06/05/2001 12:30PM
  Re: Planet X review..SET LIST!! 79 Paul 06/05/2001 01:36PM
  Re: Planet X review 61Phil 106/05/2001 01:19PM
  Re: Planet X review 64 Paul 06/05/2001 01:39PM
  Re: Planet X review 58 ddregs 06/06/2001 06:36PM
  Recommendations/Help w/ these... 85 Alan 06/05/2001 10:33AM
  Re: Recommendations/Help w/ these... 57 Don 06/05/2001 12:35PM
  recommend...Jeff Watson etc. 67 KAOS FAN 06/05/2001 12:36PM
  Re: recommend...Jeff Watson etc. 57 Geoff 06/06/2001 08:11AM
  Re: recommend...Jeff Watson etc. 54dark 80s chris06/06/2001 12:19PM
  Re: Recommendations/Help w/ these... 65 Misterpomp 06/05/2001 05:10PM
  Re: Recommendations/Help w/ these... 67Surfpunk06/05/2001 05:57PM
  Re: Recommendations/Help w/ these... 65Surfpunk06/07/2001 04:46AM
  THANK YOU!!!! 54 Alan 06/06/2001 10:25AM
  Andrew...for once I agree with ya! 73 sfk kurt 06/05/2001 10:11AM
  RE-ISSUES LOWER PRICE SALE 66 Kelv Hellrazer 06/05/2001 09:29AM
  Alias / Freddy Curci fans!!! 53 Misterpomp 06/05/2001 05:12PM
  Deride-release!! 69 Ole Walaunet 06/05/2001 07:42AM
  Now & Then / Frontiers News - 4 June 2001 80Peter Sims06/05/2001 04:35AM
  How would you describe your self? 95 alex siedler 06/05/2001 03:51AM
  Re: How would you describe your self? 60danthecdman06/05/2001 07:08AM
  Re: How would you describe your self? 56 Baffie 06/06/2001 11:49AM
  Just had to post this...... 98 Brian 06/05/2001 03:21AM
  Re: Just had to post this...... 63danthecdman06/05/2001 07:09AM
  Agreed The Journey is Awesome 52Scott W06/05/2001 09:09AM
  Re: Just had to post this...... 67 Tavas 06/06/2001 06:46PM
  Greg Howe joins N'Sync 79 Rich 06/04/2001 11:58PM
  Dare - Right away 78 alex siedler 06/04/2001 11:13PM
  Re: Dare - Right away 55 Scott W 06/04/2001 11:33PM
  Re: Dare - Right away 66 alex siedler 06/04/2001 11:39PM
  Re: Dare - Right away 62 Scott W 06/05/2001 12:05AM
  Re: Dare - Right away 56 Bart 06/05/2001 01:58AM
  Re: Dare - Right away 67 Baffie 06/05/2001 10:36AM
  What are the most profound AOR lyrics ever? 66 koogles 06/04/2001 10:56PM
  Re: What are the most profound AOR lyrics ever? 55Preacherman06/04/2001 11:25PM
  Re: What are the most profound AOR lyrics ever? 49 sfk kurt 06/04/2001 11:47PM
  Uhh, guys. Dontcha know what 'profound' means?? (n 65TC06/05/2001 12:19AM
  Re: obviously, sarcasm is lost on you 71 sfk kurt 06/05/2001 12:22AM
  Re: Uhh, guys. Dontcha know what 'profound' means? 50Preacherman06/05/2001 05:57AM
  Re: What are the most profound AOR lyrics ever? 71 Shannon Smith 06/05/2001 12:24AM
  Re: What are the most profound AOR lyrics ever? 50 Snake 65 06/05/2001 02:37AM
  Re: What are the most profound AOR lyrics ever? 57 Andrew 06/05/2001 07:44AM
  Re: What are the most profound AOR lyrics ever? 55 Melodic Lover ( Spain ) 06/05/2001 10:20AM
  Re: What are the most profound AOR lyrics ever? 47 The Other Joe 06/05/2001 11:42AM
  Re: What are the most profound AOR lyrics ever? 45Jordan in Jersey06/06/2001 10:08AM
  Eve6 to replace SR-71 on the Bon Jovi tour! 133 sfk kurt 06/04/2001 10:55PM
  OMIGOD!!! 63Surfpunk06/04/2001 11:14PM
  Re: OMIGOD!!! 61 sfk kurt 06/04/2001 11:22PM
  Re: OMIGOD!!! 63 Kevin 06/05/2001 10:58AM
  Re: OMIGOD!!! 69Surfpunk06/05/2001 06:00PM
  Re: OMIGOD!!! 74Surfpunk06/05/2001 06:00PM
  Re: Eve6 vs. SR-71...vs M3? 52randi06/06/2001 08:31AM
  Re: Eve6 vs. SR-71...vs M3? 69Surfpunk06/07/2001 04:32AM
  Re: Eve6 vs. SR-71...vs M3? 64randi06/07/2001 09:12AM
  Re: Eve6 vs. SR-71...vs M3? 81 Carl1 06/07/2001 11:01AM
  Re: Eve6 vs. SR-71...vs M3? 65randi06/07/2001 12:05PM
  Supermint suck bright red monkey ass! 77 sfk kurt 06/07/2001 09:44AM
  Credit where it's due Kurt. 64Surfpunk06/07/2001 07:32PM
  I wish more would come to flood the place! 64 sfk kurt 06/07/2001 10:14PM
  Re: Eve6 vs. SR-71... 69 Don 06/05/2001 12:45PM
  Re: Eve6 vs. SR-71... 69Surfpunk06/05/2001 06:04PM
  Re: Eve6 vs. SR-71...vs M3? 78 sfk kurt 06/05/2001 10:49PM
  TSAR cover the BACKSTREET BOYS!! 84Surfpunk06/04/2001 09:13PM
  Re: TSAR cover the BACKSTREET BOYS!! 70 Carl 1 06/04/2001 09:37PM
  Re: TSAR cover the BACKSTREET BOYS!! 58Surfpunk06/04/2001 11:17PM
  Re: TSAR cover the BACKSTREET BOYS!! 117 Carl 1 06/05/2001 01:39AM
  Re: Astounding!/Treble Charger... 63 Don 06/05/2001 01:42PM
  Re: Astounding!/Treble Charger... 60 Brian 06/05/2001 04:14PM
  Re: Astounding!/Treble Charger... 66The Conductor06/06/2001 02:38AM
  'King Of The School EP' 64Penguin06/07/2001 05:24AM
  Re: 'King Of The School EP' 57 Carl1 06/07/2001 06:03AM
  Said that without moving my lips!! (NP) 55Surfpunk06/07/2001 07:26AM
  Re: TSAR cover the BACKSTREET BOYS!! 73 sfk kurt 06/04/2001 11:22PM
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