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  Stage Dolls 91 Stéphane 11/30/2000 12:44AM
  RE: Stage Dolls 58 RAMMY 11/30/2000 01:49AM
  RE: Stage Dolls 70 Nick 11/30/2000 02:44AM
  RE: "Stage Dolls" CD....yep great vocal 62 Geoff 12/01/2000 09:35AM
  RE: Stage Dolls 64 ROCK OF NORWAY 11/30/2000 04:40AM
  Don't forget Torstein Flakne's solo-album 66 Niklas 12/06/2000 06:48PM
  RE: Stage Dolls 48 Stéphane 12/01/2000 05:41AM
  Bad English unreleased songs? Andrew? 107 frank 11/29/2000 10:23PM
  RE: Bad English unreleased songs? Andrew? 198 Andrew 11/29/2000 11:01PM
  Kris /Big Bad Wolf....... 90 Mats 11/29/2000 09:54PM
  RE: Kris /Big Bad Wolf....... 52Kris11/29/2000 11:52PM
  Journey/Survivor 100 Adam 11/29/2000 04:49PM
  What new "popular" artists satisfy your 107Chrisj11/29/2000 04:03PM
  new "popular" artists satisfy me 52 Rogue 11/29/2000 04:33PM
  RE: Irony reigns supreme... 70 Don 11/29/2000 04:39PM
  SR-71 66 koogles 11/30/2000 01:03AM
  RE: SR-71 63 Don 11/30/2000 01:27AM
  Moist & Savage Garden 71 Ace 11/30/2000 04:37AM
  RE: Hi Ace... 65 Don 11/30/2000 06:58AM
  RE: Hi Ace... 70 Ace 11/30/2000 07:41AM
  RE: Recommendations... 67 Don 11/30/2000 11:20AM
  Savage Garden 75 sfk kurt 11/30/2000 07:58AM
  What new "popular" artists satisfy your 62 alex siedler 11/29/2000 08:03PM
  RE: Sorry!! 57Chrisj11/29/2000 08:11PM
  RE: No reason... 66 Don 11/30/2000 01:22AM
  Stroke 9 60 Ace 11/30/2000 04:42AM
  RE: Stroke 9 74ChrisJ11/30/2000 03:08PM
  RE: What new "popular" artists satisfy y 69 Don Wishon 11/30/2000 01:53AM
  Stir 72 Ace 11/30/2000 04:32AM
  RE: Stir 80 Don Wishon 11/30/2000 04:38AM
  RE: Stir 68 Ace 11/30/2000 04:50AM
  RE: Stir 84 Don Wishon 11/30/2000 05:00AM
  RE: Stir - ANDREW... 58 Don Wishon 11/30/2000 05:02AM
  RE: Stir - ANDREW... 79 Andrew 12/01/2000 06:56AM
  RE: Stir 84 Eddie 12/01/2000 10:57AM
  RE: Hey Don W. 61 Peter M. Bietenholz 11/30/2000 06:49AM
  RE: What new "popular" artists satisfy y 68 sfk kurt 11/30/2000 02:05AM
  RE: What new "popular" artists satisfy y 64 Jason 11/30/2000 10:08AM
  RE: What new "popular" artists satisfy y 64 Mike 11/30/2000 02:04PM
  RE: What new "popular" artists satisfy y 75 Susumu 12/01/2000 12:08AM
  RE: Jason, try this..... 60 Popefreak 12/02/2000 02:46AM
  RE: Never fear, Pope is here! 66 Popefreak 12/02/2000 03:03AM
  Bands that look COOL.... 101Kris11/29/2000 03:55PM
  RE: Bands that look COOL.... 69 Daniel 11/29/2000 09:14PM
  RE: Bands that look COOL.... 58 Maciej 11/30/2000 08:56PM
  RE: Bands that look COOL.... 60Peter M. Bietenholz11/29/2000 11:11PM
  RE: Bands that look COOL.... 59Kris11/29/2000 11:50PM
  RE: Bands that look COOL.... 53joe11/30/2000 02:08AM
  RE: Bands that look COOL.... 65 sfk kurt 11/30/2000 02:08AM
  RE: Bands that look COOL.... 58Gav11/30/2000 04:54AM
  RE: Bands that look COOL.... 61 sfk kurt 11/30/2000 05:47AM
  RE: Bands that look COOL.... 64 RAMMY 11/30/2000 06:14AM
  Wow, now that's shallow...! 61John Q11/30/2000 07:28AM
  RE: Wow, now that's shallow...! 52Kris11/30/2000 11:55AM
  RE: Speak for yourself, not for others! 65Peter M. Bietenholz11/30/2000 07:53PM
  Go Kris! 57 fanof1982 12/01/2000 04:49AM
  Who should Yngwie work with? 88 Rob 11/29/2000 02:57PM
  RE: Who should Yngwie work with? 55Peter M. Bietenholz11/29/2000 07:00PM
  Peter.... 61 Andrew 11/29/2000 11:04PM
  RE: Andrew, thanks... 59Peter M. Bietenholz11/29/2000 11:16PM
  RE: Who should Yngwie work with? 72 brent 11/29/2000 10:03PM
  RE: Who should Yngwie work with? 57Mark Ashton11/30/2000 01:01AM
  backup guitarist for shania & matt's band.. 69 Mrpool 11/30/2000 04:17AM
  RE: Who should Yngwie work with? 55 Jake 11/30/2000 05:29AM
  RE: Who should Yngwie work with? 54 capt kaos 11/30/2000 10:38PM
  Yngwie should pull a Ritchie Blackmore... 65 koogles 12/01/2000 01:25AM
  DAVID GLENN EISLEY NEW CD 85 mike 11/29/2000 12:32PM
  RE: DAVID GLENN EISLEY NEW CD 51 koogles 11/29/2000 12:34PM
  JAPANESE BAND SCORE BOOKS 221 myles 11/29/2000 12:26PM
  RE: JAPANESE BAND SCORE BOOKS 87 Susumu 11/29/2000 09:12PM
  HARDLINE RETURN? 67 KAOS FAN 11/29/2000 11:11AM
  Where can I find Hugo Mp3's? 72 Harry B 11/29/2000 11:02AM
  Jimmy Davis & Junction 60 sharxfan 11/29/2000 07:57AM
  Yngwie fans disappointed with new album read this. 74Steve, Denmark11/29/2000 05:31AM
  Album preview this week... 56 Andrew 11/29/2000 06:38AM
  Andrew...... 56 Mats 11/29/2000 05:31PM
  Now & Then / Frontiers News - 28 Nov 2000 75 Peter Sims 11/29/2000 04:57AM
  RE: Hardline Answers 59Robert11/29/2000 07:08AM
  RE: Hardline Answers 63 Steve 11/29/2000 07:54AM
  RE: Hardline Answers 55 lou l 11/29/2000 01:46PM
  Here's hoping... 59 Sven 11/29/2000 05:50PM
  Midwest rock fans? Check this guy out! 87 sfk kurt 11/29/2000 03:37AM
  you've either .... 65 wayne 11/29/2000 01:15PM
  RE: you've either .... 62 sfk kurt 11/30/2000 02:10AM
  my bad... 60 wayne 11/30/2000 08:03AM
  RE: my bad... 60 sfk kurt 12/01/2000 01:29AM
  Journey should sue the Sign 119 paul stephenson 11/28/2000 10:38PM
  RE: Journey should sue the Sign 70beetle11/28/2000 11:15PM
  Hugo 71 Susumu 11/28/2000 11:35PM
  Belinda Carlisle and Bon Jovi 160Captain Chaos11/29/2000 12:16AM
  Similarity does not equal plagarism 114 koogles 11/29/2000 01:02AM
  Marvelous 3 and The Byrds 93 x factor 11/29/2000 11:40PM
  RE: Marvelous 3 and The Byrds 238 koogles 11/30/2000 09:41AM
  RE: Journey should sue the Sign 71 Kimmo 11/30/2000 02:45AM
  RE: Journey should sue the Sign 77 Paul stephenson 12/02/2000 02:32AM
  RE: Journey should sue the Sign 76Terry12/04/2000 06:49AM
  Celine dion and Bon Jovi 89 alex siedler 11/29/2000 12:56AM
  RE: Journey should sue the Sign 73Terry11/30/2000 08:25AM
  RE: Journey should sue the Sign 77Captain Chaos12/01/2000 06:15AM
  Gregg Giuffria picture 120Fred Ekelund11/28/2000 09:13PM
  RE: Gregg Giuffria 87 Geoff 11/28/2000 09:37PM
  RE: Gregg Giuffria 87Kris11/28/2000 11:45PM
  RE: Gregg Giuffria 78 Jason 11/28/2000 11:50PM
  RE: Gregg Giuffria 81Kris11/29/2000 06:48AM
  RE: You can't be serious... 74Peter M. Bietenholz11/29/2000 01:23AM
  RE: You can't be serious... 90mark kennedy11/29/2000 01:26AM
  Very Serious........ 93Kris11/29/2000 06:44AM
  RE: You can't be serious... 72Stick Rigidly12/01/2000 04:01AM
  RE: Gregg Giuffria 97 sharxfan 11/29/2000 07:34AM
  I'm proud of him 89 Mrpool 11/30/2000 04:07AM
  RE: Gregg Giuffria picture 83John Q11/29/2000 10:51AM
  Yeah right Q 85fanof198211/29/2000 11:32AM
  RE: Yeah right Q 77Kris11/29/2000 12:10PM
  RE: Yeah right Q 94 Tinger 11/29/2000 12:36PM
  ROTFLMAO! 82John Q11/29/2000 03:07PM
  RE: ROTFLMAO! 75 Kevin 11/29/2000 03:59PM
  I agree John 81Captain Chaos11/30/2000 02:48AM
  RE: Gregg Giuffria picture 102 Kieran 11/29/2000 12:10PM
  I agree Kieran I just........ 83 fanof1982 11/30/2000 02:30AM
  I´m with you Mr Q 74 Mats 11/29/2000 05:44PM
  firehouse 87 peter O'keeffe 11/28/2000 06:48PM
  Buy it!!! 65 Kieran 11/28/2000 08:23PM
  RE: Buy it!!! 68 Kent 11/29/2000 01:11AM
  farcry 85dave11/28/2000 01:45PM
  RE: farcry 70 Tom Krupa 11/28/2000 11:03PM
  RE: farcry 82Kris11/28/2000 11:42PM
  Nelson's Silence Is Broken--(US) 84 Susumu 11/28/2000 12:55PM
  Anyone heard of? 80dave11/28/2000 05:38AM
  Steeler? 100 Vinnie 11/28/2000 05:35AM
  RE: Steeler? 54 Ace 11/28/2000 06:33AM
  RE: Steeler? 72Kris11/28/2000 06:57AM
  RE: Steeler? 59Steve, Denmark11/28/2000 07:18AM
  RE: Steeler? 69Kris11/28/2000 12:33PM
  RE: Steeler? 62 Carl 11/29/2000 03:07AM
  Ron Keel was the worst vocalist in the world! 57 sabatar 11/28/2000 08:25PM
  yeah Tony sure know`s how to pick um` 54 fanof1982 11/29/2000 11:48AM
  The new Yngwie album 85Steve, Denmark11/28/2000 05:08AM
  RE: The new Yngwie album 64Jake11/28/2000 06:58AM
  RE: The new Yngwie album 65 Mats 11/28/2000 06:13PM
  Def Leppard 77 alex siedler 11/28/2000 05:03AM
  new breed question for surfpunk 76 Ace 11/28/2000 04:10AM
  Sorry I'm Late!!! 59Surfpunk11/29/2000 09:38AM
  thanks....Frankie Machine? 53 Ace 11/30/2000 04:56AM
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