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  New DIO is AWESOME 49 Adolfo 05/21/2002 08:22AM
  Re: New DIO is AWESOME 40Dave Max05/21/2002 09:25AM
  Re: New DIO is AWESOME 38 Mike Matney 05/21/2002 11:14AM
  Re: New DIO is AWESOME 39Phil II05/21/2002 12:36PM
  Re: New DIO is AWESOME 38 KAOS FAN 05/21/2002 02:02PM
  Re: New DIO is AWESOME 39Terry05/21/2002 04:22PM
  Re: New DIO is AWESOME 40 Lynchomaniac 05/21/2002 08:28PM
  Re: New DIO is AWESOME 41 danthecdman 05/22/2002 04:45AM
  Re: New DIO is AWESOME 44 Lynchomaniac 05/22/2002 10:44AM
  Re: New DIO is AWESOME 43 danthecdman 05/22/2002 11:20AM
  How? 45Kris05/21/2002 03:53PM
  Re: How? 39 Adolfo 05/21/2002 05:14PM
  Re: How? 41Kris05/21/2002 11:33PM
  Re: New DIO is AWESOME 47 Kyoko 05/22/2002 02:00AM
  Re: New DIO is AWESOME 44 John 05/22/2002 09:20AM
  New Beehive Inn 51Steve 4005/21/2002 04:45AM
  Re: New Beehive Inn 44 britny 05/21/2002 08:54AM
  Arti Tisi 56uforick05/21/2002 04:35AM
  Re: Arti Tisi 47 Bart 05/21/2002 06:28AM
  Re: Arti Tisi 48 Andrew 05/21/2002 11:15AM
  Vote for Journey songs at! 58 Erkka/Urban Tale 05/21/2002 02:14AM
  Re: Vote for Journey songs at! 47 Goddess 05/22/2002 10:32PM
  first strangeways cd 50matt05/20/2002 08:57PM
  Re: first strangeways cd 41 Steve 05/20/2002 10:22PM
  Re: first strangeways cd 47 AORMAN UK 05/20/2002 10:43PM
  Re: first strangeways cd 39 Jezzer 05/20/2002 10:38PM
  Grand Illusion........thoughts?? 64 the ORIGINAL brent 05/20/2002 08:49PM
  Re: Grand Illusion........thoughts?? 43 Jorge 05/20/2002 09:02PM
  New album... 45 Andrew 05/20/2002 10:16PM
  Re: New album...can't wait! 46 KAOS FAN 05/21/2002 01:59PM
  Star Wars Episode 2 76Gav05/20/2002 07:49PM
  Re: Star Wars Episode 2 49 Jorge 05/20/2002 07:53PM
  Reminds me of that Simpsons episode.... 47Surfpunk05/21/2002 03:52AM
  I thought it was great 55 Mike Matney 05/20/2002 08:22PM
  Mee 2 3PO 52 bridgeofsighs 05/21/2002 12:27PM
  Re: Star Wars Episode 2 45 Coco 05/20/2002 10:17PM
  Re: Star Wars Episode 2 52ele05/21/2002 02:05AM
  Re: Reminds me of that Simpsons episode.... 50Okie05/21/2002 04:03AM
  Re: Star Wars Episode 2 52Vic Rivera05/21/2002 09:02AM
  Re: Star Wars Episode 2 58 Mike Matney 05/21/2002 09:37AM
  Re: Star Wars Episode 2 46 Geoff 05/21/2002 12:37PM
  Re: Star Wars Episode 2 54 Carl 05/21/2002 02:54PM
  HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE IT!?!? 51 JC 05/21/2002 03:18PM
  SORRY I FORGOT! 53Gav05/21/2002 05:56PM
  Re: SORRY I FORGOT! 53Vic Rivera05/23/2002 04:12AM
  Re: Star Wars Episode 2 59 R.C.I.T 05/21/2002 11:41PM
  Is Sophie Ellis Bexter related to Jeff 'Skunk' Bex 73 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/20/2002 07:23PM
  furthermore.....are they KIWIS? 57 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/20/2002 07:28PM
  Re: furthermore.....are they KIWIS? 61Meal To End All Meals05/20/2002 09:19PM
  Re: furthermore.....are they KIWIS? 52 Sue 05/21/2002 12:46AM
  Re: furthermore.....are they KIWIS? 54 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/21/2002 06:16AM
  Re: furthermore.....are they KIWIS? 54 Sue 05/21/2002 07:42AM
  Country Practice... 53 Benno 05/21/2002 03:17PM
  Now steady on ... 58TAFKAMP05/21/2002 04:42PM
  And then of course there was..... 55 Sue 05/21/2002 07:30PM
  Re: And then of course there was..... 52 doggy 05/21/2002 08:17PM
  Re: And then of course there was..... 46 Sue 05/21/2002 08:47PM
  The Sullivans 74 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/21/2002 10:00PM
  Re: The Sullivans 50 Sue 05/22/2002 01:06AM
  James Reyne - Australian Crawl 73 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/22/2002 06:23AM
  Re: James Reyne - Australian Crawl 64 Mafia Buoy 05/22/2002 10:56AM
  Re: James Reyne - Australian Crawl 55 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/22/2002 09:12PM
  K I N G D O M C O M E 65 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/20/2002 07:18PM
  Re: K I N G D O M C O M E 44 Jack Daniels 05/22/2002 04:41PM
  Re: K I N G D O M C O M E 46 Sam Buca 05/22/2002 04:46PM
  Re: K I N G D O M C O M E 48 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/22/2002 09:06PM
  How to find melodic hard rock or AOR on ebay? 67 Geoff 05/20/2002 04:02PM
  Re: How to find melodic hard rock or AOR on ebay? 41 TAFKAMP 05/20/2002 04:41PM
  Re: How to find melodic hard rock or AOR on ebay? 50 Geoff 05/20/2002 04:50PM
  Re: How to find melodic hard rock or AOR on ebay? 50Torsten05/20/2002 06:27PM
  Bookmarks!! 44 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/20/2002 06:47PM
  Re: How to find melodic hard rock or AOR on ebay? 52TAFKAMP05/21/2002 02:19AM
  Re: How to find melodic hard rock or AOR on ebay? 45 Geoff 05/21/2002 12:48PM
  Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American 54Adam05/20/2002 02:40PM
  Re: Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American 42 Benno 05/21/2002 02:07PM
  The "Long Overdue" Scrounger's Report 84 Dan 05/20/2002 12:46PM
  Re: The "Long Overdue" Scrounger's Repor 51 John 05/20/2002 03:00PM
  'Common Thread' definitely the best of bunch 49 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/20/2002 07:14PM
  Re: The "Long Overdue" Scrounger's Repor 51Vantheman05/20/2002 07:51PM
  Sammy In Vegas 68 Jodes 05/20/2002 10:12AM
  Re: Sammy In Vegas 47 jrnyman28 05/20/2002 01:55PM
  Re: Sammy In Vegas 44 Barb 05/20/2002 10:58PM
  Re: Sammy In Vegas 42 FORD 05/21/2002 03:56PM
  Re: Sammy In Vegas 46 Andrew 05/21/2002 08:13PM
  Re: Sammy In Vegas 49 Jodes 05/22/2002 02:34AM
  Re: Sammy In Vegas 61FORD_IS_LAME05/21/2002 10:26PM
  Re: Sammy In Vegas 60 FORD 05/22/2002 12:29PM
  Re: Sammy In Vegas 61 Jodes 05/22/2002 02:32PM
  Re: Sammy In Vegas 46 Andrew 05/22/2002 04:19PM
  Love The New Poison 56 mike 05/20/2002 09:34AM
  Re: Love The New Poison 49raul05/20/2002 07:40PM
  don't waste your time 42Rick05/21/2002 07:41AM
  Re: don't waste your time 43 Carl 05/21/2002 08:48AM
  MALICE: Whatever happened to these guys?? 66Kris05/20/2002 06:44AM
  re: MALICE: Whatever happened to these guys?? 40 Patrick 05/20/2002 06:56AM
  re: MALICE: Whatever happened to these guys?? 40Kris05/20/2002 09:20AM
  re: MALICE: Whatever happened to these guys?? 47 danthecdman 05/21/2002 05:15AM
  re: MALICE: Whatever happened to these guys?? 39Kris05/21/2002 03:54PM
  Rocks pretty good, actually 41 Steve 05/21/2002 10:23PM
  Re: Rocks pretty good, actually 39Kris05/22/2002 05:24AM
  Debbie Does Dallas UK DVD??? 84 Coco 05/20/2002 04:06AM
  Re: Debbie Does Dallas UK DVD??? 70 Melodic Lover 05/20/2002 10:01AM
  Any glam fans wanna trade? 66 Randy McCain 05/20/2002 01:18AM
  Re: Any glam fans wanna trade? 48ele05/20/2002 03:56AM
  Re: Any glam fans wanna trade? 44 Randy McCain 05/20/2002 04:34AM
  Re: Any glam fans wanna trade? 50 John 05/20/2002 02:56PM
  TAVAS are you still there 94Ron K05/19/2002 11:26PM
  The ghost of Tavas still wanders around this board 89 Tavas 05/20/2002 02:28AM
  Re: The ghost of Tavas still wanders around this b 66Ron K05/20/2002 04:52AM
  Re: The ghost of Tavas still wanders around this b 95 Max 05/20/2002 08:42AM
  Re: The ghost of Tavas still wanders around this b 61 Goddess 05/20/2002 08:54PM
  Journey Frontiers & Beyond DVD 98 Jake 05/19/2002 11:13PM
  Re: Journey Frontiers & Beyond DVD 58 Luc 05/20/2002 12:53AM
  Re: Journey Frontiers & Beyond DVD 65 Patrick 05/20/2002 03:07AM
  Mecca / Gods??? 65 TAFKAMP 05/19/2002 09:56PM
  Re: Mecca / Gods??? 44Gav05/19/2002 11:19PM
  Re: Mecca / Gods??? 36 Patrick 05/20/2002 03:13AM
  Mike Tramp Set List 63 Andrew 05/19/2002 08:34PM
  Re: Mike Tramp Set List 66 Silvertail 05/20/2002 03:10PM
  Re: Mike Tramp Set List 52 Suzana 05/21/2002 12:18AM
  Re: Mike Tramp Set List 137 Suzana 05/21/2002 12:23AM
  Info on Within Temptation 60Vixen05/19/2002 08:24PM
  Re: Info on Within Temptation 41Ron K05/19/2002 11:24PM
  Re: Info on Within Temptation 48 Tavas 05/20/2002 02:38AM
  Re: Info on Within Temptation 45 Jorge 05/20/2002 03:27AM
  Re: Info on Within Temptation 45 Dan 05/20/2002 12:58PM
  Re: Info on Within Temptation 47 Jorge 05/20/2002 05:39PM
  Bryan Adams at Cannes Movie Festival 58 Patrick 05/19/2002 06:38PM
  Bradford / Manchester weather. 91 Andrew 05/19/2002 06:33PM
  Re: Bradford / Manchester weather. 70 Patrick 05/19/2002 06:41PM
  re: Bradford / Manchester weather. 62 Patrick 05/19/2002 06:43PM
  There Is No Difference!! 49 Coco 05/19/2002 08:51PM
  Weather 68 Sue 05/19/2002 09:05PM
  Re: Weather 48 Andrew 05/19/2002 09:24PM
  Re: There Is No Difference!! 56 Andrew 05/19/2002 09:19PM
  Re: Bradford / Manchester weather. 66 britny 05/20/2002 06:01AM
  Re: Bradford / Manchester weather. 54Kieran05/19/2002 09:05PM
  Re: Bradford / Manchester weather. 44 Andrew 05/19/2002 09:25PM
  Re: Bradford / Manchester weather. 63 Russ 05/20/2002 09:25AM
  Re: Bradford / Manchester weather. 60 Andrew 05/20/2002 09:55AM
  Harem Scarem WOTW... am I cloth-eared? 79 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/19/2002 05:57PM
  Re: Harem Scarem WOTW... am I cloth-eared? 61 Andrew 05/19/2002 06:30PM
  Re: Harem Scarem WOTW... am I cloth-eared? 54 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/19/2002 07:32PM
  Re: Harem Scarem WOTW... am I cloth-eared? 65Gav05/19/2002 10:19PM
  Re: Harem Scarem WOTW... am I cloth-eared? 49Surfpunk05/19/2002 10:48PM
  Re: Harem Scarem WOTW... am I cloth-eared? 72 Andrew 05/19/2002 10:55PM
  Andrew... 55Surfpunk05/19/2002 11:01PM
  Re: Andrew... 61 Andrew 05/19/2002 11:40PM
  i agree with BAGEL 71 JC 05/20/2002 01:14AM
  Re: i agree with ANDREW 65 Marc Vanway 05/20/2002 03:56AM
  For once I agree with Andrew too... 42 Fred 05/20/2002 11:33PM
  Opinions 48 Phil 1 05/20/2002 03:44AM
  Yeah Phil... 45Surfpunk05/20/2002 09:38AM
  I wouldnt Give It 100% 46 Coco 05/20/2002 01:41AM
  So do I buy the damn thing or don't i? 64 Russ 05/20/2002 09:39AM
  Buy both! 51Surfpunk05/20/2002 09:53AM
  Re: Buy both! 58 Jorge 05/20/2002 05:58PM
  Re: Harem Scarem WOTW... am I cloth-eared? 55 Geoff 05/20/2002 04:10PM
  LOL 50 Benno 05/20/2002 01:56PM
  Re: LOL 79 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/20/2002 06:23PM
  True 63 Benno 05/21/2002 02:06PM
  a schoowee of beeyah police !! 57 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/21/2002 06:14PM
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