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  Some Non AOR/HR CD's I Never Get Tired Of... 60 Capt. Crunch 11/09/2001 12:37PM
  Re: Some Non AOR/HR CD's I Never Get Tired Of... 42 Mike Matney 11/09/2001 01:17PM
  Robert Cray 43Peter M. Bietenholz11/09/2001 05:34PM
  never too early to talk album of 2001 69 sfk kurt 11/09/2001 08:23AM
  Gotta agree with ya (almost!!) 49 Andrew 11/09/2001 10:49AM
  Sugar Ray/Mr. Big 46 sfk kurt 11/09/2001 11:15AM
  Gotta Disagree with ya Andrew! 54 Mike Matney 11/09/2001 11:21AM
  Maybe it's Australia's lame ass FM stations... 43 Andrew 11/09/2001 11:47AM
  They're ok up here 66 Benno 11/09/2001 01:11PM
  Re: Maybe it's Australia's lame ass FM stations... 45Scott11/09/2001 07:10PM
  3 Doors Down... *bazookabarf* 46Jimbo11/10/2001 07:45AM
  Gotta disagree with ya (definately)!! 51 epitaph 11/10/2001 03:25AM
  Wish I could join in 47 Benno 11/09/2001 01:34PM
  Re: never too early to talk album of 2001 45Peter11/09/2001 05:02PM
  Re: Bon Jovi: Live 49Coach T11/09/2001 05:40PM
  my problem with the live disc 47 sfk kurt 11/09/2001 10:38PM
  Re: never too early to talk album of 2001 50Peter M. Bietenholz11/09/2001 05:42PM
  Re: never too early to talk album of 2001 48Scott11/09/2001 07:08PM
  re: never too early to talk album of 2001 49Patrick11/09/2001 07:38PM
  Re: never too early to talk album of 2001 50 Stuart 11/09/2001 07:59PM
  tell me more on this one...california? 47 sfk kurt 11/09/2001 10:15PM
  Re: tell me more on this one...california? 53 Andrew Paul 11/09/2001 10:41PM
  Re: tell me more on this one...california? 46 Stuart 11/10/2001 12:16AM
  Re: never too early to talk album of 2001 46Fredda11/09/2001 08:36PM
  Re: never too early to talk album of 2001 49 koogles 11/10/2001 01:11AM
  This has been a bleak year without a Hanson realea 50Big Doggie11/10/2001 02:24AM
  will Duran Duran finally tour australia? 61 RockMusicFan 11/09/2001 06:34AM
  Re: will Duran Duran finally tour australia? 46 RockMusicFan 11/09/2001 06:38AM
  NEW TOTO CD + TOUR 63mark ridout11/09/2001 06:28AM
  Yes, we saw your message earlier :) 46 Andrew 11/09/2001 10:50AM
  Vinny Burns 68Robert11/09/2001 05:59AM
  A valid point 52Kieran11/09/2001 11:18AM
  Re: A valid point 50 aorneil 11/09/2001 11:38PM
  Re: A valid point 45blm11/10/2001 12:46AM
  Re: Vinny Burns 45 Stuart 11/09/2001 08:06PM
  Re: Vinny Burns 45blm11/09/2001 10:57PM
  Re: Vinny Burns 49 Stuart 11/10/2001 12:28AM
  FW #6 44blm11/10/2001 12:42AM
  Re: Vinny Burns 49Kev11/10/2001 06:34PM
  On my way to see Priest.... 57 Daniel 11/09/2001 03:11AM
  Warrant are the Milli-Vanilli of MelodicRock 79 Dynomite 11/09/2001 03:08AM
  Re: Warrant are the Milli-Vanilli of MelodicRock 63 Kent 11/09/2001 03:40AM're joking!!!! 55Kieran11/09/2001 03:41AM
  thanks Kieran 53Ace11/09/2001 06:25AM
  Whitesnake gossip 65 Dynomite 11/09/2001 09:54AM
  Yeah yeah 50 Benno 11/09/2001 12:59PM
  Re: Yeah yeah 51 Mike Matney 11/09/2001 01:12PM
  LOL 52 Benno 11/09/2001 01:13PM
  Did one of them piss you off? 56 Charles 11/09/2001 03:44AM
  Cars song....... 54 Dynomite 11/09/2001 04:21AM
  Re: Cars song....... 63exnewyorker11/09/2001 05:14AM
  Re: Cars song....... 56jt11/09/2001 05:53AM
  Warrant 50Pingu11/09/2001 07:44AM
  Re: Cars song....... 47 Baffie 11/10/2001 06:08AM
  Re: Cars song....... 49 Jerry 11/09/2001 11:35PM
  Correction: Cars song ripoff is........ 48Dynomite11/10/2001 01:30AM
  WARRANT kicks ass! 53 Stefan 11/10/2001 07:41PM
  What a shame 49 Benno 11/09/2001 12:53PM
  Re: What a shame 53just me11/11/2001 02:49AM
  And...? They\'re probably more for real than you a 51Fredda11/10/2001 02:25AM
  Re: Warrant are the Milli-Vanilli of MelodicRock 53just me11/11/2001 02:45AM
  alot of truth to his post 67 J.C. 11/11/2001 05:50AM
  Re: Warrant are the Milli-Vanilli of MelodicRock 67 Dave 11/11/2001 09:53AM
  Re: Hey Dave 54 Brian 11/11/2001 09:58AM
  Re: Hey Dave 48 Dave 11/12/2001 04:14AM
  re: Warrant are the Milli-Vanilli of MelodicRock 50Patrick11/11/2001 08:44AM
  The Gods Diary 01 54Peter M. Bietenholz11/09/2001 02:26AM
  Jorn 53Anders11/09/2001 02:22AM
  Re: Jorn............Finally!! 43 Snake65 11/10/2001 07:50AM
  Re: Jorn............Finally!! 42 Vampira 11/11/2001 07:04AM
  Re: Jorn............Finally!! 39 Shawn Pelata. 11/14/2001 04:00AM
  First series of GODS photos 55 Adolfo 11/09/2001 01:00AM
  Badlands/Jake E. Lee 80 Mac 11/09/2001 12:59AM
  the love of melodic rock 59matt11/08/2001 11:21PM
  Re: the love of melodic rock 39 Adolfo 11/09/2001 01:02AM
  Andrew! Inspired choice for ballad! 57 sfk kurt 11/08/2001 11:06PM
  Re: Andrew! Inspired choice for ballad! 41 Mike Matney 11/08/2001 11:40PM
  Kurt - twice in a week??? 42 Andrew 11/09/2001 10:53AM
  either 50 sfk kurt 11/09/2001 10:41PM
  Dan Huff on the CMA's? 49 Brian 11/08/2001 03:08PM
  A Question About Soundbytes 47 Kent Bates 11/08/2001 03:06PM
  No complaints so far Kent 39 Andrew 11/08/2001 07:11PM
  Re: No complaints so far Kent 38danthecdman11/09/2001 08:53AM
  Could be that... 39 Andrew 11/09/2001 11:00AM
  Re: A Question About Soundbytes 38 Kent 11/11/2001 01:32AM
  Nevermind, problem solved 39 Kent 11/11/2001 03:20AM
  Re: A Question About Soundbytes 41danthecdman11/11/2001 10:44AM
  Was VINNY BURNS the REAL artificer... 79 Melodic Lover 11/08/2001 01:36PM
  Re: Was VINNY BURNS the REAL artificer... 42 graham 11/08/2001 04:31PM
  Re: Was VINNY BURNS the REAL artificer... 41 Frank 11/09/2001 12:13AM
  Re: Was VINNY BURNS the REAL artificer... 41 GUCCI 11/09/2001 08:14AM
  Re: Was VINNY BURNS the REAL artificer... 42 Frank 11/09/2001 11:24PM
  Re: Was VINNY BURNS the REAL artificer... 45 GUCCI 11/10/2001 05:17AM
  Re: Was VINNY BURNS the REAL artificer... 44Exocet11/09/2001 12:34AM
  Re: Was VINNY BURNS the REAL artificer... 39SINNER11/09/2001 04:45AM
  Check out TOTO's amazing website 41mark ridout11/08/2001 11:14AM
  NEW TOTO CD + TOUR 45mark ridout11/08/2001 11:11AM
  Biomechanical? 48 Brian 11/08/2001 10:48AM
  Gods Photos Online! Soundbytes of Pink Cream 69, D 48 DJ Klaus 11/08/2001 09:03AM
  Re: Gods Photos Online! Soundbytes of Pink Cream 6 38gary11/08/2001 11:17PM
  Re: Gods Photos Online! Soundbytes of Pink Cream 6 35 DJ Klaus 11/08/2001 11:28PM
  Re: Gods Photos Online! Soundbytes of Pink Cream 6 35Exocet11/09/2001 01:48AM
  BEST ALBUMS! 55 JEFF 11/08/2001 02:30AM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 40 John 11/08/2001 06:03AM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 42 JEFF 11/08/2001 08:06AM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 43Tony Harnell11/08/2001 08:36AM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 37 frank 11/08/2001 09:03AM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 42Syrup Wizard11/08/2001 01:11PM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 40 jeff 11/08/2001 11:12PM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 56 jeff 11/08/2001 11:23PM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 42Rick11/09/2001 12:52AM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 39Ralph Santolla11/09/2001 04:37AM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 38 roland 11/09/2001 05:22AM
  queen made my list 40 frank 11/09/2001 06:19AM
  Re: queen made my list 43Tony Harnell11/09/2001 09:24AM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 41 Andrew Paul 11/09/2001 06:45PM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 40Tony Harnell11/09/2001 11:52PM
  Re: BEST ALBUMS! 40 Andrew Paul 11/10/2001 07:57PM 50 R P M 11/08/2001 12:15AM
  Re: 38 R P M 11/08/2001 01:31AM
  Re: 35 Chris(deadline) 11/08/2001 03:47AM
  videos of Gods 54 Arjen 11/07/2001 09:02PM 35 Andrew 11/07/2001 09:41PM
  Video's....excuse me? 34Sue11/07/2001 10:27PM
  Agreed but .... 37 TAFKAMP 11/08/2001 03:56AM
  In this instance... 38 Andrew 11/08/2001 08:35AM
  TAD MOROSE- new QUEENSRYCHE? 61 KAOS FAN 11/07/2001 05:00PM
  Re: TAD MOROSE- new QUEENSRYCHE? 47 Daniel 11/08/2001 09:05AM
  Re: TAD MOROSE- new QUEENSRYCHE? 39 KAOS FAN 11/08/2001 06:18PM
  Stryper Petition 55 canislupus777 11/07/2001 03:38PM
  Re: Stryper Petition 40 Jake 11/09/2001 02:42AM
  Re: Stryper Petition 43jt11/09/2001 02:53AM
  Re: Stryper Petition 51rtz11/09/2001 01:02PM
  Re: Stryper Petition np 43rtz11/11/2001 02:28PM
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