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  NEW MOTLEY VIDEO 159MANUEL07/27/2000 07:17PM
  New Album 82Adam07/27/2000 08:18PM
  RE: New Album 78MANUEL07/27/2000 08:32PM
  Very cool indeed 71 Benno 07/28/2000 03:14PM
  Open Skyz/Hugo rocks!!! 134 Rob 07/27/2000 05:01PM
  RE: Open Skyz/Hugo rocks!!! 150Surfpunk07/28/2000 04:43AM
  RE: Open Skyz/Hugo rocks!!! 96 Rob 07/28/2000 03:29PM
  RE: Open Skyz/Hugo rocks!!! 122 Rammy 07/28/2000 07:01PM
  RE: Open Skyz/Hugo rocks!!! 97 clemens 07/29/2000 09:29AM
  RE: Open Skyz/Hugo rocks!!! 115 Aaron 07/28/2000 08:57PM
  RE: Open Skyz/Hugo rocks!!! 110 Carl 07/29/2000 01:44AM
  RE: Open Skyz/Hugo rocks!!! 92Surfpunk07/29/2000 04:38AM
  RE: Open Skyz/Hugo rocks!!! 91 Aaron 07/29/2000 01:14PM
  RE: Open Skyz/Hugo rocks!!! 97 Vince Viani 08/04/2000 10:57AM
  Missing thread...and an apology 121 Benno 07/27/2000 02:01PM
  Go ahead! 82Jack07/27/2000 04:19PM
  That's cool then 81 Benno 07/27/2000 05:30PM
  RE: Missing thread... 73Chris07/28/2000 04:51AM
  Not at all 130 Benno 07/28/2000 02:08PM
  AWESOME ALBUM!!! 99 C-Man! 07/27/2000 01:58PM
  RE: AWESOME ALBUM!!! 67 Francesco 07/30/2000 01:58AM
  MAKING ROCK BIG AGAIN!! 105 KAOS FAN 07/27/2000 12:45PM
  RE: MAKING ROCK BIG AGAIN!! 78John Q07/27/2000 03:21PM
  RE: MAKING ROCK BIG AGAIN!! 86Surfpunk07/28/2000 05:03AM
  Lost me here 105 Rather Large Canine 07/28/2000 08:26AM
  RE: Lost me here 83Surfpunk07/28/2000 08:52AM
  RE: MAKING ROCK BIG AGAIN!! 89 Snake65 07/29/2000 01:26AM
  RE: My thoughts on the topic... 97 Don 07/29/2000 06:32AM
  RE: My thoughts on the topic... 81Weird shit!!07/29/2000 12:15PM
  RE: MAKING ROCK BIG AGAIN!! 108 C├ędric 07/29/2000 12:07AM
  MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Napster crashes and burns!!! 150Jack07/27/2000 12:17PM
  Question Jack!!! 111Joe07/27/2000 12:53PM
  RE: Question Jack!!! 102Jack07/27/2000 01:08PM
  Yet antoher suggestion ... 152 Rather Large Canine 07/28/2000 03:30AM
  RE: MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Napster crashes and burns!!! 128 Kevin 07/27/2000 04:41PM
  IRC 99 Dokken 07/27/2000 05:49PM
  Alternate solutions...... 89Jack07/28/2000 12:31AM
  RE: Alternate solutions...... 86 Dokken 07/28/2000 01:20PM
  RE: MAYDAY! Calling Gnutella 121 Richard Stewart 07/27/2000 10:48PM
  What about the Limp Bizcuit tour? 99Surfpunk07/28/2000 05:11AM
  Gnutella update 99 Rather Large Canine 07/28/2000 08:16AM
  RE: MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Napster crashes and burns!!! 94 Rammy 07/28/2000 07:07PM
  Yesiree..... 85Jack07/29/2000 03:14AM
  CuteMX Shuts Down 100 Rather Large Canine 07/29/2000 03:36AM
  Angel - 'Live! Without an audience!! 112Chris07/27/2000 06:50AM
  RE: Angel - 'Live! Without an audience!! 90Dave07/27/2000 08:00AM
  Anybody know of a good gig in Chicago next week?? 119 Kieran 07/27/2000 06:26AM
  RE: Anybody know of a good gig in Chicago next wee 142Robert07/27/2000 06:41AM
  RE: Anybody know of a good gig in Chicago next wee 74 John 07/27/2000 07:01AM
  Message for Dave Reynolds 129 Nick Green 07/27/2000 04:43AM
  RE: Message for Dave Reynolds 87Dave07/27/2000 06:46AM
  RE: Message for Dave Reynolds 82 George 07/27/2000 05:11PM
  MARK FREE LIVE 113 richard 07/27/2000 12:58AM
  RE: MARK FREE LIVE 60Peter M. Bietenholz07/27/2000 01:14AM
  RE: MARK FREE LIVE 78 Kieran 07/27/2000 04:42AM
  RE: MARK FREE LIVE 77 richard 07/27/2000 06:53AM
  Looking into the crystal ball..... 124 Mrpool 07/26/2000 09:09AM
  Ball Baby Ball..... 81 Sven 07/26/2000 04:14PM
  I know better than to guess about the future :) 91 Rather Large Canine 07/27/2000 02:04AM
  RE: I know better than to guess about the future : 92 Kieran 07/27/2000 04:53AM
  RE: I know better than to guess about the future : 61Peter M. Bietenholz07/28/2000 04:47PM
  RE: I know better than to guess about the future : 69 Kieran 07/29/2000 06:43PM
  RE: I know better than to guess about the future : 80Surfpunk07/27/2000 05:27AM
  Aedian 93 Alex siedler 07/26/2000 05:29AM
  THE PERFECT AOR SONG?? 161 Alex siedler 07/26/2000 05:27AM
  RE: THE PERFECT AOR SONG?? 87 sfk kurt 07/26/2000 07:08AM
  lol... I have to agree with sfk 79sparklepants07/26/2000 08:14AM
  RE: THE PERFECT AOR SONG?? 99 Kieran 07/27/2000 04:56AM
  Marketing JOURNEY in the UK! 139Surfpunk07/26/2000 03:38AM
  RE: Marketing JOURNEY in the UK! 75Dave07/26/2000 07:17AM
  RE: Marketing JOURNEY in the UK! 79Surfpunk07/26/2000 07:47AM
  RE: Marketing JOURNEY in the UK! 79John Q07/26/2000 10:27AM
  RE: Marketing JOURNEY in the UK! 96 Kevin 07/26/2000 12:10PM
  RE: Marketing JOURNEY in the UK! 103Peter M. Bietenholz07/26/2000 06:38PM
  RE: Marketing JOURNEY in the UK! 108 Andrew Paul 07/26/2000 10:21PM
  RE:A musicians view /Journey 96 Kieran 07/27/2000 05:25AM
  RE:A musicians view /Journey 89Surfpunk07/27/2000 05:39AM
  RE:A musicians view /Journey 130 Mark Alger 07/27/2000 04:44PM
  RE:A musicians view /Journey 92Surfpunk07/28/2000 05:17AM
  RE:A musicians view /Journey 70Dave07/28/2000 05:48AM
  RE:A musicians view /Journey 113Surfpunk07/28/2000 07:13AM
  RE:A musicians view /Journey 106Dave07/28/2000 09:19AM
  This is a cool site! 107 BILL WILSON 07/26/2000 12:58AM
  Thanks Bill 75 Andrew 07/26/2000 11:04AM
  Babylon A.D.--WARNING 115Robert07/25/2000 11:19PM
  RE: Babylon A.D.--WARNING 113 Marc 07/26/2000 05:55AM
  RE: Babylon A.D.--WARNING 87Robert07/26/2000 02:55PM
  RE: Babylon A.D.--WARNING 89 zacman 07/26/2000 03:57PM
  RE: Babylon A.D.--WARNING 93 Joe 07/26/2000 04:48PM
  RE: Babylon A.D.--WARNING 91 Marc 07/26/2000 11:58PM
  Got Cd today... 100 Andrew 07/26/2000 10:57AM
  RE: Babylon A.D.--RECOMMENDATION 109 Stefan Ritter 07/26/2000 09:47PM
  RE: Babylon A.D.--RECOMMENDATION 76 Martin 07/26/2000 11:43PM
  RE: Babylon A.D.--RECOMMENDATION 98Rosco07/27/2000 12:13AM
  RE: Babylon A.D.--WARNING 99 Nick Green 07/27/2000 04:23AM
  Agree on Shadowlife, but Ultraphobic rocks 133 John 07/27/2000 07:03AM
  RE: Babylon A.D.--WARNING 67 John 07/27/2000 07:12AM
  RE: Babylon A.D.--WARNING 72Rosco07/28/2000 06:50AM
  Texas Concert 114 eric curtner 07/25/2000 09:55PM
  FOREIGNER TRIBUTE ALBUM - is this the first one? 123 KAOS FAN 07/25/2000 05:32PM
  speaking of Journey tributes..... 78 Kevin 07/26/2000 05:02AM
  Collin Raye's "Open Arms" is awesome 103 Bladesian 08/03/2000 02:51AM
  RE: FOREIGNER TRIBUTE ALBUM - is this the first on 100 Melanie 07/29/2000 04:23AM
  RE: FOREIGNER TRIBUTE ALBUM - is this the first on 74 Kevin 07/29/2000 04:59AM
  Motley Crue vs The Corrs!! 178Surfpunk07/25/2000 07:16AM
  RE: Motley Crue vs The Corrs!! The shag factor 114John Q07/25/2000 09:08AM
  RE: Motley Crue vs The Corrs!! CORRS SHOCKER 100 KAOS FAN 07/25/2000 05:37PM
  The sales figures...... 114Jack07/25/2000 11:33PM
  RE: Corrs 3 v Motley Crue 1 97 Kieran 07/26/2000 03:45AM
  RE: Corrs 3 v Motley Crue 1 91Surfpunk07/26/2000 04:32AM
  RE: Corrs 3 v Motley Crue 11 89 KAOS FAN 07/27/2000 12:12PM
  Plot? What plot? 112Surfpunk07/28/2000 05:23AM
  RE: Motley Crue vs The Corrs!! 123 Mrpool 07/26/2000 12:35AM
  RE: Motley Crue vs The Corrs!! 98 Joe 07/26/2000 03:43AM
  RE: Motley Crue vs The Corrs!! 89 Mrpool 07/26/2000 05:21AM
  RE: Motley Crue vs The Corrs!! 106 Joe 07/26/2000 06:53AM
  RE: Motley Crue vs The Corrs!! 98 Mrpool 07/26/2000 07:40AM
  RE: Motley Crue vs The Corrs!! 83 John 07/27/2000 07:24AM
  RE: Motley Crue vs The Corrs!! 99Preacherman07/27/2000 08:00AM
  RE: My thoughts on the two albums in question... 79 Don 07/27/2000 01:52PM
  RE: My thoughts on the two albums in question... 82 sfk kurt 07/28/2000 01:08AM
  RE: Thanks Kurt... 169 Don 07/28/2000 08:37AM
  RE: Thanks Kurt... 90Peter M. Bietenholz07/28/2000 09:46PM
  RE: Thanks Kurt... 87 sfk kurt 07/29/2000 10:23AM
  SHANG HAI / TOUR DE FORCE 114 John 07/25/2000 02:31AM
  RE: SHANG HAI / TOUR DE FORCE 93Kazlynn07/27/2000 03:40PM
  Mad Max 109Charles07/25/2000 02:20AM
  KISS! 164 Alex siedler 07/24/2000 10:54PM
  RE: KISS! 140 Nick Green 07/25/2000 05:04AM
  RE: KISS! 125sparklepants07/25/2000 08:31AM
  RE: KISS! 119 brent 07/25/2000 09:44AM
  Really? 107 Benno 07/25/2000 01:08PM
  RE: KISS! 99 Robert 07/26/2000 04:29AM
  IT'S HOT IN THE SHADE, NOT... 102sparklepants07/26/2000 08:23AM
  What about Grease Paint Days? 96 Whynot 07/26/2000 01:49PM
  REVENGE! 121 Joe 07/26/2000 06:40PM
  Survivor 136Adam07/24/2000 09:40PM
  RE: Survivor 100Luke07/25/2000 07:52AM
  I will give it a try... 79 Andrew 07/25/2000 10:27AM
  RE: I will give it a try... 77Adam07/25/2000 07:57PM
  Peter Wolf.... 164Jack07/24/2000 05:58PM
  RE: Peter Wolf.... 133 Alex siedler 07/24/2000 10:58PM
  That's him...hey, we all make mistakes! (np) 118Jack07/25/2000 10:29AM
  RE: Peter "the wolf" !! 138CATMAN07/26/2000 05:55AM
  Hey gato! 159Jack07/26/2000 04:04PM
  RE: Hey gato! 118 Big Daddy 07/27/2000 12:26AM
  Bingo for Jimmy ! ;-) 105 Catman 07/27/2000 08:17AM
  RE: Bingo for Jimmy ! ;-) 135 Big Daddy 07/28/2000 06:11AM
  Need for speed !! 119 Catman 07/28/2000 08:14AM
  Hey Jack !! 132Catman07/27/2000 08:11AM
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