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  Cockroach 132 Brandon KC 08/08/2000 05:21AM
  RE: Cockroach 126Robert08/08/2000 06:15AM
  RE: Cockroach/Update 104 Kieran 08/08/2000 10:50AM
  RE: Cockroach/Update 86 Steve 08/08/2000 11:39AM
  RE: Cockroach/Update 104 Susumu 08/09/2000 10:45AM
  RE: Cockroach/Update 97Travis08/10/2000 06:02AM
  Night Ranger: Big Flats, NY -- August 5th 133 Rocker Chic 08/07/2000 11:34PM
  RE: Night Ranger: Big Flats, NY -- August 5th 86 Eric 08/08/2000 03:52AM
  Yeah! Set list please! 79Surfpunk08/08/2000 06:28AM
  RE: Yeah! Set list please! 79 KAOS FAN 08/08/2000 12:45PM
  Oh, Crap... 79 Rocker Chic 08/10/2000 12:01AM
  Ron Keel: Fair Game?..89' release 138Kris08/07/2000 12:53PM
  RE: Ron Keel: Fair Game?..89' release 90 RYAN 08/07/2000 04:42PM
  Sojourn 123CS08/07/2000 11:33AM
  Flesh Brilliant Hard Rock 131 Carl 08/07/2000 04:34AM
  RE: Flesh Brilliant Hard Rock 123 Dave 08/07/2000 03:23PM
  RE: Flesh Brilliant Hard Rock 99Nick08/07/2000 05:57PM
  RE: Flesh Brilliant Hard Rock 90 mike 08/07/2000 09:02PM
  Yesterday I bought.... 141JUAN08/07/2000 04:23AM
  RE: Yesterday I bought.... 122 runaway 08/07/2000 09:50AM
  RE: Yesterday I bought.... 107JUAN08/07/2000 04:01PM
  EH, BUEN ROLLO ENTRE LA GENTE DEL ROCK 130 runaway 08/08/2000 09:52AM
  ¿Y AL RESTO DEL MUNDO? 98 runaway 08/08/2000 09:55AM
  Capullin, capullin... 114Padre apeles08/09/2000 11:45PM
  RE: Capullin, capullin... 114 runaway 08/10/2000 04:39AM
  ACLARACIÓN 96JUAN08/10/2000 07:54AM
  BUEN ROLLO ENTRE LA GENTE DEL ROCK 112 runaway 08/11/2000 07:30AM
  van halen nonsense 153 wolfgang van halen 08/06/2000 11:34PM
  Ratt Stephen Pearcy/ New Muzik 138 TFR 08/06/2000 06:17PM
  Um, I don't get it. . . 89 Rogue 08/07/2000 02:43AM
  RE: Um, I don't get it. . . 87 al 08/07/2000 07:10PM
  Mr.Big 82 Susumu 08/06/2000 11:47AM
  38 Special 93 Susumu 08/06/2000 11:38AM
  Journey - Arrival up on Napster 132 Ingmar 08/06/2000 01:46AM
  RE: Journey - Arrival up on Napster 91 Jeff 08/06/2000 04:13AM
  Thou shall not STEAL!! 83Preacherman08/06/2000 04:19AM
  RE: Thou shall not STEAL!! 90Kris08/06/2000 04:57AM
  You are WRONG!!! 92John Q08/06/2000 05:55AM
  RE: You are WRONG!!! 94Rockin' Rev08/06/2000 07:50AM
  Damn... 99 Andrew 08/06/2000 10:48AM
  RE: The difference between Napster and 105Markus08/08/2000 07:56AM
  RE: You are WRONG!!! 93Kris08/06/2000 11:59AM
  RE: Thou shall not STEAL!! 107 Ingmar 08/06/2000 09:39AM
  RE: Journey - Arrival up on Napster 96 F.O.R.D. 08/07/2000 01:44PM
  Gimme a f@*#ing break! 87John Q08/07/2000 03:24PM
  RE: Gimme a f@*#ing break! 84 F.O.R.D. 08/08/2000 04:17PM
  RE: Gimme a f@*#ing break! 98 Eric 08/09/2000 02:14AM
  RE: Gimme a f@*#ing break! 89 F.O.R.D. 08/09/2000 10:41AM
  RE: Gimme a f@*#ing break! 94 KISSaholic 08/10/2000 05:39PM
  RE: Journey - Arrival up on Napster 111 Eric 08/07/2000 11:07PM
  RE: Journey - Arrival up on Napster 94Surfpunk08/08/2000 04:48AM
  oh, thanks for telling EVERYBODY now............ 107 Kevin 08/06/2000 06:34AM
  OPEN LETTER TO KIVEL 142 C-MAN 08/05/2000 11:23PM
  RE: OPEN LETTER TO KIVEL 69 Steve 08/08/2000 11:44AM
  For Dave - The Innocent cd 137 Tom Krupa 08/05/2000 01:11PM
  RE: For Dave - The Innocent cd 105 Carl 08/05/2000 06:02PM
  Attention Derek Oliver! 142Surfpunk08/05/2000 04:36AM
  RE: Attention Derek Oliver! 72Dave08/05/2000 06:51AM
  Hey Dave! Have you heard... 72Surfpunk08/05/2000 07:36AM
  RE: Hey Dave! Have you heard... 75Dave08/06/2000 03:00AM
  RE: Hey Dave! Have you heard... 68Surfpunk08/06/2000 04:13AM
  Heard the HALFORD album today and... 118Preacherman08/05/2000 04:30AM
  Tora Tora 118 Charles 08/05/2000 03:35AM
  RE: Tora Tora 96 Lili 08/09/2000 12:22AM
  Bon Jovi Euro Tour Opening 109 Kimmo 08/05/2000 01:57AM
  Shmoulik Avigal 126TVG08/04/2000 08:20PM
  Andrew - new Burning Rain 125Peter M. Bietenholz08/04/2000 04:34PM
  Dear Burnikng Rainer 96 KT 08/05/2000 02:04AM
  RE: Dear Burning Rainer 79 KT 08/05/2000 02:17AM
  Bon Jovi opening band 347 Daniel 08/04/2000 08:06AM
  RE: Bon Jovi opening band 143Surfpunk08/04/2000 08:22AM
  RE: Bon Jovi opening band 125 Rammy 08/04/2000 06:14PM
  RE: Bon Jovi opening band 165 Daniel 08/05/2000 01:01AM
  RE: Bon Jovi opening band 130 Alex siedler 08/05/2000 01:23AM
  RE: Bon Jovi opening band/Ireland 139 Kieran 08/07/2000 09:28PM
  RE: Bon Jovi opening band/Ireland 144Surfpunk08/08/2000 04:56AM
  RE: Bon Jovi opening band/Ten 115 Kieran 08/08/2000 10:46AM
  RE: Bon Jovi opening band/Ireland 114Nick08/08/2000 04:43PM
  RE: Bon Jovi opening band/Tikaboo Peak???? 244pete08/08/2000 10:08PM
  Journey 213Nick08/04/2000 06:22AM
  RE: Journey 179 Vince Viani 08/04/2000 10:48AM
  RE: Journey 131 Eric 08/04/2000 01:52PM
  RE: Journey/Van Halen 167Nick08/04/2000 04:45PM
  RE: Journey/Van Halen 154 F.O.R.D. 08/05/2000 12:27AM
  RE: Journey 125 Vince Viani 08/05/2000 02:00AM
  RE: Journey 130 Brad 08/05/2000 03:13AM
  Talk of Jonathan Cain 121Nick08/05/2000 05:36AM
  RE: Talk of Jonathan Cain 175 Brad 08/05/2000 06:19AM
  RE: Talk of Jonathan Cain 160 Kevin 08/05/2000 06:28AM
  RE: Talk of Jonathan Cain 155 Brad 08/05/2000 06:55AM
  well...... 177 Kevin 08/05/2000 01:28PM
  RE: well...... 160 Brad 08/05/2000 01:45PM
  RE: Talk of Jonathan Cain 154 Vince Viani 08/05/2000 07:14AM
  RE: Talk of Jonathan Cain 209Nick08/05/2000 04:02PM
  RE: Talk of Jonathan Cain 146 Brian Mc 08/06/2000 01:53AM
  RE: Talk of Jonathan Cain 167 F.O.R.D. 08/06/2000 04:04AM
  RE: Talk of Jonathan Cain 138Nicky08/06/2000 04:41AM
  RE: Talk of Jonathan Cain 147 Eric 08/07/2000 03:11AM
  RE: Talk of Jonathan Cain 163 Brian Mc 08/07/2000 01:22PM
  RE: Journey 146 Vince Viani 08/05/2000 07:18AM
  RE: Journey 126Gabe08/05/2000 11:32AM
  RE: Journey 160 Brad 08/05/2000 01:39PM
  RE: Journey 163 Eric 08/05/2000 01:42PM
  RE: Journey 144 Brad 08/05/2000 01:49PM
  RE: Journey 155 Kevin 08/05/2000 02:01PM
  RE: Journey 138 Brad 08/05/2000 02:12PM
  RE: Journey 138 Kevin 08/05/2000 03:02PM
  RE: Journey 129Surfpunk08/06/2000 04:31AM
  RE: Journey 127 F.O.R.D. 08/06/2000 04:34AM
  RE: Journey/Def Leppard/Montrose 145Nicky08/06/2000 04:56AM
  RE: Journey/Def Leppard/Montrose 142 F.O.R.D. 08/07/2000 02:14PM
  RE: Journey 129 sergio 08/13/2000 07:45AM
  RE: Journey 140 Kevin 08/06/2000 07:48AM
  RE: Journey 187Nick08/06/2000 06:19PM
  RE: Journey 134 Kevin 08/07/2000 08:25AM
  RE: Journey - Tim Lewis the new Steve Perry!!! 165Nick08/07/2000 05:51PM
  RE: Journey 163 sergio flavella 08/07/2000 10:55PM
  RE: Journey 134 Eric 08/08/2000 04:11AM
  Andrew - Journey - release of the first single?? 145 brett 08/04/2000 05:32AM
  RE: Andrew - Journey - release of the first single 103 Andrew 08/04/2000 06:50AM
  Pontus Norgren 150Nicky Baldrian08/04/2000 03:21AM
  RE: Pontus Norgren 68Tony.W.08/04/2000 06:02AM
  RE: Pontus Norgren 99 Andrew Paul 08/05/2000 12:21AM
  Fair Warning!! 132 Vince Viani 08/04/2000 03:02AM
  JESTER "DIGITALIA" 141 Escape Music 08/04/2000 12:12AM
  RE: JESTER "DIGITALIA" 85Joe08/04/2000 07:24AM
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