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  the war!! 57 croman 09/23/2001 06:20AM
  Re: the war!! 44 Eric Abrahamsen 09/23/2001 08:18AM
  Re: the war!! 48 Brian 09/23/2001 08:56AM
  Re: the war!! 47Tony Harnell09/23/2001 10:15AM
  Re: Those are... 44 Don 09/24/2001 03:43PM
  Re: the war!! 48 DJ Klaus 09/26/2001 12:59AM
  jay and silent bob soundtrack kicks ass!!! 58 croman 09/23/2001 06:15AM
  SURVIVOR Re-Releases in the US 68Denny09/23/2001 04:14AM
  Re: SURVIVOR Re-Releases in the US 47Denny09/23/2001 04:17AM
  Debut? 53 Stephen 09/23/2001 05:24AM
  Re: Debut? 49Denny09/23/2001 01:32PM
  No Caught In The Game? 42 Ralfster 09/23/2001 07:09PM
  Re: No Caught In The Game? 48 Jerry Oliver 09/24/2001 12:50PM
  Re: SURVIVOR Re-Releases in the US 49 Buck 09/28/2001 02:01AM
  When is Actual Size coming to europe? 63Peter09/23/2001 03:24AM
  I still have a spare... 48 Andrew 09/23/2001 10:27AM
  Re: I still have a spare... 46 Jim 09/23/2001 12:08PM
  Re: I still have a spare... 49 Jim 09/23/2001 12:08PM
  Re: I still have a spare... 48Peter09/24/2001 02:55AM
  Re: When is Actual Size coming to europe? 47 Kazlynn 09/24/2001 08:49AM
  BEAUTIFUL CREATURES - AWESOME 58 Nick 09/23/2001 02:56AM
  Re: BEAUTIFUL CREATURES/another opinion... 49 Don 09/23/2001 05:11AM
  Re: BEAUTIFUL CREATURES/another opinion... 44Dave09/24/2001 07:53PM
  Re: BEAUTIFUL CREATURES/another opinion... 49 britny 09/23/2001 06:19AM
  Re: BEAUTIFUL CREATURES/another opinion... 46Phil 209/23/2001 02:22PM
  Re: Okay... 46 Don 09/24/2001 03:47PM
  Re: BEAUTIFUL CREATURES/another opinion... 46mark (kennedy)09/24/2001 05:36PM
  Re: BEAUTIFUL CREATURES/another opinion... 48 Mark 09/26/2001 11:21AM
  Jorn - Worldchanger 64Peter M. Bietenholz09/23/2001 12:49AM
  where are the soundbytes? 46chris09/23/2001 01:24AM
  Re: 46 Melodic Lover 09/23/2001 03:19AM
  Re: drunk spelling , love it ! 50 Melodic Lover 09/23/2001 03:23AM
  Right here! Check the frontpage... 48 Andrew 09/23/2001 09:41AM
  Yes, Peter...I tend to agree. 45 Andrew 09/23/2001 09:43AM
  Beyond Twilight 47 AOR Guru 09/23/2001 10:54AM
  Re: Beyond Twilight 47Peter M. Bietenholz09/23/2001 08:05PM
  Re: Beyond Twilight 46 Andrew 09/23/2001 08:11PM
  Tygers of Pan Tang?????? 52Siv09/22/2001 11:50PM
  Bush Upcoming Speech 58 Buck 09/22/2001 11:30PM
  Re: Bush Upcoming Speech 42Jack09/23/2001 01:58AM
  I managed to make it to the end .. 40 Stephen 09/23/2001 02:09AM
  Re: I agree... 46 Don 09/23/2001 05:20AM
  Re: I agree... 44Jack09/23/2001 05:46AM
  Re: What I meant... 44 Don 09/23/2001 07:14AM
  Re: As proof... 45 Don 09/23/2001 07:22AM
  Re: Bush Upcoming Speech 44rtz09/23/2001 02:15PM
  Re: Bush Upcoming Speech 45TH09/25/2001 07:20AM
  Re: Bush Upcoming Speech 46 FORD 09/26/2001 05:24PM
  To Other Canadians On This Board...... 63The Truth09/22/2001 04:16PM
  Re: To Other Canadians On This Board...... 54Jack09/22/2001 04:54PM
  I don't think it was a snub... 61 Mike Matney 09/22/2001 09:09PM
  Re: To Other Canadians On This Board...... 48 Stephen 09/22/2001 09:26PM
  Re: To Other Canadians On This Board...... 50 Jerry 09/22/2001 11:28PM
  Re: To Other Canadians On This Board...... 53 Stephen 09/23/2001 12:09AM
  Re: To Other Canadians On This Board...... 53 koogles 09/23/2001 12:37AM
  Re: As a Canadian, I agree... 52 Don 09/23/2001 03:11AM
  Re: As a Canadian, I agree... 58 Geri 09/23/2001 09:10PM
  Re: Thank you... 54 Don 09/24/2001 03:51PM
  My Favourite Canadian Ad Campaign Was... 52 Tinger 09/24/2001 12:55AM
  i dont think it was intentional 49 sfk kurt 09/23/2001 04:37AM
  Re: i dont think it was intentional 49 frank 09/23/2001 12:16PM
  Strong Words-Please read this! 62 Humppakeisari 09/22/2001 09:20AM
  Nutter 45 Stephen 09/22/2001 04:43PM
  Re: Nutter 48Ralph Santolla09/23/2001 05:54AM
  Re: Nutter 55 Stephen 09/23/2001 07:51AM
  Re: Nutter 54Tony Harnell09/23/2001 09:58AM
  Re: Nutter 47 Double Decibel Dave 09/25/2001 03:08AM
  Agreed 46 Stephen 09/25/2001 03:41AM
  Thanks Tony 45Ralph Santolla09/25/2001 05:38AM
  Re: Thanks Tony 48TH09/25/2001 07:05AM
  Re: Technology 46Bighairnolonger09/25/2001 05:02AM
  Re: Technology 48 Stephen 09/25/2001 07:39AM
  Re: Technology 43Bighairnolonger09/26/2001 04:31AM
  Re: Technology 42 Stephen 09/26/2001 07:25AM
  Re: Technology 40Bighairnolonger09/26/2001 10:08AM
  Re: Technology 50 TAFKAMP 09/27/2001 07:59AM
  Re: Leonard Pitts Jr. 49 Eric Abrahamsen 09/23/2001 12:08PM
  Which just goes to show ... 49 Stephen 09/23/2001 05:56PM
  MITCH MALLOY & JAIME KYLE still coming to the 73 Mark 09/22/2001 02:35AM
  also in Madrid 42 Jose Beaskoa 09/22/2001 02:41AM
  Re: also in Madrid 45 britny 09/22/2001 04:40AM
  "CLASSICS" that ain't that classic 61 the ORIGINAL brent 09/22/2001 12:44AM
  Re: "CLASSICS" that ain't that classic 44 Double Decibel Dave 09/22/2001 12:55AM
  To each his own ... 42 Stephen 09/22/2001 02:50AM
  i agree about 98% 47 sfk kurt 09/22/2001 07:51AM
  Re: "CLASSICS" that ain't that classic 46alex siedler09/22/2001 09:09PM
  Good choices 47 Mike Matney 09/22/2001 09:13PM
  just shows we all have our own tastes 51 sfk kurt 09/22/2001 11:07PM
  Re: just shows we all have our own tastes 50danthecdman09/22/2001 11:38PM
  Re: i agree about 98% 43 Stephen 09/22/2001 10:04PM
  I'll huff and I'll puff... 56 koogles 09/22/2001 08:59AM
  Re: I'll huff and I'll puff... 47danthecdman09/22/2001 10:21AM
  Spock's Beard?? 52Jack09/22/2001 12:15PM
  Spock's Beard 101 47 koogles 09/23/2001 01:05AM
  Re: I'll huff and I'll puff... 47 the ORIGINAL brent 09/22/2001 12:40PM
  Re: "CLASSICS" that ain't that classic 41 Melodic Lover 09/22/2001 12:46PM
  Re: "CLASSICS" that ain't that classic 46 the ORIGINAL brent 09/22/2001 01:18PM
  Re: "CLASSICS" that ain't that classic 44Classic Underground09/22/2001 04:27PM
  Meniketti/Rolie/Journey/Y&T 91 bridgeofsighs 09/21/2001 07:44PM
  Re: Meniketti/Rolie/Journey/Y&T 46 Jake 09/21/2001 10:30PM
  Re: Meniketti/Rolie/Journey/Y&T 49 Sue 09/21/2001 11:25PM
  Terry Brock Interview for Fireworks 51 Don Wishon 09/22/2001 12:01AM
  Re: Terry Brock Interview for Fireworks 54blm09/22/2001 03:20AM
  Re: Meniketti/Rolie/Journey/Y&T 44 frank 09/25/2001 11:31AM
  Ian haugland's interview! 65 Marc Vanway 09/21/2001 05:53PM
  Re: Ian haugland's interview! 48 Ralph 09/21/2001 07:19PM
  Re: Ian haugland's interview! 48 Marc Vanway 09/21/2001 07:46PM
  Re: Ian haugland's interview! 52 Ralph 09/22/2001 12:34AM
  Big Country - 'The Buffalo Skinners'! 76John Q09/21/2001 05:34PM
  Re: Big Country - 'The Buffalo Skinners'! 83ddregs09/22/2001 03:06AM
  Re: Big Country - 'The Buffalo Skinners'! 58 britny 09/22/2001 04:45AM
  Re: Big Country - 'The Buffalo Skinners'! 55Peter M. Bietenholz09/22/2001 07:00AM
  Re: Big Country - BEST BRITISH BAND OF 1980S! 61 KAOS FAN 09/22/2001 07:50AM
  Re: Big Country - BEST BRITISH BAND OF 1980S! 57ddregs09/22/2001 08:02PM
  A link of reason? 74Steve, Denmark09/21/2001 06:59AM
  Re: A link of reason? 43 croman 09/23/2001 06:22AM
  Now & Then / Frontiers News - 20 Sep 2001 65Peter Sims09/21/2001 05:50AM
  Re: Now & Then / Frontiers News - 20 Sep 2001 48Ralph Santolla09/22/2001 06:26AM
  BRIAN MALONE(Y)WORKS and WALL of SILENCE 86 Robert Hoop 09/21/2001 05:14AM
  Gods 2001 52 vampira 09/21/2001 04:00AM
  Re: Gods 2001 40Cooky09/21/2001 10:21PM
  John Miles - Rebel 56 Stephen 09/21/2001 02:27AM
  Re: John Miles - Rebel 40John Q09/21/2001 05:09PM
  Re: John Miles - Rebel 39 Stephen 09/22/2001 02:46AM
  holy crap 47R.C.I.T09/21/2001 01:41AM
  Brave new world 44Tommy09/21/2001 01:30AM
  Going to Gods 2001 from Glasgow? 43 David Carrick 09/20/2001 08:55PM
  John Waite plays the UK!!! 56 David Carrick 09/20/2001 08:51PM
  New Royal Dump 62Peter M. Bietenholz09/20/2001 07:42PM
  Re: New Royal Dump 39Phil 209/21/2001 02:32AM
  Re: New Royal Hunt! 38Steve, Denmark09/21/2001 06:19AM
  Re: New Royal Hunt! 39John Q09/21/2001 05:45PM
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