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  Gene Simmons interview 4/19/2002 45 Mark 04/23/2002 02:11PM
  Flickerstick and Jeremiah Freed 53Okie04/23/2002 01:36PM
  ROXX GANG CD 54 kerry 04/23/2002 01:24PM
  Re: ROXX GANG CD 36 Jeff 04/23/2002 03:53PM
  Re: ROXX GANG CD 44 John 04/25/2002 12:38AM
  Re: ROXX GANG CD 37 kerry 04/26/2002 07:12AM
  Re: ROXX GANG CD 44 Geoff 04/26/2002 11:22AM
  Re: ROXX GANG CD 44 kerry 04/26/2002 12:28PM
  Hard RoxX.... 61Phil II04/23/2002 06:26AM
  Re: Hard RoxX.... 44 Phil 1 04/24/2002 11:03AM
  Re: Hard RoxX.... 40Phil II04/24/2002 12:08PM
  Re: Hard RoxX.... 43 Andrew Paul 04/24/2002 06:03PM
  Another site will be soon closing too... 44Patrick04/24/2002 09:50PM
  Re: Another site will be soon closing too... 38Phil II04/25/2002 05:16AM
  Another One Bites The Dust 46Dave Max04/25/2002 03:41PM
  Re: Another One Bites The Dust 44Rambo04/26/2002 11:58PM
  short review of melodica show 72 dino 04/23/2002 04:01AM
  what a loser 56 nellie the elephant 04/23/2002 06:00AM
  Re: what a loser 51 BSixx 04/23/2002 06:13AM
  Its not Ted whos the loser 53 Graham Hatton 04/23/2002 06:25AM
  put the crack pipe down,nellie 57 dino 04/23/2002 06:26AM
  Re: put the crack pipe down,nellie 58Rick04/23/2002 07:18AM
  Re: ME 55 TED 04/23/2002 08:28AM
  Good To See You Back Ted 47 Coco 04/23/2002 08:35AM
  Well said Coco 44 BSixx 04/23/2002 08:45AM
  Re: Ted 53 Steve norander 04/23/2002 10:24AM
  Good To See You Back Ted 61 Melodic Lover 04/23/2002 11:45AM
  Re: Good To See You Back Ted 54 TED 04/25/2002 12:01AM
  Re: It wasn't a full-blown stage concert 55 britny 04/25/2002 07:14AM
  Return to England soon , Ted 52 Graham Hatton 04/24/2002 03:30AM
  Dont Hold Your Breath! 53 Coco 04/24/2002 04:07AM
  Re: Dont Hold Your Breath! 54 Steve norander 04/24/2002 09:11AM
  Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah..Whatever! 50 Coco 04/23/2002 08:28AM
  Re: Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah..Whatever! 54 dino 04/23/2002 09:26AM
  Thanks For Clearing That Up Dino..(np) 53 Coco 04/23/2002 09:28AM
  Re: what a loser 55Tony M04/24/2002 04:28AM
  Re: what a loser 48 Cheesi 04/25/2002 09:25PM
  Ted? Here? No way! 52 Generic D2 Fan 04/24/2002 01:39AM
  Re: Ted? Here? No way! 47 Steve Norander 04/24/2002 09:14AM
  lol 49 Generic D2 Fan 04/24/2002 11:28AM
  Re: lol 53 Steve Norander 04/24/2002 10:22PM
  It wasn't a full-blown stage concert 49 Generic D2 Fan 04/25/2002 01:07AM
  Worst 80's shredders..... 90grwhitefan04/23/2002 02:53AM
  Re: Worst 80's shredders..... 58 Humppakeisari 04/23/2002 03:03AM
  Re: Worst 80's shredders..... 58 the ORIGINAL brent 04/23/2002 09:12AM
  Re: Worst 80's shredders..... 68Tony M04/23/2002 03:05AM
  Re: Worst 80's shredders..... 58 sharxfan 04/23/2002 03:41AM
  Re: Worst 80's shredders..... 108Syr Up04/23/2002 04:13AM
  Re: Worst 80's shredders..... 58 Phil 1 04/23/2002 04:51AM
  Re: Worst 80's shredders..... 51 Jake 04/23/2002 05:25AM
  Re: Worst 80's shredders..... 50 the ORIGINAL brent 04/23/2002 09:14AM
  Re: Worst 80's shredders..... 56 Geoff 04/23/2002 10:20AM
  Don't forget 53 Mike Matney 04/23/2002 09:21AM
  Re: Don't forget 53 AOR Guru 04/23/2002 09:54AM
  Bellas / Artension 58Steve, Denmark04/23/2002 05:45PM
  Re: Bellas / Artension 60 AOR Guru 04/23/2002 09:22PM
  THE worst "shredder" bar none... 50 Dan 04/23/2002 11:10AM
  THE worst "shredder" bar none is... 57Steve, Denmark04/23/2002 05:47PM
  Re: THE worst "shredder" bar none is... 51 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/23/2002 09:55PM
  Whoa, you must know NOTHING about guitar... 55Syr Up04/24/2002 04:18AM
  Re: Whoa, you must know NOTHING about guitar... 56 Coco 04/24/2002 04:27AM
  Re: Whoa, you must know NOTHING about guitar... 46 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/24/2002 07:22PM
  Re: Whoa, you must know NOTHING about guitar... 48 Frank 04/24/2002 10:52PM
  Frank The Wank. 50 Coco 04/25/2002 03:16AM
  Eh!! Who Said I Was Offended?? 54 Coco 04/25/2002 03:09AM
  Re: Eh!! Who Said I Was Offended?? 53 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/25/2002 06:30AM
  Re: Whoa, you must know NOTHING about guitar... 56 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/24/2002 06:53PM
  Re: Worst 80's shredders..... 52nunya04/28/2002 11:12AM
  Last chance to get Charade(Jap),Red Dawn,Snake Cha 51 Bjørnar Bevolden 04/23/2002 02:20AM
  Anyone heard of Witness? 56 Female Rock Rulez 04/23/2002 01:05AM
  Re: Anyone heard of Witness? 35matt04/23/2002 09:36PM
  Re: Anyone heard of Witness? 35 Don Wishon 04/23/2002 11:43PM
  Re: Anyone heard of Witness? 42Kris04/23/2002 11:58PM
  I Need a Track Listing 39 Female Rock Rulez 04/24/2002 06:11AM
  Sure! 37Jack04/24/2002 07:45AM
  Re: Kicking myself... 39 Brian 04/24/2002 11:28AM
  Re: Kicking myself... 41 Penny 04/24/2002 06:08PM
  Re: Kicking myself... 36 Dance Nation 04/24/2002 04:12PM
  Re: Kicking myself... 41matt04/24/2002 05:20PM
  Can someone post songs for download or email? 39 John Dee 12/30/2002 01:26AM
  Soul Doctor-Any good??? 57 Steve 04/22/2002 09:56PM
  Re: Soul Doctor-Any good??? 40 Susumu 04/22/2002 10:39PM
  Re: Soul Doctor-Any good??? 42Mark04/23/2002 05:29AM
  Re: Soul Doctor-Any good??? 42 Guitarzrme 04/24/2002 06:25AM
  Re: Soul Doctor-Any good??? 39 Kevin 04/24/2002 07:00AM
  Hey BBB 58jetboy04/22/2002 07:18PM
  Re: Hey BBB 41 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/22/2002 07:29PM
  Re: Hey BBB 55jetboy04/22/2002 07:52PM
  Re: Hey BBB 40 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/23/2002 09:48PM
  Re: Hey BBB 45jetboy04/23/2002 10:03PM
  Re: Hey BBB 46jetboy04/23/2002 10:04PM
  Re: Hey BBB 44 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/24/2002 06:58PM
  K U L A S H A K E R 62 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/22/2002 06:46PM
  Re: K U L A S H A K E R 39jetboy04/22/2002 06:56PM
  Re: K U L A S H A K E R 44 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/22/2002 07:03PM
  Re: K U L A S H A K E R 42jetboy04/22/2002 07:13PM
  Re: K U L A S H A K E R 41 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/22/2002 07:23PM
  Re: K U L A S H A K E R 45 Ardian 04/22/2002 10:16PM
  Re: K U L A S H A K E R 38 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/23/2002 08:35PM
  Re: K U L A S H A K E R 40Syr Up04/23/2002 04:19AM
  Re: KULA SHAKER 38 Patrick 04/23/2002 05:40AM
  Re: KULA SHAKER 44 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/23/2002 08:29PM
  Tramp/Bonfire 59Too old to rock? maybe!04/22/2002 05:39PM
  Re: Tramp/Bonfire 67 Fletch 04/22/2002 08:07PM
  Re: Tramp/Bonfire 57Darren04/22/2002 08:21PM
  Re: Tramp/Bonfire 56 Phil 1 04/22/2002 11:45PM
  Mike Tramp will play in Spain soon 49 Jesus Ruiperez 04/23/2002 08:34AM
  Re: Mike Tramp will play in Spain soon 39 Louise 04/23/2002 04:23PM
  Wow! 46 Andrew 04/23/2002 04:51PM
  suzi are you reading? 67melodic underground04/23/2002 06:51PM
  Re: suzi are you reading? 52 Suzana 04/23/2002 08:23PM
  Re: Wow! 44 mick 04/23/2002 07:53PM
  Re: Wow! 48Tony M04/24/2002 04:32AM
  Re: Wow! 49 Karen 04/24/2002 06:35AM
  Re: Wow! 50 Mike M 04/24/2002 09:12AM
  Re: Wow! 49 Karen 04/26/2002 05:43AM
  Mike & Bonfire 44 Jesus Ruiperez 04/26/2002 07:55PM
  Re: Wow! 50 Mike M 04/27/2002 11:21AM
  Re: Wow! 49 clint. 04/25/2002 05:53AM
  Re: Tramp/Bonfire 48 Paul 04/23/2002 09:44PM
  Re: Tramp/Bonfire 54 steve 04/24/2002 12:13AM
  Mp3 sound issues... 60Jack04/22/2002 04:20PM
  Re: Mp3 sound issues... 38 Dokken 04/22/2002 06:53PM
  Re: Mp3 sound issues... 40 Dan 04/22/2002 09:27PM
  New BUTCH WALKER to download! 50 Marc Vanway 04/22/2002 04:17PM
  I hate to say it but... 40 sfk kurt 04/22/2002 11:25PM
  Re: Just wait... 41Robert04/23/2002 12:33AM
  I think it's great!!! 40 Marc Vanway 04/23/2002 04:33AM
  Re: Just wait... 47 John 04/24/2002 07:31AM
  Re: Yep... 34Robert04/24/2002 12:06PM
  Re: Yep... 44 John 04/25/2002 12:20AM
  Re: I hate to say it but... 45 Mike Matney 04/23/2002 09:24AM
  Butch Walker - GENIUS!!!!!!!! 39 Mark 04/23/2002 02:12PM
  Uthanda? 55 Brian 04/22/2002 04:01PM
  Slammin Gladys singer Brooks? 79 Kurt 04/22/2002 01:27PM
  Re: Slammin Gladys singer Brooks? 66 nonstop_rocker 04/22/2002 11:44PM
  HH Song of the Week: Def Lep clones 87 Dan 04/22/2002 12:49PM
  Re: HH Song of the Week: Def Lep clones 46 koogles 04/23/2002 12:35AM
  biggest Lep clones of them all... 49 sfk kurt 04/23/2002 12:49AM
  Re: biggest Lep clones of them all... 44 Jonny B 04/23/2002 01:00AM
  Re: biggest Lep clones of them all... 46 Ralf 04/23/2002 06:47AM
  Re: biggest Lep clones of them all... 43 JC 04/23/2002 07:52AM
  Re: HH Song of the Week: Def Lep clones 44 Geoff 04/23/2002 10:33AM
  Music Fan 62 Kurt 04/22/2002 07:59AM
  Re: Music Fan 48Buck04/22/2002 09:14AM
  Not this again... 50Disgusted04/22/2002 09:39AM
  Yes there are 43 Mike Matney 04/22/2002 10:37AM
  Re: Not this again... 46Tricky04/24/2002 03:59AM
  Re: Music Fan 48 Kurt 04/22/2002 01:17PM
  Re: Music Fan 41 Dan 04/22/2002 09:28PM
  Re: Music Fan 49Disgusted04/23/2002 01:14AM
  Agreed , grunge is cack!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 54 Graham Hatton 04/23/2002 06:00AM
  Alliyah, Layne Staley, Selena, Waylon... 66 koogles 04/23/2002 10:53PM
  Name ONE 49 FORD 04/24/2002 11:54AM
  Exactly! 45Disgusted04/24/2002 02:44PM
  Re: Name ONE 45TRICKY04/25/2002 10:23PM
  ATTENTION 56 Carlos Destroyer 04/22/2002 05:55AM
  Very Sad Individuals 64Gav04/21/2002 09:54PM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 42Pingu04/21/2002 10:44PM
  I think.... 46Jack04/22/2002 10:36AM
  Death goes beyond musical taste 49 Graham Hatton 04/23/2002 06:15AM
  Re: Death goes beyond musical taste 51 Patrick 04/23/2002 06:28AM
  amen... 44 sfk kurt 04/21/2002 11:31PM
  I agree. 48 Popefreak 04/22/2002 12:30AM
  Well said. (NP) 42 Mike Matney 04/22/2002 12:28AM
  "Facelift" not "Nevermind" beg 50 koogles 04/22/2002 01:06AM
  Seattle 46 Mike Matney 04/22/2002 01:29AM
  still rock n roll to me 52 sfk kurt 04/22/2002 03:44AM
  But Alive in Chains were not a Grunge band 43 Coco 04/22/2002 01:38AM
  Who the hell are Alive in 47 Coco 04/22/2002 01:40AM
  Re: But Alive in Chains were not a Grunge band 48 Frank 04/23/2002 01:10AM
  Re: But Alive in Chains were not a Grunge band 44 Mike Matney 04/23/2002 02:22AM
  Re: But Alive in Chains were not a Grunge band 47 Frank 04/23/2002 04:30AM
  Do You Play Guitar??? 51 Coco 04/23/2002 04:45AM
  Re: Do You Play Guitar??? 46 Frank 04/23/2002 07:18AM
  Kinda Lame Thing To Say 48 Coco 04/23/2002 09:13AM
  Re: "Facelift" not "Nevermind" 47 FORD 04/22/2002 04:20AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 42Davy (N I )04/22/2002 01:40AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 48danthecdman04/22/2002 02:51AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 49 Tommy Denander 04/22/2002 04:07AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 48Disgusted04/22/2002 04:29AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 46Peter M. Bietenholz04/22/2002 04:38AM
  Right on! 43Disgusted04/22/2002 04:53AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 45steve(ni)04/22/2002 05:36AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 47Madchemist04/22/2002 06:14AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 45 Davy (N I ) 04/22/2002 06:20AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 43Jade04/22/2002 07:34AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 52 Danny Danzi 04/22/2002 09:12AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 45Disgusted04/22/2002 09:57AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 41 Danny Danzi 04/22/2002 05:47PM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 52Disgusted04/23/2002 02:09AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 48 Danny Danzi 04/23/2002 09:20AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 54 Phil 1 04/23/2002 10:41AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 45 Danny Danzi 04/23/2002 12:05PM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 48 Phil 1 04/23/2002 02:31PM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 48 Danny Danzi 04/23/2002 03:31PM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 51Jack04/24/2002 03:41AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 50 Danny Danzi 04/24/2002 09:02AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 42 Frank 04/23/2002 04:42AM
  His Names LAYNE STALEY you Jerk 77 Coco 04/23/2002 04:54AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 46 Frank 04/23/2002 07:20AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 49 Coco 04/23/2002 07:30AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 48Disgusted04/23/2002 08:55AM
  Re: Very Sad Individuals 46Disgusted04/22/2002 09:59AM
  re: Very Sad Individuals 45 Patrick 04/22/2002 04:01PM
  Stage Dolls on ebay : the sky is the limit... 64 Bart 04/21/2002 07:04PM
  What's wrong with Glam/Hairspray? 42Kris04/22/2002 04:54AM
  $207.00 US - What the f*ck?! 51 Geoff 04/22/2002 10:42AM
  Re: $207.00 US - What the f*ck?! 55melodic underground04/22/2002 02:37PM
  Re: $207.00 US - What the f*ck?! 43 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/22/2002 06:59PM
  well, I got $104 for a Luis Cardena CD 52 sfk kurt 04/22/2002 09:58PM
  Ahem... TO EACH THEIR OWN.......... 40 Patrick 04/23/2002 06:17AM
  Re: Ahem... TO EACH THEIR OWN.......... 48 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/23/2002 09:43PM
  Re: $207.00 US - What the f*ck?! 55 Jodes 04/25/2002 03:09AM
  Stage Dolls sound 44 Ray 04/22/2002 03:31PM
  And now the US $210.15 Question... 54 Patrick 04/23/2002 06:12AM
  No lyrics... 45 AOR Guru 04/23/2002 07:38AM
  Shark island's three demo cds 52 Stanley 04/21/2002 04:29PM
  Re: Shark island's three demo cds 41ele04/22/2002 03:06AM
  Re: Shark island's three demo cds 39 Stanley 04/22/2002 03:27AM
  answer to the Original Brent 64sss04/21/2002 08:55AM
  Re:Thankyou!! 38 the ORIGINAL brent 04/22/2002 06:41PM
  Re:oops.......old email addy 38 the ORIGINAL brent 04/22/2002 06:43PM
  CLASSIC ROCK 61 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/21/2002 07:28AM
  Not exactly ... 47 TAFKAMP 04/21/2002 08:08AM
  Re: Not exactly ... 41 Jake 04/21/2002 08:40AM
  Re: Not exactly ... 47 Mike Matney 04/21/2002 09:09AM
  Well, why don't you try.... 46 Sue 04/21/2002 04:58PM
  Another mag to try.... 50 Kev 04/21/2002 05:57PM
  Re: Another mag to try.... 43Robby The Seal04/21/2002 09:49PM
  Hard Attack? 45MagsRus04/22/2002 05:31AM
  But aren't you missing something? 43Surfpunk04/22/2002 02:01AM
  But no ........ 46 TAFKAMP 04/22/2002 04:22AM
  To some extent I agree. 49Surfpunk04/22/2002 06:23AM
  I understand .. 41 TAFKAMP 04/22/2002 09:16AM
  Re: CLASSIC ROCK 49 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 04/21/2002 06:25PM
  Re: CLASSIC ROCK 50Steve, Denmark04/21/2002 11:00PM
  CLASSIC ROCK Rules 45 Mark 04/22/2002 03:34PM
  Where`s the B`zz "get up" reissue. 55Richard04/21/2002 05:15AM
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