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  Von Groove 71 CARL 05/01/2001 06:43AM
  What you miss...... 45Jack05/01/2001 05:57AM
  When the best song is the last track... 46 koogles 05/01/2001 10:05AM
  Re: When the best song is the last track... 43 Brian 05/01/2001 10:59AM
  Re: What you miss...... 48Robert05/01/2001 11:44AM
  Indeed, but what remains shelved... 35 Benno 05/01/2001 02:52PM
  Re: Indeed, but what remains shelved... 45 Brian 05/01/2001 02:57PM
  Indeed, but what remains shelved... 45 Benno 05/01/2001 02:53PM
  Heartland s/t 60 AORMAN 05/01/2001 04:33AM
  Re: Heartland s/t - "As it Comes" is gre 42 KAOS FAN 05/01/2001 12:21PM
  Agreed! 40 Alan 05/01/2001 01:47PM
  Re: Agreed!HEY ALAN :NEWMAN! 48 KAOS FAN 05/02/2001 11:56AM
  Any one going to Z Rock this weekend? 66 Nick 05/01/2001 04:16AM
  Re: Any one going to Z Rock this weekend? 60 BIG DAZ 05/01/2001 06:59AM
  Re: Any one going to Z Rock this weekend? 64Sharky05/01/2001 07:24AM
  Re: Any one going to Z Rock this weekend? 53Davy(N.I.)05/01/2001 07:47AM
  Re: Any one going to Z Rock this weekend? 43 Nick 05/02/2001 05:21AM
  Re: Any one going to Z Rock this weekend? 54Kieran05/02/2001 07:40AM
  Re: Any one going to Z Rock this weekend? 52 Nick 05/02/2001 05:52PM
  Re: Any one going to Z Rock this weekend? 44 Sharon 05/02/2001 09:53PM
  Re: Any one going to Z Rock this weekend? 47Tony05/03/2001 06:07AM
  Re: Any one going to Z Rock this weekend? 38 REBEL SON 05/03/2001 05:34PM
  Gary Moore-Help! 76Ralph05/01/2001 03:51AM
  cdnow has them in stock 45 Tom Krupa 05/01/2001 09:55PM
  ARK - Burn the Sun 76 sabatar 05/01/2001 01:17AM
  Re: ARK - Burn the Sun 61 DTJFAN 05/01/2001 03:12AM
  Re: ARK - Burn the Sun 53Francesco05/03/2001 08:23PM
  Re: ARK - Burn the Sun 61tahoi05/04/2001 10:42AM
  More full soundbytes 66 Daniel 04/30/2001 09:18PM
  software question 82 jean-paul 04/30/2001 07:02PM
  Re: software question 48 Tavas 04/30/2001 07:32PM
  Before they were famous... 64 Misterpomp 04/30/2001 04:54PM
  Re: Before they were famous... 55John Q04/30/2001 05:37PM
  Re: Trent Reznor 48 Tom Krupa 04/30/2001 09:55PM
  Re: Trent Reznor 52 Misterpomp 05/01/2001 03:30AM
  Re: Trent Reznor 54 Tom Krupa 05/01/2001 04:38AM
  Re: Trent Reznor 53Penguin05/01/2001 06:58AM
  Re: Trent Reznor 56 exnewyorker 05/01/2001 08:42AM
  A few more LA "graduates" 54.Dave05/02/2001 07:41PM
  Re: Before they were famous... 40Mafia boy05/04/2001 10:31PM
  Re: Marcy 44Eric Abrahamsen04/30/2001 08:54PM
  Re: Before they were famous... 65 koogles 04/30/2001 10:24PM
  Chad, Josh Ramos & Tattoo Rodeo 57 Misterpomp 05/01/2001 03:34AM
  Re: Before they were famous... 40 Carl 1 05/01/2001 03:30AM
  rick springfield live greatest hits cd??? 67 croman 04/30/2001 04:14PM
  Re: rick springfield - AOR GREAT...! 43 KAOS FAN 05/02/2001 12:03PM
  pink floyd=aor or not??? 68 croman 04/30/2001 04:13PM
  best sing along in the car aor songs!!! 61 croman 04/30/2001 04:11PM
  ...has to be Sammy Hagar 49 Tavas 04/30/2001 09:23PM
  Pedal to the Metal (Vandenberg) (np) 49 koogles 04/30/2001 10:43PM
  cool motoring 49glen macpherson05/01/2001 07:34AM
  Re: ...has to be Sammy Hagar 62 croman 05/01/2001 12:17PM
  Re: best sing...VAN HALEN,HELLOWEEN! 44 KAOS FAN 05/01/2001 12:35PM
  Re: best sing along in the car aor songs!!! 58Mafia boy05/04/2001 10:33PM
  Coupla' questions... 66 Alan 04/30/2001 10:26AM
  Re: Coupla' questions... 54 Brian 04/30/2001 01:14PM
  Re: Coupla' questions... 64 Brian 04/30/2001 01:23PM
  Colin James 52 koogles 04/30/2001 10:38PM
  Journey, VH & Mr. Williams 78 Capt. Crunch 04/30/2001 10:06AM
  Bad Company 49Kris05/01/2001 05:32AM
  Re: Bad Company 60 pete 05/01/2001 10:48AM
  Re:The Real Bad Company 52 Lil Al 05/01/2001 08:51PM
  So what...... 57Kris05/01/2001 11:20PM
  Baddest Company 57 Sven 05/02/2001 06:49PM
  For those considering those 220 Volt "reissue 76 Dan 04/30/2001 09:54AM
  Styx & Bad Company 73Eric Abrahamsen04/30/2001 08:01AM
  Re: Styx & Bad Company 52 Richard 04/30/2001 12:43PM
  Re: Nope 49Eric Abrahamsen04/30/2001 08:50PM
  Re: Nope 55 The Real Richard 05/01/2001 01:28AM
  Re: Styx & Bad Company 55 croman 04/30/2001 04:04PM
  Re: Styx & Bad Company 63 Bladesian 05/01/2001 12:45PM
  Cool song off Napster.... 80s Rock fan MUST get it 116 Joe 04/30/2001 04:45AM
  Re: Cool song off Napster.... 80s Rock fan MUST ge 66 Brian 04/30/2001 05:17AM
  Re: Cool song off Napster.... 80s Rock fan MUST ge 57 Mike Matney 04/30/2001 05:42AM
  Re: Cool song off Napster.... 80s Rock fan MUST ge 68John Q04/30/2001 06:19AM
  Re: Cool song off Napster.... 80s Rock fan MUST ge 74Jack04/30/2001 07:39AM
  Re: Cool song off Napster.... 80s Rock fan MUST ge 74 dee 04/30/2001 09:51AM
  Thank you dee!! 60 Joe 04/30/2001 11:06AM
  Re: Thank you dee!! 56 CARL 04/30/2001 10:36PM
  Re: Thank you dee!! 65Jack05/01/2001 04:39AM
  Re: Cool song off Napster.... 80s Rock fan MUST ge 64 Coco 04/30/2001 10:18PM
  cool song 66 wayne 04/30/2001 12:22PM
  Re: cool song and Ratt 56 Daniel 04/30/2001 08:47PM
  Yngwie tour resumes on schedule 70Steve, Denmark04/30/2001 04:40AM
  Re: Yngwie tour resumes on schedule 55tahoi05/01/2001 12:50PM
  Does anyone consider......... 74 alex siedler 04/30/2001 04:09AM
  Re: Does anyone consider......... 65 Carl 1 04/30/2001 04:40AM
  Yep! 45Surfpunk04/30/2001 05:08AM
  Re: Westcoast feel..... 49Eric Abrahamsen04/30/2001 07:54AM
  Re: Does anyone consider......... 49Jack05/01/2001 06:10AM
  Just about so... 69 Andrew 04/30/2001 08:03AM
  Re: Does anyone consider......... 66 Rich 04/30/2001 11:34AM
  Yes 67 Misterpomp 04/30/2001 04:48PM
  sure do! 62 sfk kurt 05/01/2001 08:56AM
  Napter is finally DOA...... 92Jack04/30/2001 12:25AM
  Re: Napter is finally DOA...... 63 Brian 04/30/2001 05:23AM
  Re: Napter is finally DOA...... 54joe04/30/2001 11:48PM
  Re: Napter is finally DOA...... 66 Brian 05/01/2001 06:30AM
  Got a point there (nt) 53joe05/01/2001 08:47AM
  Does anyone remembr Simon F? 75 Snake 65 04/29/2001 11:39PM
  Re: Does anyone remembr Simon F? 61 J.C. 04/30/2001 02:19AM
  MEXICAN/SPANNISH AOR 80curious04/29/2001 05:28PM
  Re: MEXICAN/SPANNISH AOR 57 Carlos Destroyer 04/29/2001 09:30PM
  Re: MEXICAN/SPANNISH AOR 53Jack04/30/2001 12:11AM
  Re: MEXICAN/SPANNISH AOR 57joe05/01/2001 08:49AM
  Re: MEXICAN/SPANNISH AOR 61 vinny 04/30/2001 05:33PM
  Incoherent ramblings..... 96Jack04/29/2001 03:44PM
  Postscript.... 67Jack04/29/2001 03:55PM
  Def Leppard vs. Bon Jovi 52 Mrpool 05/01/2001 02:21AM
  Re: Def Leppard vs. Bon Jovi 51 Brian 05/01/2001 06:32AM
  Re: Incoherent ramblings..... 72 Brian 04/29/2001 04:17PM
  Re: Incoherent ramblings..... 65 Kevin 04/30/2001 08:23AM
  Re: Incoherent ramblings..... 66 Andrew 04/29/2001 05:44PM
  Re: Incoherent ramblings..... 66 sfk kurt 04/29/2001 09:35PM
  Re: Incoherent ramblings..... 55 alex siedler 04/29/2001 11:13PM
  For what it's worth... 70Surfpunk04/30/2001 05:25AM
  Re: For what it's worth... 54 Brian 04/30/2001 05:51AM
  My Lep story 67 Benno 04/30/2001 06:15PM
  Re: My Lep story 57 Brian 04/30/2001 06:31PM
  Dare 82 Rich 04/29/2001 01:52PM
  Re: Dare 44Jack04/29/2001 03:07PM
  Re: Dare 51 Brian 04/29/2001 04:31PM
  Re: Dare 46 Ron (Holland) 04/29/2001 05:07PM
  Re: Dare 58 alex siedler 04/29/2001 07:29PM
  Re: Dare 58 Kevin 04/30/2001 05:37AM
  Re: Dare 59Decepticon K04/30/2001 06:34AM
  Re: Dare 45 Rich 04/30/2001 11:39AM
  Re: Dare 56 Baffie 05/01/2001 12:05PM
  Bugger all 2 do with music!! 74 Coco 04/29/2001 10:40AM
  Re: Bugger all 2 do with music!! 48 Coco 04/29/2001 11:04AM
  DVDs done dirt cheap! 48 koogles 04/30/2001 08:37AM
  Re: DVDs done dirt cheap! 51 Coco 04/30/2001 08:54AM
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