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  Long Live Jeff Scott Soto!!! 62 Ronny 06/04/2002 07:21PM
  Re: Long Live Jeff Scott Soto!!! 42Eric06/04/2002 11:59PM
  & Long Live Eric Martin to!!! 36 Nicky 06/05/2002 12:07AM
  Re: & Long Live Eric Martin to!!! 44Thunder06/05/2002 08:00AM
  Re: Long Live Jeff Scott Soto!!! 45 Kurt 06/06/2002 04:47AM
  So, any word, ruomurs, gossips, etc on... 65 Jorge 06/04/2002 07:02PM
  Re: So, any word, ruomurs, gossips, etc on... 48Steve 4006/04/2002 11:46PM
  Re: So, any word, ruomurs, gossips, etc on... 43 Ponte Robin 06/05/2002 07:45AM
  Re: So, any word, ruomurs, gossips, etc on... 45Tricky06/05/2002 10:08PM
  The Gods - swedish take..... 56 Mats 06/04/2002 06:47PM
  Re: The Gods - swedish take..... 39Curry King06/04/2002 07:06PM
  Re: The Gods - Swiss take..... 36Peter M. Bietenholz06/04/2002 11:47PM
  Re: The Gods - Swiss take..... 44 DNW 06/05/2002 12:14AM
  Re: The Gods - Swiss take..... 44 Ponte Robin 06/05/2002 07:49AM
  Gods - elsewhere ..., Mr. Ashton? 53 bartman2002 06/04/2002 04:38PM
  How many 'No filler' albums do you own??? 65 Geoff 06/04/2002 03:44PM
  Re: How many 'No filler' albums do you own??? 50 Larry 06/04/2002 05:13PM
  Re: How many 'No filler' albums do you own - HOL ' 38 Geoff 06/05/2002 02:57PM
  Look ma, no duds ..or..pants!! 64 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 06/04/2002 06:43PM
  The only "No-Filler" albums.... 46 alex siedler 06/04/2002 07:41PM
  Never Mind The Bollocks..... 49Wobble06/04/2002 09:26PM
  never mind the hogfat.., get into FOGHAT! 63 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 06/04/2002 10:27PM
  Slow ride to gittar heaven 53Wobble06/04/2002 10:46PM
  Re: The only "No-Filler" albums.... 45Ralph Santolla06/06/2002 03:14AM
  Here are mine: 45 Marc Vanway 06/04/2002 09:03PM
  Re: Here are mine: 47 koogles 06/04/2002 11:48PM
  Re: Here are mine: 49Double Decibel Dave06/05/2002 01:00AM
  Sorry Marc a mistake 47capt kaos06/05/2002 01:15AM
  dammit you beat me to the punchline! 52 sfk kurt 06/05/2002 02:08AM
  Re: Sorry Marc a mistake 45 Marc Vanway 06/05/2002 02:33AM
  Re: Here are mine: 45 Geoff 06/05/2002 02:59PM
  Re: How many 'No filler' albums do you own??? 48 FORD 06/05/2002 01:37AM
  Re: How many 'No filler' albums do you own??? 51 Lynchomaniac 06/05/2002 07:40AM
  Re: Aussie flavoured BBQ Baby Aminals 55 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 06/05/2002 05:55PM
  Re: How many 'No filler' albums do you own??? 49 Mike Matney 06/05/2002 09:02AM
  Re: How many 'No filler' albums do you own??? 50 dale 06/05/2002 09:27AM
  Re: How many 'No filler' albums do you own??? 49Phil II06/05/2002 01:10PM
  Aussie flavour 51 Benno 06/05/2002 04:30PM
  anyone NOT like Humanimal??? 61 the ORIGINAL brent 06/04/2002 02:51PM
  Re: anyone NOT like Humanimal??? 47 Geoff 06/04/2002 03:24PM
  Re: anyone NOT like Humanimal??? 39 the ORIGINAL brent 06/05/2002 12:42AM
  Re: anyone NOT like Humanimal??? 41 The Rob 06/04/2002 04:28PM
  Re: anyone NOT like Humanimal??? 40 Lynchomaniac 06/05/2002 07:55AM
  Re: anyone NOT like Humanimal??? 49 Lynchomaniac 06/05/2002 08:00AM
  Re: Vaughn 52 the ORIGINAL brent 06/05/2002 10:50AM
  Re: Vaughn 42 Kurt 06/06/2002 05:20AM
  Gods DVD 47 Greg 06/04/2002 10:19AM
  Re: Gods DVD 42Steve 4006/04/2002 11:50PM
  Re: Gods DVD 40 Greg 06/05/2002 12:00AM
  Vital Signs Official Web Site 53 Mitch 06/04/2002 10:14AM
  Gods 53The Raven06/04/2002 09:00AM
  Ten 39 Kev 06/04/2002 09:30AM
  Re: Ten 47The Raven06/04/2002 05:22PM
  Re: Ten 42rondo06/06/2002 04:55AM
  Re: Ten 42 britny 06/06/2002 08:31AM
  Re: Ten 43 britny 06/04/2002 08:50PM
  Some interesting finds... 51 Alan 06/04/2002 08:15AM
  Re: Some interesting finds... 37ronn moss06/04/2002 02:18PM
  Re: Some interesting finds... 41 TAFKAMP 06/04/2002 06:38PM
  Ozzy @ the Jubilee Palace gig Vs The Gods 52 Nicky 06/04/2002 08:13AM
  QE2 nil Mark Ashton 2... 45 Kev 06/04/2002 08:53AM
  Re: Ozzy @ the Jubilee Palace gig = SIR OZZY 40Darren06/04/2002 05:11PM
  Coming down from THE GODS... 58 Kev 06/04/2002 06:38AM
  Re: Still a milllion miles high... 42 Goddess 06/04/2002 07:17AM
  Re: Still a milllion miles high... 45 DNW 06/04/2002 08:04AM
  Re: Still a milllion miles high... 43 Kev 06/04/2002 08:52AM
  Re: Still a milllion miles high... 43 DNW 06/04/2002 06:18PM
  JLT rumour quashed! 43 Phil 1 06/04/2002 07:41PM
  lyrics from danger danger wanted 53 GEORGE PANTELIS 06/04/2002 05:06AM
  Penningtons and the Gods 64 Graham Hatton 06/04/2002 04:07AM
  Re: Penningtons and the Gods 53Tricky06/04/2002 04:54AM
  Re: Penningtons and the Gods 47 peter 06/04/2002 05:13AM
  cut short 47 Nichola 06/04/2002 05:22AM
  Re: cut short 45Mark Ashton06/04/2002 05:50AM
  Hey Mr.Ashton! 40Gav06/04/2002 06:14AM
  Re: Hey Mr.Ashton! 45 Nicky 06/04/2002 06:21AM
  With you on that one Gav.... 48 Mats 06/04/2002 06:16PM
  Re: With you on that one Gav.... 61Hugh Dunnit06/05/2002 08:24AM
  Re: With you on that one Gav.... 49blm06/05/2002 08:55AM
  Re: cut short 46 JC 06/05/2002 12:53AM
  Re: cut short 39Surfpunk06/05/2002 02:23AM
  Re: cut short 39 JC 06/05/2002 02:46AM
  Re: cut short 47 Sue 06/05/2002 02:49AM
  Re: cut short 62 Nicky 06/05/2002 04:58AM
  Re: cut short 45blm06/05/2002 05:08AM
  Re: cut short 44 Nicky 06/05/2002 06:20AM
  Re: cut short 50 Patrick 06/05/2002 05:51AM
  Re: cut short 44Neil06/05/2002 09:05AM
  Re: cut short 43D Johnson06/05/2002 03:09AM
  Re: cut short 47 James 06/05/2002 07:45AM
  MUSICALLY BLOODY BLINDING 43 Nicky 06/04/2002 05:50AM
  Re:The Gods 44Jezzer06/04/2002 06:00AM
  Fish in the pisshouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 49 Graham Hatton 06/04/2002 06:09AM
  Re: The Gods 62Alfie206/04/2002 06:48AM
  Re: Penningtons and the Gods 51 Steve(Deadline) 06/04/2002 08:13AM
  Re: Penningtons and the Gods 55 Kev 06/04/2002 10:09AM
  Gods Photos 51 Chris(deadline) 06/04/2002 03:00AM
  Re: Gods Photos 37 Chris(deadline) 06/04/2002 03:03AM
  Checking in...Gods...Hello... 56 Andrew 06/04/2002 02:42AM
  Re: Checking in...Gods...Hello... 42 Chris(deadline) 06/04/2002 03:10AM
  Re: Checking in...Gods...Hello... 46 Kev 06/04/2002 04:05AM
  Re: Checking in...Gods...Hello... 37 Andrew 06/04/2002 04:36AM
  "Now" sample 2... 59Jack06/04/2002 02:03AM
  oh... 42Jack06/04/2002 02:04AM
  Re: oh... 44Double Decibel Dave06/04/2002 02:18AM
  Re: Agreed.... 42Robert06/04/2002 04:55AM
  New Def Leppard era... 45 Patrick 06/04/2002 06:21AM
  Re: New Def Leppard era... 46Double Decibel Dave06/04/2002 06:40AM
  Def Leppard NOW sample!! 54Double Decibel Dave06/04/2002 02:02AM
  baron love valley (def leppard) 67 mike 06/03/2002 11:24PM
  Re: baron love valley (def leppard) 44 Kent 06/04/2002 12:34AM
  Re: baron love valley (def leppard) 44 JC 06/04/2002 01:12AM
  Nah, more like Aerosmith, no? 41 johnny blackout 06/04/2002 02:41AM
  Re: Nah, more like Aerosmith, no? 42 JC 06/04/2002 08:29AM
  Re: Nah, more like Aerosmith, no? 38 Geoff 06/04/2002 10:53AM
  What % of mainstream music do you like? 58 koogles 06/03/2002 11:09PM
  Re: What % of mainstream music do you like? 43 alex siedler 06/03/2002 11:18PM
  Re: What % of mainstream music do you like? 40 TAFKAMP 06/04/2002 12:04AM
  Re: What % of mainstream music do you like? 41Double Decibel Dave06/04/2002 01:14AM
  Re: What % of mainstream music do you like? 42 Melodic Lover 06/04/2002 12:07PM
  ....a belated thankyou to koogles 40 the ORIGINAL brent 06/04/2002 01:57PM
  Re: ....a belated thankyou to koogles 41 koogles 06/04/2002 03:24PM
  Re: ....a belated thankyou to koogles 46 the ORIGINAL brent 06/05/2002 12:34AM
  Gods 2002 68 Carl 1 06/03/2002 11:07PM
  I WANT THE JEFF SCOTT SOTO SET LIST 42 jim gallikas 06/03/2002 11:19PM
  GODS 2002 - Feedback! 74Surfpunk06/03/2002 09:31PM
  Re: GODS 2002 - Feedback! 51 Kev 06/03/2002 10:04PM
  Kev... 61Surfpunk06/04/2002 02:21AM
  Hardline backing singers 44blm06/04/2002 02:34AM
  Surfpunk 49 Kev 06/04/2002 03:57AM
  Re: gods feedback 65 britny 06/04/2002 03:31AM
  Re: gods feedback 56 Andrew 06/04/2002 03:44AM
  Re: gods feedback 63 Kevin 06/04/2002 09:07AM
  Re: You've been framed!!!/Q 4 Phil (LONG) 53 britny 06/04/2002 09:06PM
  Re: gods feedback 53Hugh Dunnit06/04/2002 03:49AM
  You've been framed!!! 70 Phil 1 06/04/2002 10:37AM
  Re: You've been framed!!!/Q 4 Phil (LONG) 69 Jorge 06/04/2002 06:33PM
  Re: You've been framed!!!/Q 4 Phil (LONG) 63 Phil 1 06/04/2002 10:10PM
  Re: GODS 2002 - Feedback! 49 Kev 06/04/2002 12:10AM
  Re: GODS 2002 - Feedback! 44Tom (NI)06/04/2002 03:50AM
  Re: GODS 2002 - Feedback! 59Davy (NI)06/04/2002 04:28AM
  Re: GODS 2002 - Feedback! 60 Goddess 06/04/2002 07:13AM
  Re: GODS 2002 - Feedback! 42Tom (NI)06/05/2002 03:41AM
  Re: GODS 2002 - Feedback! 63rondo06/06/2002 05:34AM
  Battagia - Hard and Heavy 81 Battagia 06/03/2002 09:15PM
  Z Release Schedule June -Oct 2002 66Z Webmaster06/03/2002 08:27PM
  So nothing but crap again from Z!!! 38 Roger 06/04/2002 05:07AM
  Re: So nothing but crap again from Z!!! 36 danthecdman 06/04/2002 10:39AM
  what!!! 42Darren06/04/2002 05:17PM
  Re: to each their own 36 Jorge 06/04/2002 06:42PM
  Feedback on the gods 57 Jorge 06/03/2002 07:07PM
  Re: Feedback on the gods 45Tony M06/03/2002 09:15PM
  Re: Feedback on the gods 36Gav06/03/2002 09:26PM
  Re: Feedback on the gods 36Davy (NI)06/05/2002 05:04AM
  Re: Feedback on the gods 40Chris06/03/2002 10:40PM
  Re: Feedback on the gods 41Surfpunk06/04/2002 02:27AM
  Re: Feedback on the gods 36 Kev 06/04/2002 04:00AM
  Penningtons bogs!! 46Surfpunk06/04/2002 05:04AM
  Re: Feedback on the gods 39 Norti 06/05/2002 07:46PM
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