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  What bands had career-killing names? 121 Jason 10/24/2000 01:43PM
  RE: To tell you the truth... 88 Don 10/24/2000 02:48PM
  Here's a couple 90Captain Chaos10/25/2000 12:30AM
  RE: Here's a couple 82Robert10/25/2000 12:52AM
  Is this the slowest wit on the board??? (np) 91JT10/25/2000 01:40AM
  RE: Here's a couple 88Blues10/25/2000 01:42AM
  RE: Here's a couple 98 sfk kurt 10/25/2000 02:03AM
  For real 94Captain Chaos10/25/2000 02:16AM
  RE: (are you) For real 124 sfk kurt 10/25/2000 04:57AM
  Bad Band Names. 94Jack10/25/2000 05:13AM
  I have to say... 85Steve, Denmark10/25/2000 07:00AM
  RE: I have to say... 126Private Pumpkinhead10/25/2000 07:31AM
  RE: Speaking of bad punk names... 83 Don 10/25/2000 09:58AM
  Don, how could you forget... 76 Alan 10/25/2000 12:25PM
  RE: LOL, Alan!!! 91 Don 10/25/2000 04:59PM
  Throbbing gristle anyone?? 95Pete10/25/2000 06:10PM
  Ya wanna see some bad names? 94 Joe 10/25/2000 10:45AM
  Alltime favorite: Dumpster Juice 75 Big Bow Wow 10/26/2000 12:55AM
  Shooting Star/Leap of faith 100 Kevin 10/24/2000 06:16AM
  RE: Shooting Star/Leap of faith 63 mike 10/24/2000 07:26AM
  RE: Shooting Star/Leap of faith 69 Steve 10/24/2000 01:18PM
  RE: Shooting Star/Leap of faith 56Teaser10/26/2000 02:27AM
  King of the hill- second album? 111 Kevin 10/24/2000 06:13AM
  RE: King of the hill- second album? 68 Carl 10/24/2000 10:52AM
  Put me down for one... 84 Andrew 10/24/2000 02:12PM
  Me Too!!! 84 Dan 10/25/2000 04:31PM
  Now & Then / Frontiers News - 23 Oct 2000 87 Peter Sims 10/24/2000 05:43AM
  Loverboy 113Captain Chaos10/24/2000 03:24AM
  RE: Loverboy 75 mike 10/24/2000 04:30AM
  RE: Loverboy 75 Carl 10/24/2000 04:33AM
  RE: Loverboy 81 Carl 10/24/2000 04:37AM
  RE: Loverboy 79Captain Chaos10/24/2000 05:20AM
  Captain hearing thoughts again ... 76 Gumby 10/24/2000 06:45AM
  I wanted to see what you guys thought first 79Captain Chaos10/25/2000 12:34AM
  RE: Loverboy 79Robert10/24/2000 05:23AM
  RE: Loverboy 79 Stimpy 10/24/2000 07:33AM
  RE: Loverboy 77 Carl 10/24/2000 08:24AM
  RE: Loverboy 83 DD Dave 10/24/2000 08:41AM
  RE: Loverboy 81 Kilzer 10/24/2000 10:12AM
  RE: Loverboy 79 Susumu 10/24/2000 10:01AM
  RE: Loverboy 77 Rogue 10/24/2000 08:55AM
  RE: Loverboy 75 F.O.R.D. 10/24/2000 10:21AM
  The problem with Loverboy... 62 Joe 10/24/2000 10:43AM
  RE: Thoughts on a Canuck band by a Canuck... 62 Don 10/24/2000 03:48PM
  RE: Thoughts on other Canuck bands/ non Canuck... 72loo loo10/25/2000 02:29AM
  RE: Canuck music/Hi Loo Loo... 82 Don 10/25/2000 10:20AM
  Here's Some More.... 75 Tinger 10/25/2000 01:38PM
  RE: Nice list, Tinger... 81 Don 10/25/2000 05:03PM
  RE: Canuck music/Hi Loo Loo... 89 Big Bow Wow 10/26/2000 12:47AM
  RE: Canuck music/Hi Loo Loo... 71Hi bow wow10/26/2000 09:01AM
  RE: Canuck music/Hi Loo Loo... 74loo loo10/26/2000 08:56AM
  RE: Canuck music/Hi Loo Loo... 75 Susumu 10/26/2000 08:53PM
  Richard Marx" Days In Avalon" 89 Susumu 10/24/2000 12:23AM
  RE: Richard Marx" Days In Avalon" 70 Sue 10/24/2000 06:26PM
  RE: Richard Marx" Days In Avalon" 74Martin10/25/2000 07:50AM
  THY MAJESTIE(melodic epic folk power metal) 95 Stefano 10/23/2000 11:51PM
  RE: THY MAJESTIE(melodic epic folk power metal) 62 Dario 11/21/2000 01:13AM
  where's mr. paul janz???? 94 max 10/23/2000 07:46PM
  New Yngwie song samples 101 Andrew Kuri 10/23/2000 02:06PM
  Nelson....It's OVER! 117Kris10/23/2000 07:18AM
  RE: To be honest... 64 Don 10/23/2000 08:04AM
  RE: To be honest... 65Kris10/23/2000 08:58AM
  RE: To be honest... 71 Kieran 10/23/2000 10:12AM
  RE: After The Rain 64 Don 10/23/2000 10:50AM
  RE: After The Rain 75Jack10/23/2000 12:43PM
  RE: Jack! 75 Don 10/23/2000 03:39PM
  RE: After The Rain 65 sfk kurt 10/23/2000 10:30PM
  RE: After The Rain 63 Susumu 10/23/2000 10:39PM
  RE: To be honest... 74 Lynn 10/24/2000 08:45AM
  Life... 81 Andrew 10/23/2000 06:05PM
  RE: Reviewers Wanted 69 Susumu 10/23/2000 09:35PM
  Because they can... 67 Francesco 10/23/2000 09:41PM
  RE: Nelson....It's OVER! 65 sfk kurt 10/23/2000 10:28PM
  RE: Nelson..Why should It be OVER! 80Freddie10/24/2000 01:00AM
  RE: Nelson....It's OVER! 65 mike 10/24/2000 04:36AM
  The Nelsons 79Captain Chaos10/24/2000 05:16AM
  RE: The Nelsons 63 Lynn 10/24/2000 08:52AM
  After The Cocaine?? 70 Kilzer 10/24/2000 09:59AM
  Bottlefly 89 Sidney 10/23/2000 05:23AM
  demon drive "heroes"......your opinion 80 sergio 10/23/2000 01:38AM
  RE: demon drive "heroes"......your opini 59 capt kaos 10/23/2000 06:34PM
  RE: demon drive "heroes"......your opini 67 wayne 10/25/2000 02:50AM
  hardcore superstar 65 jose beaskoa 10/22/2000 06:59AM
  what is a rare cd worth? 92 wayne 10/22/2000 06:35AM
  RE: what is a rare cd worth? 72 Carl 10/22/2000 09:26AM
  RE: what is a rare cd worth? 55 wayne 10/22/2000 12:42PM
  RE: what is a rare cd worth? 63 Carl 10/22/2000 07:26PM
  My take.... 60Jack10/23/2000 03:54AM
  RE: what is a rare cd worth? 57Gav10/23/2000 06:47AM
  RE: what is a rare cd worth? 62Captain Chaos10/24/2000 05:26AM
  The Works, Nasty Idols etc... 105 Alex siedler 10/22/2000 04:20AM
  RE: The Works, Nasty Idols etc... 73Kris10/23/2000 07:21AM
  RE: The Works, Nasty Idols etc... 61 Alex siedler 10/23/2000 06:05PM 87 Melody 10/22/2000 02:52AM
  RE: 79Peter M. Bietenholz10/22/2000 07:01AM
  Anyone seen my bullfrog? 113 Flubber 10/22/2000 12:35AM
  RE: Bobbi Brown had tadpoles. 88 crash 10/22/2000 12:36AM
  Hi 60Captain Chaos10/24/2000 05:28AM
  NEW QUIZZES AT MIDWESTERN SKIES - WIN CD'S!! 85 Pär Winberg 10/21/2000 11:25PM
  Hugo ~ Andrew?? 87Kris10/21/2000 05:05PM
  VH and Darren Wharton - how bout it? 95 Geoff 10/21/2000 10:56AM
  RE: VH and Darren Wharton - how bout it? 66Brian10/22/2000 10:04AM
  RE: VH and Darren Wharton - how bout it? 89 brent 10/23/2000 08:05AM
  RE: VH and Darren Wharton - how bout it? 55 Kevin 10/23/2000 08:23AM
  RE: I agree... 50 Don 10/23/2000 12:30PM
  RE: I agree... 55 F.O.R.D. 10/23/2000 04:05PM
  RE: Hi Ford... 64 Don 10/23/2000 04:35PM
  FORD help 59Captain Chaos10/24/2000 05:31AM
  Slaughter/Bullet Boys in LA 76 Jeremy 10/21/2000 09:25AM
  Almost Famous 80me10/21/2000 08:37AM
  Need help with this: convert .rm to .mp3 80 clemens 10/21/2000 08:20AM
  The Churchills 92 soulfly152 10/21/2000 06:08AM
  RE: The Churchills 63 DD Dave 10/21/2000 06:35AM
  RE: The Churchills 68 Sidney 10/23/2000 05:22AM
  Heavy and Soft rock? 101Captain Chaos10/21/2000 05:03AM
  RE: Heavy and Soft rock? 62 mike 10/21/2000 06:44AM
  RE: Heavy and Soft rock? 73 Susumu 10/23/2000 10:19PM
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