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  MEDUSA 82 soulfly152 10/28/2000 02:07PM
  peter cetera 64beetle10/28/2000 02:27AM
  RE: peter cetera 46Robert10/28/2000 04:13AM
  Dalton "The race is on" 61 jonas 10/28/2000 12:26AM
  Styx N' Roses 87Captain Chaos10/27/2000 11:48PM
  RE: Styx N' Roses 52 Stimpy 10/27/2000 11:58PM
  RE: Styx N' Roses 64Robert10/28/2000 04:22AM
  RE: Styx N' Roses 66Captain Chaos10/28/2000 04:32AM
  RE: Styx N' Roses 54Robert10/28/2000 05:07AM
  The difference? 51Jack10/29/2000 03:35AM
  RE: The difference? 57 F.O.R.D. 10/29/2000 01:31PM
  Another new name? 57Captain Chaos10/31/2000 04:50AM
  RE: Another new name? 56Jack11/01/2000 12:14PM
  RE: Another new name? 54Your #5 fan11/01/2000 11:55PM
  RE: Another new name? 59Captain Chaos11/03/2000 02:52AM
  Another difference 62 Bladesian 11/01/2000 02:42AM
  RE: Styx N' Roses 56 Kilzer 10/28/2000 06:35AM
  RE: Styx N' Roses 47 F.O.R.D. 10/28/2000 10:31AM
  RE: Styx N' Roses 65 Kilzer 10/28/2000 02:10PM
  RE: Styx N' Roses 59 rtz 10/28/2000 03:23PM
  RE: Styx N' Roses 54 Kilzer 10/29/2000 02:33AM
  Truth and Justice 55Captain Chaos10/31/2000 04:42AM
  Get your facts right, Caption Chaos. 64 Bladesian 11/01/2000 02:34AM
  Oh, My facts are very straight! 59Captain Chaos11/01/2000 03:30AM
  RE: No, your "facts" need help 56 Geri 11/01/2000 12:23PM
  Just when I thought I was done with this subject.. 56 Kilzer 11/01/2000 03:46PM
  RE: No, your "facts" need help 53Captain Chaos11/01/2000 11:30PM
  RE: Styx N' Roses 53 Eric 11/02/2000 12:55AM
  Oh but why? 60Captain Chaos11/02/2000 01:13AM
  The Sign - "Signs of Life" 68 Don Wishon 10/27/2000 10:42PM
  RE: The Sign - "Signs of Life" 34Robert10/28/2000 04:27AM
  RE: The Sign - "Signs of Life" 41beetle10/28/2000 05:02AM
  RE: The Sign - "Signs of Life" 45 Carl 10/28/2000 05:43AM
  Writing a review now... 50 Andrew 10/28/2000 11:49AM
  RE: The Sign - "Signs of Life" 41 Stimpy 10/28/2000 12:00PM
  Ok then... 50 Andrew 10/28/2000 10:24PM
  RE: The Sign - "Signs of Life" 41 Andrea 10/29/2000 08:19AM
  Where´s the "Mooseman" ???????? 64 Mats 10/27/2000 08:01PM
  RE: Where´s the "Mooseman" ???????? 37 Don 10/28/2000 01:28AM
  Jack Street Band, B.E. Taylor 67 ALUN THOMAS 10/27/2000 11:32AM
  RE: Jack Street Band, B.E. Taylor 37 Carl 10/27/2000 04:48PM
  RE: Jack Street Band, B.E. Taylor 45 ALUN THOMAS 10/29/2000 01:13AM
  THOUGHTS ON DAYS OF THE NEW/TRAVIS MEEKS? 62loo loo10/27/2000 08:41AM
  Days Of The New 42 Benno 10/30/2000 10:31AM
  RE: Days Of The New 41loo loo10/31/2000 05:56AM
  RE: Days Of The New ramble ramble 42loo loo10/31/2000 06:07AM
  BUBBLE 83 ADOLFO 10/27/2000 08:17AM
  The return of GNR!!! 83 sfk kurt 10/27/2000 07:08AM
  RE: The return of GNR!!! 46 mike 10/27/2000 12:08PM
  RE: The return of GNR!!! 45 F.O.R.D. 10/27/2000 04:06PM
  More like..... 47 Andrew 10/27/2000 04:55PM
  RE: The return of GNR!!! 48 sfk kurt 10/27/2000 09:57PM
  RE: The return of GNR!!! 54 Stimpy 10/27/2000 11:30PM
  RE: The return of GNR!!! 50 F.O.R.D. 10/28/2000 10:36AM
  RE: The return of GNR!!! 53 Ardian Nurcahyo 10/28/2000 05:07PM
  RE: The return of GNR!!! 53 F.O.R.D. 10/29/2000 01:41PM
  RE: The return of Korny Axl Bizkit 48 Ardian Nurcahyo 10/28/2000 05:09PM
  RE: The return of GNR!!! 55 Travis 10/29/2000 02:49AM
  AOR GEMS FOR SALE/TRADE 82 leo 10/27/2000 01:34AM
  Rare Nelson 91 andy 10/27/2000 01:29AM
  RE: Rare Nelson 60 Lynn 10/27/2000 08:23AM
  RE: Rare Nelson 48joe10/28/2000 12:05AM
  Andrew: Nelson (Kris, also read) 103joe10/27/2000 01:00AM
  What Perris has to say about Nelson ... 116 Big Bow Wow 10/27/2000 04:02AM
  RE: Andrew: Nelson (Kris, also read) 65 Kris 10/27/2000 05:57AM
  RE: Andrew: Nelson (Kris, also read) 66 Jerry 11/06/2000 05:42PM
  Angie Aparo 77Captain Chaos10/27/2000 12:59AM
  WANTED CDS by Warrant, Poison, Sik Vikki 75 andy 10/26/2000 11:08PM
  Message for Dave Reynolds 118 andy 10/26/2000 10:32PM
  Kelv Hellrazer 111 Kieran 10/27/2000 08:41AM
  RE: Kelv Hellrazer and CG Discs 164 Tom Krupa 10/27/2000 10:24PM
  RE: Kelv Hellrazer and CG Discs 63 Rammy 10/31/2000 04:10AM
  Sheriff/Freddy Curci cd 107 Simon 10/26/2000 07:35PM
  RE: Sheriff/Freddy Curci cd 74Captain Chaos10/26/2000 11:32PM
  RE: Sheriff/Freddy Curci cd 70 Don 10/27/2000 09:19AM
  RE: Sheriff/Freddy Curci cd 68 Kilzer 10/27/2000 01:58PM
  Didn't Sheriff turn into Frozen Ghost? 62Mike10/28/2000 06:02AM
  RE: Didn't Sheriff turn into Frozen Ghost? 56 Kilzer 10/28/2000 06:31AM
  RE: Sheriff/Freddy Curci cd 83 Andrea 10/29/2000 08:13AM
  MAGNUM - REUNION!!?? 82 Thomas Knauer 10/26/2000 06:54PM
  Sorry - no truth what so ever ! 63blm10/26/2000 08:07PM
  Some record labels are a JOKE!! 117 Nicky 10/26/2000 05:46PM
  RE: Some record labels are a JOKE!! 80 Andrew Paul 10/26/2000 06:21PM
  RE: Some record labels are a JOKE!! 75 HOPPER 10/27/2000 04:45AM
  RE: Some record labels are a JOKE!! 67 Nicky 10/27/2000 06:27PM
  RE: Some record labels are a JOKE!! 65Jack10/28/2000 12:43AM
  RE: Some record labels are a JOKE!! 77 Nicky 10/28/2000 02:17AM
  RE: Some record labels are a JOKE!! 81 capt kaos 10/28/2000 07:45PM
  RE: Some record labels are a JOKE!! 73 TS 10/29/2000 02:54AM
  RE: Good Call 87Dave10/29/2000 07:56PM
  RE: CURRENT LISTENING CDS! 60 wayne 10/27/2000 03:05AM
  RE: CURRENT LISTENING CDS! 53Gav10/30/2000 09:56AM
  THE CHURCHILLS 77 soulfly152 10/26/2000 12:40PM
  thanks don and bow wow...ever heard of EDENSTREET? 90loo loo10/26/2000 09:05AM
  RE: thanks don and bow wow...ever heard of EDENSTR 54 Don 10/26/2000 09:54AM
  RE: thanks don and bow wow...ever heard of EDENSTR 75loo loo10/27/2000 08:39AM
  Joan Jett 101Captain Chaos10/26/2000 05:02AM
  RE: Joan Jett 72Robert10/26/2000 05:35AM
  Didn't she shave her head? (np) 60 Big Dogster 10/26/2000 05:58AM
  who cares? 65 Stimpy 10/26/2000 08:47AM
  RE: Not only that... 69 Don 10/26/2000 10:02AM
  original Silk & Steel cd 4 sale 95 peter 10/26/2000 04:55AM
  Poison? 133Pete10/26/2000 03:26AM
  RE: Poison? 82Captain Chaos10/26/2000 04:54AM
  RE: Poison? 79 rtz 10/26/2000 02:02PM
  RE: Poison? Kotzen/Saraceno much better than CC 114 Nicky 10/26/2000 05:41PM
  RE: Poison? Kotzen/Saraceno much better than CC 69Robert10/26/2000 10:40PM
  RE: Poison? Kotzen/Saraceno much better than CC 94 TEC 10/27/2000 12:06AM
  RE: Poison? Kotzen/Saraceno much better than CC 83 Nicky 10/27/2000 03:32AM
  RE: Poison? Kotzen/Saraceno much better than CC 88 Rob 10/27/2000 02:14PM
  Kotzen nicked girlfriend 83 Nicky 10/27/2000 06:34PM
  Kotzen is excellent 70Ed10/27/2000 12:10AM
  RE: Poison? Kotzen/Saraceno much better than CC 94 John 10/27/2000 05:56AM
  I think you are wrong and here's why! 65Captain Chaos10/26/2000 11:14PM
  RE: I think you are wrong and here's why! 78Pete10/27/2000 02:07AM
  RE: I think you are wrong and here's why! 85 Nicky 10/27/2000 03:37AM
  RE: I think you are wrong and here's why! 94 Chris 10/27/2000 04:23AM
  What's your problem? 86Captain Chaos10/27/2000 05:23AM
  Well said chaos 86Pete10/27/2000 05:00PM
  Thnaks Pete! 79Captain Chaos10/27/2000 11:51PM
  RE: Poison? 87Robert10/26/2000 05:39AM
  RE: Poison? Give them their dues! 94 KAOS FAN 10/26/2000 04:26PM
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