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  JOURNEY in the UK 91Surfpunk03/25/2001 08:27AM
  No chance of a tour there either... 52 Andrew 03/25/2001 08:37AM
  Re: No chance of a tour there either... 63Peter M. Bietenholz03/25/2001 09:13AM
  Re: JOURNEY in the UK 66 adolfo 03/25/2001 12:26PM
  Re: JOURNEY in the UK 63Surfpunk03/25/2001 07:36PM
  Re: JOURNEY in the UK 58 Carl 1 03/25/2001 09:54PM
  UK labels and stores 52Penguin03/25/2001 10:18PM
  I agree with both Carl 1 and Penguin 61Surfpunk03/27/2001 08:46AM
  You're right - it's a disgrace ... 65 Misterpomp 03/25/2001 07:42PM
  Michael Thompson Band 112 Robert Hoffin 03/25/2001 07:38AM
  Re: Michael Thompson Band 62Eric Abrahamsen03/25/2001 09:14AM
  Re: Michael Thompson Band 58 Mario 03/25/2001 11:27PM
  Loverboy VI- Anyone have it? Any Good? 96 Steve 03/25/2001 06:16AM
  Re: Loverboy VI- Anyone have it? Any Good? 71 adolfo 03/25/2001 06:23AM
  Re: Loverboy VI- Anyone have it? Any Good? 73 Robert Hoffin 03/25/2001 07:25AM
  Re: Loverboy VI- Anyone have it? Any Good? 64danthecdman03/25/2001 09:22AM
  Re: Loverboy VI- Anyone have it? Any Good? 73 Rogue 03/25/2001 05:59PM
  Re: Loverboy VI- Anyone have it? Any Good? 58 Tavas 03/25/2001 09:25PM
  Re: Loverboy VI- Anyone have it? Any Good? 51 Mario 03/25/2001 11:20PM
  Just-if-i is much better 88 koogles 03/26/2001 12:45AM
  Re: Just-if-i is much better 71danthecdman03/28/2001 07:31AM
  Re: Loverboy VI- Anyone have it? Any Good? 61 Sven 03/26/2001 04:57PM
  Re: Loverboy VI- Anyone have it? Any Good? 67 Sven 03/26/2001 05:03PM
  Sven... you haven't heard anything yet! 66 koogles 03/27/2001 12:34AM
  Re: Sven... you haven't heard anything yet! 60 Sven 03/27/2001 05:18PM
  Re: Sven... you haven't heard anything yet! 66 koogles 03/27/2001 10:33PM
  New L.A Guns 87 adolfo 03/25/2001 06:08AM
  Re: New L.A Guns 57 Benno 03/26/2001 12:50PM
  Andrew - Bon Jovi tour correction and some news 85 sfk kurt 03/25/2001 05:51AM
  Thanks Jersey boy... 66 Andrew 03/25/2001 08:39AM
  Re: Thanks Jersey boy... 59 sfk kurt 03/25/2001 08:44AM
  Indie labels 84 Marc Vanway 03/25/2001 03:16AM
  Hot Tracks New Release Update! 134Jim03/25/2001 02:39AM
  Andrew...Night Ranger 94Ace03/25/2001 02:52AM
  Ace... 75 Fred 03/25/2001 02:59AM
  For a reason........... 69Kris03/25/2001 02:37AM
  Re: For a reason........... 58 Eric 03/25/2001 09:07AM
  Re: For a reason........... 69danthecdman03/25/2001 09:24AM
  Re: For a reason........... 63THE ORIGINAL brent03/25/2001 10:01AM
  Sorry bud... 68 Andrew 03/26/2001 11:35PM
  Re: For a reason........... 64 Mike Matney 03/25/2001 01:31PM
  Re: For a reason........... 65 Fred 03/25/2001 04:34PM
  First of all Seven is great! 68Dave03/26/2001 03:14AM
  No need to tell me that... :-) 61 Fred 03/26/2001 03:25AM
  that sucks 68ace03/27/2001 01:17AM
  Re: that sucks 78 Daniel Ames 04/02/2001 01:21PM
  Help needed about Joey tempest!!! 87 Marc Vanway 03/25/2001 02:24AM
  Re: Help needed about Joey tempest!!! 63 Rogue 03/25/2001 05:04AM
  Bon Jovi - MElbourne review 79Geoff03/25/2001 12:21AM
  Re: Bon Jovi - long? 66 KAOS FAN 03/25/2001 12:12PM
  Re: Bon Jovi - long? 61Geoff03/26/2001 03:52PM
  Re: Bon Jovi - MElbourne review 72richie03/26/2001 09:39AM
  Tommy Shaw Ambition 109 Robert Hoffin 03/24/2001 09:31PM
  Tommy Shaw / Remo Williams soundtrack 86 koogles 03/25/2001 12:42AM
  There is no Remo Williams soundtrack 78 Bladesian 03/26/2001 12:25PM
  Re: Tommy Shaw Ambition 66Surfpunk03/25/2001 08:04AM
  Re: Tommy Shaw Ambition 67Mike04/07/2001 05:40AM
  Robby Valentine cd's/projects 113 Rich 03/24/2001 08:38PM
  Re: Robby Valentine cd's/projects 74 koogles 03/25/2001 12:55AM
  The missing stuff .... 55 Misterpomp 03/25/2001 03:19AM
  Re: The missing stuff .... 73 PJ 03/25/2001 04:51AM
  Come to think of it... 71 koogles 03/25/2001 04:59AM
  The Pompometer vs. The Koogulator 74 koogles 03/25/2001 04:53AM
  Re: Berlin Airlift and Handshake 83Eric Abrahamsen03/25/2001 09:19AM
  Re: Berlin Airlift and Handshake ... and Robby Val 71Geir03/26/2001 06:13AM
  Re: Berlin Airlift and Handshake ... and Robby Val 77 Carl 1 03/26/2001 07:49AM
  Re: The missing stuff .... 64Mike04/07/2001 05:52AM
  Journey - Waite - Frampton 94 Whynot_Canada 03/24/2001 08:33PM
  Re: Journey - Waite - Frampton 81 Rich 03/24/2001 08:42PM
  Don't get too excited about a Bad English... 68 Andrew 03/25/2001 08:35AM
  Frampton bored me live 70 Bladesian 03/26/2001 12:29PM
  Kris - Cockroach 104 Andrew 03/24/2001 07:07PM
  Re: Kris - Cockroach 63 Brian 03/24/2001 07:59PM
  Thanks Andrew!! 66Kris03/24/2001 10:04PM
  Berlin Airlift 86 Misterpomp 03/24/2001 06:37PM
  what is remastering? 94Mr. Munson03/24/2001 05:34PM
  Re: what is remastering? 64 Danny Danzi 03/25/2001 11:03PM
  Re: what is remastering? 59Tony M03/26/2001 04:21AM
  Re: what is remastering? 63 Carl 1 03/26/2001 05:50AM
  Re: what is remastering? 63Tony M03/26/2001 06:10AM
  Pix of Eric Bloom without sunglasses 488 koogles 03/24/2001 03:44PM
  jeff scott soto /Genaro - todo y todo 127 Mafia boy 03/24/2001 03:00PM
  Re: jeff scott soto /Genaro - todo y todo 78 Adolfo 03/27/2001 04:27AM
  NEWMAN and WHITESNAKE! 90 KAOS FAN 03/24/2001 02:50PM
  Andrew......a couple of questions 98THE ORIGINAL brent03/24/2001 02:01PM
  Are you psychic? 55 Andrew 03/24/2001 02:26PM
  Message for RAMMY !!!!!! . 85 Melodic Lover ( Spain ) 03/24/2001 12:28PM
  Mystic Cross...yeah! 99Ace03/24/2001 11:29AM
  Mystic Cross are ace -ACE!! 75 Nick 03/26/2001 04:27AM
  STRYPER Ticket on sale 93LoveTrash03/24/2001 11:28AM
  Jester? 103Ace03/24/2001 11:24AM
  Re: Jester? 51 Joe 03/24/2001 04:16PM
  Re: Jester? 50Ace03/25/2001 02:54AM
  moog cookbook - you HAVE got to hear this 146 sfk kurt 03/24/2001 10:02AM
  Re: moog cookbook - you HAVE got to hear this 97 Mike Matney 03/24/2001 10:56AM
  Re: moog cookbook - you HAVE got to hear this 70 Carl 1 03/24/2001 11:55AM
  Sorry - got to disagree 68 Misterpomp 03/24/2001 08:22PM
  Re: moog cookbook - you HAVE got to hear this 60 Richard 03/24/2001 02:35PM
  Pat Boone and Jaymz Bee 92 koogles 03/24/2001 03:49PM
  Re: moog cookbook - you HAVE got to hear this 91 Carl 1 03/24/2001 09:47PM
  If you like this .. 54 Misterpomp 03/24/2001 08:24PM
  Re: moog cookbook - you HAVE got to hear this 82 Carl 1 03/24/2001 09:51PM
  Re: moog cookbook - you HAVE got to hear this 79 sfk kurt 03/24/2001 10:56PM
  Re: moog cookbook - you HAVE got to hear this 84 Carl 1 03/25/2001 02:57AM
  Re: moog cookbook - you HAVE got to hear this 77Surfpunk03/25/2001 07:47AM
  Re: moog cookbook - you HAVE got to hear this 66 Fred 03/24/2001 11:00PM
  But those industrial tribute albums... 72 koogles 03/25/2001 12:36AM
  Just a matter of opinion 58 Misterpomp 03/25/2001 03:24AM
  No need to apologize... 71 Fred 03/25/2001 04:06AM
  Re: No need to apologize... 66 Misterpomp 03/25/2001 05:40AM
  Re: No need to apologize... 58 Fred 03/25/2001 05:05PM
  Re: No need to apologize... 96 sfk kurt 03/25/2001 11:25PM
  Re: No need to apologize... 63 Fred 03/26/2001 12:55AM
  Re: No need to apologize... 67 sfk kurt 03/26/2001 02:59AM
  Re: No need to apologize... 84 Misterpomp 03/26/2001 03:05AM
  Re: No need to apologize... 72 Fred 03/26/2001 03:31AM
  Oops, sorry... 98 Fred 03/26/2001 03:44AM
  Re: No need to apologize... 98 sfk kurt 03/26/2001 04:14AM
  Hey Misterpomp...have you heard... 86 sfk kurt 03/26/2001 04:15AM
  Re: Hey Misterpomp...have you heard... 101 Carl 1 03/26/2001 04:28AM
  Re: No need to apologize... 86 Carl 1 03/26/2001 01:46AM
  Re: Just a matter of opinion 93 sfk kurt 03/25/2001 05:43AM
  Kurt, Have you heard... 83Surfpunk03/25/2001 07:44AM
  Surfpunk, Jellyfish and Lollipops 111 sfk kurt 03/25/2001 08:26AM
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