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  Rip -off time ???? Opinions,please ! 72 Mats 11/17/2000 06:01PM
  RE: Rip -off time ???? Opinions,please ! 41 koogles 11/19/2000 12:35AM
  Was Mark Mangold the first White Boy Rapper??? 70 koogles 11/17/2000 02:14PM
  RE: Was Mark Mangold the first White Boy Rapper??? 63 Don Wishon 11/18/2000 01:51AM
  Shooting Star new release, coments / opinions ???? 95Sharky11/17/2000 10:28AM
  RE: Shooting Star new release, coments / opinions 67 koogles 11/17/2000 01:57PM
  RE: Shooting Star new release, coments / opinions 59 Okie 11/17/2000 02:14PM
  RE: Shooting Star new release, coments / opinions 56 Whynot 11/17/2000 02:35PM
  Review coming.... 66 Andrew 11/17/2000 06:41PM
  RE: Shooting Star new release, coments / opinions 67 Don Wishon 11/18/2000 01:33AM
  RE: Shooting Star new release, coments / opinions 58 Whynot 11/18/2000 03:46AM
  Robert Plant wannabees..... 78 Mrpool 11/17/2000 09:41AM
  Ya can't forget about Tora Tora (np) 49-Rob11/17/2000 10:23AM
  Translated Article: STYX live in Munich! 68 Rocker Chic 11/17/2000 07:37AM
  Album of the Year poll? 71 Angus 11/17/2000 06:35AM
  RE: Album of the Year poll? 45 Chris 11/17/2000 08:03AM
  RE: Album of the Year poll? 50 Fred 11/17/2000 04:38PM
  RE: Album of the Year poll? 47 Andrew 11/17/2000 06:27PM
  The Churchills at Brownies on 11/29/00 73 Hank 11/17/2000 01:10AM
  Boulevard - Please return... 77 André 11/17/2000 12:58AM
  Where happened to Boulevard's leadsinger..anyone? 46 André 11/17/2000 05:52PM
  RE: Where happened to Boulevard's leadsinger..anyo 56 Max 11/17/2000 08:49PM
  Crimson Glory's Midnight 75 Rob 11/17/2000 12:58AM
  RE: Crimson Glory's Midnight 50John Q11/17/2000 06:02AM
  Whatever happened to Foreigner's Johnny Edwards ? 77 André 11/17/2000 12:49AM
  I can add... 46 Angus 11/17/2000 03:14AM
  He sang on Montrose's - Mean album (np) 54 Phil 11/17/2000 05:37AM
  RE: He sang on Montrose's - Mean album (np) 50 Brian Baxter 01/06/2001 06:22PM
  Shotgun Messiah /Zinny Zan 84 Urban 11/17/2000 12:23AM
  Anyone rate the new Snakepit? 80 Benno 11/16/2000 02:52PM
  RE: Anyone rate the new Snakepit? 50Peter M. Bietenholz11/16/2000 05:47PM
  Slash is album of the year so far in my opinion. 53Paul11/17/2000 02:48AM
  RE: Anyone rate the new Snakepit? 57 Terry 11/17/2000 11:11PM
  RE: Anyone rate the new Snakepit? 53 Richard Stewart 11/20/2000 03:43PM
  New Iron Maiden - Amazing! 83 Benno 11/16/2000 02:48PM
  RE: New Iron Maiden - Amazing! 44John Q11/16/2000 03:35PM
  Quite right 49 Benno 11/16/2000 05:26PM
  ADRIANGALE...FEEL THE FIRE! 71Dave11/16/2000 01:24PM
  RE: ADRIANGALE...FEEL THE FIRE! 59 Turban 11/17/2000 12:17AM
  ADRIANGALE...FEEL THE FIRE! 71Dave11/16/2000 01:24PM
  The VU "Pheonix Rising"..has anyone hear 72 Brett 11/16/2000 10:27AM
  RE: The VU "Pheonix Rising"..has anyone 57 brent 11/16/2000 01:04PM
  RE: The VU "Pheonix Rising"..has anyone 62 Steve 11/16/2000 01:54PM
  Where did you order "Pheonix Rising"? N/ 69 Aaron 11/20/2000 08:53PM
  91 suite spanish band 64 jose beaskoa 11/16/2000 09:40AM
  Johnny Lima's Gods 2000 60 Fred 11/16/2000 09:23AM
  Hardline - let the spectulation begin.... 96Jack11/16/2000 08:51AM
  RE: Hardline - let the spectulation begin.... 51 Chris 11/16/2000 12:37PM
  RE: Hardline - let the spectulation begin.... 62Kris11/16/2000 01:23PM
  Gravity 71 Benno 11/16/2000 02:28PM
  RE: Gravity 66 Kevin 11/17/2000 02:18AM
  What About Doug Aldrich? 60Robert11/17/2000 05:45AM
  RE: What About Doug Aldrich? 52Rob11/17/2000 10:20AM
  RE: What About Doug Aldrich? 69 travis 11/17/2000 03:09PM
  RE: What About Doug Aldrich? 51Rocker Dave11/20/2000 08:06PM
  RE:My feelings exactly... 61Peter M. Bietenholz11/16/2000 06:09PM
  Just a thought... 72 Sven 11/16/2000 09:48PM
  Hardline 64 Daniel 11/16/2000 09:55PM
  Peter, one things for certain...... 60 Phil 11/17/2000 05:50AM
  RE: Phil, you just had to ruin my illusion... 51Peter M. Bietenholz11/19/2000 07:18AM
  WHAT'S UP WITH FOREIGNER 73 mike 11/16/2000 08:31AM
  Jaded Heart News 59 Mr. Doc 11/16/2000 06:34AM
  VH Poll-Should Roth sing any Hagar material? 87 HarryB 11/16/2000 06:19AM
  Sorry, but no. 60 Angus 11/16/2000 06:48AM
  RE: VH Poll-Should Roth sing any Hagar material? 59 Yaka 11/16/2000 06:54AM
  Roth can't even remember the words to his songs np 68 Copious K9 11/16/2000 06:58AM
  Not a question of should 45 Benno 11/16/2000 05:00PM
  Dave singing Sammy? 55Steve, Denmark11/16/2000 08:51PM
  RE: Dave singing Sammy? 59 Yaka 11/17/2000 12:23AM
  I see there's a new SHITHEAD among us..... 70 F.O.R.D. 11/17/2000 12:17PM
  RE: I see there's a new SHITHEAD among us..... 69 lUiGi 11/22/2000 02:44AM
  RE: Not a question of should 55 Maciej 11/17/2000 11:33PM
  RE: Not a question of should 64 F.O.R.D. 11/18/2000 11:54AM
  RE: Not a question of should 67 Klingon 11/24/2000 11:33AM
  network 74beetle11/16/2000 04:52AM
  RE: network 57 Lil Al 11/16/2000 08:14AM
  Computer crash - Ouch!!!!!!!!! 73 Don 11/16/2000 02:22AM
  Gotthard - DFrosted 76 andy 11/15/2000 10:30PM
  RE: Gotthard - DFrosted 52Denny11/16/2000 02:38AM
  RE: Gotthard - DFrosted 44alex siedler11/16/2000 03:04PM
  RE: Gotthard - DFrosted 41 Mats 11/17/2000 12:53AM
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