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  The Malmsteen mess 84Peter M. Bietenholz04/12/2001 01:54AM
  Re: The Malmsteen mess 58John Q04/12/2001 04:59AM
  Re: The Malmsteen mess 62Steve, Denmark04/12/2001 05:19AM
  Re: The Malmsteen mess 60exnewyorker04/12/2001 08:54AM
  Re: The Malmsteen mess 66Doggdoodie04/12/2001 09:06AM
  May he retire and have kids 68Mats04/12/2001 04:33PM
  Re: May he retire and have kids 62 Andrew Paul 04/12/2001 05:49PM
  Re: May he retire and have kids 86 ddregs 04/12/2001 06:06PM
  The fight back against me has started! 70 Andrew 04/12/2001 10:44PM
  Re: The fight back against me has started! 61Jerson04/13/2001 11:12AM
  Re: The fight back against me has started! 58 robert 04/13/2001 08:12PM
  Re: The fight back against me has started! 72 Snake 65 04/14/2001 06:39AM
  If he has kids, he may eat them. 58Mr. Munson04/14/2001 02:44PM
  Yngwie's so fat, when he heard it was chilly outsi 58Mr. Munson04/14/2001 02:47PM
  Aura vs. Sinister.... and the winner is 92 koogles 04/11/2001 11:56PM
  Re: Koogs , who won the vocal category ;-) ?? 75 Melodic Lover ( Spain ) 04/12/2001 09:43AM
  Re: Koogs , who won the vocal category ;-) ?? 68 koogles 04/12/2001 11:09PM
  Re: Koogs , who won the vocal category ;-) ?? 63 Melodic Lover ( Spain ) 04/13/2001 09:01AM
  Aura... still doubtious 187 ddregs 04/14/2001 08:11AM
  Re: Aura... still doubtious 96 koogles 04/14/2001 12:11PM
  Hot New UK Rock Band... 82Newrock Inc.04/11/2001 11:54PM
  Re: Hot New UK Rock Band... 71 Matt 04/12/2001 02:00AM (Bonfire) Samples! 69Kris04/11/2001 11:22PM
  new breed labels 78 Marc Vanway 04/11/2001 06:49PM
  Re: new breed labels 59Penguin04/12/2001 03:22AM
  CD-burning? 82Jack04/11/2001 02:24PM
  Re: CD-burning? 57mark kennedy04/11/2001 04:59PM
  WESTWORLD SIGN WITH Z 97Z Webmaster04/11/2001 09:06AM
  Attn Mr Z Webmaster... 76 Andrew 04/11/2001 06:57PM
  Re: Attn Mr Z Webmaster... 71Mafia boy04/11/2001 08:06PM
  Re: Attn Mr Z Webmaster... 88 ASTRA 04/12/2001 06:59PM
  Re: Attn Mr Z Webmaster... 64 ASTRA 04/12/2001 07:00PM
  DONT GO ON HOLIDAY DURING AUGUST ;O) 70Z Webmaster04/12/2001 10:29PM
  Kamelot, Royal Hunt, Yngwie 87Steve, Denmark04/11/2001 05:56AM
  Re: Yngwie 66 Tony 04/11/2001 07:06AM
  Well put Tony , I hope that this is the last we se 62Mats04/11/2001 04:35PM
  Boston is not a band 105 mrpool 04/11/2001 05:27AM
  "Ditto for Journey..."????? 87 Kevin 04/11/2001 06:05AM
  Re: Boston is not a band 74 Brian 04/11/2001 07:01AM
  Re: Boston is not a band 80 Jerry 04/12/2001 05:16AM
  Re: Boston is not a band 86 Stage One 04/13/2001 08:34PM
  Re: Boston is not a band 70 Brian 04/14/2001 09:00AM
  Re: Boston is not a band 89 Stage One 04/14/2001 09:19AM
  van stephenson died... 97 Rage 04/11/2001 12:57AM
  a sad day indeed (np) 75Scott W04/11/2001 01:03AM
  R.I.P Van. Your songs will survive you forever.(np 74 Catman 04/11/2001 02:35AM
  R.I.P. Van Stephenson 86Preacherman04/11/2001 03:24AM
  You guys have got to see this website!!! 85 Can Man 04/10/2001 10:51PM
  Andrew!!! Just a little idea!! 91 Marc Vanway 04/10/2001 10:32PM
  Good idea... 77 Andrew 04/11/2001 07:25AM
  Re: Good idea... 73 Marc Vanway 04/11/2001 04:23PM
  Harry Hess' words at Nemelrock !!!! 128 Tavas 04/10/2001 05:16PM
  Re: Harry Hess' words at Nemelrock !!!! 82John Q04/10/2001 05:50PM
  :) 87 Andrew 04/10/2001 07:08PM
  Re: :) 83 Tavas 04/10/2001 07:18PM
  It's coming... 91 Andrew 04/10/2001 08:44PM
  Re: It's coming...OK, I won't tell anybody 104 Tavas 04/10/2001 09:20PM
  Harry Hess ATTITUDE at Nemelrock !!!! 103 Miguel Cacheiro 04/10/2001 10:23PM
  I think you got the wrong impression 116 Tavas 04/10/2001 11:33PM
  More comments please 86 Miguel Cacheiro 04/11/2001 01:07AM
  We should ask Jose Herrera !!!! 92 Tavas 04/10/2001 11:37PM
  harry es un cachondo mental!!!!! 90 sergio 04/11/2001 06:02AM
  in english please ? 92 Tavas 04/11/2001 05:17PM
  to Danthecdman /Ambition 105 AORMAN 04/10/2001 04:37PM
  SAGA SAGA SAGA!!! 97 Marc 04/10/2001 12:17PM
  Re: SAGA SAGA SAGA!!! 70 koogles 04/10/2001 12:31PM
  No Respect - curious 76 Benno 04/10/2001 11:55AM
  LA GUNS RETURNS!!!!! 75 RIPNTEAR 04/10/2001 08:58AM
  Tommy Shaw /Ambition 85 AORMAN 04/10/2001 08:12AM
  Re: Tommy Shaw /Ambition 74danthecdman04/10/2001 08:37AM
  Re: Tommy Shaw /Ambition 75 Dave NI 04/10/2001 06:04PM
  Re: Tommy Shaw /Ambition 78 peter 04/11/2001 11:34PM
  The Nemelrock Diary 95 Peter M. Bietenholz 04/10/2001 07:51AM
  Re: The Nemelrock Diary 76 CARLOS DESTROYER 04/10/2001 10:56AM
  not fair at all 67carlito04/10/2001 12:04PM
  Re: The Nemelrock Diary 76Peter M. Bietenholz04/10/2001 04:52PM
  Re: Thanks for the wonderful post , Peter !!! 76 Melodic Lover ( Spain ) 04/10/2001 11:42AM
  Re: The Nemelrock Diary 72 Phil #1 04/10/2001 04:20PM
  Re: The Nemelrock Diary 62Jack04/10/2001 04:29PM
  Koogles? Journey DID change music?? 100Eric Abrahamsen04/10/2001 07:45AM
  Re: Koogles? Journey DID change music?? 91 koogles 04/10/2001 08:13AM
  Re: Koogles? Journey DID change music?? 82Eric Abrahamsen04/10/2001 10:29AM
  Re: Koogles? Journey DID change music?? 75 koogles 04/10/2001 11:47AM
  Re: Koogles? Journey DID change music?? 81 Kevin 04/10/2001 12:17PM
  Re: Rap / Hip-Hop 69 ddregs 04/10/2001 06:01PM
  Re: Rap / Hip-Hop 75 Brian 04/10/2001 08:58PM
  Brian, you are on stoney ground here. 71Surfpunk04/11/2001 04:51AM
  Re: Brian, you are on stoney ground here. 66 Brian 04/11/2001 07:07AM
  So "voice" isn't an instrument? I must d 76joe04/12/2001 02:23AM
  It's a simple question of language 65 Angus 04/13/2001 03:07AM
  Re: It's a simple question of language 90 Brian 04/13/2001 06:52AM
  Re: Music? 79Eric Abrahamsen04/10/2001 09:16PM
  If AOR could integrate hip-hop... 70 koogles 04/12/2001 12:10AM
  Re: FOREIGNER AND JIM PETERIK 64 Andrew 04/10/2001 07:14PM
  JOURNEY - ARRIVAL £8.99 ! 100 Rammy 04/10/2001 07:31AM
  Re: JOURNEY - ARRIVAL £8.99 ! 68 Melodic Lover ( Spain ) 04/10/2001 10:57AM
  Re: JOURNEY - ARRIVAL £8.99 ! 69 Dave NI 04/10/2001 06:02PM
  UK Contributors - Why don't we tell Radio 1... 93Surfpunk04/10/2001 07:29AM
  Re: UK Contributors - Why don't we tell Radio 1... 70Tony04/12/2001 03:48AM
  Cheers T.- Will do. (NP) 74Surfpunk04/12/2001 07:30AM
  Nemelrock Crónica 99 ADOLFO 04/10/2001 05:28AM
  It might be Rush! 85 Pender 04/10/2001 04:58AM
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