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  The Gods (Emerald Rain!!) 52Gav11/04/2001 10:38AM
  Re: The Gods (Emerald Rain!!) 36Tony M11/04/2001 11:58AM
  Re: The Gods (Emerald Rain!!) 39Kev11/05/2001 03:03AM
  Useless post, but....... 57 alex siedler 11/04/2001 06:13AM
  Re: Useless post, but....... 45 dogga 11/04/2001 09:41AM
  Re: Useless post, but....... 39Gav11/04/2001 10:47AM
  Re: Useless post, but....... 46Gav11/04/2001 10:49AM
  Re: Useless post, but....... 40Tony M11/04/2001 12:01PM
  Re: Useless post, but....... 42 epitaph 11/04/2001 06:20PM
  Re: Useless post, but....... 38danthecdman11/04/2001 09:18PM
  My Useless post 44 Coco 11/04/2001 09:25PM
  re: (Not so) Useless post 43Patrick11/05/2001 02:05AM
  Re: Useless post, but....... 43 Marc Vanway 11/05/2001 05:28PM
  Re: Useless post, but....... 40 epitaph 11/07/2001 05:30AM
  Re: Useless post, but....... 39 Baffie 11/07/2001 08:04AM
  Brad Love / Aviary solo CD 47 Eric Abrahamsen 11/04/2001 05:27AM
  Re: Brad Love / Aviary solo CD 40 Geir 11/04/2001 05:48AM
  Re: Brad Love / Aviary solo CD 39 hotr 11/04/2001 11:40AM
  HSAS "Through the Fire" on CD? 51 Geir 11/04/2001 01:26AM
  Re: HSAS "Through the Fire" on CD? 51Patrick11/04/2001 01:35AM
  Re: HSAS "Through the Fire" on CD? 44 Rogue 11/04/2001 03:47AM
  Re: HSAS "Through the Fire" on CD? 41Ace11/04/2001 09:52AM
  Thank you! 41 Geir 11/05/2001 12:36AM
  Stupid video... 65Jack11/03/2001 10:09AM
  Messageboard delays? 51Pete11/03/2001 07:56AM
  Re: Messageboard delays? 39 The REAL Richard 11/03/2001 09:22AM
  Re: Messageboard delays? 39 Mike Matney 11/03/2001 11:34AM
  keel lyrics?giant lyrics? 54 AAAAAAAA 11/03/2001 05:12AM
  Re: keel lyrics?giant lyrics? 40 Baffie 11/06/2001 09:41AM
  THE AOR KiNG? 56 ROCKDOG 11/03/2001 03:09AM
  re: why the AOR KiNG... 44Patrick11/03/2001 03:11AM
  Bloody typos !!!! 43Patrick11/03/2001 03:16AM
  BAD INFLUENCE - ONE WAY LOVE 46Melodic master11/03/2001 01:02PM
  re: why the AOR KiNG... 46 ROCKDOG 11/03/2001 03:15AM
  re: why the AOR KiNG... 48 Graham Hatton 11/03/2001 07:02PM
  re: why the AOR KiNG... 41 Nicky 11/05/2001 07:37PM
  re: why the AOR KiNG... 47George11/07/2001 06:09AM
  re: why the AOR KiNG... 45 ROCKDOG 11/08/2001 09:57AM
  i think you've got the wrong man George 48 Graham Hatton 11/12/2001 12:44AM
  Re: i think you've got the wrong man George 42 George 11/13/2001 12:32AM
  Bad Influence 40Patrick11/03/2001 07:41PM
  Pressing error on all the new Under Suspicion CD's 53 Bart 11/03/2001 02:57AM
  Re: Pressing error on all the new Under Suspicion 41Patrick11/03/2001 03:19AM
  Re: Pressing error on all the new Under Suspicion 38Phil II11/03/2001 05:31AM
  Re: Pressing error on all the new Under Suspicion 38Antony11/03/2001 10:38AM
  Gets worse 37 Snake65 11/06/2001 06:37AM
  Re: Gets worse 46 Fred 11/06/2001 10:24AM
  Re: Gets worse 39 Mike McPherson 11/08/2001 09:53AM 71 just someone 11/03/2001 01:30AM
  Re: 61 Jordan in Jersey 11/03/2001 04:03PM
  For mp3s check out .... 43Scott11/03/2001 07:36PM
  Re: 45FOR RARE and unreleased CD"S11/04/2001 01:09AM
  How do I ... 46 Kai 11/05/2001 04:14AM
  Re: How do I ... 43 just me 11/05/2001 08:16AM
  Joshua "Something to say" buy !!!! 64 Mats 11/03/2001 12:01AM
  Re: Joshua "Something to say" buy !!!! 44 Mafia Boy 11/04/2001 10:06PM
  Re: Joshua "Something to say" buy !!!! 44 hms 11/06/2001 08:28AM
  Giant:here to stay???......... 51 the ORIGINAL brent 11/02/2001 11:32PM
  If this record is recieved well... 39 Andrew 11/03/2001 07:51AM
  The Gods 2001 - Extra details 52Peter Sims11/02/2001 11:27PM
  Kenosha, Wi-Ratt, Shooting Star,Off Broadway.C-4 60 bridgeofsighs 11/02/2001 05:51PM
  Re: Kenosha, Wi-Ratt, Shooting Star,Off Broadway.C 49 Don Wishon 11/02/2001 11:30PM
  Lit: One Hit Wonders? 62Coach T11/02/2001 04:54PM
  Re: Lit: One Hit Wonders? 39Phil II11/03/2001 05:33AM
  Re: Lit: One Hit Wonders? 41Gav11/03/2001 06:00AM
  Re: Lit: One Hit Wonders? 38 johnny blackout 11/06/2001 06:26AM
  Nu-Breed and Mark Ashton 50 epitaph 11/02/2001 07:11AM
  Re: Nu-Breed and Mark Ashton 37Gav11/02/2001 09:33AM
  not against in principle but... 44 KAOS FAN 11/02/2001 05:32PM
  Re: Nu-Breed and Mark Ashton 39 Matt 11/02/2001 09:36PM
  Re: Nu-Breed and Mark Ashton 40Cynical Man11/02/2001 10:00PM
  Re: Nu-Breed and Mark Ashton 40Kev11/02/2001 11:17PM
  Top 5 Power Pop Albums Of All Time 64 Rand 11/02/2001 07:10AM
  Re: Top 5 Power Pop Albums Of All Time 46 epitaph 11/02/2001 07:18AM
  Re: Top 5 Power Pop Albums Of All Time 45 Rand 11/02/2001 07:26AM
  Re: Top 5 Power Pop Albums Of All Time 41 frank 11/02/2001 07:57AM
  cheap trick/angel/springfield! 46 KAOS FAN 11/02/2001 05:12PM
  Re: Top 5 Power Pop Albums Of All Time 46Generic Crap nu-breeders 'r us11/02/2001 08:39AM
  Re: Top 5 Power Pop Albums Of All Time 47 TAFKAMP 11/02/2001 08:47AM
  Re: Top 5 Power Pop Albums Of All Time 42 John 11/02/2001 09:22AM
  Re: Top 5 Power Pop Albums Of All Time 44 Tinger 11/02/2001 10:19AM
  Re: Top 5 Power Pop Albums Of All Time 43 Mafia Boy 11/02/2001 12:26PM
  Re: Top 5 Power Pop Albums Of All Time 42 stuart 11/04/2001 08:07PM
  Re: Top 5 Power Pop Albums Of All Time 41 declan 11/06/2001 12:37AM
  Re: Raspberries and Cheap Trick 46 Eric Abrahamsen 11/02/2001 11:32AM
  Re: Raspberries and Cheap Trick 42 Brian 11/02/2001 01:26PM
  Re: Raspberries and Cheap Trick 53exnewyorker11/02/2001 02:40PM
  hmm... 49 sfk kurt 11/02/2001 10:53AM
  Re: hmm... 39 Rand 11/03/2001 12:36AM
  No mention of Big Star? 46That Joe11/04/2001 12:44AM
  Re: No mention of Big Star? 49 Don Wishon 11/06/2001 12:53AM
  very true 43 sfk kurt 11/06/2001 12:59AM
  Like 40ft Ringo?.......... 59 epitaph 11/02/2001 06:56AM
  New Ozzy.....opinions?? 60 mrpool 11/02/2001 06:50AM
  Re: New Ozzy.....opinions?? 42Surfpunk11/02/2001 06:58AM
  I don't think I like it :-( 38 Benno 11/02/2001 08:14AM
  Re: New Ozzy.....opinions?? 37Phil II11/02/2001 08:43AM
  Average :( 43 Andrew 11/02/2001 06:22PM
  Re: New Ozzy.....opinions?? 37 frank 11/02/2001 08:16AM
  Re: New Ozzy.....opinions?? 39 Daniel 11/02/2001 09:14AM
  Never heard - you got? 41 Benno 11/02/2001 04:08PM
  Rare Ozzy 40 Daniel 11/03/2001 01:55AM
  Re: Rare Ozzy 41James11/04/2001 10:20AM
  I've just managed to get the shirt in the bag 47Kieran11/02/2001 05:35AM
  Re: I've just managed to get the shirt in the bag 41 Z Webmaster 11/02/2001 06:08AM
  I think I'm gonna go easy on ya! 41Surfpunk11/02/2001 07:01AM
  Re: I've just managed to get the shirt in the bag 39 John P. 11/03/2001 12:32AM
  Giant - III - Absolutely monsterous! 53 sfk kurt 11/02/2001 03:16AM
  Re: Giant - III - Absolutely monsterous! 42 John 11/02/2001 03:24AM
  nope 46 sfk kurt 11/02/2001 05:24AM
  Re: Giant - III - Absolutely monsterous! 42exnewyorker11/02/2001 04:29AM
  It is monsterous but... 45Surfpunk11/02/2001 05:01AM
  agreed 46 sfk kurt 11/02/2001 05:23AM
  Re: Giant - III - Absolutely monsterous! 41Tony M11/02/2001 05:53AM
  always shows, to each their own 40 sfk kurt 11/02/2001 06:26AM
  Re: Giant - III - Absolutely monsterous! 42Gerhard11/02/2001 07:00AM
  Re: Giant - III - Absolutely monsterous! 40 Peter M. Bietenholz 11/02/2001 08:09AM
  Re: Giant - III - Absolutely monsterous! 43Gerhard11/02/2001 08:31AM
  Re: Giant - III - Absolutely monsterous! 39Peter11/02/2001 05:23PM
  Re: Giant - III - Absolutely monsterous! 48 DJ Klaus 11/02/2001 08:12PM
  I agree also, with a twist... 44 Andrew 11/03/2001 07:57AM
  GOO GOO DOLLS 45 JEFF 11/02/2001 03:13AM
  Question for all UK MHR fans... 55 Chris(deadline) 11/01/2001 10:24PM
  Re: Question for all UK MHR fans... 47 Sue 11/01/2001 10:32PM
  Re: Question for all UK MHR fans... 40 Chris(deadline) 11/01/2001 11:29PM
  Re: Question for all UK MHR fans... 40 Andrew Paul 11/02/2001 12:01AM
  Re: Question for all UK MHR fans... 44Cooky11/02/2001 04:29AM
  Re: Question for all UK MHR fans... 44 britny 11/02/2001 05:02AM
  Re: Question for all UK MHR fans... 39 Mike Bates 11/02/2001 05:48AM
  GODS, 4, 3, 2, 1.... 55 Adolfo 11/01/2001 09:12PM
  Speaking of Madrid 49 Peter M. Bietenholz 11/01/2001 09:14PM
  Re: Speaking of GODS 41 Goddess 11/01/2001 11:45PM
  Ten - Far Beyond The World soundbytes 54Francesco from Italy11/01/2001 08:49PM
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