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  Quireboys New Album 60Travis08/06/2001 09:16PM
  RE: Quireboys New Album 42Patrick08/06/2001 10:35PM
  Re: Quireboys New Album 46 Carl 08/07/2001 07:27AM
  Re: Quireboys New Album 43travis08/09/2001 12:14AM
  Re: Quireboys New Album 40 Carl 08/09/2001 12:27AM
  Question about Ten 73 The Rob 08/06/2001 04:39PM
  Re: One answer... 52 Don 08/06/2001 05:15PM
  Re: One answer... 58 jonnyrod 08/06/2001 05:23PM
  Re: One answer... 51Steve Denmark08/06/2001 07:29PM
  TEN 59Ralph Santolla08/07/2001 01:15AM
  Re: can't drink!!! 55Tony M08/07/2001 04:18AM
  Re: can't drink!!! 59Ralph Santolla08/10/2001 12:39AM
  Re: One answer... 55Peter M. Bietenholz08/07/2001 01:14AM
  Peter and Don nailed it. 59 Mats 08/07/2001 05:01PM
  Re: Question about Ten 62 the ORIGINAL brent 08/06/2001 10:28PM
  Name Of The Rose 50Kris08/06/2001 11:38PM
  Re: Disagree 52Robert08/07/2001 12:03AM
  I's Agree 58 Geoff 08/07/2001 07:31AM
  Re: Name Of The Rose 56blm08/07/2001 02:12AM
  Re: can't drink!!! 56 britny 08/07/2001 06:23AM
  The Robe mix, Ten live, and AOR - right or wrong? 72Steve, Denmark08/08/2001 06:11AM
  Re: The Robe mix, Ten live, and AOR - right or wro 72blm08/08/2001 06:57AM
  Re: The Robe mix, Ten live, and AOR - right or wro 69Steve Denmark08/08/2001 07:56PM
  Megadeth Concert 71 Adam 08/06/2001 01:54PM
  night ranger on tnn 77 Tony Jones 08/06/2001 01:05PM
  Re: night ranger on tnn 51 Mike Matney 08/06/2001 01:17PM
  Nope, Missed It 48 Rocker Chic 08/06/2001 10:21PM
  get a vcr! 50 sfk kurt 08/06/2001 10:28PM
  I could help BUT 53 sfk kurt 08/06/2001 11:16PM
  Re: I could help BUT 49 John Taglieri 08/07/2001 03:35AM
  John you fool... 48 sfk kurt 08/07/2001 04:51AM
  Re: John you fool... 54 Leap Dog Music 08/08/2001 12:46AM
  are you sure? 55 sfk kurt 08/08/2001 02:06AM
  What were the NR Songs? 47Dave08/07/2001 01:12AM
  Re: What were the NR Songs? 59Larry08/07/2001 01:49AM
  the other two were 56 sfk kurt 08/07/2001 04:52AM
  Would Have, If I Could Have.. 42 Rocker Chic 08/07/2001 05:56AM
  ditch the box! 52 sfk kurt 08/07/2001 07:29AM
  not if you want digital cable 48 Mike Matney 08/07/2001 10:23AM
  I know...that sucks 48 sfk kurt 08/07/2001 09:24PM
  Re: ditch the box! 55 Rocker Chic 08/07/2001 10:19PM
  really? 48 sfk kurt 08/07/2001 10:30PM
  Re: really? 56 Rocker Chic 08/07/2001 11:03PM
  Re: Nope, Missed It 59 R.C.I.T. 08/07/2001 12:17AM
  Re: Nope, Missed It 47 Peter M. Bietenholz 08/07/2001 05:28AM
  It's on again next Saturday, 10pm eastern again 57 Bladesian 08/08/2001 07:28AM
  Looking For Brad Love Solo LP 62Sam08/06/2001 12:59PM
  Re: Looking For Brad Love Solo LP 53 Fred 08/06/2001 05:27PM
  Re: Brad Love Solo LP 58 Geir 08/07/2001 06:23AM
  New Asia 57 Misterprog 08/06/2001 10:20AM
  Any relation to Misterpomp? 46 koogles 08/06/2001 11:00AM
  Re: Any relation to Misterpomp? 55 Misterprog 08/06/2001 11:05AM
  Re: Any relation to Misterpomp? 50 koogles 08/06/2001 11:17AM
  Buy Ted Poley's "LoveMetal"! 53MisterPlug08/06/2001 12:52PM
  Shot at John Wetton 55 Captain Can Man 08/06/2001 12:49PM
  Re: Hey Cap... 48 Don 08/06/2001 12:51PM
  I like John Wetton!! 50 koogles 08/07/2001 02:46AM
  Re: Buy Ted Poley's "LoveMetal"! 54Doc K08/06/2001 02:47PM
  Re: Buy Ted Poley's "LoveMetal"! 51Captain Can Man08/06/2001 03:24PM
  Just another consideration 46 ddregs 08/06/2001 05:09PM
  TED POLEY @ Liverpool. 71Surfpunk08/06/2001 09:32AM
  Re: TED POLEY @ Liverpool. 57 PETE 08/06/2001 04:50PM
  Re: TED POLEY @ Liverpool. 46mjap08/06/2001 07:54PM
  Re: TED POLEY @ Liverpool. 53 R P M 08/07/2001 02:55AM
  Re: TED POLEY @ Liverpool. 49 PETE 08/07/2001 03:37AM
  Re: TED POLEY @ Liverpool. 51Tony M08/07/2001 04:23AM
  Re: TED POLEY @ Liverpool. 49Gav08/07/2001 05:17AM
  Re: TED POLEY @ Liverpool. 56Kieran08/07/2001 05:26AM
  Re: TED POLEY @ Liverpool. 50 Goddess 08/07/2001 06:03PM
  Re: TED POLEY @ Liverpool. 55 Z Webmaster 08/08/2001 04:09AM
  HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 78Matsumoto08/06/2001 07:58AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 74 Tinger 08/06/2001 08:23AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 60P.C.08/06/2001 05:45PM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 53 PsychoVivaldi 08/06/2001 11:24PM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 53Matsumoto08/07/2001 07:24AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 57 John Taglieri 08/08/2001 12:50AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 59Bighairnolonger08/08/2001 05:12AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 52 Tinger 08/08/2001 08:26AM
  Looks like... 52 Andrew 08/08/2001 07:38AM
  Who's worse? Michael Jackson or Yngwie? 54 koogles 08/08/2001 11:09AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 56The Good Doctor08/07/2001 03:10AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 54Reality bites huh Doc?08/07/2001 07:35AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 59 Mafia boy 08/07/2001 11:04AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 56mark kennedy08/07/2001 05:17PM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 58 Mafia boy 08/07/2001 08:44PM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 51Anonymous08/09/2001 08:14AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 53Matsumoto08/09/2001 11:35AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 53 jennifer 08/10/2001 01:16AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 54The Good Doctor08/10/2001 02:26AM
  Re: HA! Yngwie gets jealous of band members! 51Anonymous08/10/2001 02:57AM
  Billy Squier 64Metal Of 80s08/06/2001 07:55AM
  Re: Billy Squier 50 Mark 08/08/2001 08:11AM
  The chat room 60 Misterpomp 08/06/2001 07:30AM
  Re: The chat room 55 Captain Can Man 08/06/2001 09:41AM
  Re: The chat room 53 Eric Abrahamsen 08/06/2001 09:44AM
  Re: The chat room needs Trent , Captain ;-) !! 54 Melodic Lover 08/06/2001 12:30PM
  The Tinger posts Andrew deleted 47Captain Can Man08/06/2001 01:48PM
  Re: The chat room 58 Eric Abrahamsen 08/06/2001 09:42AM
  Re: The chat room 52Surfpunk08/06/2001 10:15AM
  Re: I agree... 46 Don 08/06/2001 12:46PM
  You? In an argument? 46 Andrew 08/06/2001 06:12PM
  Open Note to Kelv 79 Misterpomp 08/06/2001 06:47AM
  Re: I, for one... 55 Don 08/06/2001 07:03AM
  Re: Open Note to Kelv 50 jennifer 08/06/2001 07:34AM
  Well then I've changed my mind ... 60 Misterpomp 08/06/2001 07:37AM
  Jennifer... 54Peter M. Bietenholz08/06/2001 04:38PM
  Re: Jennifer... 58 jennifer 08/06/2001 07:57PM
  Re: Uh... 51 Eric Abrahamsen 08/06/2001 09:23AM
  Where else can I get Roadmaster?? 49 koogles 08/06/2001 11:27AM
  Re: Where else can I get Roadmaster?? 53 Misterprog 08/06/2001 08:26PM
  Re: Uh... 50 Misterpomp 08/06/2001 05:20PM
  Re: Reissues .. again 58 George 08/07/2001 09:07AM
  Not quite true George .. 51 Misterpomp 08/07/2001 04:55PM
  Re: Not quite true George .. 49 Carl 1 08/07/2001 08:04PM
  Re: Epic Label 80's artists.. 51 George 08/08/2001 11:03AM
  Re: Epic Label 80's artists.. 52 Carl 1 08/08/2001 12:38PM
  Bruce ... Kane Roberts? 65 Kai (Rock It!) 08/06/2001 05:31AM
  Criminal Justice? 50Kris08/06/2001 07:03AM
  Re: Criminal Justice? 58 Kai 08/06/2001 10:51PM
  Re: Bruce ... Kane Roberts? 47blm08/07/2001 02:17AM
  Me too! 45 Kai (Rock It!) 08/07/2001 04:27AM
  Great Free Cassette Offer!!!! 58 Scott W 08/06/2001 03:27AM
  WOMAD 2001 58 sledgehammer 08/06/2001 02:12AM
  SARAYA 76Patrick08/06/2001 01:10AM
  Re: SARAYA 57 honestabe 08/06/2001 06:02AM
  Re: SARAYA 62 Tinger 08/06/2001 07:19AM
  Re: SARAYA 105 Rage 08/07/2001 07:02AM
  Re: SARAYA 55 Tinger 08/07/2001 08:44AM
  Re: SARAYA 48Tony Harnell08/07/2001 12:35PM
  Re: SARAYA 58Patrick08/07/2001 08:12PM
  Ted Poley @ Rock City 61Nikki08/06/2001 12:43AM
  Re: Ted Poley @ Rock City 49 jennifer 08/06/2001 12:51AM
  Re: Ted Poley @ Rock City 51Hammer08/06/2001 03:42AM
  Re: Ted Poley @ Rock City 53 jennifer 08/06/2001 03:45AM
  Re: Ted Poley @ Rock City 55 Goddess 08/06/2001 06:08PM
  Re: Ted Poley @ Rock City 54 Cooky 08/06/2001 08:04PM
  Zinatra (Robby Valentine) 73 Rich 08/06/2001 12:29AM
  Re: Zinatra (Robby Valentine) 51 Ron (H) 08/06/2001 03:14AM
  Re: Zinatra (Robby Valentine) 77 Mafia boy 08/07/2001 11:14AM
  Terry Brock with Randy Jackson in Texas... 78 Don Wishon 08/06/2001 12:14AM
  Re: Terry Brock with Randy Jackson in Texas... 43Patrick08/06/2001 12:40AM
  Re: Terry Brock with Randy Jackson in Texas... 57 Don Wishon 08/06/2001 08:03AM
  BTW... Terry Brock & Randy Jackson 51Patrick08/06/2001 12:58AM
  New Ozzy.. 54 Maciej 08/05/2001 10:57PM
  Re: New Ozzy.. 46 Daniel 08/06/2001 03:29AM
  So the difference between SR-71 and Savage Garden? 60 Misterpomp 08/05/2001 09:45PM
  I think you need to get your stereo fixed 48 sfk kurt 08/05/2001 10:52PM
  Agreed... 54 Fred 08/05/2001 11:27PM
  funny thing is, now I see where he's coming from 52 sfk kurt 08/06/2001 12:13AM
  Re: funny thing is, now I see where he's coming fr 47 Fred 08/06/2001 01:11AM
  thanks kurt 47 Misterpomp 08/06/2001 01:16AM
  Re: thanks kurt 46 Fred 08/06/2001 01:23AM
  And thanks to you Mr. Pomp 40 sfk kurt 08/06/2001 04:23AM
  Vaughn soundbytes... 54 Fred 08/05/2001 09:03PM
  Lost Prophets 53 Misterpomp 08/05/2001 08:26PM
  Phew! 43Surfpunk08/05/2001 08:53PM
  Re: Phew! 45 Misterpomp 08/05/2001 09:10PM
  Australian band "Surrender" 107 Mafia boy 08/05/2001 12:19PM
  Journey's Escape turns 20 71 koogles 08/05/2001 12:05PM
  Re: Journey's Escape turns 20 50Francesco08/06/2001 12:06AM
  Re: Journey's Escape turns 20 59Doc K08/06/2001 08:00AM
  Boston pioneered, Journey perfected 52 koogles 08/06/2001 11:13AM
  Re: Boston pioneered, Journey perfected 44Phil 208/06/2001 12:18PM
  Re: Boston pioneered, Journey perfected 63 koogles 08/07/2001 03:08AM
  Re: Boston pioneered, Journey perfected 46Doc K08/06/2001 12:50PM
  Re: classic rock?AOR?MOR?or what?Boston pioneered, 82 paul stephenson 08/07/2001 06:49AM
  Re: classic rock?AOR?MOR?or what?Boston pioneered, 57 Lil Al 08/07/2001 10:29AM
  Re: classic rock?AOR?MOR?or what?Boston pioneered, 66 Sid 08/08/2001 03:33AM
  Girl rock band for ya... 62 Angelique 08/05/2001 10:41AM
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