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  andrew has not denied this one yet 92dave04/06/2001 08:15PM
  Harem Scarem 79Darkman04/06/2001 09:00PM
  Re: Harem Scarem 76dave04/06/2001 09:04PM
  No 69Darkman04/06/2001 09:28PM
  Re: Kiss farewell tour 80Mafia boy04/07/2001 11:43AM
  Re: No; Would HS thrill Andrew 81 Ron (Holland) 04/07/2001 02:02AM
  Re: No; Would HS thrill Andrew 71 Richard 04/07/2001 07:27PM
  Best melodic rock label 86 clemens 04/06/2001 07:00PM
  Re: Best melodic rock label 53Francesco04/06/2001 07:51PM
  Could it be Mr. Big? 85 clemens 04/06/2001 06:45PM
  Re: Could it be Mr. Big? 59 Andrew 04/06/2001 07:02PM
  Re: Could it be Mr. Big? 62 clemens 04/06/2001 07:07PM
  mystery band - TESLA?WHITE LION? 62 KAOS FAN 04/06/2001 05:29PM
  Re: mystery band - TESLA?WHITE LION? 69 Andrew 04/06/2001 07:04PM
  Are you getting married Andrew? 67Tony04/06/2001 05:12PM
  ?????? 59 Andrew 04/06/2001 07:12PM
  Re: ?????? 60 coco 04/07/2001 08:50AM
  Re: ?????? 64Mafia boy04/07/2001 11:45AM
  Kiss's final melbourne show--Review. 77Capt Kaos04/06/2001 01:56PM
  Re: Kiss's final melbourne show--Review. 59 Richard 04/06/2001 03:06PM
  Re: Kiss's final melbourne show--Review. 52Capt Kaos04/07/2001 09:35AM
  Re: Kiss's final melbourne show--Review. 66 Richard 04/07/2001 07:29PM
  Sydney Show report 57 Paul 04/08/2001 01:08AM
  I hope it's NOT Harem Scarem 81Kris04/06/2001 01:06PM
  Re: Holy Soldier 49Mafia boy04/07/2001 11:48AM
  Re: Holy Soldier 55 Popefreak 04/08/2001 05:48PM
  Andrew's's the answer 77 M 04/06/2001 10:24AM
  Re: Andrew's's the answer 58 Dan 04/06/2001 10:49AM
  Re: Andrew's's the answer 44 exnewyorker 04/06/2001 11:30AM
  Re: Andrew's's the answer 44John Q04/06/2001 04:44PM
  Re: Andrew's's the answer 53 Brian 04/06/2001 12:58PM
  Re: Andrew's's the answer 61 Richard 04/06/2001 04:46PM
  Not Boston... 49 Andrew 04/06/2001 07:13PM
  It's gotta be Styx.... 57 clemens 04/06/2001 07:18PM
  Re: It's gotta be Styx.... 49 johnd 04/06/2001 08:38PM
  Re: Andrew's's the answer 56 Baffie 04/10/2001 07:56AM
  China / The President and other reissues 56Eric Abrahamsen04/06/2001 10:22AM
  Aerosmith go top 40? 64 Benno 04/06/2001 09:36AM
  Bon Jovi UK support 60Surfpunk04/06/2001 08:24AM
  Re: Bon Jovi UK support 54 BantamMan 04/07/2001 03:18AM
  Re: Bon Jovi UK support 48Surfpunk04/07/2001 04:51AM
  Re: Bon Jovi UK support 51 BantamMan 04/07/2001 05:21AM
  Re: Bon Jovi UK support 63Penguin04/07/2001 07:18AM
  Surprise news - a hint or two.. 64 Andrew 04/06/2001 07:36AM
  Re: Surprise news - a hint or two.. 50 Mike Matney 04/06/2001 07:49AM
  Re: Surprise news - a hint or two.. 51 Ivar 04/06/2001 08:06AM
  Re: Surprise news - a hint or two.. 45Robert04/06/2001 08:29AM
  My unedumacated guess at Andrew's quandry 67 sfk kurt 04/06/2001 06:26AM
  Re: My unedumacated guess at Andrew's quandry 54 efra 04/06/2001 07:14AM
  Re: My unedumacated guess at Andrew's quandry 51Robert04/06/2001 07:22AM
  Re: My unedumacated guess at Andrew's quandry 53 Dan 04/06/2001 11:08AM
  Re: My unedumacated guess at Andrew's quandry 44 sfk kurt 04/06/2001 11:47PM
  Styx with Dennis DeYoung (np) 40 Big Dog 04/07/2001 01:50AM
  Re: My unedumacated guess at Andrew's quandry 49 CARL 04/07/2001 02:08AM
  Another stab at Andrew's surprise 68 Angus 04/06/2001 05:42AM
  Re: Another stab at Andrew's surprise 45 Ron (Holland) 04/06/2001 06:17AM
  Re: Another stab at Andrew's surprise 49 Fred 04/06/2001 06:25AM
  Re: Another stab at Andrew's surprise 47 Angus 04/06/2001 11:07PM
  Wait a about Extreme? 49 sfk kurt 04/06/2001 06:21AM
  Re:No, it must be The sherbs. 61 Richard 04/06/2001 07:53AM
  Re:No, it must be The sherbs. 47 Tinger 04/06/2001 08:12AM
  It ain't the Sherbs... 43 Andrew 04/06/2001 07:17PM
  Re: dear enemy/avion 58Mafia boy04/07/2001 11:50AM
  Re: Another stab at Andrew's surprise 58 Dan 04/06/2001 11:16AM
  Now & Then / Frontiers News - 5 Apri 79Peter Sims04/06/2001 05:01AM
  so who owns house of lords inc.? 60Mafia boy04/06/2001 04:21AM
  Little America 73Jeff E04/06/2001 03:22AM
  Re: Little America 63 Tinger 04/06/2001 04:17AM
  Re: Little America 51 Don Wishon 04/06/2001 06:22AM
  Never heard of them 50 Benno 04/06/2001 09:38AM
  Re: Little America 47 Dan 04/06/2001 10:53AM
  LA GUNS..... 62cerridwen04/06/2001 01:55AM
  I think it will disappoint 42 Benno 04/06/2001 09:43AM
  Re: I think it will disappoint 47cerridwen04/06/2001 10:38AM
  IZZY STRADLIN ?? New CD ?? 69 Mad Chemist 04/06/2001 01:51AM
  Re: IZZY STRADLIN ?? New CD ?? 46 Andrew 04/06/2001 07:41AM
  think out loud`s 1st 61 AORMAN 04/06/2001 01:12AM
  Re: think out loud`s 1st 48 Richard 04/06/2001 07:58AM
  Snakes In Paradise 71 Andy 04/06/2001 01:09AM
  Buy it!(NP) 52 Jean-Paul 04/06/2001 05:24AM
  I think its Skid Row.... 65 j.blackout 04/06/2001 12:40AM
  Andrew's surprise - my final guess 44Darkman04/06/2001 12:56AM
  Re: Andrew's surprise - my final guess 53 Nick 04/06/2001 01:17AM
  This better be big !!!! 51 Tavas 04/06/2001 01:43AM
  True 59Darkman04/06/2001 01:46AM
  Re: Andrew's surprise - my final guess 56 Mike Matney 04/06/2001 02:17AM
  Magnum's already been announced (np) 64 Kevin 04/06/2001 02:18AM
  Re: I think its Skid Row.... 49 Carl 1 04/06/2001 02:21AM
  Re: I think its Skid Row.... 56 Nick 04/06/2001 03:15AM
  Is it Legs Diamond????? 48 Nick 04/06/2001 03:20AM
  How 'bout Bad English? 64 sharxfan 04/06/2001 04:43AM
  Re: How 'bout Bad English? 55 Ron (Holland) 04/06/2001 05:42AM
  No Bad English, No interview... 71 Nick 04/06/2001 08:28AM
  How about Dan Reed Network or FM? 50 sfk kurt 04/06/2001 05:33AM
  Re: How about Dan Reed Network or FM? 55 Thomas 04/06/2001 09:27AM
  Nevermind my last HAS to be Harem Scarem 58 sfk kurt 04/06/2001 05:35AM
  the best Skid Row.... 57 Stephen 05/04/2003 02:50PM
  Power of love 78 AORMAN 04/06/2001 12:33AM
  Re: Power of love 43Jeff E04/06/2001 03:26AM
  Re: Power of love 51beetle04/06/2001 04:12AM
  Re: Power of love 65 Max Prikolist 02/24/2003 10:34PM
  Rock Magazines in the UK 55 Andy 04/05/2001 11:16PM
  Andrews surprise ??? ...Glenn HUGEs ?? 75 Tavas 04/05/2001 10:52PM
  HUGE= Hugo=Valentine??? 62 koogles 04/05/2001 11:33PM
  debate in rock circles? 50Dave04/05/2001 11:58PM
  Re: debate 53 Ron (Holland) 04/06/2001 05:49AM
  Re: debate in rock circles? 44 Brian 04/06/2001 06:47AM
  Re: Andrews surprise ??? ...Glenn HUGEs ?? 42 uforick 04/06/2001 12:33AM
  Re: Andrews surprise ??? 45Mafia boy04/06/2001 04:24AM
  Re: surprise ??? Come on ANDREW 50 Ron (Holland) 04/06/2001 05:55AM
  I do know it's not DARE 59 Ron (Holland) 04/06/2001 06:00AM
  Nah.. 50 Andrew 04/06/2001 07:29AM
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