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  you'll all be happy to know.... 72P Dog04/22/2001 12:03PM
  your mom loves goliath 66 adrian 04/22/2001 11:50AM
  Hot Tracks/New Release/ 10% OFF EVERYTHING! 57Jim04/22/2001 11:03AM
  Yngwie Responds 106Houseofshred04/22/2001 09:09AM
  Re: Yngwie Responds 52Capt Kaos04/22/2001 07:41PM
  Re: Yngwie Responds 76 Daniel 04/23/2001 01:14AM
  Re: Yngwie Responds 71Steve, Denmark04/23/2001 04:14AM
  Re: Yngwie Responds 73bass 1204/23/2001 11:54AM
  Re: Yngwie Responds 72 Bladesian 04/24/2001 01:41PM
  Re: Yngwie Responds 59 ddregs 04/26/2001 06:20PM
  cd shopping 74danthecdman04/22/2001 08:34AM
  Re: cd shopping 62 Bart 04/22/2001 06:22PM
  nielsen/pearson 74 Richard 04/22/2001 08:14AM
  SAMANTHA 7 European CD version 57Don04/22/2001 07:21AM
  STORYTELLER JAP CD: BONUS TRACK? 60 Archie 04/22/2001 07:19AM
  Re: STORYTELLER JAP CD: BONUS TRACK? 60 Richard 04/22/2001 07:55AM
  It will be on the next MTM sampler (np) 50 Ivar 04/23/2001 01:15AM
  Lots of deleated Melodic rock cd's for sale 55 Metal Dive 04/22/2001 02:37AM
  Mitch Malloy: S/T ReIssue?? 61Kris04/22/2001 02:16AM
  Re: Mitch Malloy: S/T ReIssue?? 36Jack04/22/2001 03:59AM
  Re: Mitch Malloy: S/T ReIssue?? 56Kris04/22/2001 04:05AM
  Re: Mitch Malloy: S/T ReIssue?? 51danthecdman04/22/2001 08:32AM
  Shine Bonus Tracks... 59 Andrew 04/22/2001 06:14PM
  Last Months "Soundbites" help with Group 63 Snake 65 04/22/2001 01:08AM
  Re: Last Months "Soundbites" help with G 64joe04/22/2001 04:25AM
  Re: Last Months "Soundbites" help with G 60 Snake 65 04/22/2001 05:18AM
  AOR-EUROPE.COM 58 Urban 04/21/2001 10:11PM
  NOSTRADAMUS - totally awesome- A classic!!!! 66 Nick 04/21/2001 09:23PM
  Re: NOSTRADAMUS - totally awesome- A classic!!!! 46 Andrew Paul 04/25/2001 05:29PM
  Re: NOSTRADAMUS - totally awesome- A classic!!!! 44Dave04/26/2001 04:24AM
  fm Live Acoustical Intercourse 88 AORMAN 04/21/2001 09:07PM
  Re: fm Live Acoustical Intercourse 57danthecdman04/22/2001 03:39AM
  Morpheus? 67Jack04/21/2001 05:37PM
  RIP David Graf 64Can Man04/21/2001 02:26PM
  Re: RIP David Graf 74 alex siedler 04/21/2001 10:08PM
  Re: RIP David Graf 58 tvoyls 04/22/2001 01:37PM
  Re: RIP David Graf 56Jack04/22/2001 04:50PM
  Geez..... 49Jack04/22/2001 04:52PM
  Incoming! Sfk kurt style Nu-Breed Alert 61Penguin04/21/2001 08:40AM
  Re: Incoming! Sfk kurt style Nu-Breed Alert 50 Carl 1 04/21/2001 09:29AM
  Let's not forget the Gas Giants! 52 Simon 04/21/2001 06:45PM
  Agreed on Far Too Jones! 48Penguin04/21/2001 08:10PM
  Re: Agreed on Far Too Jones! 45 Carl 1 04/21/2001 09:21PM
  Bizarre Far Too Jones coincidence!! 57Surfpunk04/22/2001 04:54AM
  Re: Bizarre Far Too Jones coincidence!! 57Penguin04/22/2001 05:55AM
  Re: Let's not forget the Gas Giants! 50 sfk kurt 04/21/2001 09:52PM
  RECKLESS- No Frills 58 cateyez 04/21/2001 08:25AM
  House Of shakira at Nemelrock 63Peter04/21/2001 03:33AM
  Re: House Of shakira at Nemelrock 51Petroff04/21/2001 05:00AM
  john wetton -battlelines 78 matt 04/21/2001 12:42AM
  Re: john wetton -battlelines 52 Tavas 04/21/2001 07:32AM
  Re: john wetton -battlelines 43Dave04/26/2001 04:25AM
  Fanfields, Toto Tribute Album released 140 Michael Riesenbeck 04/20/2001 11:16PM
  Just heard it, this is a great tribute cd... 43 Nick 04/21/2001 03:35AM
  A killer CD! 51 Kai (RockIt!) 04/21/2001 04:25AM
  bad habit live recordings ??? 56 christoph 04/20/2001 09:13PM
  Ahhh, very good one ... :-) 45 Kai (RockIt!) 04/20/2001 10:43PM
  MP3 Burners 60 johnd 04/20/2001 08:21PM
  Re: MP3 Burners 36 Mike Matney 04/20/2001 09:47PM
  Re: MP3 Burners 57 johnd 04/20/2001 10:13PM
  Duhhhhh 56 Brian 04/20/2001 08:17PM
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