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  Jonathan Mover 56 Eric Abrahamsen 11/24/2001 08:11AM
  Re: Jonathan Mover 42 ddregs 11/24/2001 10:01AM
  Re: Roundabout 46 Eric Abrahamsen 11/24/2001 12:32PM
  If you want... 43 ddregs 11/24/2001 10:58PM
  Re: Jonathan Mover 45 Carl1 11/24/2001 12:49PM
  Re: Jonathan Mover 43 Beavis 11/24/2001 06:30PM
  What a fantastic day.... 54 Adolfo 11/24/2001 07:07AM
  Re: What a fantastic day.... 40Patrick11/24/2001 07:36AM
  judithe randall and FM 49chris11/24/2001 06:52AM
  Re: judithe randall and FM 39 Terje Hoiland 11/24/2001 07:31AM
  Re: Robin and Judithe Randall. 40 Geir 11/25/2001 05:07AM
  No they weren't 36 Stefan 11/27/2001 06:37PM
  Re: judithe randall and FM 39 Graham Hatton 11/24/2001 09:27AM
  AOR TABLATURE!!! 62 alex siedler 11/24/2001 04:56AM
  Re: AOR TABLATURE!!! 45 AOR Guru 11/25/2001 01:10PM
  Re: AOR TABLATURE!!! 44 Russ Burns 11/26/2001 06:13AM
  Re: AOR TABLATURE!!! 53 AOR Guru 11/26/2001 08:36AM
  Re: AOR TABLATURE!!! 41 ALEX SIEDLER 11/27/2001 12:03AM
  Yes live 50 ddregs 11/24/2001 04:55AM
  Re: Yes live 37 Eric Abrahamsen 11/24/2001 06:35AM
  It's good to beat u this time... 38 ddregs 11/24/2001 10:21AM
  Re: Transatlantic 38 Eric Abrahamsen 11/24/2001 12:34PM
  Re: Transatlantic 37 Phil 1 11/24/2001 03:19PM
  Re: Transatlantic 36 Eric Abrahamsen 11/24/2001 11:27PM
  Re: Transatlantic 38 Andrew Paul 11/27/2001 01:02AM
  UFO w/Schenker album and tour 2002 45 bridgeofsighs 11/24/2001 01:25AM
  Re: UFO w/Schenker album and tour 2002 39Matt11/24/2001 01:34AM
  Re: UFO w/Schenker album and tour 2002 37Syrup Wizard11/24/2001 04:56AM
  Have you read "POWDER"? 50 Marc Vanway 11/23/2001 10:14PM
  The Dirt 41 sfk kurt 11/23/2001 11:43PM
  Shooting Star Best Of Vol 2 55 bridgeofsighs 11/23/2001 08:21PM
  here ya go... 39 sfk kurt 11/23/2001 11:47PM
  Re: here ya go... 43 bridgeofsighs 11/24/2001 01:22AM
  Re: here ya go... 32 koogles 11/24/2001 02:27AM
  Trip back in time 54Syrup Wizard11/23/2001 03:13PM
  Re: Trip back in time 37 Eric Abrahamsen 11/23/2001 11:23PM
  Re: Trip back in time 45Syrup Wizard11/24/2001 01:40PM
  Re: TRIUMPH 37 ddregs 11/24/2001 01:15AM
  Triumph=50/50 38 sfk kurt 11/24/2001 02:08AM
  Re: Triumph=50/50 53 sharxfan 11/24/2001 07:32AM
  Re: Triumph=50/50 37 Eric Abrahamsen 11/24/2001 08:03AM
  Re: Triumph=50/50 35 Don Wishon 11/24/2001 07:32AM
  BUT... 37 sfk kurt 11/24/2001 10:42AM
  Re: Yeah... 41 Eric Abrahamsen 11/24/2001 12:29PM
  How do you know... 39Syrup Wizard11/24/2001 01:24PM
  um... 37 sfk kurt 11/24/2001 01:41PM
  Re: um... 39 Phil 1 11/24/2001 03:28PM
  Like Rik Once Said: "Never Say Never" np 48 Tinger 11/24/2001 05:20PM
  Re: TRIUMPH Reunion??? 40 Whynot_Canada 11/24/2001 03:44PM
  doubtful 43 sfk kurt 11/24/2001 10:26PM
  Impossible 39 ddregs 11/24/2001 11:01PM
  TOTO UPDATE 51Mark Ridout11/23/2001 02:20PM
  What Toto needs to do... 42 koogles 11/23/2001 11:08PM
  Re: What Toto needs to do... 39Mark Ridout11/24/2001 03:46AM
  Still hoping! 39 ddregs 11/24/2001 04:49AM
  Re: "Hydra" 40 Eric Abrahamsen 11/24/2001 06:32AM
  Re: "Hydra" 41Mark Ridout11/24/2001 06:42AM
  Re: "Turn Back"... 42 Eric Abrahamsen 11/24/2001 07:03AM
  Hydra poster 46 ddregs 11/24/2001 10:06AM / ALIAS release HELP! 48 Andrew 11/23/2001 10:15AM
  Re: / ALIAS release HELP! 38Mike11/23/2001 03:37PM
  Some tracks... 42 Andrew 11/23/2001 03:53PM
  Re: / ALIAS release HELP! 41Peter M. Bietenholz11/23/2001 05:24PM
  Casanova/Demon Drive 88lrc7231511/23/2001 09:56AM
  Re: Casanova/Demon Drive 43 Brian 11/23/2001 12:33PM
  I disagree..... 43Kris11/23/2001 02:57PM
  Re: I disagree..... 40 Brian 11/23/2001 03:12PM
  I see your point..... 38Kris11/23/2001 03:20PM
  Re: I see your point..... 38 Brian 11/23/2001 04:10PM
  Don't waste your hard earned Cash 39lrc7231511/24/2001 10:41AM
  Casanova Members... 38Kris11/24/2001 02:06PM
  Though Of The Day... 60Patrick11/23/2001 07:29AM
  Amen! 41 Andrew 11/23/2001 09:57AM
  Re: Though Of The Day... 37 Eric Abrahamsen 11/23/2001 10:13AM
  Re: Though Of The Day... 44 Melodic Lover 11/23/2001 11:01AM
  Re: Though Of The Day... 44Black Diamond11/23/2001 11:22AM
  Re: Though Of The Day... 43Scott11/23/2001 06:23PM
  Does this mean No Limits won't be back on BBC2? 69 TAFKAMP 11/23/2001 06:17AM
  Re: Does this mean No Limits won't be back on BBC2 49Patrick11/23/2001 07:32AM
  Re: Does this mean No Limits won't be back on BBC2 45epitaph11/23/2001 07:39AM
  Entertainment USI !!! I love it ... 45 TAFKAMP 11/23/2001 08:36AM
  Re: Entertainment USI !!! I love it ... 40epitaph11/24/2001 02:43AM
  Re: Entertainment USI !!! I love it ... 41 TAFKAMP 11/24/2001 04:35AM
  ULP!!... 46epitaph11/24/2001 05:28AM
  Upcoming Gregg Rolie Band Shows - Video & Audi 52 Ron Wikso 11/23/2001 05:22AM
  Thanks Ron! 38 Andrew 11/23/2001 06:28AM
  Thanks from Europe Ron! 41 ddregs 11/23/2001 08:46AM
  Re: Thanks from Europe Ron! 36 Ron Wikso 11/23/2001 05:36PM
  Thks a lot Ron! 38 ddregs 11/23/2001 11:52PM
  Re: Thks a lot Ron! 37 Ron Wikso 11/24/2001 04:24AM
  how did the new Creed chart? 55 Tony Jones 11/23/2001 04:42AM
  New KID ROCK is GARBAGE 38 koogles 11/23/2001 06:38AM
  Re: New KID ROCK is GARBAGE 41 Kidego 11/23/2001 02:03PM
  Agreed 40 Marky Mark 11/24/2001 02:24AM
  Don't agree 41Peter M. Bietenholz11/24/2001 03:08AM
  Re: how did the new Creed chart? 38no one11/24/2001 02:23PM
  Steve Vai Live 49 ddregs 11/23/2001 03:58AM
  Re: Steve Vai Live 44 Sue 11/23/2001 09:21AM
  Re: Steve Vai Live 42 ddregs 11/23/2001 05:28PM
  Eric Sadrinas 55Peter M. Bietenholz11/23/2001 11:55PM
  Re: Steve Vai Live 46 Pelpa 11/24/2001 09:48AM
  Hi Pelpa! 41 ddregs 11/24/2001 11:06PM
  Re: Hi Pelpa! 46 Pelpa 11/25/2001 03:03AM
  Re: Hi Pelpa! 38 ddregs 11/26/2001 08:17PM
  Happy Thanksgiving! 56 Mike Matney 11/23/2001 01:43AM
  Re: Happy Thanksgiving! 36 Eric Abrahamsen 11/23/2001 03:12AM
  Re: Happy Thanksgiving! 36 Susumu 11/24/2001 10:35AM
  Third Eye Blind? 46blm11/23/2001 01:43AM
  Re: Third Eye Blind? 38 Mike Matney 11/23/2001 01:45AM
  Re: Third Eye Blind? 42epitaph11/23/2001 03:58AM
  nubreed Christina Aguleria! 57 sfk kurt 11/23/2001 12:32AM
  Re: nubreed Christina Aguleria! 35 Mike Matney 11/23/2001 01:43AM
  neither was i but i like it! 34 sfk kurt 11/23/2001 02:03AM
  Porn? Don't you mean Britney Spears??? 37 Mike Matney 11/23/2001 02:42AM
  nope...I hate to say it but... 40 sfk kurt 11/23/2001 03:03AM
  Re: nope...I hate to say it but... 36 Mike Matney 11/23/2001 03:18AM
  You can leave the porn stuff to.... 39Dynomite11/24/2001 11:31AM
  Re: nope...I hate to say it but... 37Patrick11/23/2001 04:32AM
  Speaking of 'Moulin Rouge'.... 38Pingu11/23/2001 08:39AM
  I heard the single and it was GOOD! 42 sfk kurt 11/23/2001 10:52AM
  Aussies might know this 40 Benno 11/23/2001 08:56AM
  Wild Eyed Christmas Night? 49 Susumu 11/22/2001 03:09PM
  hardline guitarist 51 Tony Jones 11/22/2001 12:25PM
  Re: hardline guitarist 39Andrew11/22/2001 12:28PM
  Re: hardline guitarist 37 Tony Jones 11/22/2001 12:34PM
  Firehouse Tabs..1st + 2nd books??? 47Kieran11/22/2001 11:07AM
  Re: Firehouse Tabs..1st + 2nd books??? 50ele11/22/2001 11:20AM
  Mick Jagger UK sales shocker.... 51Andrew11/22/2001 10:25AM
  put in perspective 39 sfk kurt 11/22/2001 10:56AM
  Re: Mick Jagger UK sales shocker.... 40 Phil 1 11/22/2001 11:53AM
  Re: Mick Jagger UK sales shocker.... 36Andrew11/22/2001 12:25PM
  Re: Mick Jagger UK sales shocker.... 41Kieran11/23/2001 05:48AM
  Re: Mick Jagger UK sales shocker.... 44 Mike Matney 11/22/2001 12:13PM
  Shocker? Hardly... 36Syrup Wizard11/22/2001 04:04PM
  Re: Agree 36 Eric Abrahamsen 11/23/2001 12:15AM
  Re: Shocker? Hardly... 39epitaph11/23/2001 04:11AM
  here's hoping 38chris11/23/2001 03:40AM
  the day america cried 47 Tony Jones 11/22/2001 10:10AM
  Here... 39Andrew11/22/2001 10:28AM
  Re: Here... 38 Tony Jones 11/22/2001 10:41AM
  Re: Here... 35Hans11/22/2001 06:33PM
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