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  Kip Winger Solo Ballad Video?????? 55 Coco 12/12/2001 07:06AM
  Re: Kip Winger Solo Ballad Video?????? 44mike12/12/2001 08:39AM
  Nice one Mike, Cheers!! 43 Coco 12/12/2001 09:28AM
  Most Underated Songwriter 49Rand12/12/2001 04:37AM
  Re: Most Underated Songwriter 46Ace12/12/2001 05:56AM
  What about the Overland brothers!! 37 Graham Hatton 12/12/2001 06:16AM
  Re: Most Underated Songwriter 37 Double Decibel Dave 12/12/2001 06:46AM
  Re: Most Underated Songwriter 39 frank 12/12/2001 07:11AM
  Re: Most Underated Songwriter 42 Coco 12/12/2001 07:45AM
  Re: Amen (np) 46 Brian 12/12/2001 09:26AM
  several!John Hiatt and Seymour! 44 KAOS FAN 12/12/2001 05:02PM
  Re: Most Underated Songwriter 38 Jude 12/12/2001 07:36PM
  Re: Most Underated Songwriter 39 Marc Vanway 12/12/2001 09:54PM
  Re: Most Underated Songwriter 39Rand12/13/2001 01:53AM
  Brave New World`s new release "Monsters" 45 brave new world 12/12/2001 03:20AM
  Need Your Advice... 52Patrick12/12/2001 01:23AM
  Re: Need Your Advice... 37 koogles 12/12/2001 01:53AM
  Re: Need Your Advice... 42Nikki12/12/2001 11:34AM
  Re: Need Your Advice... 40Scott12/12/2001 08:04PM
  Mail me... (np) 39 Fred 12/13/2001 03:45AM
  re: Need Your Advice... 36Patrick12/13/2001 04:32AM
  =Y= 49 Sven 12/11/2001 11:26PM
  Re: =Y= 43 Marc Vanway 12/11/2001 11:42PM
  Re: =Y= 41Pingu12/12/2001 04:01AM
  =Y= Rawchild 72 Coco 12/12/2001 04:23AM
  EYES - Who's the singer? 57 Chris(deadline) 12/11/2001 09:55PM
  And the singer is .... 48 Sven 12/11/2001 10:13PM
  Doh 40 Chris(deadline) 12/11/2001 10:21PM
  Re: Doh 39 Sven 12/11/2001 11:17PM
  Humanimal 40 Andrew 12/12/2001 06:21AM
  re: EYES 41Patrick12/11/2001 11:19PM
  re: EYES 40 Chris(deadline) 12/11/2001 11:29PM
  re: EYES 39 dee 12/12/2001 04:09AM
  re: EYES 39 hotr 12/12/2001 07:00AM
  re: EYES 38 Brian 12/12/2001 09:36AM
  ARGGGHHHH u forgot his best one 49ele12/12/2001 11:09AM
  Re: ARGGGHHHH u forgot his best one 38 Jeff 12/13/2001 02:50PM
  Johnny gioeli?? 45chris12/16/2001 12:27AM
  Bonfire "Fireworks"...their best? 49 the ORIGINAL brent 12/11/2001 09:30PM
  Re: Bonfire "Fireworks"...their best? 30blm12/12/2001 12:08AM
  Re: Bonfire&Fair Warning?? 39 Susumu 12/12/2001 11:54AM
  Re: Bonfire&Fair Warning?? 31 the ORIGINAL brent 12/12/2001 12:12PM
  Soul Doctor 40 Susumu 12/12/2001 01:54PM
  fireworks is great 37 wayne 12/12/2001 12:36PM
  Re: fireworks is great 38lrc7231512/12/2001 12:47PM
  Why didn't Bon Jovi play B markets? 46Coach T12/11/2001 09:03PM
  Re: Why didn't Bon Jovi play B markets? 36 Frank 12/12/2001 12:29AM
  Re: Why didn't Bon Jovi play B markets? 36 Kevin 12/12/2001 01:13AM
  Re: Why didn't Bon Jovi play B markets? 41 Frank 12/12/2001 01:51AM
  Journey's GH Live certified Gold 48Coach T12/11/2001 08:37PM
  Re: Journey's GH Live certified Gold 41Patrick12/11/2001 11:05PM
  Re: Journey's GH Live certified Gold 33Robert12/12/2001 03:48AM
  Re: Journey's GH Live certified Gold 41 roland 12/12/2001 04:10AM
  Re: Journey's GH Live certified Gold 47Tony Harnell12/13/2001 11:18AM
  Orchestra Luna prog / art rock - Geir/Eric etc 60 TAFKAMP 12/11/2001 07:12PM
  Re: Garland Airlift ... Orchestra Loony Toonz. 44 Geir 12/11/2001 10:12PM
  Re: Garland Airlift ... Orchestra Loony Toonz. 44 TAFKAMP 12/12/2001 12:47AM
  Yes master, I'll behave... 37 Geir 12/13/2001 02:11AM
  Re: Yes master, I'll behave... 38 Terje Hoiland. 12/13/2001 04:18AM
  Good luck .. 40 TAFKAMP 12/13/2001 04:25AM
  DVD Frustration....any suggestions? 50Kris12/11/2001 01:43PM
  Re: DVD Frustration....any suggestions? 46 The REAL Richard 12/11/2001 03:26PM
  Re: DVD Frustration....any suggestions? 38 Jake 12/11/2001 11:25PM
  Thanks !! 41Kris12/12/2001 12:34AM
  Re: DVD Frustration....any suggestions? 39 DJ Klaus 12/12/2001 03:06AM
  The Works 49 jonnyrod 12/11/2001 12:48PM
  From Out Of Nowhere? 38 Andrew 12/11/2001 01:19PM
  Re: From Out Of Nowhere? 43 Phil 1 12/11/2001 02:48PM
  Re: From Out Of Nowhere? 39 jonnyrod 12/11/2001 05:21PM
  Re: From Out Of Nowhere? 42 hotr 12/11/2001 05:46PM
  Re: The Works 41Peter M. Bietenholz12/11/2001 05:58PM
  Re: The Works 37Pingu12/12/2001 04:06AM
  I can get you Wall of Silence 44 koogles 12/12/2001 08:50AM
  Best Albums of 2001 53 jonnyrod 12/11/2001 11:42AM
  Re: Best Albums of 2001 38 Mike Matney 12/11/2001 11:50AM
  Re: Best Albums of 2001 36 Mats 12/11/2001 05:49PM
  Re: Here's my 20 :-) 39Coach T12/11/2001 11:10PM
  Re: Best Albums of 2001 45Steve, Denmark12/11/2001 11:37PM
  Re: Best Albums of 2001 48 koogles 12/12/2001 02:53AM
  Re: Best Albums of 2001 40 walter zoccoletto 12/12/2001 03:23AM
  Re: Best Albums of 2001 40 Susumu 12/13/2001 07:04PM
  Re: Best Albums of 2001 45 Andrew Paul 12/13/2001 11:37PM
  Re: Best Albums of 2001 38Francesco12/15/2001 08:40AM
  NEH Records 59Scott12/11/2001 10:30AM
  Re: NEH Records 35 jonnyrod 12/11/2001 11:30AM
  They deserve MORE credit .... 42Kris12/11/2001 01:40PM
  Re: They deserve MORE credit .... 37 Kidego 12/12/2001 01:43AM
  Re: NEH RULE!!!! ZZZZ .... 34Brandi12/12/2001 01:20PM
  Re: NEH RULE!!!! ZZZZ .... 42 Jeff 12/13/2001 03:08PM
  What's your favorite Foreigner album? 66 koogles 12/11/2001 09:48AM
  Re: What's your favorite Foreigner album? 43lrc7231512/11/2001 10:48AM
  Re: What's your favorite Foreigner album? 44 Melodic Lover 12/11/2001 12:53PM
  Melodic Lover!!! 53 koogles 12/11/2001 04:08PM
  Re: Melodic Lover!!! 42 Melodic Lover 12/12/2001 10:08AM
  Gotta have a go at this one... 44 Andrew 12/11/2001 01:23PM
  Re: Gotta have a go at this one... 41danthecdman12/12/2001 10:25AM
  I've been looking for that for MONTHS!!! 43 Andrew 12/12/2001 11:37AM
  Re: I've been looking for that for MONTHS!!! 58 danthecdman 12/15/2001 07:32AM
  Re: Gotta have a go at this one... 41 Susumu 12/12/2001 12:03PM
  re: favorite Foreigner album? 43Patrick12/11/2001 02:35PM
  re: favorite Foreigner album? 44 aorman 12/12/2001 01:54AM
  Re: What's your favorite Foreigner album? 38 Larry 12/11/2001 06:41PM
  Re: What's your favorite Foreigner album? 43 TAFKAMP 12/11/2001 06:57PM
  I agree with StephenB. _Double Vision_. 50Big Doggie12/12/2001 04:15AM
  Thought it was too good to last .. 43 TAFKAMP 12/12/2001 04:47AM
  Re: What's your favorite Foreigner album? 47Scott12/11/2001 08:04PM
  Re: What's your favorite Foreigner album? 38 roland 12/12/2001 05:31AM
  re: favorite Foreigner album? 43 paul stephenson 12/12/2001 03:32AM
  re: favorite Foreigner album? 39 koogles 12/12/2001 08:58AM
  re: favorite Foreigner album? 40 Philly Mike 12/12/2001 11:53AM
  Kharma stole Break It Up !! 40 koogles 12/12/2001 03:01PM
  Bang to rights your honour 44 paul stephenson 12/13/2001 03:04AM
  The ultimate example: Survivor 44 koogles 12/13/2001 10:14AM
  Bang to rights your honour 43 paul stephenson 12/13/2001 03:04AM
  Re: What's your favorite Foreigner album? 45 walter zoccoletto 12/12/2001 06:40AM
  Re: Mr. Moonlight 42 Susumu 12/12/2001 11:59AM
  Agent Provocateur's second sideon 44 paul stephenson 12/13/2001 03:09AM
  Disagree: last song on 4 is amazing 41 koogles 12/13/2001 10:00AM
  Re: What's your favorite Foreigner album? 41 André 12/12/2001 07:35PM
  Re: What's your favorite Foreigner album? 44 André 12/12/2001 07:37PM
  re: MR. MOONLIGHT 40Patrick12/13/2001 03:56AM
  re: MR. MOONLIGHT 42John12/14/2001 06:53AM
  re: MR. MOONLIGHT 44 danthecdman 12/15/2001 11:58AM
  Re: What's your favorite Foreigner album? 41 Jeff 12/13/2001 03:10PM
  Re: What's your favorite Foreigner album? 44 croman 12/13/2001 10:25PM
  re: MR. MOONLIGHT 45Patrick12/14/2001 09:27PM
  Hot Tracks Pre-Orders 12/10/01 65Jim12/11/2001 09:11AM
  TEN...ever tour the USA? Andrew 56 Snake65 12/11/2001 09:02AM
  There were some dates considered once... 38 Andrew 12/11/2001 09:46AM
  Re: TEN...ever tour the USA? Andrew 38 Kevin 12/11/2001 09:49AM
  Re: TEN...ever tour the USA? Andrew 37 Frank 12/12/2001 12:32AM
  Re: TEN...ever tour the USA? Andrew 45 Snake65 12/12/2001 06:59AM
  Fame @ 49 Coco 12/11/2001 04:25AM
  Hey!! 40 Marc Vanway 12/11/2001 04:36AM
  No Need For Tickets 39 Coco 12/11/2001 09:39AM
  Got any sound samples? 39Coach T12/11/2001 09:06PM
  Not At The Moment 38 Coco 12/11/2001 11:23PM
  Tom Petty rules!!!!! 39Coach T12/12/2001 05:21AM
  Re: Tom Petty rules!!!!! 41 Coco 12/12/2001 06:47AM
  Re: Tom Petty rules!!!!! 41 FORD 12/12/2001 12:23PM
  Now & Then / Frontiers News - 10 Dec 2001 85Peter Sims12/11/2001 04:19AM
  Hey Peter... 37Steve, Denmark12/11/2001 11:43PM
  Kevin Gilbert - Kaviar 45 TAFKAMP 12/11/2001 01:24AM
  Danziland pics 50R.C.I.T12/11/2001 12:46AM
  Info about new Joey Tempest CD 63 Marc Vanway 12/10/2001 10:16PM
  Re: Info about new Joey Tempest CD 42 Adolfo 12/10/2001 11:39PM
  Re: Info about new Joey Tempest CD 41 Adolfo 12/10/2001 11:40PM
  Sounds like good news to me! 37Peter M. Bietenholz12/10/2001 11:43PM
  Sounds interesting! 37 Stefan 12/11/2001 12:14AM
  Sounds Scary, to put it mildly 41 Jacob 12/11/2001 01:30AM
  If he was attempting the money train he would .... 38 Mats 12/11/2001 05:55PM
  Joey Tempest anno 2002. 46 Geir 12/11/2001 07:55AM
  New Gotthard tunes 58Peter M. Bietenholz12/10/2001 09:53PM
  Couldn´t agree more and.... 37 Mats 12/10/2001 10:01PM
  Back to AOR. HELP! 45 Mattias 12/10/2001 09:49PM
  Re: Back to AOR. HELP! 33 Kevin 12/11/2001 02:47AM
  Winger - On The Inside 48 Brian 12/10/2001 09:11PM
  Re: Winger - On The Inside 38ele12/11/2001 02:06AM
  Re: Winger - On The Inside 43 Brian 12/11/2001 08:21AM
  Re: Winger - On The Inside 35 BSword 12/11/2001 10:20AM
  Re: Winger - On The Inside 40 Brian 12/11/2001 12:32PM
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