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  Remember the spanish band NIAGARA? 62 Adolfo 08/30/2001 07:42PM
  Re: Remember the spanish band NIAGARA? 50 Brian 08/30/2001 08:23PM
  Re: Remember the spanish band NIAGARA? 56 Adolfo 08/30/2001 08:58PM
  No, but how about viagara? 47 sfk kurt 08/30/2001 11:55PM
  Re: No, but how about viagara? 50 Adolfo 08/31/2001 12:24AM
  Re: No, but how about viagara? 56DEMON DRIVE AUSSIE FAN08/31/2001 11:37AM
  Re: No, but how about viagara? 52DEMON DRIVE AUSSIE FAN08/31/2001 11:36AM
  Sorry Adolpho, 47Surfpunk08/31/2001 01:48AM
  Re: Sorry Adolpho, 50 Adolfo 08/31/2001 03:53AM
  Re: Sorry Adolpho, 48 Phil 1 08/31/2001 04:31AM
  Re: Sorry Adolpho, 46 ADOLFO 08/31/2001 07:21AM
  Anorak LOL!!!!! (NP) 53Kieran08/31/2001 10:21AM
  It's not that obscure! 47 Phil 1 08/31/2001 11:14AM
  Re: It's not that obscure! 48Kieran08/31/2001 05:52PM
  Under Suspicion 49 Susumu 08/30/2001 01:43PM
  Re: Under Suspicion 45 Mario 08/31/2001 01:20AM
  Question for the geezers 56 The Other Joe 08/30/2001 11:21AM
  Geezer Butler at your service 48 koogles 08/30/2001 11:52AM
  Re: Stardrive 46 Eric Abrahamsen 08/30/2001 08:49PM
  Re: Stardrive 49 koogles 08/30/2001 11:13PM
  Fuse 52NOTCH JOHNSON08/30/2001 04:19PM
  Re: Question for the geezers 44 Carl 1 08/31/2001 06:32AM
  It seems Fuse is 69 50NOTCH JOHNSON08/31/2001 06:16PM
  Aaliyah album sales rise 41 percent this week 93 Mike Matney 08/30/2001 08:43AM
  I have some suggestions ... 47 TAFKAMP 08/30/2001 09:01AM
  Re: Americans... 48 Eric Abrahamsen 08/30/2001 09:32AM
  Re: Americans... 53 Tinger 08/30/2001 09:58AM
  Re: Huh? 43 Eric Abrahamsen 08/30/2001 10:23AM
  Re: Huh? 38 Tinger 08/30/2001 10:44AM
  Re: Huh? 55lrc7231508/30/2001 12:22PM
  Re: Huh? 46 Tinger 08/30/2001 12:49PM
  Re: U.S 46 Eric Abrahamsen 08/30/2001 08:41PM
  It's Not Just The U.S 48 Coco 08/30/2001 09:19PM
  Re: Huh? 54 John 08/31/2001 04:51AM
  Re: John... 52 Eric Abrahamsen 08/31/2001 07:47AM
  Re: John... 44SATAN08/31/2001 05:00PM
  Re: John... 57 Eric Abrahamsen 08/31/2001 09:00PM
  Re: Americans... 50 ted 08/31/2001 03:30AM
  Re: Americans... 49 ted 08/31/2001 03:31AM
  Re: Ha! 47 Eric Abrahamsen 08/31/2001 07:35AM
  Re: Americans... 45 Mike Matney 08/31/2001 09:52AM
  ted, I'm kiddin', dude... 54 Marc Vanway 08/31/2001 05:19PM
  the funniest thing I ever read 50 sfk kurt 08/30/2001 10:14AM
  Re: the funniest thing I ever read 40 Tinger 08/30/2001 10:27AM
  Re: the funniest thing I ever read 56 Mike Matney 08/30/2001 10:59AM
  Re: the funniest thing I ever read 48exnewyorker08/30/2001 02:34PM
  read some more! 45 sfk kurt 08/30/2001 11:28PM
  Re: read some more! 44 Mike Matney 08/31/2001 02:52AM
  yup 50 sfk kurt 08/31/2001 03:06AM
  Re: read some more! 62exnewyorker08/31/2001 12:31PM
  Re: read some more! 43 sfk kurt 08/31/2001 09:15PM
  Good! 42Tony Harnell09/01/2001 03:32AM
  Martin Luther Harnell 79 Coco 09/01/2001 05:59AM
  Coco-loco 50Tony Harnell09/01/2001 07:52AM
  Listen Cloth Ears 57 Coco 09/01/2001 08:48AM
  Re: Listen Cloth Ears 58Tony Harnell09/01/2001 09:50AM
  Re: Listen Cloth Ears 55 Coco 09/01/2001 10:00PM
  Re: Listen Cloth Ears 47Luther09/02/2001 12:17AM
  Re: Listen Cloth Ears 45 Coco 09/02/2001 03:01AM
  Re: Martin Luther Harnell 66madness09/01/2001 07:56AM
  Re: Good! 65 sfk kurt 09/01/2001 09:46PM
  Re: Good! 61Luther09/02/2001 12:02AM
  truce then 47 sfk kurt 09/02/2001 01:11AM
  Re: truce then 43Luther09/02/2001 01:15AM
  how about a TNT remake 58 sfk kurt 09/02/2001 01:22AM
  Ted, how many planes have you take recently? 49 Marc Vanway 08/30/2001 10:02PM
  Between recording artist & cabaret??? 51 Eric Abrahamsen 08/30/2001 07:56AM
  Budweiser Ads - Jimi Jamison ? 182MSL08/30/2001 07:36AM
  Re: Budweiser Ads - Jimi Jamison ? 86 Sue 08/30/2001 07:56AM
  Re: Budweiser Ads - Jimi Jamison ? 76Kieran08/30/2001 09:32AM
  Re: Budweiser Ads - Jimi Jamison ? 93 Phil 1 08/30/2001 09:58AM
  Re: Jamison 62 Eric Abrahamsen 08/30/2001 10:38AM
  Re: Jamison 50 Brad 09/01/2001 10:51AM
  Re: Jamison 60 janet 09/18/2001 04:06AM
  Re: Jamison 50Fire Witch09/18/2001 06:55AM
  Re: Budweiser Ads - Jimi Jamison ? 196Dave Bickler09/17/2001 09:36PM
  Nelson cancel 63 TAFKAMP 08/30/2001 06:36AM
  Re: Nelson cancel 35 R P M 08/30/2001 07:28AM
  Re: Nelson cancel 40 TAFKAMP 08/30/2001 07:50AM
  Re: Nelson cancel 52 R P M 08/30/2001 07:28AM
  Re: Nelson cancel 43 britny 08/30/2001 07:54AM
  haitrdos??? 45Tony M08/30/2001 08:15AM
  TAFCAMP I think your attitude sucks 46 Goddess 08/30/2001 06:28PM
  Hello Sharon!! 37Tony M08/30/2001 07:23PM
  Re: Hello Mr Marshall 59 Goddess 08/30/2001 07:48PM
  Re: RPM/NELSON 39 dissapointed 08/30/2001 10:27PM
  Re: RPM/ the promoter from Wigan? 48Tony M08/30/2001 11:25PM
  Re: RPM/NELSON 44TC08/31/2001 12:25AM
  The mighty finger of blame!!! 44Tony M08/31/2001 06:05AM
  I would love to oblige but... 49Tony M08/30/2001 11:16PM
  Re: I would love to oblige but... 43 Goddess 08/31/2001 12:55AM
  Re: TAFCAMP I think your attitude sucks 40 TAFKAMP 08/31/2001 03:46AM
  Re: TAFCAMP is Mr. Pomp !! 46 Melodic Lover 08/31/2001 07:41AM
  Re: TAFCAMP I think your attitude sucks 46 britny 08/31/2001 04:23AM
  Hairdos! 40Surfpunk08/31/2001 05:57AM
  Nelson tour cancelled.....Mitch goes electric! 44 R P M 08/30/2001 06:31AM
  Richard Marx.......George Michael 51Kris08/30/2001 05:46AM
  Richard Marx is aor to me! 40 sfk kurt 08/30/2001 05:52AM
  Re: Richard Marx 40 Pete 08/30/2001 05:59AM
  Re: Richard Marx 48 Music and the City 08/30/2001 07:37AM
  Re: Richard Marx 37 Brian 08/30/2001 08:00AM
  Re:Not Yet Released In Japan 43 Susumu 08/30/2001 02:03PM
  George Michael 42Gilly08/30/2001 05:35PM
  Re: George Michael 41 Marc Vanway 08/30/2001 08:25PM
  Nu-Breed in the UK Top 40 !! 50Surfpunk08/30/2001 04:38AM
  Re: Nu-Breed in the UK Top 40 !! 37Jack the Bastard08/30/2001 06:31AM
  Re: Nu-Breed in the UK Top 40 !! 47 Marc Vanway 08/30/2001 04:30PM
  Just sales(np)! 43Kieran08/30/2001 06:16PM
  Eric! New Bjork! 54 TAFKAMP 08/30/2001 04:04AM
  Re: Eric! New Bjork! 40 Eric Abrahamsen 08/30/2001 07:52AM
  Re: Eric! New Bjork! 43 Carl 1 08/30/2001 08:14AM
  Re: Carl...... 48 Eric Abrahamsen 08/30/2001 08:39AM
  Re: Eric! New Bjork! 38 Phil 1 08/30/2001 10:03AM
  ROCKSTAR SOUND TRACK 64 J.C. 08/30/2001 01:18AM
  Re: ROCKSTAR SOUND TRACK 47Patrick08/30/2001 02:11AM
  Re: ROCKSTAR SOUND TRACK 48 J.C. 08/30/2001 02:40AM
  Re: Def Leppard Rockstar! 50Robert08/30/2001 11:45AM
  Re: Def Leppard Rockstar! 47 J.C. 08/30/2001 01:57PM
  Re: ROCKSTAR SOUNDTRACK 45Patrick08/30/2001 02:55AM
  Re: ROCKSTAR SOUNDTRACK 47 Brian 08/30/2001 06:03AM
  Giant Hollywood Heroes Scans Needed 61 Scott 08/29/2001 11:53PM
  Name Hard Rock producers... 58 Adolfo 08/29/2001 11:39PM
  Re: Name Hard Rock producers... 43Patrick08/30/2001 12:10AM
  Re: Name Hard Rock producers... 47Patrick08/30/2001 12:11AM
  Producersssssss.... 60El Jacko08/30/2001 05:02AM
  Also.... 43Jack, The08/30/2001 05:27AM
  Re: dont forget Maestro Neil Kernon 45 Mafia boy 08/31/2001 12:07PM
  Ted, How do I get my Lovemetal CD? 52 Louise B 08/29/2001 10:31PM
  Re: Ted, How do I get my Lovemetal CD? 48 ted 08/30/2001 01:59AM
  Re: Ted, How do I get my Lovemetal CD? 51 ted 08/30/2001 02:02AM
  Re: Ted, How do I get my Lovemetal CD? 50 Louise B 08/30/2001 05:07AM
  Re: Ted, How do I get my Lovemetal CD? 46 Pat Heath 08/31/2001 11:36PM
  Skyhooks singer Shirley Strachan RIP 110 Mafia boy 08/29/2001 07:16PM
  Skyhook Frontman Dead 71 The Real Richard 08/29/2001 07:10PM
  Re: Skyhook Frontman Dead 54 Mafia boy 08/29/2001 07:28PM
  who would know during 24 coverage... 45 sfk kurt 08/29/2001 09:47PM
  Re: who would know during 24 coverage... 51 The Real Richard 08/29/2001 10:11PM
  it was sarcasm 49 sfk kurt 08/29/2001 10:32PM
  Re: it was sarcasm 52 The Real Richard 08/29/2001 11:43PM
  yup 50 sfk kurt 08/29/2001 11:55PM
  Re: yup 42 Mike Matney 08/30/2001 02:58AM
  well... 47 sfk kurt 08/30/2001 04:19AM
  A tribute album?? 47 dogga 08/30/2001 05:01PM
  Nu Breed Help Needed..... 65 dogga 08/29/2001 05:52PM
  Re: Nu Breed Help Needed..... 42 Marc Vanway 08/29/2001 06:58PM
  Re: Nu Breed Help Needed..... 49 Mafia boy 08/29/2001 07:23PM
  Re: Nu Breed Help Needed..... 52 Marc Vanway 08/29/2001 07:40PM
  Re: Nu Breed Help Needed..... 45Gav08/29/2001 09:39PM
  Also try Sum 41... 55exnewyorker08/30/2001 03:25AM
  Re: Nu Breed Help Needed..... 44 Carl 08/29/2001 11:29PM
  A few more names.... 52Surfpunk08/30/2001 03:31AM
  Re: A few more names.... 50Tina08/30/2001 07:57PM
  Help Appreciated....but Dok..... 55 dogga 08/30/2001 05:09PM
  Re: Help Appreciated....but Dok..... 62 Mafia boy 08/31/2001 12:44PM
  Classic Rock & AOR 63Terry08/29/2001 04:18PM
  Re: Classic Rock & AOR 46Patrick08/29/2001 11:11PM
  Re: Classic Rock & AOR 51Terry08/30/2001 01:35AM
  Re: Classic Rock & AOR 49Pingu08/30/2001 03:30AM
  classic rock sucks 46 peter 08/30/2001 05:39AM
  Re: Classic Rock & AOR 51 Susumu 08/30/2001 01:52PM
  Channel 5 Rock Day 53Terry08/29/2001 04:12PM
  A Question About Fortune... 55 Tinger 08/29/2001 03:33PM
  MECCA - Two NEW mp3's posted.... 68 Joe Vana 08/29/2001 02:09PM
  Re: MECCA - Two NEW mp3's posted.... 47Bill08/30/2001 05:27PM
  Re: MECCA - Two NEW mp3's posted.... 45 Andrew 08/30/2001 10:04PM
  Re: MECCA - Two NEW mp3's posted.... 49 Joe Vana 08/30/2001 05:30PM
  Re: MECCA - Two NEW mp3's posted.... 48 Susumu 08/31/2001 01:25AM
  Re: MECCA - Two NEW mp3's posted.... 44 Susumu 08/31/2001 01:42AM
  New Van Halen Book 58 Lance Watts 08/29/2001 02:06PM
  Looking for It's Alive material 57 Paul 08/29/2001 09:17AM
  Re: Looking for It's Alive material 45 TD 08/30/2001 03:55AM
  Check your mail Paul (np) 44Surfpunk08/30/2001 07:22AM
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