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  Classic Rock 110 AndyC 09/25/2002 05:50PM
  Re: Classic Rock 60 Goddess 09/25/2002 06:34PM
  Re: Classic Rock 57 Mid-Life Crisis 09/25/2002 06:39PM
  Re: Classic Rock 51tc09/25/2002 06:44PM
  Re: Classic Rock 62 AndyC 09/25/2002 07:07PM
  Re: Classic Rock 80Paul09/25/2002 07:18PM
  Re: Classic Rock 72 Goddess 09/25/2002 07:32PM
  Re: Classic Rock 85 JasonR 09/25/2002 07:59PM
  Re: Classic Rock 88 Goddess 09/25/2002 08:07PM
  Better than here in the U.S.... 73 Dan 09/25/2002 10:29PM
  Ditto 62 Andrew 09/25/2002 11:19PM
  one US mag worthwhile 70 Notch Johnson 09/26/2002 12:15AM
  Re: one US mag worthwhile 68 Rocketdog 09/26/2002 01:35PM
  Re: Better than here in the U.S.... 61 Ken 09/26/2002 01:06AM
  Re: Better than here in the U.S.... 73 Goddess 09/25/2002 10:33PM
  Re: Better than here in the U.S.... 85Steve Norander09/26/2002 12:18AM
  Metal Edge????????? 54 Nikki 09/26/2002 03:48AM
  Re: Metal Edge????????? 58Steve Norander09/26/2002 04:34AM
  Re: Better than here in the U.S.... 69 Brian 09/26/2002 04:42PM
  Re: Classic Rock 67 OzzMosiz 09/25/2002 11:49PM
  Re: Classic Rock 67 AndyC 09/26/2002 12:04AM
  nostalgia 74 R.C.I.T 09/26/2002 12:30AM
  Re: Classic Rock 49Stone Cold09/26/2002 12:27AM
  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 82Steve Norander09/26/2002 12:30AM
  Re: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 51Stone Cold09/26/2002 12:36AM
  Re: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 74 Goddess 09/26/2002 12:46AM
  Re: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 81 AndyC 09/26/2002 12:55AM
  What a life... 50Stone Cold09/26/2002 01:03AM
  How kind! 52 Andrew 09/26/2002 09:46AM
  Re: Better than here in the U.S.... 88 Goddess 09/26/2002 01:23AM
  But.......... 49 Nikki 09/26/2002 03:50AM
  Ooops 71 Nikki 09/26/2002 03:50AM
  Doh! Here we go again! 63epitaph09/26/2002 05:55AM
  Re: Doh! Here we go again! 72 AndyC 09/26/2002 06:48PM
  Re: Doh! Here we go again! 82epitaph09/27/2002 05:39AM
  Re: Doh! Here we go again! 84 AndyC 09/27/2002 05:23PM
  Re: OOH I SAY 69 Goddess 09/27/2002 06:36PM
  Re: Better than here in the U.S.... 67 Goddess 09/26/2002 06:50PM
  Re: Better than here in the U.S.... 59epitaph09/27/2002 05:05AM
  OOH I SAY 76epitaph09/27/2002 05:43AM
  Re: OOH I SAY 59 AndyC 09/27/2002 05:25PM
  Re: OOH I SAY 54Stone Cold09/27/2002 11:29PM
  Re: OOH I SAY 75 Goddess 09/28/2002 01:20AM
  2 Die 4? 66 Brian 09/25/2002 10:54AM
  Re: 2 Die 4? 44 Geoff 09/25/2002 04:25PM
  Re: 2 Die 4? 47matt09/25/2002 05:28PM
  Do You mean To/Die/For? 49 Penny 09/26/2002 10:33PM
  Album Of The Year....SHY! 69Party Liason09/25/2002 07:31AM
  Re: Album Of The Year....SHY! 48Dave09/25/2002 07:46AM
  Re: Album Of The Year....SHY! 50 AOR Guru 09/25/2002 08:37AM
  Re: Album Of The Year....SHY! 46 Mike Bates 09/25/2002 09:05AM
  Re: Album Of The Year....SHY! 54 Lynchomaniac 09/25/2002 10:23AM
  Re: Album Of The Year....SHY! 50 Tony2 09/25/2002 12:20PM
  Re: Album Of The Year....SHY! 45Party Liason09/25/2002 04:26PM
  Re: Album Of The Year....SHY! 57 Geoff 09/25/2002 04:29PM
  Re: Album Of The Year....SHY! 57 zoccoletto walter 09/26/2002 01:20AM
  New Joey Tempest sample 70 Marc Vanway 09/25/2002 07:11AM
  Re: New Joey Tempest sample.. 52 alex siedler 09/25/2002 06:19PM
  Re: New Joey Tempest sample.. 30 Marc Vanway 09/25/2002 06:40PM
  Re: New Joey Tempest sample.. 53 Andrew 09/25/2002 08:13PM
  Re: New Joey Tempest sample.. 47Chris Brooks09/26/2002 06:35AM
  AUDIOVENT 'live' in the UK! 60Surfpunk09/25/2002 04:29AM
  Re: AUDIOVENT 'live' in the UK! 44epitaph09/25/2002 04:50AM
  Re: AUDIOVENT 'live' in the UK! 39 Marc Vanway 09/25/2002 06:55AM
  Re: AUDIOVENT 'live' in the UK! 33 Woody 09/26/2002 03:21AM
  (Re) Bounce - 3 weeks later 69 Notch Johnson 09/25/2002 04:20AM
  Re: (Re) Bounce - 3 weeks later 54Robert09/25/2002 05:03AM
  it needs at least one ballad! 44 Notch Johnson 09/25/2002 05:19AM
  Re: it needs at least one ballad! 37 Marc Vanway 09/25/2002 06:57AM
  weird 41 Notch Johnson 09/25/2002 07:09AM
  Re: weird 39 Daniel 09/25/2002 07:14AM
  All About Lovin' You 41Ardian09/25/2002 07:34AM
  AMEN!! 45 Andrew 09/25/2002 08:56AM
  Re: AMEN!! 44Paul09/25/2002 12:56PM
  Re: AMEN!! 45elec09/25/2002 03:18PM
  Re: (Re) Bounce - 3 weeks later 45 Geoff 09/25/2002 04:38PM
  Looks like Misunderstood 2nd Bounce single 65 Notch Johnson 09/25/2002 03:50AM
  Re: A good choice... 48Robert09/25/2002 05:06AM
  Re: A good choice... 42Party Liason09/25/2002 06:48AM
  Dennis Deyoung - BTTW 61 Brian 09/25/2002 03:23AM
  Re: Dennis Deyoung - BTTW 47 Jodes 09/25/2002 03:07PM
  Re: Dennis Deyoung - BTTW 43 Brian 09/26/2002 06:21AM
  Re: By the way... 40 Brian 09/26/2002 06:35AM
  Boomchild on CD 43 Ellen The Alien 09/26/2002 07:21AM
  Re: Dennis Deyoung - BTTW 40 David 09/25/2002 11:56PM
  The Ted and Tony show 66 honestabe30 09/25/2002 01:50AM
  Re: The Ted and Tony show 54Steve Norander09/25/2002 02:01AM
  Re: The Ted and Tony show 46 TED POLEY 09/25/2002 04:12AM
  Re: The Ted and Tony show 43 Brian 09/25/2002 05:10AM
  Re: The Ted and Tony show 46 Bsixx 09/25/2002 11:05AM
  Re: The Ted and Tony show 41 Geoff 09/25/2002 04:49PM
  Re: The Ted and Tony show 47 TED POLEY 09/25/2002 11:45PM
  Campaign song?? 42 honestabe30 09/26/2002 02:04AM
  Re: The Ted and Tony show danger danger tour 39senor tallarico09/26/2002 02:04PM
  Re: The Ted and Tony show 45 ASTRA 09/25/2002 07:32PM
  Re:Maybe Ted should be president 37Taliwakker09/26/2002 09:08AM
  Re:Maybe Ted should be president 39 AndyC 09/26/2002 07:01PM
  Re:Maybe Ted should be president 39 Goddess 09/26/2002 07:49PM
  Bon Jovi B-sides 74 Fretmelter 09/25/2002 01:06AM
  Re: Bon Jovi B-sides 46 alex siedler 09/25/2002 01:16AM
  Re: Bon Jovi B-sides 47 Mark 09/25/2002 01:44AM
  Re: Bon Jovi B-sides 43 Fretmelter 09/25/2002 06:58AM
  Re: Breathe..... 48 Fretmelter 09/26/2002 03:58AM
  Re: Bon Jovi B-sides 39Party Liason09/25/2002 07:28AM
  Re: Breathe..... 35 alex siedler 09/25/2002 05:37PM
  Paul Shortino 59 Carl1 09/25/2002 12:49AM
  RED 7 59 Rammy 09/25/2002 12:32AM
  Sharks... what the feck Michael??? 57 AndyC 09/24/2002 11:42PM
  Re: Sharks... what the feck Michael??? 41 Spacehild 09/25/2002 12:31AM
  Re: Sharks... what the feck Michael??? 40Ardian09/25/2002 12:57AM
  Re: Sharks... what the feck Michael??? 43 dale 09/25/2002 01:26AM
  Re: Sharks... what the feck Michael??? 42Rambo09/25/2002 03:51AM
  Re: Sharks... what the feck Michael??? 50Mister Meanour09/25/2002 06:41AM
  Re: Sharks... what the feck Michael??? 49Party Liason09/25/2002 06:53AM
  Re: Sharks... what the feck Michael??? 47Syr Up09/25/2002 09:09AM
  Re: Sharks=good album 37Denman09/30/2002 12:37AM
  STREET TALK? 60 alex siedler 09/24/2002 11:17PM
  Lite Rock, done well. 34Kopious K909/25/2002 12:24AM
  Re: STREET TALK? 47Ardian09/25/2002 12:59AM
  Re: STREET TALK? 42GN09/25/2002 03:07AM
  Re: STREET TALK 44 Snake65 09/25/2002 06:00AM
  Can we forgive the Quo? 63 Spacehild 09/24/2002 10:16PM
  Re: Can we forgive the Quo? 43 OzzMosiz 09/24/2002 11:04PM
  just saw PETER FRAMPTON on..... 53 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 09/24/2002 10:03PM
  Re: just saw PETER FRAMPTON on..... 43Rock Fan09/25/2002 03:36AM
  Def Lep rocks NYC 61 Notch Johnson 09/24/2002 09:31PM
  Re: Def Lep rocks NYC 42 Mitch 09/24/2002 11:55PM
  Re: Def Lep rocks NYC 38 Notch Johnson 09/24/2002 11:59PM
  Re: Def Lep rocks NYC 45Party Liason09/25/2002 07:27AM
  Re: Def Lep rocks NYC 32DjX09/26/2002 04:56AM
  Status Quo: Heavy Traffic - album of the year 58 OzzMosiz 09/24/2002 07:57PM
  Re: Status Quo: Heavy Traffic - album of the year 44Daz09/24/2002 09:10PM
  Re: Status Quo: Heavy Traffic - album of the year 37 Quocaine 09/24/2002 09:19PM
  Re: Status Quo: Heavy Traffic - album of the year 43 fanfor30years 09/24/2002 09:35PM
  but is it as good as..... 62 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 09/24/2002 10:21PM
  Re: but is it as good as..... 52 OzzMosiz 09/24/2002 11:10PM
  Re: but is it as good as..... 47Daz09/24/2002 11:59PM
  Re: Status Quo: Heavy Traffic - album of the year 51 wondernurse 09/24/2002 11:43PM
  Rick Springfield - Beat Of... DVD 57 Ralf 09/24/2002 06:07PM
  Re: Rick Springfield - Beat Of... DVD 36Party Liason09/24/2002 07:05PM
  Re: Rick Springfield - Beat Of... DVD 36 Andrew 09/24/2002 07:12PM
  Kiss Aust tour 60Mafia Buoy09/24/2002 03:10PM
  Re: Kiss=LIARS! 34Party Liason09/24/2002 03:14PM
  No Peter or Ace...? 50 Benno 09/25/2002 09:37AM
  Re: No Peter or Ace...? 48 Ken 09/26/2002 01:12AM
  happy birthday mr. coverdale 73 wesley 09/24/2002 02:05PM
  Re: happy birthday mr. coverdale 37 Rammy 09/24/2002 07:00PM
  Re: happy birthday mr. coverdale 51Roger Russell09/24/2002 07:37PM
  Re: happy birthday mr. coverdale 56 Sue 09/24/2002 08:50PM
  Re: happy birthday mr. coverdale 48Roger Russell09/24/2002 10:58PM
  Re: happy birthday mr. coverdale 41 Kurt 09/25/2002 01:03AM
  Re: happy birthday mr. coverdale 56 fugazi88 09/25/2002 02:26AM
  Re: happy birthday mr. coverdale 49 Lynchomaniac 09/25/2002 10:28AM
  Re: happy birthday mr. coverdale 51rondo09/26/2002 04:15AM
  Re: happy birthday mr. coverdale 45senor tallarico09/26/2002 02:17PM
  hey Aussies, Keith urban? 75DjX09/24/2002 01:42PM
  Re: hey Aussies, Keith urban? 53 Nikki 09/24/2002 03:35PM
  Pure Prairie League 46 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 09/24/2002 07:03PM
  great album 42 Notch Johnson 09/24/2002 09:27PM
  Re: great album 37Roger Russell09/24/2002 11:01PM
  Re: great album 46Robert09/25/2002 12:14AM
  Re: great album 42DjX09/25/2002 12:40AM
  Re: great album 49 Nikki 09/25/2002 02:25AM
  Re: great album 46DjX09/26/2002 05:01AM
  Re: hey Aussies, Keith urban? 42 Jamie Evers 09/25/2002 01:35PM
  Recommendations on Melodic rock 79 Simon 09/24/2002 11:50AM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 54TT09/24/2002 11:57AM
  Also Check out PORN ROCK 49 Justin 09/24/2002 12:21PM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 47 the ORIGINAL brent 09/24/2002 12:25PM
  Red Dawn! You beat me! (np) 55 Brian 09/24/2002 12:31PM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 49DjX09/24/2002 01:55PM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 59 Simon 09/24/2002 04:11PM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 53 Mid-Life Crisis 09/24/2002 07:15PM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 45Party Liason09/24/2002 03:06PM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 52 Goddess 09/24/2002 06:21PM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 42Scott Watson09/24/2002 06:34PM
  Try these 60PETE09/24/2002 06:40PM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 60 Randall 09/24/2002 11:12PM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 36 zoccoletto walter 09/25/2002 12:05AM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 52 alex siedler 09/25/2002 12:13AM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 48Roger Russell09/25/2002 12:52AM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 44 Kurt 09/25/2002 01:12AM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 45 Lynchomaniac 09/25/2002 10:48AM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 45 Lynchomaniac 09/26/2002 12:16AM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 55rondo09/26/2002 03:44AM
  Re: Recommendations on Melodic rock 54 Michael Riesenbeck 09/25/2002 11:58PM
  Ted Poley's Big... 115 Justin 09/24/2002 11:29AM
  Re: Ted Poley's Big... 41 Tony2 09/24/2002 12:30PM
  Re: Ted Poley's Big... 44 Dirk 09/24/2002 05:09PM
  Re: Ted Poley's Big... 52TT09/24/2002 05:37PM
  Re: Ted Poley's Big... 50TT09/24/2002 05:37PM
  Re: Ted Poley's Big... 61 TED POLEY 09/24/2002 10:24PM
  Re: Ted Poley's Big... 60 Woody 09/24/2002 11:12PM
  Re: Ted Poley's Big... 53 nonstop_rocker 09/25/2002 12:34AM
  Re: Ted Poley's Big... 50Steve Norander09/24/2002 11:48PM
  Re: Ted Poley's Big... 43Steve Norander09/25/2002 02:02AM
  RE: AT METAL SLUDGE TOO LONG!!! 55 Justin 09/25/2002 12:24AM
  RE: AT METAL SLUDGE TOO LONG!!! 54 TED POLEY 09/25/2002 12:39AM
  Yeah ! 55Stone Cold09/25/2002 12:56AM
  Re: Yeah ! 40Steve Norander09/25/2002 01:10AM
  damn i came back too late to fight 54dino09/25/2002 12:24PM
  Defyance MP3 available for download (more) 75 Defyance 09/24/2002 09:49AM
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