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  Old albums I just bought. Thoughts... 64 Daniel 10/07/2001 04:57AM
  Re: Old albums 43Syrup Wizard10/07/2001 06:18AM
  Re: Old albums 44danthecdman10/07/2001 08:20AM
  Re: Old albums I just bought. Thoughts... 40 Carl1 10/07/2001 09:46PM
  Re: Old albums I just bought. Thoughts... 41 Fred 10/08/2001 04:18AM
  Re: Old albums I just bought. Thoughts... 44 Daniel 10/08/2001 05:19AM
  Re: Old albums I just bought. Thoughts... 38 Carl1 10/09/2001 08:42AM
  WAR BABIES 48 alex siedler 10/07/2001 04:01AM
  Re: WAR BABIES 41 Daniel 10/07/2001 05:15AM
  Re: WAR BABIES 38Syrup Wizard10/07/2001 05:57AM
  Re: WAR BABIES 40danthecdman10/07/2001 08:22AM
  NEW John Waite cd (unreleased tracks) 48 Rich 10/07/2001 02:51AM
  Classic Era 37 Andrew 10/07/2001 09:48AM
  Re: Thanks, I was hoping for.... 40 Rich 10/07/2001 10:06PM
  Blilly Sheenan Interview 52Patrick10/07/2001 01:59AM
  Re: Blilly Sheenan Interview 38Dave10/07/2001 02:22AM
  Re: Blilly Sheenan Interview 41 Tinger 10/07/2001 08:10AM
  Thanks 41Dave10/07/2001 08:41AM
  Shooting Star Update 45 Don Wishon 10/07/2001 12:20AM
  Re: Shooting Star Update 38 bridgeofsighs 10/07/2001 03:54AM
  New Winger tune 46Peter M. Bietenholz10/06/2001 11:23PM
  Re: New Winger tune 38Phil 210/07/2001 06:49AM
  Re: New Winger tune 36danthecdman10/10/2001 08:12AM
  nu-breed alert 50Peter M. Bietenholz10/06/2001 11:12PM
  Donots 42 alex siedler 10/07/2001 12:09AM
  Re: Alex... 39 Don 10/07/2001 07:13AM
  Don... 44alex siedler10/07/2001 08:49PM
  Re: nu-breed alert 42 Dave 10/07/2001 08:25PM
  SAVATAGE+SAIGON KICK= SWAN CHRISTY !!!!!!!!!!! 71 Tavas 10/06/2001 11:00PM
  Sounds cool! 43Surfpunk10/07/2001 03:50AM
  Re: Sounds cool! 39 Tavas 10/07/2001 07:08AM
  Melodic Nu-metal? 58 Jason 10/06/2001 09:34PM
  Re: Melodic Nu-metal? 44 koogles 10/07/2001 12:03AM
  Re: Melodic Nu-metal? 43-Rob10/07/2001 03:20AM
  Re: Melodic Nu-metal? 49 Don 10/07/2001 07:18AM
  Re: Melodic Nu-metal? 47Phil 210/07/2001 01:32PM
  The Puddle of Stereomudvayne stuff 44 koogles 10/08/2001 12:41AM
  Say what?! 43Syrup Wizard10/08/2001 05:15AM
  Re: Say what?! 44 koogles 10/08/2001 05:37AM
  Re: Say what?! 45Syrup Wizard10/08/2001 06:06AM
  Re: Say what?! 44Phil 210/08/2001 07:28AM
  Re: Melodic Nu-metal? 57Syrup Wizard10/07/2001 03:59AM
  Re: Melodic Nu-metal? 57 Dave 10/07/2001 07:59PM
  Johnny K, Soil 45Syrup Wizard10/08/2001 05:24AM
  Re: Johnny K, Soil 49 Matt 10/08/2001 10:39AM
  Re: Melodic Nu-metal? 48 Jason 10/07/2001 12:23PM
  Re: Melodic Nu-metal? 46Phil 210/07/2001 01:26PM
  Re: Melodic Nu-metal? 47 koogles 10/08/2001 12:35AM
  Friday Night before the Gods.... 51 Sue 10/06/2001 08:15PM
  Tonight Matthew I'm gonna be.... 36Surfpunk10/07/2001 09:27PM
  Oh yeah, and... 38Surfpunk10/07/2001 11:42PM
  Re: Oh yeah, and... 39 britny 10/08/2001 04:50AM
  Re: Friday Night before the Gods.... 45 marty s 10/12/2001 04:21AM
  MARK ASHTON/URBAN TALE!!!! 59 GRAHAM 10/06/2001 04:54PM
  Re: MARK ASHTON/URBAN TALE!!!! 47 hotr 10/06/2001 05:09PM
  Re: MARK ASHTON/URBAN TALE!!!! 44 Erkka/Urban Tale 10/06/2001 07:00PM
  Re: MARK ASHTON/URBAN TALE!!!! 41 Adolfo 10/06/2001 07:52PM
  Re: MARK ASHTON/URBAN TALE!!!! 47 ROCKDOG 10/06/2001 10:12PM
  Journey soupergroup covers band! 49 Sue 10/06/2001 10:34PM
  Re: MARK ASHTON/URBAN TALE!!!! 48Mark Ashton10/06/2001 10:35PM
  P.S. 65Mark Ashton10/06/2001 10:38PM
  Great Minds! 46 Sue 10/06/2001 11:23PM
  Re: MARK ASHTON/URBAN TALE!!!! 51Patrick10/07/2001 02:11AM
  Re: MARK ASHTON/URBAN TALE!!!! 54 Goddess 10/07/2001 07:40PM
  Re: MARK ASHTON/URBAN TALE!!!! 41 Erkka/Urban Tale 10/07/2001 08:47PM
  Disappointed fans of Queensryche live album... 67 graham 10/06/2001 03:08PM
  Re: Disappointed fans of Queensryche live album... 42danthecdman10/06/2001 09:29PM
  Re: Disappointed fans of Queensryche live album... 38 graham 10/07/2001 06:52PM
  Diving For Pearls 50graham10/06/2001 02:38PM
  Re: Diving For Pearls 34Scott10/06/2001 07:37PM
  Re: Diving For Pearls 38 Adolfo 10/06/2001 07:54PM
  AOR prices 31Jack10/07/2001 04:34AM
  Re: AOR prices 37Scott10/07/2001 06:11PM
  Actual Size 47 Nic 10/06/2001 11:04AM
  Re: Actual Size 37Dave10/07/2001 02:30AM
  Somebody BUY my spare Import....PLEASE!! 36 Andrew 10/07/2001 09:52AM
  Eagles- when hell freezes over 42Pete10/06/2001 09:41AM
  Re: Eagles- when hell freezes over 37 ddregs 10/07/2001 12:33AM
  Essential Journey TV Commercial 65 Tinger 10/06/2001 08:22AM
  Re: Essential Journey TV Commercial 47 koogles 10/06/2001 09:31AM
  Re: Essential Journey TV Commercial 46 Tinger 10/06/2001 10:07AM
  Re: Essential Journey TV Commercial 37 koogles 10/07/2001 12:25AM
  Re: Essential Journey TV Commercial 44 Whynot_Canada 10/07/2001 01:17AM
  Set up? 41 Big marc 10/07/2001 10:02AM
  Re: Set up? 41Patrick10/07/2001 10:42AM
  It won't happen 35 koogles 10/08/2001 12:52AM
  Re: It won't happen AGREE 35 hotr 10/08/2001 03:00AM
  Toto 41 koogles 10/08/2001 05:46AM
  Re: Toto 39 ddregs 10/09/2001 07:45AM
  Re: It won't happen 46 Big marc 10/09/2001 06:51AM
  John eddie. 56 Richard 10/06/2001 07:31AM
  sounds like Bruce mostly 47 sfk kurt 10/06/2001 08:09AM
  Re: Agree 37 Eric Abrahamsen 10/06/2001 08:17AM
  Re: Live CD 37 Eric Abrahamsen 10/06/2001 08:20AM
  Re: John Cafferty 41 Music and the City 10/06/2001 05:58PM
  Re: "Jersey" sound 38 Eric Abrahamsen 10/06/2001 11:14PM
  The "Jersey" sound rules! 40 sfk kurt 10/06/2001 11:39PM
  Re: The "Jersey" sound rules! 38 Eric Abrahamsen 10/07/2001 04:13AM
  dunno if Little Steven is gritty 39 sfk kurt 10/07/2001 07:55AM
  Re: dunno if Little Steven is gritty 37 Eric Abrahamsen 10/07/2001 08:28AM
  prob not! ;) 39 sfk kurt 10/08/2001 12:03AM
  not good? 38 sfk kurt 10/06/2001 11:40PM
  Harem Scarem Question 51 Hutch 10/06/2001 06:45AM
  Re: Harem Scarem Question 39 dogga (the real one) 10/06/2001 01:51PM
  Re: Harem Scarem Question 37 Hutch 10/06/2001 02:18PM
  Re: Harem Scarem Question 37Patrick10/07/2001 01:43AM
  The Gods 2001 - Latest News Update 53Peter Sims10/06/2001 03:52AM
  Re: The Gods 2001 - Latest News Update 39 ADOLFO 10/06/2001 04:51AM
  Well done 39Kev10/06/2001 06:04AM
  Re: Well done 49blm10/06/2001 07:55AM
  Re: Well done 40Kev10/06/2001 09:22AM
  Re: The Gods 2001 - PISSED OFF 47 BIG DAZ 10/06/2001 06:06AM
  Re: The Gods 2001 - Latest News Update 47 marty s 10/07/2001 12:18AM
  Re: The Gods 2001 - Latest News Update 41 Don Wishon 10/08/2001 01:02AM
  Re: The Gods 2001 - Latest News Update 48 Remco 10/07/2001 11:58PM
  Re: The Gods 2001 - Latest News Update 41 britny 10/08/2001 04:52AM
  tickets 45Kev10/08/2001 06:16AM
  Re: tickets 48 ADOLFO 10/08/2001 07:00AM
  House of shakira Live+ 52Stephanie Knox10/06/2001 01:34AM
  Re: House of shakira Live+ 38Peter M. Bietenholz10/06/2001 03:09AM
  Re: House of shakira Live+ 44Kev10/06/2001 06:05AM
  Soundbytes here also... 39 Andrew 10/06/2001 10:40AM
  Kix - nubreed fathers? 56 sfk kurt 10/05/2001 11:38PM
  Re: Kix 42 Eric Abrahamsen 10/06/2001 04:04AM
  Re: Kix/Cheap Trick??? 58 Don 10/06/2001 06:30AM
  Re: Oh Yeah... 40 Eric Abrahamsen 10/06/2001 08:10AM
  Re: Oh Yeah... 44danthecdman10/06/2001 09:05AM
  Re: Lancaster 44 Eric Abrahamsen 10/06/2001 11:05PM
  Re: Lancaster 44 britny 10/08/2001 05:28AM
  tradia-tradewinds 89matt10/05/2001 10:23PM
  Badlwin wasn't on all tradia discs 50 sfk kurt 10/05/2001 11:38PM
  Re: tradia-tradewinds 58 hotr 10/06/2001 12:52PM
  John Waite interview 57 VesaN 10/05/2001 09:22PM
  Re: John Waite interview 40 Ralph 10/06/2001 02:35AM
  See!!!!!!! 41 Andrew 10/06/2001 10:45AM
  Re: See!!!!!!! 41 Ralph 10/06/2001 05:21PM
  Re: See!!!!!!! 44Dave10/06/2001 05:45PM
  Thanks...but just to clarify.... 47 Andrew 10/06/2001 06:01PM
  Re: See!!!!!!! 40 Buck 10/06/2001 09:35PM
  Figure is AMAZING 44 koogles 10/07/2001 01:31AM
  Temple Bar 42 Andrew 10/07/2001 09:55AM
  Re: Too many cover tunes !!! 44 Rich 10/07/2001 10:12PM
  tower city - where are they now? 42MELODIC ROCK underground10/05/2001 05:33PM
  TOWER CITY - ALL OR NOTHING 47MELODIC ROCK underground10/05/2001 11:12AM
  Weaker than the debut by far.......... 44Kris10/05/2001 02:14PM
  It's Just A Bunch Of Demos 38 Coco 10/05/2001 04:29PM
  Re:MTM 43 the ORIGINAL brent 10/07/2001 11:54PM
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