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  Perris Records? 76 alleyrulez 06/28/2001 11:00PM
  Re: Perris Records? 42 Jerry Oliver 06/29/2001 12:54AM
  Re: Perris Records? 49 Brian 06/29/2001 06:36AM
  Re: Perris Records? 50travis06/29/2001 06:54AM
  Re: Perris Records? 44 wayne 06/29/2001 10:10AM
  They sell Nelson records in U.S. 60 Susumu 07/01/2001 04:40PM
  unreleased albums---what bands have yet to release 53 alleyrulez 06/28/2001 10:53PM
  Re: unreleased albums---what bands have yet to rel 42Jack.06/29/2001 03:52AM
  Re: unreleased albums---what bands have yet to rel 44 Brian 06/29/2001 06:38AM
  Adding something to what Andrew has said 75 Marc Vanway 06/28/2001 09:38PM
  80's music and today's market 50 Captain Can Man 06/28/2001 10:29PM
  Re: 80's music and today's market 41 Marc Vanway 06/28/2001 10:58PM
  Re: 80's music and today's market 46 Captain Can Man 06/29/2001 12:36AM
  problem is... 44 sfk kurt 06/29/2001 03:32AM
  Re: problem is... 66 Captain Can Man 06/29/2001 07:05AM
  How about (Pig Shitty Nights) by the Scorpions! L 47 JC 06/29/2001 11:24AM
  Re: 80's music and today's market 49Surfpunk06/29/2001 04:40AM
  Re: 80's music and today's market 53Tony Harnell06/29/2001 02:33AM
  Hey Tony 61Ralph Santolla06/29/2001 02:56AM
  Re: Hey Tony 50Tony Harnell06/29/2001 07:03AM
  Past Influences 46Phil 206/29/2001 04:55AM
  Re: 80's music and today's market 44 Captain Can Man 06/29/2001 06:52AM
  more Angry AOR!! 49 brothersage 07/01/2001 12:24PM
  Re: Adding something to what Andrew has said 43 Adolfo 06/28/2001 10:38PM
  Re: Adding something to what Andrew has said 47 Marc Vanway 06/28/2001 11:00PM
  Re: Adding something to what Andrew has said 42 Adolfo 06/28/2001 11:07PM
  me too 52 sfk kurt 06/29/2001 03:29AM
  Re: me too 61 Baffie 06/29/2001 07:50AM
  Re: me too 42Ace06/29/2001 12:24PM
  An old man thinking.......... 56 Mats 06/29/2001 05:27PM
  Hey Mats, Todays trend... 45Surfpunk06/30/2001 06:42AM
  Re: All of this... 52 Don 06/30/2001 08:16AM
  Re: All of this... 44 Jason 07/01/2001 01:58AM
  Awesome Jason! 45 Captain Can Man 07/01/2001 08:13AM
  journey european tour 43 frankmac 06/28/2001 08:35PM
  Kharma Cosmic-fantasic stuff! 60Bjorn Toresen06/28/2001 08:32PM
  Wanted : Blue Tears - unreleased album 56 Stanley 06/28/2001 06:28PM
  New Savatage Singer.... 83 Tavas 06/28/2001 05:17PM
  David Readman 47Kris06/28/2001 11:07PM
  Re: David Readman 43 Tavas 06/28/2001 11:40PM
  Re: New Savatage Singer.... 44 Jerry 06/29/2001 01:08AM
  Re: New Savatage Singer / Priest 49Terry06/29/2001 03:55AM
  STYX: your recommendations requested 58 dave taylor 06/28/2001 04:59PM
  Re: STYX: your recommendations requested 45 Adolfo 06/28/2001 07:05PM
  Re: STYX: your recommendations requested 48 frehleysvomit 06/29/2001 03:04PM
  Re: STYX: your recommendations requested 51 Adolfo 06/29/2001 04:26PM
  Re: STYX: your recommendations requested 49 Captain Can Man 06/28/2001 09:18PM
  Re: STYX: your recommendations requested 43Doc K06/28/2001 10:01PM
  Re: STYX: your recommendations requested 45Bob06/28/2001 10:29PM
  Re: STYX recommendations requested 47 Geir 06/28/2001 10:49PM
  Re: STYX recommendations requested 46 Philly Mike 06/29/2001 11:50AM
  Re: STYX: your recommendations requested 46 dave taylor 06/29/2001 03:53PM
  STYX: Some Additional Recommendations requested 47 Rocker Chic 07/03/2001 03:40AM
  Re: STYX: Some Additional Recommendations requeste 53 R.C.I.T. 07/04/2001 12:38AM
  Re: STYX: your recommendations requested 43 Steve Reno 07/01/2001 09:41AM
  Ron or anybody... (Dare demos) 56 Baffie 06/28/2001 12:42PM
  :o( ... Nobody here to help me??? 60 Baffie 06/29/2001 08:48AM
  Andrew: Going to Munich? 59 Baffie 06/28/2001 12:14PM
  Need help with current song 53Kieran06/28/2001 10:53AM
  Re: Need help with current song 45 Mike Matney 06/28/2001 11:41AM
  Re: Need help with current song 58 Captain Can Man 06/28/2001 12:43PM
  Evan And Jaron! 51 sfk kurt 06/28/2001 12:54PM
  Re: Evan And Jaron! 45 Brian 06/28/2001 03:05PM
  YES! 42 sfk kurt 06/28/2001 10:07PM
  Re: Evan And Jaron! 43Peter M. Bietenholz06/28/2001 07:41PM
  An instant injection of summer! 44Surfpunk06/29/2001 07:23AM
  CD CLEAROUT 57 Kelv Hellrazer 06/28/2001 09:10AM
  Paradise, Stan Bush, Silent & AOR soundfiles 70 DJ Klaus 06/28/2001 08:41AM
  ROCK ROYALE 67 Kelv Hellrazer 06/28/2001 08:30AM
  Re: ROCK ROYALE 46 Carl 1 06/28/2001 09:09AM
  Re: ROCK ROYALE 57 Kelv Hellrazer 06/28/2001 09:13AM
  CD SALE OF THE CENTURY 59 Kelv Hellrazer 06/28/2001 08:14AM
  Hey Surfpunk...?? 58 Coco 06/28/2001 08:10AM
  Dude! Check yer mail! (NP) 48Surfpunk06/28/2001 08:31AM
  Cheers Bud....(np) 46 Coco 06/28/2001 09:03AM
  Healing Sixes 61 Peter M. Bietenholz 06/28/2001 07:07AM
  Re: Healing Sixes 49 Andrew 06/28/2001 07:31AM
  Re: Healing Sixes 53Peter M. Bietenholz06/28/2001 04:40PM
  Re: Healing Sixes 43 Paul 06/28/2001 04:49PM
  Re: Healing Sixes 49 alleyrulez 06/28/2001 10:55PM
  Re: Healing Sixes 44 Chris Mooday 07/06/2001 03:41AM
  Adrenalize?? 63 pete 06/28/2001 06:31AM
  Re: Adrenalize?? 46 alex siedler 06/28/2001 06:50AM
  Re: Adrenalize?? 46 Mrpool 06/28/2001 06:51AM
  Re: Adrenalize?? 44 sfk kurt 06/28/2001 07:01AM
  Adrenalize/Vox Dominatas?? 53 pete 06/28/2001 07:52AM
  Re: Adrenalize/Vox Dominatas?? 46 dave taylor 06/28/2001 04:52PM
  Re: Adrenalize?? 49 frehleysvomit 06/28/2001 03:59PM
  Re: Adrenalize?? 46 Double Decibel Dave 07/01/2001 10:01AM
  MaStEr Of PuPpEtS (recording labels) 50 Mrpool 06/28/2001 06:23AM
  Re: MaStEr Of PuPpEtS (recording labels) 34 Dave 06/28/2001 08:33PM
  Looking for Ray Gillen cd's 48 James 06/28/2001 06:00AM
  Re: Looking for Ray Gillen cd's 42 Peter M. Bietenholz 06/28/2001 07:10AM
  Re: Looking for Ray Gillen cd's 42 Davy(N.I.) 06/29/2001 01:38AM
  Re: Looking for Ray Gillen cd's 50 Peter M. Bietenholz 06/29/2001 06:01AM
  Fred's board? 72Jack06/28/2001 05:39AM
  Re: Fred's board? 43 Phil 1 06/28/2001 06:03AM
  Re: Fred's board? 43 Fred 06/28/2001 03:54PM
  I have no problems...(nt) 47 Mats 06/28/2001 04:53PM
  Worked, thanks Fred! (np) 47Jack06/28/2001 11:35PM
  Agh, failed on me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 41Jack06/29/2001 05:49AM
  Well... 49 Fred 06/29/2001 08:08AM
  Nope.... 39Jack06/29/2001 09:18AM
  Sorted!!! 47 Phil 1 06/29/2001 02:39PM
  Re: Nope.... 46 Fred 06/29/2001 03:07PM
  Re: Fred's board? 47 Phil 1 06/29/2001 08:50AM
  Alien 4 1993, info please 56 AORMAN 06/28/2001 05:31AM
  Avoid this cd at all costs!!!!!!!! 41 Coco 06/28/2001 06:34AM
  cheap trick live 52 andy 06/28/2001 03:44AM
  Stop blaming grunge... 75 sfk kurt 06/28/2001 03:24AM
  Re: Stop blaming grunge... 61Surfpunk06/28/2001 04:23AM
  Re: Stop blaming grunge... 54 Coco 06/28/2001 07:55AM
  Repost,in case it gets missed below 76 Coco 06/28/2001 07:59AM
  Ok, I'll blame everyone who turned their back 50 koogles 06/28/2001 09:12AM
  you just made a good point... 42 Mike Matney 06/28/2001 10:04AM
  Re: you just made a good point... 64 Brian 06/28/2001 03:14PM
  Kaching Brian! A point for everyone. 58 sfk kurt 06/28/2001 10:13PM
  but were they fans in the first place? 52 sfk kurt 06/28/2001 10:09AM
  'Kids' have different priorities now. 48Surfpunk06/29/2001 07:42AM
  Which famous musicians visit this site? 64 Mrpool 06/28/2001 01:44AM
  Re: Which famous musicians visit this site? 47SATAN06/28/2001 06:54AM
  Re: Which famous musicians visit this site? 47 alex siedler 06/28/2001 07:15AM
  that you FORD?? (np) 49 the ORIGINAL brent 06/28/2001 08:29PM
  That was brilliant. thank you (np) 51Jack06/29/2001 03:15AM
  Re: Which famous musicians visit this site? 83 Captain Can Man 06/28/2001 09:02AM
  Re: Which famous musicians visit this site? 56 Danny Danzi 06/28/2001 09:48AM
  Re: Which famous musicians visit this site? 53 Captain Can Man 06/28/2001 12:50PM
  Re: Which famous musicians visit this site? 45 Danny Danzi 06/28/2001 07:26PM
  Re: Which famous musicians visit this site? 56 Goddess 06/28/2001 07:39PM
  Re: Which famous musicians visit this site? 52 Danny Danzi 06/29/2001 05:09PM
  Re: Which famous musicians visit this site? 48 Goddess 06/29/2001 06:21PM
  Re: Which famous musicians visit this site? 45 the ORIGINAL brent 06/28/2001 08:28PM
  Re: Which famous musicians visit this site? 47Ralph Santolla07/03/2001 03:21AM
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