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  Shark Island info please 91 AORMAN 04/20/2001 01:06AM
  Re: Shark Island info please 70 Daniel 04/20/2001 02:05AM
  Altar Ego 57Darkman04/20/2001 02:12AM
  Re: Altar Ego 70John Q04/20/2001 04:13AM
  Thanks for the info(np) 62Darkman04/20/2001 06:24PM
  Another Album... 55 John 04/20/2001 07:19AM
  Re: Another Album... 53Penguin04/20/2001 07:48AM
  Re: Another Album... 67 Carl 1 04/20/2001 08:23AM
  Re: Another Album... 51 Brian 04/20/2001 09:05AM
  Re: Shark Island info please 69 Silvia 04/20/2001 06:14PM
  Sharks 57 johnny blackout 04/21/2001 01:43AM
  Now & Then / Frontiers News - 19 April 2001 68Peter Sims04/20/2001 12:43AM
  Ian Astbury - Doors 77 Rammy 04/20/2001 12:21AM
  Re: Ian Astbury - Doors 50Eric Abrahamsen04/20/2001 02:51AM
  For The Love of Strange Medicine 83 Susumu 04/19/2001 11:59PM
  Re: For The Love of Strange Medicine 65 Rammy 04/20/2001 12:22AM
  Re: For The Love of Strange Medicine 71 Rammy 04/20/2001 12:22AM
  Re: For The Love of Strange Medicine 72Surfpunk04/20/2001 12:44AM
  Re: For The Love of Strange Medicine 61 Carl 1 04/20/2001 02:30AM
  Re: For The Love of Strange Medicine 66 Kevin 04/20/2001 03:44AM
  Re: For The Love of Strange Medicine 56 ddregs 04/20/2001 04:43AM
  Re: For The Love of Strange Medicine 52 Kevin 04/20/2001 05:24AM
  Re: For The Love of Strange Medicine 64 ddregs 04/20/2001 07:11AM
  Re: For The Love of Strange Medicine 65 Kevin 04/20/2001 09:04AM
  Re: For The Love of Strange Medicine 63 ddregs 04/20/2001 09:50PM
  Great CD! 58Kris04/20/2001 12:33PM
  Re: Great CD! 60 Kev Thomas 04/21/2001 12:45AM
  Lost Tracks.... 45Kris04/21/2001 05:37AM
  Re: Lost Tracks.... 63 Kev Thomas 04/21/2001 06:09PM
  Re: Great CD! 64 Brian Mc 04/21/2001 07:57AM
  Re: Great CD! 78 Carl 1 04/21/2001 09:36AM
  Re: Great CD! 56 Carl 1 04/21/2001 09:25PM
  Peter Cetera 75 Susumu 04/19/2001 11:52PM
  Re: Peter Cetera 47 adolfo 04/20/2001 02:38AM
  Paul Laine rare songs 76 Andy 04/19/2001 11:52PM
  Re: Paul Laine rare songs 44 chinese 04/20/2001 12:53AM
  EUROPE 84 alex siedler 04/19/2001 09:13PM
  Re: EUROPE 66 Marc Vanway 04/19/2001 09:49PM
  Re: EUROPE 63 alex siedler 04/20/2001 12:44AM
  EUROPE - jus' wondering... 58 Sven 04/20/2001 01:07AM
  /me hands Sven a clue 49joe04/20/2001 01:24AM
  Stranded - Tone Norum 62 Ivar 04/20/2001 04:43AM
  Erm... 57 Ivar 04/20/2001 05:33AM
  Re: Erm... 62Jonas04/21/2001 04:11AM
  Re: Erm... 60 alex siedler 04/20/2001 06:58AM
  Re: Erm... 59 Ivar 04/20/2001 08:28AM
  Re: Erm... 65 REBEL SON 04/20/2001 08:58PM
  To Kevin: Dare 65 RON (Holland) 04/19/2001 09:00PM
  Cinderella - Z Records? 79 Rammy 04/19/2001 08:33PM
  Re: Cinderella - Z Records? 61 Coco 04/19/2001 09:51PM
  Re: Cinderella - Z Records? 73Jud04/19/2001 10:46PM
  Re: Cinderella - Z Records? 60Dave04/19/2001 11:41PM
  Still Climbing - lame?? 65joe04/19/2001 11:41PM
  Agreed! 64 Benno 04/20/2001 10:22AM
  Re: Agreed! 61 The Rob 04/21/2001 03:02AM
  Reality check! 66Surfpunk04/20/2001 12:30AM
  Re: Reality check! 56Eric Abrahamsen04/20/2001 02:54AM
  Re: Reality check! 65Penguin04/20/2001 05:04AM
  New awesome soundfiles - PRIDE - Far From The Edge 73 DJ Klaus 04/19/2001 04:58PM
  CD auction ethics 89 sharxfan 04/19/2001 03:56PM
  Re: CD auction ethics 68 AORMAN 04/19/2001 06:10PM
  Re: CD auction ethics 62THE ORIGINAL brent04/19/2001 11:33PM
  Re: CD auction ethics 56danthecdman04/22/2001 08:41AM
  New L.A. Guns Album 75 GypsyBoots 04/19/2001 01:29PM
  Best Christian Rock Band??? 115 Marc 04/19/2001 12:05PM
  Re: Best Christian Rock Band??? 89 Brian 04/19/2001 12:23PM
  Re: Best Christian Rock Band??? 77Eric Abrahamsen04/19/2001 12:54PM
  Are you serious? 93Kris04/19/2001 03:37PM
  Re: Are you serious?yes! 71 KAOS FAN 04/19/2001 05:49PM
  Re: god bless you all 93Mafia boy04/19/2001 06:43PM
  Rez Band 71Penguin04/19/2001 07:00PM
  Re: god bless you all 81Turban Boy04/20/2001 06:29AM
  Re: Are you serious? 77Eric Abrahamsen04/19/2001 11:15PM
  To Hell With The Devil.....CLASSIC 80Kris04/19/2001 11:29PM
  Re: To Hell With The Devil.....CLASSIC 81Eric Abrahamsen04/20/2001 02:49AM
  Re: To Hell With The Devil.....CLASSIC 84 Robert Miguel 06/13/2002 02:46PM
  Re: Best Christian Rock Band??? 84 The Other Joe 04/19/2001 09:58PM
  Bretheren... 72Preacherman04/20/2001 12:41AM
  Re: Best Christian Rock Band??? 89 Mario 04/20/2001 03:18AM
  Re: Christian Rock part 2 75 Bart 04/20/2001 05:01AM
  Don't forget JAG 69 REBEL SON 04/20/2001 09:50PM
  Re: Best Christian Rock Band??? 82 Dan 04/21/2001 01:46PM
  Re: Best Christian Rock Band??? 75Dave G.04/22/2001 05:03AM
  Vinnie Moore 77 Marc 04/19/2001 11:46AM
  Re: Vinnie Moore 53Tony M04/19/2001 10:28PM
  Brazen Abbot (with Goran Edman) please ! 79 AndrĂ© 04/19/2001 11:30AM
  Re: Brazen Abbot (with Goran Edman) please 67 The Rob 04/19/2001 01:32PM
  Re: Brazen Abbot (with Goran Edman) please 62Peter M. Bietenholz04/19/2001 04:34PM
  Re: Brazen Abbot (with Goran Edman) please 80 RON (Holland) 04/19/2001 08:52PM
  Re: Brazen Abbot (with Goran Edman) please 65 RON (Holland) 04/19/2001 08:52PM
  Also...sorry 84 Brian 04/19/2001 11:16AM
  Roxy Blue 101 Brian 04/19/2001 10:54AM
  Re: Roxy Blue 61 Andy 04/19/2001 11:44PM
  Re: Roxy Blue 70 Coco 04/20/2001 04:55AM
  Re: Roxy Blue 73 johnny blackout 04/21/2001 01:46AM
  I think Andrew should start a record label 96 Mrpool 04/19/2001 08:08AM
  He should web-click contract with Amazon 64 Susumu 04/20/2001 12:06AM
  ... from the proceeds that he gets from this websi 75 Big Dog 04/20/2001 02:14AM
  Bonfire - Knockout 123 Geoff 04/19/2001 04:33AM
  Re: Bonfire - Knockout 68 Coco 04/19/2001 05:17AM
  Re: Bonfire - Knockout 63 Coco 04/19/2001 09:39PM
  Re: Bonfire - Knockout 76 Maria 04/19/2001 05:19AM
  Re: Bonfire - Knockout 65Pete04/19/2001 06:58AM
  Re: Bonfire - Knockout 58 Peter M. Bietenholz 04/19/2001 04:37PM
  Re: Bonfire - Knockout 73 DJ Klaus 04/19/2001 05:05PM
  Lillian Axe 111Jeff E04/19/2001 03:18AM
  Re: Lillian Axe 67Surfpunk04/19/2001 03:23AM
  Re: Lillian Axe 72Jeff E04/19/2001 03:52AM
  Re: Lillian Axe 75 Don Wishon 04/20/2001 03:17AM
  Re: Lillian Axe 65 Dan 04/21/2001 01:51PM
  Re: Lillian Axe 96 Brian 04/19/2001 06:29AM
  Re: Lillian Axe 75 Coco 04/19/2001 03:54AM
  Re: Lillian Axe 74danthecdman04/19/2001 06:54AM
  Re: Lillian Axe 92 pete 04/19/2001 09:40PM
  Who were the band that were going to make a comeba 76 Carl 1 04/19/2001 02:33AM
  Harem Scarem - with 99.9% certainty 59 Ivar 04/19/2001 03:48AM
  Carry on Harem Scarem! 76Surfpunk04/19/2001 06:59AM
  Re: Carry on Harem Scarem! 61JT04/19/2001 06:17PM
  Re: Carry on Harem Scarem! 58 Coco 04/19/2001 10:05PM
  Sorry for the delay... 69 Andrew 04/19/2001 07:35AM
  Re: Sorry for the delay... 57 Carl 1 04/19/2001 09:00AM
  what label??? 70Capt Kaos04/19/2001 10:57AM
  No, that's the delay :) 59 Andrew 04/19/2001 06:34PM
  HS - Big In Canada?? 73 REBEL SON 04/26/2001 09:19PM
  mtm radio hits 83 matt 04/18/2001 09:35PM
  Re: mtm radio hits 57Darkman04/19/2001 12:01AM
  Re: mtm radio hits 60 Bart 04/19/2001 02:36AM
  Portrait failed because... 84Eric Abrahamsen04/18/2001 08:16PM
  Re: Portrait failed because... 51 Marc Vanway 04/18/2001 09:06PM
  Re: Portrait not officially failed... 58 Andrew 04/18/2001 09:44PM
  Re: Portrait not officially failed... 59Eric Abrahamsen04/19/2001 04:07AM
  Re: Portrait failed because... 73Mrpool04/19/2001 01:03AM
  Re: Portrait failed because... 66 J.C. 04/19/2001 01:51AM
  Re: Portrait failed because... 81John Q04/19/2001 04:10AM
  Not for the lack of new bands it didn't! 64Surfpunk04/19/2001 03:30AM
  Re: Not for the lack of new bands it didn't! 61 sfk kurt 04/19/2001 09:34PM
  Re: Portrait failed because... 66Bighairnolonger04/19/2001 04:27AM
  Re: Portrait failed because... 78Eric Abrahamsen04/19/2001 07:26AM
  Re: Portrait failed because... 49Bighairnolonger04/20/2001 04:14AM
  Current state of rock. 66Surfpunk04/20/2001 07:31AM
  Re: Current state of rock. 65Bighairnolonger04/20/2001 09:36AM
  The biggest mistake of Kalodner 66 Marc Vanway 04/19/2001 07:22PM
  Re: The biggest mistake of Kalodner 69 Mario 04/20/2001 03:25AM
  Re: KISS FINAL CONCERT/PAUL RODGERS! 56 The Real Richard 04/18/2001 10:01PM
  Re: KISS FINAL CONCERT/PAUL RODGERS! 64Dave04/18/2001 11:45PM
  Talisman 85 Marc Vanway 04/18/2001 05:27PM
  Re: Talisman 54Bubble04/18/2001 05:36PM
  Re: Talisman 67 Tavas 04/18/2001 10:01PM
  Re: Talisman 60 Ivar 04/19/2001 05:18AM
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