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  anybody use 48Ace12/02/2001 12:26AM
  Yes 37 TAFKAMP 12/02/2001 01:22AM
  Re: anybody use 38 Remco 12/02/2001 01:23AM
  Re: anybody use 38 hotr 12/05/2001 03:16PM
  Top Ten Of 2001 57 Coco 12/01/2001 11:55PM
  some quick picks 38 sfk kurt 12/02/2001 12:22AM
  before anyone thinks I'm crazy 41 sfk kurt 12/02/2001 11:28AM
  Didn't I tell ya Kurt? 49Pingu12/02/2001 08:43PM
  scary but true! 45 sfk kurt 12/03/2001 12:03AM
  Re: Top Ten Of 2001 44Geoff12/02/2001 01:54AM
  Anathema? What style are they? 47 sfk kurt 12/02/2001 02:14AM
  Re: Anathema? What style are they? 40Syrup Wizard12/02/2001 06:23AM
  Re: Anathema? What style are they? 47Geoff12/02/2001 10:11AM
  Re: Top Ten Of 2001 40 Adolfo 12/02/2001 02:29AM
  Re: Top Ten Of 2001 49 alex siedler 12/02/2001 03:11AM
  Re: Top Ten Of 2001 43 Bart 12/02/2001 05:15AM
  Re: Top Ten Of 2001 44Rather Large Canine12/02/2001 07:57AM
  Re: Top Ten Of 2001 41 J.C. 12/02/2001 09:31AM
  My Top 10 of 2001 43 Bobo 12/05/2001 06:12AM
  Doh!! Totally Forgot about 37 Coco 12/02/2001 08:04AM
  Re: Top Ten Of 2001 40 Bobo 12/05/2001 06:22AM
  F'uck You Ass-Hole 48 Coco 12/05/2001 08:34AM
  He's still in the sack with his daddy! (np) 39 Dodo 12/05/2001 10:48AM
  Re: F'uck You Ass-Hole 43 Bobo 12/05/2001 01:35PM
  Re: Top Ten Of 2001 40 croman 12/10/2001 02:48PM
  Another Day, Another Nu-Breed Alert 53 Coco 12/01/2001 11:32PM
  hey! you stole my line! 37 sfk kurt 12/02/2001 12:12AM
  Camino Palmero: Excellent Album 40 Simon 12/02/2001 03:15AM
  Camino Palmero and Color - Their Live Shows? 42 Jamie Evers 12/05/2001 12:14AM
  Color 39 sfk kurt 12/05/2001 03:28AM
  Concert comments + 46 Jamie Evers 12/05/2001 10:06AM
  Don't buy "Default" 40 johnny blackout 12/04/2001 08:30AM
  Andrew Ellis Read This 59 BantamMan 12/01/2001 06:54AM
  winter rose 55 Tony Jones 12/01/2001 06:31AM
  Re: winter rose 39ele12/01/2001 07:07AM
  I beg to differ, but..... 34 Sue 12/02/2001 12:53AM
  Re: I beg to differ, but..... 40ele12/02/2001 01:05PM
  Sons Of Angels 47 Terje Hoiland 12/01/2001 06:01AM
  Re: Sons Of Angels 38Dave12/02/2001 10:20PM
  AORHeaven question..... 55 Jerry 12/01/2001 05:39AM
  Re: AORHeaven question..... 38Vixen12/01/2001 06:18AM
  Grüezi...;-) 36Peter M. Bietenholz12/01/2001 06:43PM
  Re: Grüezi...;-) 38Vixen12/01/2001 11:08PM
  Re: Grüezi...;-) 41Peter M. Bietenholz12/02/2001 04:37AM
  Re: AORHeaven question..... 40dave12/01/2001 06:34AM
  Re: AORHeaven question..... 42 Jerry 12/01/2001 07:04AM
  Re: AORHeaven question..... 48 Dan 12/04/2001 04:27AM
  Re: AORHeaven question..... 37 DJ Klaus 12/01/2001 11:52PM
  This week's Billboard Album Charts 49Coach T12/01/2001 03:28AM
  Re: This week's Billboard Album Charts 39Fudge12/01/2001 04:43AM
  Re: Forgetting Ozzy... 31 Susumu 12/01/2001 06:34PM
  Re: Forgetting Ozzy... 34Coach T12/02/2001 03:28AM
  Aerosmith- Most Overated Band Of All Time 53Dieter12/01/2001 12:14AM
  Re: Aerosmith- Most Overated Band Of All Time...uh 40Ace12/01/2001 12:57AM
  Re: Aerosmith- Most Overated Band Of All Time...uh 36Rand12/01/2001 01:06AM
  Re: Aerosmith- Most Overated Band Of All Time 38 Frank 12/01/2001 01:13AM
  Re: Aerosmith- Most Overated Band Of All Time 36Rand12/01/2001 01:27AM
  Re: Aerosmith- Most Overated Band Of All Time 37Tony Harnell12/01/2001 02:15AM
  Re: Aerosmith- Most Overated Band Of All Time 38 Frank 12/01/2001 03:49AM
  What the *?!& are you sayin'? 38 Marc Vanway 12/01/2001 03:29AM
  Give me a break! 39Syrup Wizard12/01/2001 05:42AM
  They Used To Be Awesome, They Suck Now! 40 Coco 12/01/2001 06:06AM
  BTW- I'm Talkin Bout Their Recorded Work 32 Coco 12/01/2001 06:18AM
  i saw them and they were great!!! 37 croman 12/03/2001 12:52AM
  Re: i saw them and they were great!!! 37Rand12/04/2001 12:38AM
  Re: Aerosmith- Most Overated Band Of All Time 43 FORD 12/05/2001 06:10PM
  Re: Aerosmith- Most Overated Band Of All Time 39Rand12/06/2001 03:55AM
  Lost AOR artists??? 92 Craig 11/30/2001 11:05PM
  Tim Feehan 41 Andrew 12/01/2001 08:38AM
  Re: Tim Feehan 42 Nicky 12/02/2001 10:30PM
  More news about Butch Walker 47 Marc Vanway 11/30/2001 06:47PM
  GEORGE HARRISON R.I.P. 49 Adolfo 11/30/2001 06:22PM
  Re: GEORGE HARRISON R.I.P. 44 stuart 11/30/2001 07:06PM
  Re: GEORGE HARRISON R.I.P. 37 Jerry 12/01/2001 05:41AM
  Another Sad Day In History...R.I.P 36 Coco 11/30/2001 11:54PM
  Re: GEORGE HARRISON R.I.P. 37Tony Harnell12/01/2001 02:18AM
  Re: GEORGE HARRISON R.I.P. 39 Lil Al 12/01/2001 01:16PM
  Re: GEORGE HARRISON R.I.P. 36Jordan from Jersey12/01/2001 02:12PM
  Re: GEORGE HARRISON, Lennon, and Zebra 41 Brian 12/04/2001 12:41PM
  Say - Heart Still Beats 58 André 11/30/2001 05:16PM
  Geir Ronning 49 André 11/30/2001 05:01PM
  Re: Geir Ronning 39Mark Alger11/30/2001 06:34PM
  Re: Geir Ronning 40 Erkka/Urban Tale 11/30/2001 10:28PM
  Re: Geir Ronning 38 Sue 11/30/2001 10:36PM
  Re: Geir Ronning 39 Erkka/Urban Tale 12/01/2001 03:30AM
  Re: Geir Ronning 43Mark Alger12/01/2001 04:44AM
  Re: Geir Ronning 30 Erkka/Urban Tale 12/01/2001 10:10AM
  Re: Geir Ronning 41Terry12/01/2001 10:09PM
  Great to hear about the eurovision-contest, but... 37 André 12/04/2001 09:51AM
  Re: Great to hear about the eurovision-contest, bu 37 Maria 12/05/2001 12:25AM
  Re: Geir Ronning 37 B*Joe 12/05/2001 01:19AM
  Sing Sing-how it's done? 53Melv Smellpaisley11/30/2001 03:41PM
  it is!! np 34 Steve 11/30/2001 10:53PM
  Re: it is!! np 37 wayne 12/01/2001 09:11AM
  Sound like Honeymoon Suite 36 Sue 12/02/2001 12:55AM
  St. James (aka Jaime of Black 'n' Blue) 52 Whynot_Canada 11/30/2001 02:34PM
  Re: St. James (aka Jaime of Black 'n' Blue) 40danthecdman11/30/2001 08:22PM
  Re: St. James (aka Jaime of Black 'n' Blue) 40 Rogue 12/01/2001 04:25AM
  Cinderella-Long Cold Winter 46 bridgeofsighs 11/30/2001 01:22PM
  Re: Cinderella-Long Cold Winter 41richie12/01/2001 02:51AM
  Chad Wackerman gig 51 Paul 11/30/2001 11:23AM
  Check out this band! 55 ralf 11/30/2001 09:04AM
  Re: Check out this band! 40speedy11/30/2001 09:50AM
  NEW RELEASES! 114Jim11/30/2001 07:43AM
  Lost Weekend - Live In Halifax 134 Captain Thunder! 11/30/2001 06:13AM
  Need A Kick Fix? 43 Captain Thunder! 11/30/2001 05:28AM
  What's up with Cinderella ? 49Stéphane11/29/2001 09:33PM
  Re: What's up with Cinderella ? 38 Andy 11/29/2001 10:09PM
  Re: What's up with Cinderella ? 37 Marc Vanway 11/29/2001 10:10PM
  Hey Frontiers! 38 Adolfo 11/30/2001 12:45AM
  Re: Hey Frontiers! 40ele11/30/2001 01:40AM
  Re: Hey Frontiers! 39Stéphane11/30/2001 03:10AM
  Re: What's up with Cinderella ? 37Kieran11/30/2001 05:33AM
  Re: What's up with Cinderella ? 35Robert11/30/2001 03:42AM
  Correct...Rock Star attitude... 38 Andrew 11/30/2001 08:19AM
  Re: Correct...Rock Star attitude... 37 Danny Danzi 11/30/2001 10:32AM
  Let me refrase... 41 Andrew 11/30/2001 11:08AM
  Re: Let me refrase... 40 Danny Danzi 11/30/2001 07:14PM
  Butch Walker signed !!!! 52 Marc Vanway 11/29/2001 06:25PM
  Jesse Harte 52Kris11/30/2001 12:40AM
  Re: Jesse Harte 45Tina11/30/2001 12:47AM
  agree with you Tina.... 38Ace11/30/2001 01:23AM
  Re: agree with you Ace.... 40Robert11/30/2001 03:47AM
  Re: agree with you Ace.... 42 Marc Vanway 11/30/2001 05:45AM
  Is everyone insane? M3? NO WAY! 39Kris11/30/2001 02:35PM
  Re: Is everyone insane? M3? NO WAY! 38 Marc Vanway 11/30/2001 05:23PM
  No I haven't...... 41Kris12/01/2001 01:09AM
  Re: No I haven't...... 40 Marc Vanway 12/01/2001 03:36AM
  Re: No I haven't...... 39 John 12/04/2001 03:43AM
  Kris.. 39Jimbo12/01/2001 12:58AM
  How many times do we have to argue about this? 41 John 12/04/2001 03:40AM
  Re: Jesse Harte 41Rand12/01/2001 12:19AM
  Re: Butch Walker signed !!!! 40Ace11/30/2001 01:20AM
  Re: Butch Walker signed !!!! 38 Marc Vanway 11/30/2001 05:49AM
  Freddy Curci speaks out now? 51Kris11/29/2001 03:26PM
  Yes, a bit late :) 38 Andrew 11/29/2001 06:10PM
  Re: Freddy Curci speaks out now? 39Mike11/30/2001 02:33PM
  Lost page info... 38 Andrew 11/30/2001 06:48PM
  Re: Freddy Curci speaks out now? 37 Kid Ego 12/03/2001 07:33AM
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