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  Maximes..... 53 AndyC 10/02/2002 01:59AM
  Re: Maximes..... 40Dennis10/02/2002 02:21AM
  Re: Maximes..... 41 Goddess 10/02/2002 02:29AM
  Re: Maximes..... 41 britny 10/03/2002 08:23AM
  Johnny Lima: Lost in California? 54Kris10/02/2002 01:35AM
  Re: Johnny Lima: Lost in California? 41 Brian 10/02/2002 03:14AM
  Re: Johnny Lima: Lost in California? 45Monsterman10/02/2002 02:48PM
  He really MUST be lost in California! :-) 42 Rogue 10/02/2002 04:55PM
  Re: He really MUST be lost in California! :-) 41 Goddess 10/02/2002 06:51PM
  Re: Johnny Lima: Lost in California? 48 dosar 10/03/2002 12:25PM
  Are we satanists??! 66 Norti 10/02/2002 01:19AM
  Re: Are we satanists??! 45Dennis10/02/2002 02:17AM
  Re: Are we satanists??! 48 Mike Matney 10/02/2002 02:31AM
  Re: Are we satanists??! 63 honestabe30 10/02/2002 02:59AM
  Re: Are we satanists??! 5080's Metal Fan10/02/2002 06:59AM
  Re: Are we satanists??! 48 Penny 10/02/2002 07:02AM
  Re: Are we satanists??! 46Tony M10/02/2002 09:08AM
  An answer for you... 54Jack10/02/2002 03:46PM
  Hell yeah ! 61 Sven 10/02/2002 07:01PM
  Re: Hell yeah ! 47 Jib 10/03/2002 05:49AM
  so, how much money will YOU get? 70 R.C.I.T 10/02/2002 01:17AM
  Re: so, how much money will YOU get? 40 Justin 10/02/2002 01:28AM
  Re: so, how much money will YOU get? 47 AndyC 10/02/2002 01:52AM
  Re: so, how much money will YOU get? 48Jack10/02/2002 04:30PM
  Re: so, how much money will YOU get? 49Dennis10/02/2002 01:41AM
  Re: so, how much money will YOU get? 42steve Norander10/02/2002 02:17AM
  Re: so, how much money will YOU get? 45Dennis10/02/2002 02:25AM
  Re: so, how much money will YOU get? 55steve Norander10/02/2002 02:59AM
  Re: so, how much money will YOU get? 39steve Norander10/02/2002 03:17AM
  kiss with orchestra 51matt10/02/2002 12:11AM
  Another Barrymore joke 51 AndyC 10/01/2002 10:19PM
  Re: Another Barrymore joke 47rondo10/01/2002 11:14PM
  Re: Another Barrymore joke 48mark kennedy10/02/2002 12:00AM
  Re: Another Barrymore joke 45Si (NI)10/02/2002 12:35AM
  Re: Another Barrymore joke 41 Davy ( NI ) 10/02/2002 04:35AM
  Re: Another Barrymore joke 44rondo10/03/2002 12:57AM
  Re: Another Barrymore joke 45 stuart 10/04/2002 04:06AM
  GNR sold out 67 Marc Vanway 10/01/2002 07:15PM
  Re: GNR sold out 41 Goddess 10/01/2002 09:51PM
  Re: GNR sold out 51 alex siedler 10/01/2002 10:17PM
  Goons N Posers 59 Satan 10/01/2002 11:55PM
  Re: Goons N Posers 59 Marc Vanway 10/02/2002 12:19AM
  Re: Goons N Posers 55 Kurt 10/02/2002 01:57AM
  Re: Goons N Posers 47DjX10/02/2002 02:21AM
  Re: Goons N Posers 56 Kurt 10/02/2002 06:01AM
  Re: Goons N Posers 51DjX10/02/2002 12:09PM
  Re: GNR sold out 48DjX10/02/2002 02:17AM
  Re: GNR sold out 56 Marc vanway 10/02/2002 02:54AM
  Re: GNR sold out 45DjX10/02/2002 12:13PM
  Re: GNR sold out 44 Kurt 10/02/2002 05:50AM
  Re: GNR sold out 53grwhitefan10/02/2002 08:21AM
  Re: Goons N Posers 4980's Metal Fan10/02/2002 07:01AM
  Re: Goons N Posers 64 Carl 10/02/2002 08:19AM
  Re: Goons N Posers 60DjX10/03/2002 12:24AM
  Re: GNR sold out 46Syr Up10/02/2002 11:17AM
  Re: GNR sold out 41 Carl 10/02/2002 01:34PM
  Re: GNR sold out 44DjX10/03/2002 12:28AM
  Re: GNR sold out 43 alex siedler 10/03/2002 01:00AM
  Re: GNR sold out 55 Marc Vanway 10/02/2002 08:03PM
  pen pal with hard rockers 80 george pantelis 10/01/2002 06:11PM
  KICK! : Update (Oct 2002) 63 Kick! 10/01/2002 05:31PM
  Pangea???... just while I'm here anyway 54 Geoff 10/01/2002 12:19PM
  Re: Pangea???... just while I'm here anyway 51 Remco 10/01/2002 04:12PM
  Re: Pangea???... just while I'm here anyway 51 Geoff 10/01/2002 04:26PM
  I thought...... 49Kris10/02/2002 01:32AM
  Pangea 50McMad10/02/2002 01:54AM
  A Nice Bad Co. Surprise 60 Capt. Crunch 10/01/2002 12:06PM
  Re: A Nice Bad Co. Surprise 36 Jodes 10/01/2002 04:13PM
  Re: A Nice Bad Co. Surprise 45matt10/01/2002 05:23PM
  Re: A Nice Bad Co. Surprise 41 JasonR 10/02/2002 02:45AM
  Re: Robert Hart 38Mafia Buoy10/03/2002 08:49AM
  Slaughter - what are they up to? 60 Geoff 10/01/2002 11:47AM
  Re: Slaughter - what are they up to? 38TT10/01/2002 01:12PM
  Re: Slaughter - what are they up to? 52 Muzzy Skins 10/03/2002 03:37PM
  Dogface question - new release 59 Geoff 10/01/2002 11:40AM
  Re: Dogface question - new release 40 Andrew 10/01/2002 11:48AM
  Al Gore is the new Iraqi Prime Minister! 109 Ralph Santolla 10/01/2002 09:39AM
  Tony Blair is the new US Undersecretary of War! 54That Joe10/01/2002 11:01AM
  Re: Tony Blair is the new US Undersecretary of War 52TH10/01/2002 09:51PM
  Ahem.... 55Jack10/02/2002 02:43PM
  For honestabe 30...(re: his post below) 51Jack10/02/2002 03:34PM
  Re: For honestabe 30...(re: his post below) 62 honestabe30 10/03/2002 02:22AM
  Re: Al Gore is the new Iraqi Prime Minister! 67Syr Up10/01/2002 11:35AM
  Re: Al Gore is the new Iraqi Prime Minister! 55 Penny 10/01/2002 12:40PM
  Fucking ignorant Rushpublicans 52 Satan 10/01/2002 02:21PM
  Re: Fucking ignorant Rushpublicans 62 the ORIGINAL brent 10/01/2002 02:34PM
  Re: Fucking ignorant Rushpublicans 59 Satan 10/01/2002 02:54PM
  how the hell do you make it through a day? 51 Notch Johnson 10/02/2002 06:02AM
  Re: Fucking ignorant Rushpublicans 64hotr10/01/2002 07:28PM
  Re: Fucking ignorant Rushpublicans 52 the ORIGINAL brent 10/02/2002 12:31AM
  Re:@!#$ You Satan & Syr Up 57 ralph santolla 10/02/2002 03:43AM
  The point is this Ralphie... 55Syr Up10/02/2002 05:38AM
  Re:@!#$ You Satan & Syr Up 52chicken hawk hunter10/02/2002 11:44AM
  Re:@!#$ You Satan & Syr Up 57 honestabe30 10/03/2002 02:41AM
  Re: Fucking ignorant Rushpublicans 64 Goddess 10/01/2002 06:55PM
  Re: Fucking ignorant Rushpublicans 52 AndyC 10/01/2002 07:12PM
  Re: Fucking ignorant Rushpublicans 48 Goddess 10/01/2002 09:48PM
  Re: Fucking ignorant Rushpublicans 57 AndyC 10/01/2002 11:16PM
  Re: Fucking ignorant Rushpublicans 53Jack10/02/2002 02:50PM
  Re: Tony Blair is the new US Undersecretary of War 52 Goddess 10/01/2002 09:53PM
  Rushpublicans and Demo-rats 65 honestabe30 10/02/2002 02:34AM
  Re: Rushpublicans and Demo-rats 46Vantheman10/02/2002 02:47AM
  Europe VS. U.S. 50TH10/02/2002 11:26PM
  You must also remember .. 55 TAFKAMP 10/03/2002 01:33AM
  Re: You must also remember .. 54 Jib 10/03/2002 05:55AM
  Re: You must also remember .. 56 TAFKAMP 10/03/2002 06:59AM
  Re: You must also remember .. 51 dosar 10/03/2002 12:32PM
  Re: You must also remember .. 44 Jib 10/03/2002 06:13PM
  Re: You must also remember .. 60 honestabe30 10/04/2002 02:17AM
  Re: You must also remember .. 53TH10/04/2002 10:58PM
  Changed viewpoint... 54 honestabe30 10/05/2002 02:31AM
  Don't forget this 55 Marc Vanway 10/03/2002 06:57PM
  Re: Don't forget this 54 honestabe30 10/04/2002 02:36AM
  Jack.... My Illusions have been shattered 66 Goddess 10/02/2002 06:34PM
  Re: Jack.... My Illusions have been shattered 58 AndyC 10/02/2002 08:16PM
  REAL SIMPLE FOLKS 55 JC 10/03/2002 01:29AM
  Re: REAL SIMPLE FOLKS 48 honestabe30 10/03/2002 02:38AM
  Re: REAL SIMPLE FOLKS 49 JC 10/03/2002 02:55AM
  I disagree! 56Surfpunk10/03/2002 04:08AM
  Re: I disagree! 41 Jib 10/03/2002 06:02AM
  Re: I disagree! 60TH10/03/2002 07:19AM
  Re: I disagree! 56 Jib 10/03/2002 06:17PM
  Re: I disagree! 44TH10/03/2002 07:20AM
  Re: I disagree! 61steve(ni)10/06/2002 03:26AM
  Jeff Scott Soto-Prism 58 Kurt 10/01/2002 07:40AM
  Re: Jeff Scott Soto-Prism 51 Klondyke Ike 10/01/2002 10:15AM
  Re: Jeff Scott Soto-LEGEND! 38 KAOS FAN 10/01/2002 05:44PM
  Re: Jeff Scott Soto-LEGEND! 38 Kurt 10/02/2002 01:39AM
  Re: Jeff Scott Soto-LEGEND! 42 Jeff Scott Soto 10/02/2002 02:20AM
  Re: Jeff Scott Soto-LEGEND! 43Tony M10/02/2002 09:02AM
  Re: Jeff Scott Soto-LEGEND! 44 Jeff Scott Soto 10/02/2002 04:15PM
  Re: Jeff Scott Soto-LEGEND! 40 britny 10/03/2002 07:20AM
  Re: Jeff Scott Soto-LEGEND! 37 Annah & Laura 10/11/2002 07:28PM
  Re: Jeff Scott Soto-LEGEND! 44 Monkey 10/02/2002 06:39AM
  Re: Jeff Scott Soto-Oh yeah!!! 43Howie Simon10/02/2002 08:01AM
  Re: Jeff Scott Soto-Oh yeah!!! 48Tony M10/02/2002 09:05AM
  Dj Ashba 55 Marc vanway 10/01/2002 07:29AM
  Re: Dj Ashba 41Ardian10/02/2002 04:55AM
  Re: Dj Ashba 48 maggieD. 10/03/2002 11:06AM
  Cockstar... 76 Gary Black 10/01/2002 07:29AM
  Re: Cockstar... 42Ante10/01/2002 10:31AM
  Colin Hay 57 Elpdude 10/01/2002 07:28AM
  Re: Colin Hay 47 11:11 10/01/2002 09:17AM
  Re: Colin Hay 51 jrnyman28 10/02/2002 05:26AM
  Re: Colin Hay 54 Elpdude 10/03/2002 01:36PM
  Blue Tears CD/Video pack - anyone else seen this? 67 Philip Wilson 10/01/2002 07:24AM
  Re: Blue Tears CD/Video pack - anyone else seen th 40 AOR Guru 10/01/2002 04:10PM
  Re: Blue Tears CD/Video pack - anyone else seen th 46senor tallarico10/01/2002 05:43PM
  Re: Blue Tears CD/Video pack - anyone else seen th 42 Goddess 10/01/2002 06:56PM
  Re: Blue Tears CD/Video pack - anyone else seen th 46 Dan 10/09/2002 02:24AM
  Oct. 25th - Halloween Melodic Rock SPOOKtacular! 61 Sedgwick Showcase 10/01/2002 06:02AM
  AUDIOVENT 50MIKE N10/01/2002 05:08AM
  Re: AUDIOVENT 36Surfpunk10/01/2002 06:39AM
  Help Butch Walker! 54 Marc Vanway 10/01/2002 04:31AM
  I agree! 40Kauna10/01/2002 04:50AM
  also to add... 34Kauna10/01/2002 05:00AM
  Broadband security 56Concerned10/01/2002 04:16AM
  Re: Broadband security 42epitaph10/01/2002 04:53AM
  Re: Broadband security 39epitaph10/01/2002 05:02AM
  Re: Broadband security 41Concerned10/01/2002 06:41AM
  Re: Broadband security 40epitaph10/01/2002 06:58AM
  Re: Broadband security 37 Jake 10/01/2002 07:07AM
  First things first. 39That Joe10/01/2002 11:20AM
  ZoneAlarm 43Kopious K910/02/2002 01:05AM
  Re: Broadband security 39Thanks from Concerned10/02/2002 02:11AM
  Whitesnake 56 Darren Preece 10/01/2002 03:13AM
  Re: Whitesnake 38 the ORIGINAL brent 10/01/2002 10:40AM
  Whitesnake with DeMartini 43 Swami Prabhavananda 10/01/2002 11:43AM
  Correction 43Ardian10/02/2002 12:00AM
  Re: Whitesnake with DeMartini 41 fugazi88 10/02/2002 02:19AM
  Re: Whitesnake with DeMartini 36 Jib 10/03/2002 06:08AM
  Re: Whitesnake 39Syr Up10/01/2002 11:48AM
  Re: Whitesnake 44 Andrew 10/01/2002 11:49AM
  Re: Whitesnake - I know one name on the list! 38 Tommy Denander 10/01/2002 03:44PM
  Re: Whitesnake - I know one name on the list! 47Mafia Buoy10/01/2002 05:40PM
  Buckethead Probably 44Dave Max10/01/2002 07:02PM
  Re: Whitesnake - I know one name on the list! 38 Goddess 10/01/2002 06:59PM
  Re: Buckethead Probably 39Roger Russell10/01/2002 10:42PM
  The Gods 2002 dvd? 61 Louise 10/01/2002 02:28AM
  Re: The Gods 2002 dvd? 60Mark Ashton10/01/2002 03:21AM
  Re: The Gods 2002 dvd? 46 Greg 10/01/2002 03:38AM
  Re: The Gods 2002 dvd? 39 Nikki 10/01/2002 04:21AM
  Clarification. 47Steve 40.10/01/2002 05:05AM
  Re: The Gods 2002 dvd? 51 Louise 10/01/2002 04:15PM
  Re: The Gods 2002 dvd? 54 Norti 10/02/2002 01:25AM
  Re: The Gods 2002 dvd? 49McMad10/02/2002 07:34AM
  Re: The Gods 2002 dvd? 53 R.C.I.T 10/02/2002 11:12PM
  1st Gods 49 Chris 10/01/2002 06:01AM
  Re: 1st Gods 51blm10/01/2002 07:34AM
  Re: 1st Gods 43 Chris 10/01/2002 08:13AM
  Re: 1st Gods 42senor tallarico10/01/2002 05:51PM
  Re: 1st Gods 49 AndyC 10/01/2002 06:07PM
  Re: 1st Gods 50 Jerry 10/01/2002 11:45PM
  DVD format 48blm10/02/2002 03:25AM
  Re: DVD format 45Sandro10/02/2002 03:58AM
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