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  New Ted Nugent, anyone like? 70 Benno 10/18/2002 01:51PM
  Re: New Ted Nugent, anyone like? 43 Andrew 10/18/2002 03:16PM
  Re: New Ted Nugent, anyone like? 40Dave Max10/18/2002 04:50PM
  Re: New Ted Nugent, anyone like? 40Paul10/18/2002 04:19PM
  Re: New Ted Nugent, anyone like? 45 Andrew 10/18/2002 04:59PM
  Re: New Ted Nugent, anyone like? 40WOBBLE10/18/2002 05:08PM
  Re: New Ted Nugent, anyone like? 44 jimbo 10/18/2002 10:05PM
  Re: New Ted Nugent, anyone like? 41madvincent10/20/2002 09:59PM
  Help with a song... 61 Alan 10/18/2002 08:54AM
  Re: Help with a song... 39 Sgt Schultz 10/18/2002 09:04AM
  Re: Help with a song... 45 honestabe30 10/18/2002 10:15AM
  Thanks and help again... 46 Alan 10/19/2002 08:18AM
  Re: Thanks and help again... 44 Brian 10/20/2002 06:53AM
  for ben dover 69 jc 10/18/2002 07:52AM
  Re: for ben dover 49Laila10/18/2002 08:19AM
  Re: for ben dover 40Tony M10/18/2002 08:26AM
  Re: for ben dover 46Tony M10/18/2002 08:27AM
  Re: for ben dover 45 Goddess 10/18/2002 06:39PM
  Negativity rules or what!! 67Scuff.10/18/2002 07:44AM
  Thank you very much 48Tony M10/18/2002 07:48AM
  Re: Negativity rules or what!! 52 Andrew 10/18/2002 07:49AM
  So what are you saying? 47 TAFKAMP 10/18/2002 08:21AM
  Re: So what are you saying? 53 Andrew 10/18/2002 10:27AM
  Re: Negativity rules or what!! 54Epitaph10/18/2002 07:14PM
  Re: Negativity rules or what!! 44 Andrew 10/18/2002 07:23PM
  Re: Negativity rules or what!! 50 Tommy Denander 10/18/2002 07:46PM
  Re: Negativity rules or what!! 45Scott Watson10/20/2002 06:34PM
  Yeah support the scene. Even when its dead. 47That Joe10/18/2002 09:33AM
  Re: Yeah support the scene. Even when its dead. 44Tony Harnell10/18/2002 10:03AM
  Make fewer albums and give them more money! 44 Tommy Denander 10/18/2002 03:41PM
  Re: Make fewer albums and give them more money! 55 Davey-H 10/19/2002 12:43AM
  Re: Make fewer albums and give them more money! 47 Tommy Denander 10/19/2002 01:23AM
  Re: Make fewer albums and give them more money! 54 Davey-H 10/19/2002 06:13AM
  Re: Make fewer albums and give them more money! 46 Tommy Denander 10/19/2002 07:23AM
  The rub is this... 45Syr Up10/19/2002 09:22AM
  Re: The rub is this... 48Tony Harnell10/19/2002 12:26PM
  Sorry 'bout that, Tony! ;-) 48Syr Up10/19/2002 02:00PM
  Re: Sorry 'bout that, Tony! ;-) 49 Tommy Denander 10/19/2002 05:00PM
  Re: Sorry 'bout that, Tony! ;-) 53Syr Up10/20/2002 08:24AM
  Re: Sorry 'bout that, Tony! ;-) 62 Fred 10/20/2002 07:47PM
  Re: Sorry 'bout that, Tony! ;-) 67Tony Harnell10/21/2002 04:50AM
  Re: Sorry 'bout that, Tony! ;-) 47 Fred 10/22/2002 03:50AM
  Can't make Rocktober! 52Surfpunk10/18/2002 10:12AM
  Re: Can't make Rocktober! 51 Bsixx 10/18/2002 11:01AM
  Re: Negativity rules or what!! 52 Goddess 10/18/2002 07:47PM
  WW/Cyberdreams 60Tony Harnell10/18/2002 06:33AM
  Re: WW/Cyberdreams 49 Ronnie 10/19/2002 07:04AM
  Re: WW/Cyberdreams 35Tony Harnell10/19/2002 07:32AM
  Re: WW/Cyberdreams 48M10/19/2002 08:21AM
  Re: WW/Cyberdreams 47Tony Harnell10/19/2002 09:58AM
  Re: WW/Cyberdreams 39M10/20/2002 01:08AM
  'Move' - Freak Kitchen 63Kerbdog10/18/2002 06:28AM
  Re: 'Move' - Freak Kitchen 46taliwakker10/18/2002 09:13AM
  Re: 'Move' - Freak Kitchen 46 Fred 10/19/2002 03:36AM
  Re: 'Move' - Freak Kitchen 41 Fred 10/19/2002 03:42AM
  Yes please Fred 43 Taliwakker 10/19/2002 06:06PM
  I'm sure Mathias & gang thanks you for stealin 55 Tommy Denander 10/19/2002 09:35PM
  Re: I'm sure Mathias & gang thanks you for ste 45 Fred 10/20/2002 01:27AM
  Totally Agree Fred... 42 Coco 10/20/2002 06:50AM
  Re: I'm sure Mathias & gang thanks you for ste 43 Taliwakker 10/20/2002 04:48PM
  New Release Update 10/17/02 99Hot Tracks10/18/2002 06:23AM
  Bad Co. On Top Of The Pops2 59Another (Different ) Dave10/18/2002 05:29AM
  Re: Bad Co. On Top Of The Pops2 36rondo10/18/2002 05:40AM
  Re: Bad Co. On Top Of The Pops2 37Paul Quinton10/18/2002 06:35AM
  Bad Co. 35Stef Billington10/18/2002 08:34PM
  Re: Bad Co. 34 11:11 10/19/2002 12:48AM
  Re: Bad Co. On Top Of The Pops2 37 Goddess 10/18/2002 06:47PM
  Top Of The Pops 2 v Hollyoaks 44Stef Billington10/18/2002 08:32PM
  Re: Top Of The Pops 2 v Hollyoaks 41Another (Different ) Dave10/19/2002 04:29AM
  Re: Bad Co. 36 Paul (the Midlands one) 10/18/2002 10:52PM
  Re: Bad Co. 36Stef Billington10/19/2002 01:12AM
  Tuff Newcastle 16/10/02 52 Dave F 10/18/2002 02:10AM
  Re: Tuff Newcastle 16/10/02 44TT10/18/2002 04:44AM
  Tuff 53mr green10/18/2002 01:45AM
  serafino & mario @ frontiers 55pete10/18/2002 12:55AM
  Fates Warning-help? 47 jimbo 10/18/2002 12:45AM
  Re: Fates Warning-help? 34 11:11 10/18/2002 01:09AM
  Re: Fates Warning-help? 36 Daniel 10/18/2002 02:36AM
  Re: Fates Warning-help? 36Syr Up10/18/2002 05:15AM
  Re: Fates Warning-help? 34rondo10/18/2002 05:48AM
  Re: Fates Warning-help? 32taliwakker10/18/2002 09:17AM
  Guns N Roses??? Andrew 53 Kurt 10/18/2002 12:32AM
  Re: Guns N Roses??? Andrew 36 Andrew 10/18/2002 07:47AM
  Cry Havoc 54 Billy Bathgate 10/17/2002 11:37PM
  Re: Cry Havoc 36 80slady 10/18/2002 03:37AM
  Re: Cry Havoc - AMAZING CD 35 Nicky Baldrian 10/18/2002 06:11AM
  Re: Cry Havoc - AMAZING CD 36 JasonR 10/18/2002 08:22PM
  Thanks 39 Paul 10/19/2002 06:54PM
  Re: Thanks 36 80slady 10/20/2002 12:10AM
  More on CD Prices... 50Robert10/17/2002 10:46PM
  GLENN HUGHES singing cartoon themes?? 81 alex siedler 10/17/2002 10:43PM
  Re: GLENN HUGHES singing cartoon themes?? 47 Dave F 10/18/2002 02:25AM
  Re: JEFF SCOTT SOTO..... 45 alex siedler 10/18/2002 04:48PM
  Re: Jeff Scott Soto..... 56 AOR Guru 10/19/2002 01:47AM
  WHA-KOO-Berkshire CD 182WOBBLE10/17/2002 10:37PM
  Clean Up 55 Andrew 10/17/2002 10:00PM
  What the hell did I miss? 38 11:11 10/18/2002 12:10AM
  Re: What the hell did I miss? 40 Nicky Baldrian 10/18/2002 12:41AM
  you missed a bitch slappingfest 38Tony M10/18/2002 03:59AM
  Handbags @ Dawn Damn Straight :o) 36 Goddess 10/18/2002 06:58PM
  Springsteen best show ever 51raul10/17/2002 09:22PM
  ROXXI-Drive It To Ya Hard 58WOBBLE10/17/2002 09:05PM
  Re: ROXXI-Drive It To Ya Hard 39Steve Norander10/17/2002 09:33PM
  Re: ROXXI-Drive It To Ya Hard 38 jimbo 10/17/2002 10:11PM
  Re: ROXXI-Drive It To Ya Hard 36Steve Norander10/17/2002 10:13PM
  Re: ROXXI-Drive It To Ya Hard 35WOBBLE10/17/2002 10:32PM
  Re: ROXXI-Drive It To Ya Hard 39Steve Norander10/17/2002 10:44PM
  Re: ROXXI-Drive It To Ya Hard 36 Nicky Baldrian 10/18/2002 01:35AM
  I'll second, third and 4th that!!! 38 Steve 10/18/2002 10:29PM
  Hey, Kieran... 47Peter M. Bietenholz10/17/2002 07:44PM
  Yes, but..... 36 Sue 10/17/2002 08:50PM
  Re: Hey, Kieran... 33Kieran10/18/2002 07:24AM
  Re: Hey, Kieran... 37MIKE N10/19/2002 09:28PM
  Bounce #2 on Billboard 53The Puppetmaster!10/17/2002 03:03PM
  Re: Bounce #2 on Billboard 43sharkfist10/17/2002 03:16PM
  Re: Bounce #2 on Billboard 48sharkfist10/17/2002 03:23PM
  Re: Bounce #2 on Billboard 40The Puppetmaster!10/17/2002 07:13PM
  Re: Bounce #2 on Billboard 45 OzzMosiz 10/17/2002 10:14PM
  Re: Bounce #2 on Billboard 39DjX10/17/2002 11:50PM
  Re: Bounce #2 on Billboard 44 11:11 10/18/2002 12:00AM
  Re: Bounce #2 on Billboard 48DjX10/18/2002 02:42AM
  Re: Bounce #2 on Billboard 42The Puppetmaster!10/18/2002 07:13AM
  Re: Bounce #2 on Billboard 49YaRDWoRK10/18/2002 03:43PM
  bon jovi xclusive 59senor tallarico10/17/2002 11:46AM
  sorri don't bother :) np 44senor tallarico10/17/2002 11:47AM
  And #13 the week after 34 Mike 10/25/2002 04:00AM
  Journe - Frontiers & Beyond DVD 61 Jake 10/17/2002 11:28AM
  Take 2....Journey, not Journe 45 Jake 10/17/2002 11:29AM
  Re: Take 2....Journey, not Journe 47 Dave Morrison 10/18/2002 06:07AM
  Re: Take 2....Journey, not Journe 44WOBBLE10/18/2002 08:00AM
  Re: Take 2....Journey, not Journe 48Dennis10/19/2002 04:00AM
  Re: Journe - Frontiers & Beyond DVD 45 melodica 10/17/2002 10:28PM
  Re: Journe - Frontiers & Beyond DVD 44jrnyman2810/18/2002 03:04PM
  Re: Journe - Frontiers & Beyond DVD 43 melodica 10/18/2002 10:03PM
  Re: Journe - Frontiers & Beyond DVD 48 Aaron 10/21/2002 10:07PM
  Re: Journe - Frontiers & Beyond DVD 43bh10/17/2002 10:51PM
  Criminally Overlooked Gems 70Epitaph10/17/2002 08:35AM
  Re: Criminally Overlooked Gems 41 PDS 10/17/2002 10:04AM
  Re: Criminally Overlooked Gems 37senor tallarico10/17/2002 11:45AM
  Jeremiah Freed 41Okie10/17/2002 12:20PM
  Re: Jeremiah Freed 41 rocketdog 10/17/2002 12:21PM
  Re: Jeremiah Freed 42Gav10/17/2002 10:09PM
  Re: Jeremiah Freed 46Epitaph10/17/2002 10:25PM
  Re: Criminally Overlooked Gems 41 Marc Vanway 10/17/2002 05:36PM
  Re: Criminally Overlooked Gems 47 Marc Vanway 10/17/2002 05:37PM
  Re: Criminally Overlooked Gems 39madvincent10/18/2002 03:28AM
  Re: Criminally Overlooked Gems 39 Marc Vanway 10/18/2002 03:37AM
  Re: Criminally Overlooked Gems 41DjX10/17/2002 11:52PM
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