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  Little River Band play live 45 Mafia Buoy 03/05/2002 05:44PM
  Kid Rock "Cocky" 52Okie03/05/2002 02:03PM
  Re: Kid Rock "Cocky" 43 Carl 03/05/2002 03:58PM
  Re: Kid Rock "Cocky" 37 Kurt 03/08/2002 01:42AM
  Re: Kid Rock "Cocky" 40Okie03/08/2002 02:55PM
  Weight of the World 42 Greg 03/05/2002 02:03PM
  Re: Weight of the World 35 Chris (deadline) 03/06/2002 10:48PM
  Re: Weight of the World 36 Greg 03/07/2002 12:51AM
  Re: Weight of the World 37jt03/07/2002 01:20AM
  Re: Weight of the World 36 Chris (deadline) 03/07/2002 03:35AM
  Where to buy the new H.S.? 44Okie03/05/2002 01:59PM
  March 25 - Everywhere! 35 Andrew 03/05/2002 03:48PM
  Re: March 25 - Everywhere! 33 jonnyrod 03/05/2002 04:25PM
  styx tour 48 pender 03/05/2002 01:58PM
  Re: styx tour 32 Jodes 03/06/2002 04:53AM
  What the heck is the "Evenings With" sho 36Big Dog03/07/2002 01:24AM
  Re: What the heck is the "Evenings With" 35 RCIT 03/07/2002 01:40AM
  Re: styx tour 39 Jodes 03/06/2002 04:53AM
  Re: styx tour 33pender03/07/2002 03:59AM
  Re: styx tour 35 Jodes 03/07/2002 04:29AM
  Re: styx tour 34 G.BRUCK 03/07/2002 06:51AM
  Re: styx tour 34 Jodes 03/07/2002 07:23AM
  Re: styx tour 35 Jodes 03/08/2002 08:42AM
  Re: styx tour 38 Eric 03/09/2002 05:23AM
  Z Rock.Anyone.... 42Davy (N I )03/05/2002 10:03AM
  Re: Z Rock.Anyone.... 35 Goddess 03/05/2002 07:02PM
  Re: Z Rock.Anyone.... 35Tom03/07/2002 05:22AM
  Re: Z Rock.Anyone.... 33Davy (N I )03/07/2002 05:32AM
  Re: Z Rock.Anyone.... 36Tom03/07/2002 05:47AM
  Re: Z Rock.Anyone.... 33Davy (N I )03/09/2002 08:57AM
  Re: Z Rock.Anyone.... 35Tom03/10/2002 03:06AM
  Re: Z Rock.Anyone.... 49Davy (N I )03/10/2002 03:43AM
  Mark/Mark - A suggestion! 54Surfpunk03/05/2002 09:47AM
  Re: Mark/Mark - A suggestion! 39Mark Alger03/05/2002 06:49PM
  Re: Mark/Mark - A suggestion! 39 Goddess 03/05/2002 07:05PM
  Re: Mark/Mark - A suggestion! 36power strikes the earth03/05/2002 10:09PM
  Re: Mark/Mark - A suggestion! 37 Goddess 03/05/2002 10:57PM
  More to the point......... 38 Goddess 03/05/2002 11:12PM
  Wow , sound like my kind of girl LOL 41 Melodic Lover 03/06/2002 07:54AM
  Re: Wow , sound like my kind of girl 39 Goddess 03/06/2002 07:17PM
  Re: Mark/Mark - A suggestion! 35Mark Ashton03/05/2002 07:10PM
  Flyers 33 Tez Durrant 03/06/2002 05:37AM
  Please Read....FLYERS 36 Andrew 03/06/2002 09:40AM
  Hey... 35Surfpunk03/06/2002 09:47AM
  Surfpunk... 44 Melodic Lover 03/06/2002 01:16PM
  Re: Surfpunk... 39 Goddess 03/06/2002 11:47PM
  What you SHOULD do ... 41 Dave 03/07/2002 02:19AM
  Re: What you SHOULD do ... 34 Debbski 03/07/2002 07:34AM
  Re: What you SHOULD do ... 41Mark Alger03/07/2002 08:38AM
  Re: What you SHOULD do ... 35 Dave 03/08/2002 03:24PM
  Fiore Question 45Kris03/05/2002 08:26AM
  Re: Fiore Question 38 Brian 03/05/2002 08:46AM
  Thanks Brian! 35Kris03/05/2002 08:47AM
  Re: Fiore Question 37Robert03/05/2002 08:51AM
  Re: Oops...too late! (np) 37Robert03/05/2002 08:52AM
  New TOTO CD TITLE IS 47mridout03/05/2002 07:23AM
  Just heard from Bobby 34 Andrew 03/05/2002 08:38AM
  Re: Just heard from Bobby 37mridout03/05/2002 12:15PM
  Massive Nu-Breed Alert 48Pingu03/05/2002 07:12AM
  ..and whilst we're on the subject... 38Epitaph03/05/2002 07:30AM
  Of Nu-Breed 43 Coco 03/05/2002 08:44AM
  Re: Of Nu-Breed 35Phil II03/05/2002 09:34AM
  Mitch Malloy - My House 91joe03/05/2002 04:40AM
  Email included 45 joe 03/05/2002 08:35AM
  another article about the industry 48 R.C.I.T. 03/05/2002 04:20AM
  For the terminally lazy ... (Great read btw). 40Big Dog03/05/2002 09:48AM
  Re: For the terminally lazy ... (Great read btw). 36 Mike Matney 03/05/2002 12:20PM
  Re: another article about the industry 37 R.C.I.T. 03/05/2002 03:02PM
  Singles and the Purchaser 37Bighairnolonger03/06/2002 05:58AM
  NOW that's what I call music. 36That Joe03/06/2002 09:58AM
  Re: NOW that's what I call music. 41 RCIT 03/07/2002 01:45AM
  Poll Results 40 Goddess 03/05/2002 03:22AM
  Yep... 34 Andrew 03/05/2002 06:31AM
  Re: Yep... 36 Goddess 03/05/2002 07:07PM
  Question for Neverland fans (not Night Ranger) 53 Jonny B 03/05/2002 02:48AM
  Re: Question for Neverland fans (not Night Ranger) 35Pinga03/05/2002 03:58AM
  Re: Question for Neverland fans (not Night Ranger) 38Mark03/05/2002 04:55AM
  Re: Neverland 32Syrup Wizard03/05/2002 05:31AM
  I agree 33 Andrew 03/05/2002 06:35AM
  Re: I agree 35 Kid Ego 03/05/2002 06:44AM
  Re: I agree 36 Luc 03/05/2002 10:09AM
  However... 36 Generic D2 Fan 03/06/2002 02:13AM
  Eric Martin? 47Jeff E03/05/2002 02:06AM
  Re: Eric Martin? 38 Justin 03/05/2002 02:38AM
  Re: Eric Martin? 47Robert03/05/2002 03:12AM
  Can't add any more to that! 33 Andrew 03/05/2002 06:39AM
  New Dream Theater.....disappointed!!!! 49 the ORIGINAL brent 03/04/2002 10:34PM
  Re: New Dream Theater.....disappointed!!!! 38Gav03/04/2002 10:52PM
  You're right..... 35Kris03/04/2002 11:38PM
  Kris I fall into that category 40 Generic D2 Fan 03/05/2002 01:55AM
  Re: You're right..... 40 Carl 03/05/2002 02:01AM
  Re: New Dream Theater.....disappointed!!!! 39 Frank 03/05/2002 12:49AM
  Re: New Dream Theater.....disappointed!!!! 37 Daniel 03/05/2002 03:10AM
  Re: New Dream Theater.....disappointed!!!! 37 Per$y 03/07/2002 05:39AM
  Re: New Dream Theater.....disappointed!!!! 36 Frank 03/07/2002 07:20AM
  Give it time 36joe03/05/2002 02:08AM
  Re: Give it time 41Gav03/05/2002 03:20AM
  Re: Give it time 36 Phil 1 03/05/2002 03:59AM
  Amen... [np] 38 Fred 03/05/2002 06:01AM
  Re: Give it time 35 the ORIGINAL brent 03/05/2002 07:47AM
  Re: Give it time 40 the ORIGINAL brent 03/05/2002 07:45AM
  Re: New Dream Theater.....disappointed!!!! 34 Kid Ego 03/05/2002 06:50AM
  Not disappointed at all here 38 ddregs 03/05/2002 08:04AM
  you're right ddregs!!DT STILL RULE!! 33 KAOS FAN 03/05/2002 05:26PM
  U Rule KAOS! :) NP 37 ddregs 03/05/2002 05:39PM
  Re: U Rule KAOS! :) NP 39 KAOS FAN 03/06/2002 04:22PM
  Mitch Malloy ~ NEW CD?.... 44Kris03/04/2002 01:13PM
  Re: Mitch Malloy ~ NEW CD?.... 38ele03/04/2002 06:02PM
  Re: Mitch Malloy ~ NEW CD?.... 34Mark03/05/2002 07:33AM
  melodic hard rock at its best 48 Chris 03/04/2002 12:32PM
  Now & Then / Frontiers News - 4 March 2002 57Peter Sims03/04/2002 09:13AM
  Re: Now & Then / Frontiers News - 4 March 2002 35Mark03/05/2002 05:00AM
  Mark, Dont You Know That...... 39 Coco 03/05/2002 05:44AM
  more Harem Scarem praise... 53 jonnyrod 03/04/2002 08:00AM
  Harem Scarem: Another reason for 100% 47 Brian 03/04/2002 07:46AM
  Re: Harem Scarem: Another reason for 100% 37 Bryan Toth 03/05/2002 03:47AM
  Re: Harem Scarem: Another reason for 100% 36dave03/05/2002 04:08AM
  Re: Harem Scarem: Another reason for 100% 35 Brian 03/05/2002 06:23AM
  Re: Harem Scarem: Another reason for 100% 36 jonnyrod 03/05/2002 06:24AM
  Re: Harem Scarem: Another reason for 100% 38Jodes03/05/2002 01:26PM
  Where did you get that from? 36 Andrew 03/05/2002 03:49PM
  Re: Where did you get that from? 34 Jodes 03/05/2002 04:34PM
  Understand your point Jodes... 37 Andrew 03/05/2002 05:05PM
  Re: Understand your point Jodes... 38 Jodes 03/05/2002 05:30PM
  Re: Harem Scarem: Another reason for 100% 37 Jodes 03/05/2002 01:29PM
  Danny Wilde - The Boyfriend 36 sharxfan 03/04/2002 04:46AM
  His BEST album...and no, never on CD 40 Andrew 03/04/2002 08:13AM
  Movie on melodic rock. 51That Joe03/04/2002 04:34AM
  That Was F'uckin 38 Coco 03/04/2002 05:42AM
  That Sites Funny As Hell 46 Coco 03/04/2002 06:08AM
  Re: That Sites Funny As Hell 32 Brian 03/04/2002 11:42AM
  Lol, awesome!! 39Jack03/04/2002 08:01PM
  Ah... 38Jack03/04/2002 09:00PM
  Re: Ah... 38 Fred 03/05/2002 06:13AM
  Film for my monster friend.... 44Jack03/05/2002 07:56AM
  Vince Neil's european Tour 57Jose Beaskoa03/04/2002 03:52AM
  Re: Vince Neil's european Tour Correction 38 Maciej 03/04/2002 07:51AM
  Why not Germany, Holland, ..???? 40 Stefan 03/04/2002 05:29PM
  Re: Why not Germany, Holland, ..???? 34Mark03/05/2002 07:35AM
  Re: and Australia 38 Mafia Buoy 03/05/2002 05:37PM
  spanish shows cancelled 33Jose Beaskoa03/06/2002 03:35AM
  Is anyone wroking on artwork for the Promotion CD 45 Snake65 03/04/2002 01:41AM
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