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  Caught Collective Soul live Saturday Night 64Okie06/26/2001 04:22AM
  Just wish they could come to the UK (NP) 43Surfpunk06/26/2001 04:59AM
  Barnes new double album and european dates 48 Adolfo 06/26/2001 03:46AM
  Re: Barnes new double album and european dates 35 The Real Richard 06/27/2001 08:52AM
  Wanted - Your unwanted rock cds! 59 Mayhem 06/26/2001 12:09AM
  Frank Marino update please 51 Paul 06/25/2001 06:42PM
  Re: Frank Marino update please 40Denny06/29/2001 01:08AM
  Re: Frank Marino update please 38 Paul 06/29/2001 07:21PM
  Electric Boys 53 Brian 06/25/2001 06:11PM
  Re: Electric Boys 40Peter M. Bietenholz06/25/2001 11:02PM
  Re: Electric Boys 51 Carl 06/26/2001 03:34AM
  Carl... 37Surfpunk06/26/2001 03:42AM
  Re: Electric Boys 37Surfpunk06/26/2001 03:40AM
  Re: Electric Boys 41Terry06/26/2001 04:35PM
  Rainbow 50Terry06/25/2001 06:00PM
  Re: Rainbow 41danthecdman06/25/2001 07:11PM
  Re: Rainbow 41Terry06/25/2001 09:13PM
  Re: Rainbow 41danthecdman06/26/2001 06:24AM
  Re: Rainbow 45 Mafia Boy 06/27/2001 08:41AM
  Re: Rainbow 44Steve Denmark06/27/2001 08:16PM
  Steve Augeri and Journey concert 80 Captain Can Man 06/25/2001 03:54PM
  Re: Steve Augeri and Journey concert 42 sfk kurt 06/26/2001 12:13AM
  Re: Steve Augeri and Journey concert 41danthecdman06/26/2001 07:44AM
  Re: Steve Augeri and Journey concert 55 Carl1 06/26/2001 08:29AM
  Re: Steve Augeri and Journey concert 56 french69 06/26/2001 09:47AM
  Re: Steve Augeri and Journey concert 44 J.C. 06/27/2001 02:26AM
  Backing Carl 1 57Surfpunk06/27/2001 06:23AM
  Re: Backing Carl 1 45 Captain Can Man 06/27/2001 06:50AM
  Re: Backing Carl 1 46 The Real Richard 06/27/2001 08:56AM
  Re: Backing Carl 1 36 Philly Mike 06/27/2001 12:42PM
  Augeri and Perry 54 Captain Can Man 06/27/2001 01:12PM
  Re: Augeri and Perry 49 ddregs 06/27/2001 06:36PM
  Re: Augeri and Perry 50 Captain Can Man 06/27/2001 10:49PM
  Re: Augeri and Perry 58 ddregs 06/28/2001 04:32AM
  Re: Augeri and Perry 58 Captain Can Man 06/28/2001 05:14AM
  Re: Augeri and Perry 43 ddregs 06/28/2001 04:35PM
  Re: Augeri and Perry 47 Captain Can Man 06/28/2001 06:00PM
  Re: Augeri and Perry 46 ddregs 06/28/2001 07:31PM
  Re: Augeri and Perry 52 Captain Can Man 06/29/2001 07:54PM
  Re: Steve Augeri and Journey concert 54 Mark Kennedy 06/27/2001 11:48PM
  Is it just me,,, 49 Jason 06/25/2001 12:11PM
  Re: Actually,,, 36 Don 06/25/2001 01:06PM
  Autograph... 47 Don 06/25/2001 12:02PM
  Re: Autograph... 36 Brian 06/25/2001 01:25PM
  Hey SFK Kurt/Boyband alert! 44 Don 06/25/2001 11:56AM
  Re: Hey SFK Kurt/Boyband alert! 35 sfk kurt 06/25/2001 11:09PM
  "Timelessness" vs. sounding "dated& 66 Don 06/25/2001 10:48AM
  Re: "Timelessness" vs. sounding "da 47 Mike Matney 06/25/2001 11:29AM
  Re: "Timelessness" vs. sounding "da 45Jack06/25/2001 11:51AM
  you are wrong Jack 39 sfk kurt 06/25/2001 11:36PM
  hahahahahaha..... 43Jack06/26/2001 12:47AM
  you can say it sucks 51 sfk kurt 06/26/2001 06:34AM
  Re: you can say it sucks 42exnewyorker06/26/2001 01:25PM
  It ain't much better here now... 42 Andrew 06/26/2001 08:28PM
  Re: "Timelessness" vs. sounding "da 42 Gregg 06/26/2001 11:07AM
  Re: "Timelessness" vs. sounding "da 47 Brian 06/26/2001 08:42PM
  Hey Gregg... 38Jack06/27/2001 01:11PM
  my take 34 sfk kurt 06/25/2001 11:14PM
  Re: my take 41Tony Harnell06/26/2001 02:46PM
  Why I hate Rap 46Doc K06/26/2001 11:45PM
  Preach on Teacher man! 35 sfk kurt 06/27/2001 07:50AM
  I blame the parents!! (NP) 43Surfpunk06/27/2001 08:11AM
  Re: Why I hate Rap 45Jack06/27/2001 12:47PM
  Jack, it's all bad! 47 sfk kurt 06/27/2001 10:30PM
  Rap bad, Jack good.... 49Jack06/28/2001 05:00AM
  these are not the droids you're looking for 39 sfk kurt 06/28/2001 07:02AM
  Re: Why I hate Rap-lyrical content 45Doc K06/27/2001 10:52PM
  Re: Why I hate Rap-lyrical content 39Tony Harnell06/28/2001 12:34AM
  Re: Why I hate Rap-lyrical content 40Doc K06/28/2001 01:23AM
  Re: Why I hate Rap-lyrical content 40Jack06/28/2001 05:32AM
  Re: Why I hate Rap-lyrical content 39Tony Harnell06/28/2001 02:47PM
  Re: Why I hate Rap-lyrical content 45 Andrew Paul 06/27/2001 05:38PM
  New Cult... 56 Don 06/25/2001 09:37AM
  Re: New Cult... 49John Q06/25/2001 04:24PM
  Susie Hatton????? 166 Coco 06/25/2001 07:57AM
  Re: Susie Hatton????? 100 Storm 06/25/2001 02:32PM
  Re: Susie Hatton????? 74 Adolfo 06/25/2001 08:54PM
  Streets "don't look back" 56 Catman 06/25/2001 02:25AM
  Re: Streets "don't look back" 41 DJ Klaus 06/25/2001 06:26PM
  Re: Streets "don't look back" 40 Catman 06/27/2001 04:39AM
  Is this any good? 57 Misterpomp 06/25/2001 02:11AM
  Blue Oyster Cult, Andrew's review 48 Carl1 06/24/2001 08:42PM
  Re: Blue Oyster Cult, Andrew's review 39 koogles 06/25/2001 12:19AM
  Re: Blue Oyster Cult, Andrew's review 52 Carl1 06/25/2001 01:27AM
  Re: Blue Oyster Cult? The New Quo? 45 Eric Abrahamsen 06/25/2001 04:57AM
  Re: Blue Oyster Cult? The New Quo? 42 Carl1 06/25/2001 05:54AM
  I have to agree with Eric 43 Misterpomp 06/25/2001 06:14AM
  Feck Off :-) NP 44 Carl1 06/25/2001 07:55AM
  Re: Blue Oyster Cult? The New Quo? 46 Eric Abrahamsen 06/25/2001 06:48AM
  Re: Blue Oyster Cult? The New Quo? 39 Carl1 06/25/2001 08:05AM
  Re: Quo & let's hit UFO!!! 45 Eric Abrahamsen 06/25/2001 09:18AM
  Poo Oyster Cult 60 koogles 06/25/2001 08:23AM
  Re: Poo Oyster Cult 41 Carl1 06/25/2001 04:38PM
  Club Ninja is the most treble BOC album! 46 koogles 06/26/2001 01:52AM
  Re: Club Ninja is the most treble BOC album! 47 Carl1 06/26/2001 04:25AM
  NEWS ON HUMANIMAL & BURNING RAIN 55 Z Webmaster 06/24/2001 06:23PM
  Blue Tears help... 60 Andrew 06/24/2001 05:59PM
  Re: Blue Tears help... 40 AORMAN 06/24/2001 09:34PM
  Re: Blue Tears help... 39 Stanley 06/26/2001 09:01PM
  NEWEST CD SALE 47 Kelv Hellrazer 06/24/2001 10:00AM
  NEWIES +OLDIES CD SALE 62 Kelv Hellrazer 06/24/2001 09:51AM
  Re: NEWIES +OLDIES CD SALE 55 Charlie Graham 06/25/2001 04:27AM
  CD CEAROUT 44 Kelv Hellrazer 06/28/2001 08:39AM
  Leppard - Andrew 62 Brian 06/24/2001 07:41AM
  Re: Leppard - Andrew 41Jack06/24/2001 09:25AM
  Er... 37 Andrew 06/24/2001 10:04AM
  Just finished The Dirt... 70 sfk kurt 06/24/2001 07:21AM
  F'sure! 49 Benno 06/25/2001 01:04PM
  Did you read the last chapter? 66 sfk kurt 06/25/2001 11:17PM
  Crue's dirt 51 Daniel 06/26/2001 06:48AM
  Trippe 51 sfk kurt 06/26/2001 08:32AM
  Re: Crue's dirt 52 Brian 06/26/2001 11:07AM
  CD's for sale 58 Metal Dive 06/24/2001 06:17AM
  Sad News about Blue Tears..... 55Kris06/24/2001 05:39AM
  Re: Sad News about Blue Tears..... 41 Gregg 06/24/2001 06:02AM
  Re: Sad News about Blue Tears..... 39Jack06/24/2001 08:24AM
  Re: Sad News about Blue Tears..... 45 Brian 06/24/2001 11:39AM
  UltraSound 2001 Update and Promotional Opportuniti 48 SeanZilla the PowerFreak 06/24/2001 05:03AM
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