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  My letter to classic rock 48Tony M06/28/2002 09:01AM
  Don't Be So Modest 38Ralph Santolla06/28/2002 09:24AM
  Re: Don't Be So Modest 33Tony M06/29/2002 01:42AM
  Re: My letter to classic rock 38Mad Jock McMad06/28/2002 09:27AM
  Re: My letter to classic rock 39mark kennedy06/28/2002 06:33PM
  Dear Baldy Smackhead 44 Philbecks667 06/28/2002 08:02PM
  Re: Tony M 35Ralph Santolla06/29/2002 01:15AM
  Van Halen question 40 Benno 06/28/2002 08:47AM
  Re: Van Halen question 29 FORD 06/28/2002 12:14PM
  Thanks dude 33 Benno 06/28/2002 02:14PM
  Firehouse 44Firehousechick06/28/2002 08:31AM
  Firehouse - Any plans for new album??? and Damned 38 Geoff 06/28/2002 12:12PM
  Re: Firehouse - Any plans for new album??? and Dam 34Firehousechick06/28/2002 02:16PM
  Re: Firehouse - Any plans for new album??? and Dam 39Kieran06/29/2002 03:27AM
  Van Halen Stuff 45 Benno 06/28/2002 08:31AM
  Re: Van Halen Stuff 37 FORD 06/28/2002 12:18PM
  I wish! 36 Benno 06/28/2002 01:33PM
  Re: I wish! 36 FORD 06/28/2002 03:57PM
  Sweeeeeet 30 Benno 06/28/2002 05:38PM
  RIP: John Entwistle! 63 sfk kurt 06/28/2002 08:18AM
  Re: RIP: John Entwistle! 38 Tommy Denander 06/28/2002 08:45AM
  RIP 39 ddregs 06/28/2002 05:19PM
  Re: RIP 38 1111 06/29/2002 01:39AM
  Re: RIP: John Entwistle! 41 Mike Matney 06/28/2002 08:45AM
  Re: RIP: John Entwistle! 35 TAFKAMP 06/28/2002 08:53AM
  Re: RIP: John Entwistle! 35rondo06/28/2002 08:55AM
  Re: RIP: John Entwistle! 38 Paul 06/28/2002 10:08AM
  Re: Don't Forget "The Rock" 36 Eric Abrahamsen 06/28/2002 09:02AM
  Re: RIP: John Entwistle! 47 FORD 06/28/2002 11:12AM
  Re: RIP: John Entwistle! 37Syr Up06/28/2002 04:35PM
  For The Ox, in his own words.... 41 FORD 06/28/2002 11:13AM
  Re: RIP: John Entwistle! 37Tinger06/28/2002 02:49PM
  Re: RIP: John Entwistle! 40 Sue 06/28/2002 04:35PM
  Re: RIP: John Entwistle! 34 Andy 06/28/2002 05:47PM
  Re: RIP: John Entwistle! 36 B.J /MILLION 06/28/2002 08:43PM
  Classic rock letter 52 britny 06/28/2002 08:12AM
  Re: Classic rock letter 33rondo06/28/2002 09:10AM
  Re: Classic rock letter 41 Davey 06/28/2002 09:20AM
  Re: Classic rock letter 38 britny 06/28/2002 03:25PM
  Re: Classic rock letter 46Surfpunk06/28/2002 04:31PM
  anyone hear of Seven & The Sun? 52 sfk kurt 06/28/2002 07:15AM
  Cinderella 49 Mike Bates 06/28/2002 06:49AM
  Interesting question that 37 Benno 06/28/2002 09:08AM
  Not in 2002 39 Andrew 06/28/2002 09:19AM
  Nickleback/Cinderella UK Dates? 43Surfpunk06/28/2002 04:42PM
  Bored, need new CD's 60 Mike Bates 06/28/2002 06:45AM
  Re: Bored, need new CD's 36Richard06/28/2002 07:23AM
  Re: Bored, need new CD's 38 Mike Bates 06/28/2002 07:33AM
  On the new stuff Mike 43 Benno 06/28/2002 09:21AM
  Re: On the new stuff Mike 39 alex siedler 06/28/2002 04:40PM
  Re: Bored, need new CD's 40Syr Up06/28/2002 04:41PM
  Re: Bored, need new CD's 47 Marc Vanway 06/28/2002 05:23PM
  Re: Bored, need new CD's 44 The Lord 06/29/2002 03:22AM
  Re: Bored, need new CD's 40Okie06/29/2002 04:36AM
  New Lillian Axe 47 jase 06/28/2002 06:13AM
  Any chance of a new studio album from these guys?? 39Kauna06/28/2002 06:31AM
  Re: Any chance of a new studio album from these gu 37 Mike Bates 06/28/2002 06:47AM
  Re: Any chance of a new studio album from these gu 43 Jerry 06/29/2002 06:11AM
  express!! 47oscar06/28/2002 05:56AM
  CD New Releases/Pre-Orders (6/27/02) 62Jim06/28/2002 04:50AM
  Before anyone else says it ... 34 TAFKAMP 06/28/2002 06:26AM
  Re: Before anyone else says it ... 43Jim06/28/2002 07:05AM
  In fact, Jim, 40 TAFKAMP 06/28/2002 08:57AM
  Re: In fact, Jim, 40Jim06/28/2002 09:36AM
  TOP 100 Board (Bored?) Regulars 76 koogles 06/28/2002 03:49AM
  I was robbed!!! :) 58Kopious K906/28/2002 04:38AM
  shurley shome mishtake! 41Epitaph06/28/2002 05:05AM
  thank you! it's called unemployment! 44 sfk kurt 06/28/2002 06:37AM
  Re: thank you! it's called unemployment! 39 Mike Bates 06/28/2002 06:47AM
  LOL then find me a job! 37 sfk kurt 06/28/2002 07:13AM
  I feel your pain 37 Benno 06/28/2002 11:16AM
  Re: TOP 100 Board (Bored?) Regulars 43 Jib 06/28/2002 06:59AM
  Re:UR Days are numbered SFK Kurt...LOL 38 Goddess 06/28/2002 07:22AM
  Re: I refuse to give up... 41Robert06/28/2002 07:44AM
  Yipee, # 8, I knew My Life Had A Purpose 47 Coco 06/28/2002 07:53AM
  Re: TOP 100 Board (Bored?) Regulars 43 Patrick 06/28/2002 07:55AM
  I made the top 20! 45 Mike Matney 06/28/2002 08:02AM
  Re: TOP 100 Board (Bored?) Regulars 33Double Decibel Dave06/28/2002 08:25AM
  Thanks Koogles 44 Andrew 06/28/2002 09:02AM
  koogles wasted more time doing that 45 sfk kurt 06/28/2002 09:17AM
  Re: koogles wasted more time doing that 45 Andrew 06/28/2002 10:37AM
  Re: koogles wasted more time doing that 45 koogles 06/28/2002 12:46PM
  Re: TOP 100 Board (Bored?) Regulars 34 dino 06/28/2002 10:06AM
  Thanks Koog... :) 49 Melodic Lover 06/28/2002 11:43AM
  Re: koogles wasted more time doing that 46 alex siedler 06/28/2002 04:50PM
  need to write more!! 43 Marc Vanway 06/28/2002 10:50PM
  63 And Climbing 42 johnny blackout 06/29/2002 12:54AM
  Isn't it strange....... 34 Phil 1 06/29/2002 03:01AM
  Quality world cup visual gag .. 58 TAFKAMP 06/28/2002 03:32AM
  WHAT MIKE TRAMP PLAYED IN MELB 65 The Lord 06/28/2002 02:37AM
  Re: WHAT MIKE TRAMP PLAYED IN MELB 72 Andrew 06/28/2002 09:06AM
  Re: WHAT MIKE TRAMP PLAYED IN MELB 43doggy06/28/2002 10:08AM
  Re: WHAT MIKE TRAMP PLAYED IN MELB 49 Geoff 06/28/2002 10:16AM
  Re: WHAT MIKE TRAMP PLAYED IN MELB 44 Andrew 06/28/2002 10:39AM
  Re: WHAT MIKE TRAMP PLAYED IN MELB 42 Geoff 06/28/2002 11:40AM
  I'm with ya Geoff! 38 Benno 06/28/2002 11:46AM
  Re: I'm with ya Geoff! 41 Geoff 06/28/2002 11:57AM
  Re: I'm with ya Geoff! 41 Andrew 06/28/2002 12:51PM
  Re: I'm with ya Geoff! 41 Geoff 06/28/2002 12:59PM
  Re: I'm with ya Geoff! 46 The Lord 06/28/2002 03:24PM
  Re: I'm with ya Geoff! 48 Geoff 06/28/2002 03:29PM
  Re: I'm with ya Geoff! 42 The Lord 06/28/2002 03:01PM
  Re: I'm with ya Geoff! 42 Geoff 06/28/2002 03:16PM
  Re: I'm with ya Geoff! 47JYMMI SLANG06/29/2002 02:19PM
  Re: WHAT MIKE TRAMP PLAYED IN MELB 47 The Lord 06/29/2002 05:40PM
  Re: WHAT MIKE TRAMP PLAYED IN MELB 39 Geoff 07/01/2002 03:36PM
  MIKE TRAMP IN SYDNEY 58 Suzana 07/14/2002 09:18PM
  10 Rock Stars Who Need A Good Slap 59Another (Different ) Dave06/28/2002 01:13AM
  Re: 10 Rock Stars Who Need A Good Slap 41 Ace 06/28/2002 01:57AM
  Re: 10 Rock Stars Who Need A Good Slap 49Mad Jock McMad06/28/2002 09:38AM
  Re: 10 Rock Stars Who Need A Good Slap 43 TAFKAMP 06/28/2002 03:37AM
  wot no Scott Ian? 41Sweet Sweet Waldo06/28/2002 04:27AM
  Re: wot no Scott Ian? 40Okie06/28/2002 04:36AM
  how about just slapping gene simmons 10 times 38 dino 06/28/2002 10:09AM
  I agree with Mad Jock 41 Benno 06/28/2002 11:28AM
  Rich/poor rock stars....... 63 grwhitefan 06/28/2002 01:06AM
  Re: Rich/poor rock stars....... 37Tricky06/28/2002 01:31AM
  Re: Rich/poor rock stars....... 39 Kevin 06/28/2002 01:48AM
  Re: Rich/poor rock stars....... 40 Jack 06/28/2002 05:19AM
  Anyone watch the Kumars? 38 Benno 06/28/2002 11:34AM
  Re: Anyone watch the Kumars? 43 Phil 1 06/29/2002 03:05AM
  Even Papa Roach Can't Top Eminem 50Robert06/27/2002 11:55PM
  essential 70s albums? 70 alex siedler 06/27/2002 11:27PM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 48 Andy 06/28/2002 12:20AM
  Along with the first 7 Kiss cd's 45Ralph Santolla06/28/2002 09:30AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 38Jeff E06/28/2002 01:33AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 46 dino 06/28/2002 01:50AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 38 dino 06/28/2002 10:17AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 48 Jake 06/28/2002 03:40AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 41 hotr 06/28/2002 05:02AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 40Kopious K906/28/2002 05:55AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 43 beaner 06/28/2002 06:33AM
  Lou Reed - 'Rock & Roll Animal' 43 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 06/28/2002 06:39AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 36 Patrick 06/28/2002 06:55AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 39 Patrick 06/28/2002 06:56AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 33Richard06/28/2002 07:40AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 42 Lynchomaniac 06/28/2002 09:03AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 39 Andrew 06/28/2002 09:09AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 42Tony M06/28/2002 09:11AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 45rondo06/28/2002 09:21AM
  Check your crevice 41Ralph Santolla06/28/2002 09:34AM
  Re: Check your crevice 45 Andy 06/28/2002 06:10PM
  Re: Check your crevice-Andy 43Ralph Santolla06/29/2002 01:12AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 42 dino 06/28/2002 10:24AM
  Re: essential 70s albums? 54 wesley 06/28/2002 02:03PM
  thanx 43 alex siedler 06/28/2002 04:13PM
  Bruce Vs. Def Leppard 61 sfk kurt 06/27/2002 10:31PM
  ok kurt... but... 54 Marc Vanway 06/27/2002 10:52PM
  hmmm.... 37 sfk kurt 06/27/2002 10:53PM
  Re: hmmm.... 48 Marc Vanway 06/27/2002 10:55PM
  Re: hmmm.... 43 John 06/27/2002 11:41PM
  Re: hmmm.... 52 Madlaw 06/28/2002 12:16AM
  Re: hmmm.... 39 D.J 06/28/2002 12:23AM
  stigma 42 sfk kurt 06/28/2002 03:36AM
  huh? 53 sfk kurt 06/28/2002 03:34AM
  Re: To clarify.... 42Robert06/28/2002 01:32AM
  Re: To clarify.... 45 Madlaw 06/28/2002 03:30AM
  Bruce will be at #1 42 sfk kurt 06/28/2002 03:35AM
  Re: Bruce will be at #1 44Robert06/28/2002 04:08AM
  Re: Bruce will be at #1 37 Brian 06/28/2002 06:26AM
  Re: Now's release 46 D.J 06/28/2002 08:00AM
  Re: Bruce will be at #1 44Okie06/28/2002 04:39AM
  let us not forget 39 sfk kurt 06/28/2002 06:42AM
  Re: let us not forget 40 D.J 06/28/2002 07:57AM
  My thoughts 49 Andrew 06/28/2002 09:15AM reflection on acts quality 37 sfk kurt 06/28/2002 09:28AM
  Re: My thoughts 52 Justin 06/28/2002 09:33AM
  Crush not a hit? 45 sfk kurt 06/28/2002 09:52AM
  Re: Crush not a hit? 35 The Lord 06/28/2002 03:05PM
  Danger Danger Rarities cd??? 54 mmm + 1/2 06/27/2002 09:54PM
  Re: Danger Danger Rarities cd??? 42 Andrew 06/27/2002 10:31PM
  push uk tour????/ 50 Nick 06/27/2002 09:42PM
  My LONG Letter to Classic Rock 57 Goddess 06/27/2002 08:52PM
  Re: My LONG Letter to Classic Rock 37 Amnesia1 06/28/2002 02:46AM
  CR Subscription... 45 Patrick 06/28/2002 07:24AM
  I couldna put it better meself 39 Graham Hatton 06/28/2002 03:45AM
  Re: My LONG Letter to Classic Rock 41JT06/28/2002 04:07AM
  Re: My LONG Letter to Classic Rock 39 Jib 06/28/2002 07:07AM
  Re: My LONG Letter to Classic Rock 40 Goddess 06/28/2002 07:26AM
  Re: My LONG Letter to Classic Rock 41 Andy 06/28/2002 06:12PM
  Re: My LONG Letter to Classic Rock 43 Goddess 06/28/2002 10:07PM
  courtney love and hole 60 wesley 06/27/2002 07:39PM
  actually most of us are celebrating! 37 sfk kurt 06/27/2002 10:24PM
  TOO RIGHT KURT! 41 Lynchomaniac 06/28/2002 09:06AM
  Re: TOO RIGHT KURT! 38rondo06/28/2002 09:30AM
  Courtney may be... 43 Niklas 06/28/2002 04:40PM
  Re: courtney love and hole 38 Andy 06/28/2002 08:12PM
  forget chinese democracy 57 Marc Vanway 06/27/2002 06:49PM
  Re: forget chinese democracy 46 Andrew 06/27/2002 07:44PM
  Re: forget chinese democracy 37 alex siedler 06/27/2002 07:54PM
  Re: forget chinese democracy 41 alex siedler 06/27/2002 08:08PM
  Re: forget chinese democracy 44 Marc Vanway 06/27/2002 09:15PM
  Re: forget chinese democracy 41 The Lord 06/28/2002 02:38AM
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