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  yet another rock star into child porn 135 Notch Johnson 01/11/2003 11:35PM
  A little twist in the tale.. 98 Linda 01/12/2003 12:27AM
  Re: yet another rock star into child porn 74 Rogue 01/12/2003 02:39AM
  Re: yet another rock star into child porn 57 Sgt Schultz 01/12/2003 03:56AM
  It's hardly surprising.... 85 epitaph 01/12/2003 04:18AM
  Re: It's hardly surprising.... 83 OzzMosiz 01/13/2003 08:10PM
  Re: It's hardly surprising.... 72 TASKAMP 01/14/2003 05:39AM
  Re: yet another rock star into child porn 81 R.C.I.T. 01/14/2003 03:25AM
  Locomotive Breath's new album 122 Rock News 01/11/2003 11:03PM
  new Mars Electric 99 Andy Ellis 01/11/2003 09:25PM
  Re: new Mars Electric 39Surfpunk!01/11/2003 09:35PM
  Re: new Mars Electric 46Dave Reynolds01/11/2003 09:40PM
  Re: new Mars Electric 45 Notch Johnson 01/11/2003 11:31PM
  Re: new Mars Electric 43 WillowTheRed 01/14/2003 05:57PM
  Attention Jeff Scott Soto fans !!!!! 95 Rock News 01/11/2003 08:29PM
  Need your help - did anybody order the Shooting Star DVD through OMNI CallCenter 122 Christoph 01/11/2003 06:17PM
  Re: Need your help - did anybody order the Shooting Star DVD through OMNI CallCenter 60AlliedForces01/11/2003 10:42PM
  Re: Need your help - did anybody order the Shooting Star DVD through OMNI CallCenter 63 Tom Krupa 01/12/2003 12:52AM
  Nightranger 143 Darren Preece 01/11/2003 06:09PM
  Re: Nightranger 89 KAOS FAN 01/12/2003 02:04AM
  Re: Nightranger 92 Rogue 01/12/2003 02:41AM
  Re: Nightranger 90 Andrew 01/12/2003 09:37AM
  Boston bonus track 'Sandra?... 156Kris01/11/2003 03:27PM
  Re: Boston bonus track 'Sandra?... 96 Jodes 01/11/2003 04:58PM
  Re: Boston bonus track 'Sandra?... 115Kris01/13/2003 03:59AM
  Re: Boston bonus track 'Sandra?... 109 Satan 01/14/2003 06:26AM
  lol..... 74Kris01/14/2003 01:47PM
  Randy Jackson question... 98Jack01/11/2003 02:11PM
  Re: Randy Jackson question... 43 Sgt Schultz 01/11/2003 02:20PM
  New Gotthard, goddammit! 75Jack01/11/2003 01:28PM
  No Jack you are not alone... 45 mats 01/11/2003 06:27PM
  New Single & Tracklist 39 patiscat 01/11/2003 10:20PM
  80's Rock and the Twilight Zone 90 Justin 01/11/2003 11:55AM
  Nu-breed alert 113Jolly Rodger01/11/2003 11:19AM
  Drop the Nu Breed Tag!!!! 127Gav01/11/2003 10:28AM
  But Gav! 76Phil 101/11/2003 10:58AM
  Re: But Gav! 78Gav01/11/2003 11:06AM
  Re: But Gav! 96Phil 101/11/2003 12:39PM
  Re: Drop the Nu Breed Tag!!!! 87Jolly Rodger01/11/2003 11:15AM
  Re: Drop the Nu Breed Tag!!!! 82 Sgt Schultz 01/11/2003 01:00PM
  Re: Drop the Nu Breed Tag!!!! 95Dave Reynolds01/11/2003 07:59PM
  Dave a question for you 105 Kieran 01/11/2003 09:58PM
  Re: Dave a question for you 127Dave Reynolds01/12/2003 04:14AM
  Thanks Dave 87 Kieran 01/12/2003 09:05PM
  Re: Drop the Nu Breed Tag!!!! 70Phil 101/11/2003 10:04PM
  Re: Drop the Nu Breed Tag!!!! 98Dave Reynolds01/12/2003 04:15AM
  Re: Drop the Nu Breed Tag!!!! 117Preacher Surf!01/11/2003 10:33PM
  Re: Drop the Nu Breed Tag!!!! 93 Sgt Schultz 01/11/2003 11:18PM
  Re: Drop the Nu Breed Tag!!!! 91 Davy (NI) 01/11/2003 09:36PM
  Re: Drop the Nu Breed Tag!!!! 93Fred01/11/2003 09:41PM
  yeah but...... 110Gav01/11/2003 10:39PM
  Er...Gav..... 77Surfpunk!01/11/2003 10:52PM
  I vote we call it Colin from now on 79Tony M01/12/2003 12:25AM
  Re: Er...Gav..... 72Gav01/12/2003 06:27AM
  Re: Er...Gav..... 72Surfpunk!01/12/2003 07:11AM
  Re: Drop the Nu Breed Tag!!!! 119 Andrew 01/12/2003 09:41AM
  Re: Drop the Nu Breed Tag!!!! 79 epitaph 01/12/2003 12:17AM
  The Underwater (NU BREED) 145 Shawn Pelata 01/11/2003 09:05AM
  Cant be serious 139Jolly Rodger01/11/2003 09:02AM
  Re: Cant be serious 79 Shawn Pelata 01/11/2003 09:53AM
  Re: Cant be serious 93Jolly Rodger01/11/2003 11:16AM
  Re: Cant be serious 73 Andrew 01/11/2003 07:07PM
  Re: Cant be serious 78Jolly Rodger01/12/2003 02:17PM
  Re: Cant be serious 94 Andrew 01/13/2003 06:12PM
  Re: Cant be serious 101 Penny 01/13/2003 06:25PM
  Andrew, you're a brave man... 112 R.C.I.T. 01/11/2003 07:24AM
  Re: Andrew, you're a brave man... 68 Andrew 01/11/2003 07:58AM
  What Andrew didn't say about 2002 ...... 130 TASKAMP 01/11/2003 06:22AM
  Re: What Andrew didn't say about 2002 ...... 88 Rock News 01/11/2003 06:27AM
  Re: What Andrew didn't say about 2002 ...... 57Mag01/11/2003 06:36AM
  Re: What Andrew didn't say about 2002 ...... 81TT01/11/2003 07:37AM
  Re: What Andrew didn't say about 2002 ...... 106 Andrew 01/11/2003 08:00AM
  Re: What Andrew didn't say about 2002 ...... 74Mag01/11/2003 08:39AM
  SPV 69 Rock News 01/11/2003 10:12AM
  news of Nexx 106J.B.01/11/2003 06:11AM
  I may be evil, but this makes me happy 99 R.C.I.T. 01/11/2003 05:46AM
  Re: I may be evil, but this makes me happy 55 Patrick 01/11/2003 06:09AM
  Re: I may be evil, but this makes me happy 44 R.C.I.T. 01/11/2003 07:03AM
  Krokus Headhunter Info 58 patiscat 01/11/2003 04:58AM
  The Exies NU BREED 100 neil aitchy 01/11/2003 04:36AM
  Thanks Andrew, ya bastard! 124 Notch Johnson 01/11/2003 12:25AM
  Re: Thanks Andrew, ya bastard! 50 Patrick 01/11/2003 12:28AM
  Andrew, Great White tour question 102Ace01/10/2003 11:41PM
  Re: Andrew, Great White tour question 109 Andrew 01/13/2003 11:42AM
  Re: Andrew, Great White tour question 77Ace01/14/2003 02:11AM
  FM Reunion??? 132 Anthony 01/10/2003 08:31PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 70 Franz 01/10/2003 09:31PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 54american girl01/10/2003 09:42PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 63 jo 01/10/2003 09:47PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 64 Anthony 01/10/2003 09:51PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 70matt01/10/2003 10:17PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 59american girl01/11/2003 12:21AM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 66 Anthony 01/11/2003 01:17AM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 53 jo 01/11/2003 05:25AM
  Now wouldn't that be nice 75 Graham Hatton 'Prince of lust' 01/11/2003 05:13AM
  Is Easy........... 46Dick Scratcher01/11/2003 10:41PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 60american girl01/13/2003 07:33PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 90 Anthony 01/13/2003 07:39PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 57 AndyC 01/13/2003 08:59PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 63 Anthony 01/13/2003 09:01PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 62american girl01/14/2003 06:41PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 58 Anthony 01/14/2003 07:08PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 86american girl01/14/2003 11:09PM
  Re: FM Reunion??? 67 Anthony 01/14/2003 11:12PM
  Why... 144 Marc 01/10/2003 08:30PM
  Re: Why... 114blm01/10/2003 08:44PM
  Re: Why...dear god Bruce!!! 93Tony M01/11/2003 01:39AM
  Re: Why...dear god Bruce!!! 87 Davy (NI) 01/11/2003 02:30AM
  Re: Why...dear god Bruce!!! 67Phil 101/11/2003 03:18AM
  Re: Why...dear god Bruce!!! 73 Rock News 01/11/2003 04:51AM
  Re: Why...dear god Bruce!!! 84Jolly Rodger01/11/2003 11:26AM
  Re: Why...dear god Bruce!!! 101the ORIGINAL brent01/11/2003 09:13AM
  Thank god for you lot 72Tony M01/11/2003 10:00AM
  Re: Thank god for you lot 85Jolly Rodger01/11/2003 11:28AM
  Re: Thank god for you lot 98Tony M01/12/2003 12:30AM
  Old Bugger and proud of it! 92 Kieran 01/11/2003 10:13PM
  Re: Old Bugger and proud of it! 74 Rock News 01/11/2003 10:25PM
  But Tony!!!!!! 105Surfpunk!01/11/2003 11:25PM
  Re: But Tony!!!!!! 98Phil 101/11/2003 11:33PM
  Ooops!!! 84Surfpunk!01/12/2003 12:12AM
  I meant Kelly Hansen of course! 68Surfpunk!01/12/2003 12:25AM
  Re: But Surfy!!!!!! 69Tony M01/12/2003 12:27AM
  Re: Why... 86 Mario 01/11/2003 02:27AM
  Re: Why... 90 Dance Nation 01/11/2003 04:13AM
  How about.... 77 Tom Krupa 01/11/2003 04:39AM
  Welll said my friend even if.... 95mats01/11/2003 04:58AM
  Hey Mats 81 Tom Krupa 01/11/2003 05:14AM
  YO man...... 88 mats 01/11/2003 05:33AM
  Re: Nu Breed....what??? 70Jolly Rodger01/11/2003 08:56AM
  Re: Why indeed...!!! 117Jolly Rodger01/11/2003 11:18AM
  A song is a song at the end of the day 68 Rock News 01/11/2003 10:42PM
  Re: A song is a song at the end of the day 107Phil 101/11/2003 11:38PM
  Re: A song is a song at the end of the day 86 Rock News 01/12/2003 12:52AM
  Re: A song is a song at the end of the day 81Phil 101/12/2003 05:04AM
  BTW...... 98Phil 101/12/2003 05:09AM
  Re: BTW......Frank Spencer 71 Rock News 01/12/2003 05:16AM
  Re: BTW......Frank Spencer 83Phil 101/12/2003 07:44AM
  Re: BTW......Frank Spencer 77 Rock News 01/12/2003 08:41AM
  OOOh Betty 116 Kieran 01/12/2003 09:13PM
  Westworld - "Beautiful"?? 182 Paul 01/10/2003 08:20PM
  Re: Westworld - "Beautiful"?? 94blm01/10/2003 08:48PM
  Re: Westworld - "Beautiful"?? 125 Andrew 01/10/2003 09:26PM
  Re: Westworld - "Beautiful"?? 119Jolly Rodger01/10/2003 11:47PM
  Re: Westworld - "Beautiful"?? 114joe01/11/2003 12:51AM
  Re: Westworld - "Beautiful"?? 109Tony Harnell01/11/2003 02:45AM
  Re: Westworld - "Beautiful"?? 123 NortiRaskal 01/16/2003 12:06AM
  Re: Westworld - "Beautiful"?? 116 Andrew 01/11/2003 08:01AM
  Re: Westworld - "Beautiful"?? 132 Shawn Pelata 01/11/2003 02:14AM
  Re: Westworld - "Beautiful"?? 102 Shawn Pelata 01/11/2003 06:32AM
  Re: Westworld - "Beautiful"?? 108Tony Harnell01/13/2003 01:24AM
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