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  Lindsay Grifffin 54 Rammy 05/24/2002 11:11PM
  for nubreed fans ONLY! 41 sfk kurt 05/24/2002 10:24PM
  Sons of Angels-WOW!! GREAT CD!! 45 Steve 05/24/2002 10:10PM
  Re: Sons of Angels-WOW!! GREAT CD!! 37 Andrew 05/24/2002 10:51PM
  Re: Sons of Angels-WOW!! GREAT CD!! 38ele05/25/2002 12:59AM
  Re: Sons of Angels-WOW!! GREAT CD!! 35 Lynchomaniac 05/27/2002 05:27AM
  SOS for Dougie 52Ron K05/24/2002 08:46PM
  Re: SOS for Dougie 44 Phil 1 05/25/2002 01:27AM
  Re: SOS for Dougie 39 Kev 05/26/2002 08:34PM
  Re: SOS for Dougie 37Ron K05/25/2002 07:29AM
  Seeking record label******** 48 FLESH GORDON-Rockartist 05/24/2002 08:28PM
  Re: Seeking record label******** 39 Marc Vanway 05/24/2002 09:43PM
  Now & Then / Frontiers News - 24 May 2002 57Peter Sims05/24/2002 07:36PM
  Deadcell new uk rock band 61 Brendon 05/24/2002 06:49PM
  Flame Boa....where are they now? 65 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/24/2002 05:49PM
  Aussie Top 50 71 The REAL Richard 05/24/2002 05:15PM
  Re: Aussie Top 50 42 Mafia Buoy 05/24/2002 05:20PM
  Re: Aussie Top 50 38 Andrew 05/24/2002 06:02PM
  Re: Aussie Top 50 41 alex siedler 05/24/2002 05:55PM
  Re: Aussie Top 50 36Ron K05/24/2002 08:53PM
  I always thought that Aussies had... 36Syr Up05/25/2002 05:09AM
  Oh Poor Sony, My Heart Bleeds, NOT! 60 Kurt 05/24/2002 02:52PM
  Re: Oh Poor Sony, My Heart Bleeds, NOT! 42Infrablue05/25/2002 07:16AM
  Re: Oh Poor Sony, My Heart Bleeds, NOT! 46 FORD 05/25/2002 04:35PM
  Jailbait Records - who are they? 49 Benno 05/24/2002 01:32PM
  Re: Jailbait Records - who are they? 43lrc7231505/25/2002 02:43AM
  Thank you... 41 Don 05/24/2002 01:27PM
  Contagious in Bradford may 31 48 marty s from chicago 05/24/2002 12:08PM
  Re: Contagious in Bradford may 31 39Darren05/24/2002 04:35PM
  Hey Marty... 36Surfpunk05/24/2002 08:49PM
  Re: Hey Marty... 38 marty s from chicago 05/25/2002 12:54PM
  DOKKEN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 51 Lynchomaniac 05/24/2002 11:12AM
  Re: DOKKEN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 37 AOR Guru 05/24/2002 11:37AM
  Kip Winger 46 Mike Bates 05/24/2002 10:20AM
  Re: Kip Winger 39matt05/24/2002 07:30PM
  cheap CD's 40 Mike Bates 05/25/2002 09:46AM
  Winger needs to rock 36 Snake65 05/26/2002 11:10PM
  how about a nubreed alert for 80s rock fans? 52 sfk kurt 05/24/2002 08:51AM
  Re: how about a nubreed alert for 80s rock fans? 36Phil II05/24/2002 12:27PM
  Re: how about a nubreed alert for 80s rock fans? 35Alfie205/24/2002 03:00PM
  Re: how about a nubreed alert for 80s rock fans? 36joe05/24/2002 11:37PM
  Re: how about a nubreed alert for 80s rock fans? 34 docsvenaor 05/25/2002 01:29AM
  Hot Tracks (All CD's In Stock) Update! 43Jim05/24/2002 06:16AM
  This Is The Reason File Sharing Is Good!! 49 Coco 05/24/2002 05:24AM
  New Honeymoon Suite 48 Greg 05/24/2002 01:35AM
  Re: New Honeymoon Suite 33 AndrĂ© 05/24/2002 07:40AM
  WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 62 Goddess 05/23/2002 11:33PM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 50Philbecks66705/24/2002 12:06AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 47 Andrew 05/24/2002 12:15AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 48 Brian 05/24/2002 10:21AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 47 Geoff 05/24/2002 10:45AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 49 Andrew 05/24/2002 11:49AM
  From the attic.... 40Surfpunk05/24/2002 08:59PM
  Jorge 39 britny 05/25/2002 05:04AM
  Poison - Hollyweird 48 McMack 05/24/2002 12:19AM
  Re: Poison - Hollyweird 49 1111 05/24/2002 03:04AM
  Re: Poison - Hollyweird 46 Geoff 05/24/2002 10:50AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 44 Jimmy 05/24/2002 12:32AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 52Philbecks66705/24/2002 12:40AM
  Icehouse 42 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/24/2002 06:11AM
  Icehouse Essentials 42 Benno 05/24/2002 08:31AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 42 Adolfo 05/24/2002 01:20AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 44 Rocker Chic 05/24/2002 03:43AM
  Dokken - Shadow life yes! 44 Geoff 05/24/2002 11:03AM
  Dokken "Shadow Life" 50 AOR Guru 05/24/2002 11:51AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 43 britny 05/24/2002 04:13AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 48 Pinkguitarz 05/24/2002 06:15AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 46 Geoff 05/24/2002 11:06AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 39 Kurt 05/24/2002 02:43PM
  Funhouse! 40Surfpunk05/24/2002 09:03PM
  KROKUS 44 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/24/2002 06:18AM
  Re: KROKUS 42 Mafia Buoy 05/24/2002 04:07PM
  Krokus Kranski 49 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/24/2002 05:36PM
  Re: Wrathchild.... 44 Don 05/24/2002 09:19AM
  Re: Wrathchild.... 38 Geoff 05/24/2002 11:10AM
  Re: Wrathchild.... 46 dino 05/24/2002 11:35AM
  Pretty Boy Floyd? 43 Justin 05/24/2002 10:43AM
  Re: Pretty Boy Floyd? 41 Geoff 05/24/2002 11:16AM
  Re: Pretty Boy Floyd? 43 dino 05/24/2002 11:42AM
  Big-assed list o' Clunkers! 43 Dan 05/24/2002 01:40PM
  Yeah, that last Joey Tempest sucked 40 koogles 05/24/2002 09:59PM
  Re: Yeah, that last Joey Tempest sucked 57 Dan 05/25/2002 10:56AM
  Re: WORST CD/Album U would Admit to Owning 44 Patrick 05/24/2002 04:42PM
  I know I'll be alone in this, but... 43 Jorge 05/24/2002 04:48PM
  merciful fate... 41matt05/24/2002 05:41PM
  Re: ..Nitro. 46 doggy 05/24/2002 07:08PM
  re: sleazy rose-cauting the filling is hot. 86Sweet Sweet Waldo05/24/2002 08:16PM
  re China-Natural Groove 50Sweet Sweet Waldo05/24/2002 08:22PM
  Gwar- Scumdogs of the Universe (np) 42 koogles 05/24/2002 09:51PM
  Yeah Tony!! 41 johnny blackout 05/25/2002 02:43AM
  Moebius Loop/Tony 40 johnny blackout 05/25/2002 03:38AM
  Randy Jackson's China Rain 48 1111 05/25/2002 04:44AM
  Re: Jorge 51Sweet Sweet Waldo05/25/2002 05:46AM
  Just to make it clear... 54 Jorge 05/25/2002 07:32AM
  MEO 245? 58Ace05/23/2002 10:19PM
  Am I you or You am I? 33 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/23/2002 10:27PM
  any juan out there into Golden Earring? 47 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/23/2002 10:16PM
  I saw them once live ... 36Big Dog05/24/2002 12:36AM
  ALBUMS YOU THOUGHT LOOKED GOOD BUT!!!!! 67Geoff05/23/2002 09:52PM
  Contraband-Schenker 54 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/23/2002 10:08PM
  Yeah man! 39 Benno 05/24/2002 08:43AM
  Re: Yeah man! 46 Geoff 05/24/2002 11:19AM
  Re: ALBUMS YOU THOUGHT LOOKED GOOD BUT!!!!! 41 Goddess 05/23/2002 11:29PM
  Mother's Army's debut 45 koogles 05/23/2002 11:38PM
  Dude dude dude dude... 47 Andrew 05/24/2002 12:02AM
  Re: Dude dude dude dude... 47 Mafia Buoy 05/24/2002 04:14PM
  Re: Mother's Army's debut 37 Geoff 05/24/2002 11:42AM
  Re: Mother's Army's debut 47 Geoff 05/24/2002 11:44AM
  what about murderer's row? 41Sweet Sweet Waldo05/24/2002 08:26PM
  what about murderer's row? 54Sweet Sweet Waldo05/24/2002 08:26PM
  Mother's Army's & David Lee Roth 50 Rogue 05/25/2002 05:55AM
  Re: Mother's Army's & David Lee Roth 43 FORD 05/25/2002 04:47PM
  Shadow King 44Big Dog05/24/2002 12:43AM
  Re: Shadow King 47Double Decibel Dave05/24/2002 02:11AM
  About Shadow King 44 johnny blackout 05/24/2002 02:32AM
  Re: About Shadow King 53TF05/24/2002 06:23AM
  Re: About Shadow King 35Jeff E05/24/2002 07:15AM
  Re: About Shadow King 47 Lynchomaniac 05/24/2002 10:55AM
  Re: About Shadow King 46 hotr 05/24/2002 02:36PM
  Re: About Shadow King 40 Mafia Buoy 05/24/2002 04:22PM
  Re: About Shadow King 40 Jorge 05/24/2002 04:56PM
  Re: About Shadow King 49 Larry 05/24/2002 05:31PM
  Re: About Shadow King 48 Andrew 05/24/2002 06:04PM
  Re: About Shadow King 40 ForeignerFiles 05/27/2002 03:22PM
  Re: About Shadow King 44 koogles 05/24/2002 09:47PM
  1st Alcatrazz album.. 46 hotr 05/25/2002 12:43PM
  Turd, blind mullet, Bondi Cigar. 92 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/25/2002 10:48PM
  U R Insane! 44Syr Up05/26/2002 06:19AM
  Von Groove - Rainmaker 62Geoff05/23/2002 09:41PM
  Re: Von Groove - Rainmaker 37 Geoff 05/24/2002 11:52AM
  Re: Von Groove - Rainmaker 41 Geoff 05/24/2002 11:54AM
  Re: Von Groove - Rainmaker 39Geoff05/25/2002 06:36PM
  Re: Von Groove - Rainmaker/I totally... 39 Don 05/24/2002 03:16PM
  Re: Von Groove - Rainmaker/I totally... 36 Brian 05/24/2002 05:15PM
  Re: IM SEEKING A RECORD LABEL CAN ANYONE HELP? 45 Brendon 05/24/2002 06:53PM
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