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  joe lynn turner - rescue you 98philllllbecks01/21/2003 12:20AM
  Re: joe lynn turner - rescue you 56 RDNZL 01/21/2003 01:22AM
  Re: joe lynn turner - rescue you 56 AndyC 01/21/2003 01:43AM
  I still like it! 66 Rogue 01/21/2003 07:44AM
  Re: well i friggin' love it 55 Mafia Buoy 01/21/2003 11:14PM
  First new Whitesnake photo 96 Marc 01/21/2003 12:00AM
  Re: First new Whitesnake photo 71philllllbecks01/21/2003 12:16AM
  Re: First new Whitesnake photo 69 Linda 01/21/2003 12:32AM
  Spinal Tap?!? 67MtnMan01/22/2003 03:55AM
  Re: First new Whitesnake photo 66 Goddess 01/21/2003 12:38AM
  It's a wigsnake !!! 82 Rock News 01/21/2003 12:42AM
  Hilarious! 62 Swami Prabhavananda 01/21/2003 12:44AM
  Re: Hilarious! 65 Swami Prabhavananda 01/21/2003 12:58AM
  Re: Hilarious! 58 Monkey Nuts 01/21/2003 01:02AM
  his teeth are whiter than white 83 Notch Johnson 01/21/2003 12:57AM
  Re: his teeth are whiter than white 74mark kennedy01/21/2003 01:21AM
  LMAO..... 71 AndyC 01/21/2003 01:54AM
  Re: First new Whitesnake photo 58philllllbecks01/21/2003 01:57AM
  Re: First new Whitesnake photo 58Tinger01/22/2003 05:01AM
  Re: First new Whitesnake photo 62madvincent01/21/2003 01:58AM
  Re: First new Whitesnake photo 59 MykeLL 01/21/2003 01:11PM
  Re: First new Whitesnake photo 52madvincent01/21/2003 05:39PM
  Re: First new Whitesnake photo 54 Goddess 01/21/2003 02:23AM
  Re: First new Whitesnake photo 58 Jodes 01/21/2003 05:02AM
  reissues? what's still missing? 115 Notch Johnson 01/20/2003 11:48PM
  and let me add 81 Notch Johnson 01/21/2003 12:40AM
  Re: and let me add 85 RDNZL 01/21/2003 01:14AM
  Re: and let me add 69madvincent01/21/2003 02:00AM
  Re: and let me add 72Jez01/21/2003 03:07AM
  Re: and let me add 75 Phil 1 01/21/2003 03:09AM
  Thanks to Jez & Phil1 73 RDNZL 01/21/2003 08:04AM
  Zappacosta 72Jez01/22/2003 12:53AM
  Re: Zappacosta 68 RDNZL 01/22/2003 01:18AM
  Re: Zappacosta 69 Phil 1 01/22/2003 07:27AM
  Re: reissues? what's still missing? 95 Patrick 01/21/2003 02:08AM
  Re: reissues? what's still missing? 74Justin01/21/2003 03:09AM
  Re: reissues? what's still missing? 69 PDS 01/21/2003 06:39AM
  Re: reissues? what's still missing? 66danthecdman01/21/2003 09:13AM
  Re: reissues? what's still missing? 62 aorchappie 01/21/2003 09:33AM
  Re: reissues? what's still missing? 68Scott Watson01/21/2003 10:27PM
  Airrace? 64 Stuart 01/21/2003 10:00AM
  Re: Airrace? 84 RDNZL 01/21/2003 12:27PM
  Re: Airrace? 67 Dosar 01/21/2003 01:05PM
  Re: Airrace? 76 RDNZL 01/21/2003 05:50PM
  Re: Airrace? 76 Dan 01/21/2003 08:45PM
  Re: Airrace? 75Scott Watson01/21/2003 10:20PM
  Re: reissues? what's still missing? 71 Luc 01/21/2003 10:23AM
  Re: reissues? what's still missing? 72 WillowTheRed 01/21/2003 06:20PM
  Steve Lukather - Lukather 88Ardian01/20/2003 11:34PM
  Re: Steve Lukather - Lukather 58 RDNZL 01/20/2003 11:47PM
  Re: Steve Lukather - Lukather 62the ORIGINAL brent01/21/2003 07:24AM
  Re: Steve Lukather - Lukather 62 Larry 01/21/2003 07:46AM
  Re: Steve Lukather - Lukather 53 ESC4P3 01/22/2003 02:08AM
  Re: Steve Lukather - Lukather 44 Larry 01/22/2003 02:30AM
  Buy it or "file-share" it??? 88 Swami Prabhavananda 01/20/2003 10:43PM
  Re: Buy it or "file-share" it??? 48Rather Large Canine01/21/2003 01:40AM
  Re: Buy it or "file-share" it??? 43 Brian 01/21/2003 03:43AM
  Do you remember this incident? 150 Rock News 01/20/2003 08:47PM
  THIS IS FALSE: DON'T DO IT! 90 Marc 01/20/2003 08:55PM
  Re: THIS IS FALSE: DON'T DO IT! 86 AndyC 01/20/2003 09:13PM
  oops sorry everyone 80 Rock News 01/20/2003 09:13PM
  Re: THIS IS FALSE: DON'T DO IT! 51mark kennedy01/20/2003 09:15PM
  Re: Do you remember this incident? 76 Linda 01/20/2003 09:12PM
  No Reminder Needed thank u 90 Goddess 01/20/2003 10:35PM
  Re: No Reminder Needed thank u 68 Rock News 01/20/2003 10:51PM
  Actually.... 85Epitaph01/20/2003 11:02PM
  Trick or Treat on DVD! 133Mother Mercury01/20/2003 07:35PM
  Love it! 65 Benno 01/21/2003 03:20PM
  Re: Trick or Treat on DVD! 97 WillowTheRed 01/21/2003 06:24PM
  Re: Trick or Treat on DVD! Part 2 54 WillowTheRed 01/21/2003 06:28PM
  WELL DONE ANDREW!! 255Epitaph01/20/2003 06:24PM
  I agree 101 Sgt Schultz 01/21/2003 12:29AM
  Re: I agree 97 Dosar 01/21/2003 09:54AM
  Re: I agree 172 Andrew 01/21/2003 12:24PM
  queensryche reissues 171Troy01/20/2003 05:47PM
  Re: queensryche reissues 106Jason Vorhees01/20/2003 07:45PM
  Re: queensryche reissues 86 RDNZL 01/20/2003 08:18PM
  Jason Vorhees...luv your work 80Mag01/21/2003 01:49AM
  Re: queensryche reissues - disappointed! 76 Maciej 01/20/2003 11:07PM
  Re: queensryche reissues - disappointed! 84Troy01/21/2003 05:39AM
  Re: queensryche reissues 85 Luc 01/21/2003 10:29AM
  Re: queensryche reissues 83 Dance Nation 01/22/2003 07:02AM
  Is it for real? 192 Susumu 01/20/2003 05:28PM
  Re: Is it for real? 187 Andrew 01/21/2003 12:26PM
  Release confirmed 154 Susumu 01/22/2003 10:38AM
  remake of All I Need Is a Miracle 177 Notch Johnson 01/20/2003 11:33AM
  Viva la Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!! 162Ralph Santolla01/20/2003 10:32AM
  Re: Viva la Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!! 58 Sgt Schultz 01/20/2003 10:40AM
  Re: Yep 73Ralph Santolla01/20/2003 11:23AM
  Re: Viva la Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!! 73 Danny Danzi 01/20/2003 11:44AM
  Re: Eagles fans 68Ralph Santolla01/20/2003 11:54AM
  Understatement of the year! 63 Sgt Schultz 01/20/2003 12:13PM
  Re: Understatement of the year! 69 Danny Danzi 01/20/2003 12:20PM
  Re: Eagles fans 60 Danny Danzi 01/20/2003 12:13PM
  Re: Viva la Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!! 80 Dan 01/20/2003 12:17PM
  TONY HARNELL!!!!!! 121Ralph Santolla01/20/2003 10:26AM
  Re: TONY HARNELL!!!!!! 51TH01/20/2003 02:34PM
  SALIVA - 'Back Into Your System' 104Surfpunk!01/20/2003 09:47AM
  Where Have You Been Surfie?? 49 Coco 01/20/2003 12:25PM
  Re: Where Have You Been Surfie?? 48YaRDWorK01/20/2003 03:42PM
  Ooops!! 49 Coco 01/20/2003 11:46PM
  Re: Where Have You Been Surfie?? 50Surfpunk!01/21/2003 05:32AM
  Southgang 100 Mike Bates 01/20/2003 09:33AM
  Re: Southgang 53 Geoff 01/20/2003 11:57AM
  Same here Geoff... 59 Benno 01/21/2003 03:26PM
  Re: Same here Geoff... 44 Brian 01/21/2003 05:58PM
  Re: Same here Geoff... 45 Mike Bates 01/21/2003 08:38PM
  Re: Southgang 58Neil01/20/2003 11:01PM
  Re: Southgang 63 Marc 01/20/2003 11:07PM
  Tv commercial song ? 81Richard. 2.01/20/2003 09:17AM
  Re: Tv commercial song ? 55 Mike Bates 01/20/2003 09:38AM
  Solution to all the Z Records postings 81 Mike Bates 01/20/2003 09:01AM
  Explain 64 TASKAMP 01/20/2003 09:08AM
  We agree on something! 51 Sgt Schultz 01/20/2003 09:20AM
  Well then ..... 54 TASKAMP 01/20/2003 09:37AM
  I checked 54 Sgt Schultz 01/20/2003 10:19AM
  Re: Explain 56 Mike Bates 01/20/2003 09:23AM
  That's business ... 49 TASKAMP 01/20/2003 09:34AM
  Re: That's business ... 43 Mike Bates 01/20/2003 09:40AM
  Re: Explain 52Bighairnolonger01/21/2003 03:55AM
  Not a valid explanation 41 TASKAMP 01/21/2003 05:00AM
  Re: Not a valid explanation: Try again 59Bighairnolonger01/21/2003 08:53AM
  Like I said ........ 45 TASKAMP 01/21/2003 09:03AM
  Re: Like I said ........ 60Bighairnolonger01/21/2003 10:42AM
  Do you think... 62Johnny Lima01/21/2003 12:17PM
  Re: Like I said ........ 56 TASKAMP 01/21/2003 05:39PM
  Re: Like I said ........ 57Bighairnolonger01/22/2003 03:44AM
  Paper, Scissors, Stone .. an update 60 TASKAMP 01/20/2003 08:50AM
  Re: Paper, Scissors, Stone .. an update 43Tony M (Geoff for linda)01/20/2003 09:03AM
  Out!?!? 42 TASKAMP 01/20/2003 09:17AM
  Re: Paper, Scissors, Stone .. an update 33 Tommy Denander 01/20/2003 09:44AM
  Eddie VH News From VanHalen Forum Posting: 41Paul01/20/2003 08:10AM
  Steve Perry/Bon Jovi live WTF? 45Okie01/20/2003 07:58AM
  Re: Steve Perry/Bon Jovi live WTF? 35danthecdman01/20/2003 09:19AM
  Re: Steve Perry/Bon Jovi live WTF? 41jrnyman2801/20/2003 02:22PM
  Tony / Geoff... 43 Linda 01/20/2003 07:43AM
  THUNDER - New Album News!! 43 Thinny 01/20/2003 07:00AM
  New song: "Check" 48Billy Milano01/20/2003 06:56AM
  Tony M vs "Rock News", TASKAMP etc...scores from the English Jury 51Rich01/20/2003 06:28AM
  Re: Tony M vs "Rock News", TASKAMP etc...scores from the English Jury 44 Rock News 01/20/2003 06:44AM
  Re: Tony M vs "Rock News", TASKAMP etc...scores from the English Jury 44Tony M (Geoff for linda)01/20/2003 07:00AM
  Re: Tony M vs "Rock News", TASKAMP etc...scores from the English Jury 41Donna01/20/2003 10:07AM
  When The Truth Becomes A Lie" 65 Javier 01/20/2003 06:22AM
  The Tygers of Pan Tang hit the nail on the head .. 48 TASKAMP 01/20/2003 08:35AM
  Just visit this site 62 Sgt Schultz 01/20/2003 09:21AM
  Liar = Prisoner :O) 54 Tommy Denander 01/20/2003 09:56AM
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