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  Fergie Fredericksen in Radioactive 50 Susumu 08/27/2001 04:50PM
  Voices of Metal...shout out to Ted 50 Larry 08/27/2001 02:12PM
  Re: Voices of Metal...shout out to Ted 42 ted 08/27/2001 11:03PM
  a where are they now!!!! 45 the ORIGINAL brent 08/27/2001 10:54AM
  Re: a where are they now!!!! 42red dawn underground08/27/2001 02:08PM
  HH Song of the Week: Dr. Rock and the Wild Bunch 45 Dan 08/27/2001 10:25AM
  Future hits intimated on earlier album cuts 56 koogles 08/27/2001 06:44AM
  Re: Future hits intimated on earlier album cuts 42 Kevin 08/27/2001 09:46AM
  Re: Future hits intimated on earlier album cuts 45 Susumu 08/27/2001 10:08AM
  Re: Future hits intimated on earlier album cuts 40 the ORIGINAL brent 08/27/2001 10:46AM
  Re: Future hits intimated on earlier album cuts 40 the ORIGINAL brent 08/27/2001 12:18PM
  Wanna hear something else weird? 39 koogles 08/28/2001 12:33AM
  Van Halen "Top of the World" Sounds Like 51Tim C.08/28/2001 01:06AM
  continuing on VH and Toto! 42 the ORIGINAL brent 08/28/2001 08:43AM
  Re: Future hits intimated on earlier album cuts 48CHEVY09/17/2001 05:30AM
  Re: Future hits intimated on earlier album cuts 38 FORD 08/28/2001 12:02PM
  Re: Future hits intimated on earlier album cuts 38 Fretmelter 08/29/2001 08:51AM
  MECCA!! Carl you missed something!!! 57 Misterpomp 08/27/2001 06:39AM
  Throwing tantrums in Mecca... 45 Geir 08/27/2001 07:18AM
  Re: "Planets" 37 Eric Abrahamsen 08/27/2001 08:17AM
  Re: Throwing tantrums in Mecca... 37 Joe Vana 08/27/2001 08:35AM
  Re: Throwing tantrums in Mecca... 37 Carl 1 08/27/2001 12:59PM
  OK I give up!!!! 46 Misterpomp 08/27/2001 06:26AM
  Re: Felt 44 Eric Abrahamsen 08/27/2001 07:49AM
  Re: Felt 35 Misterpomp 08/27/2001 06:14PM
  Re: Akarma 39 Eric Abrahamsen 08/27/2001 08:44PM
  Koogles!! 50 Misterpomp 08/27/2001 06:20AM
  Re: Koogles!! 39 koogles 08/27/2001 06:31AM
  Re: " American Pimp-Pomp " 35 Melodic Lover 08/28/2001 08:19AM
  Brad Gillis fans 49 Rogue 08/27/2001 03:35AM
  How does the music biz work? 51Layman08/27/2001 03:19AM
  Re: How does the music biz work? 40 Eric Abrahamsen 08/27/2001 04:24AM
  explain rap then 43 sfk kurt 08/27/2001 05:33AM
  That's your perspective .. 40 Misterpomp 08/27/2001 05:52AM
  Re: Good Point. 42 Eric Abrahamsen 08/27/2001 06:07AM
  Re: explain rap then 36 Eric Abrahamsen 08/27/2001 05:53AM
  Two words, kurt: PIMPIN' HOs 39 koogles 08/27/2001 06:10AM
  Re: the music biz 55John Q08/27/2001 05:36AM
  The song (New Years Evil) 47Captain Can Man08/27/2001 03:00AM
  Re: The song (New Years Evil) 34 Tinger 08/27/2001 03:54AM
  Re: The song (New Years Evil) 36Captain Can Man08/27/2001 05:34PM
  hurricane website 45 Tony Jones 08/27/2001 02:43AM
  MONDAY IS "LOVEMETAL DAY"!! 42 ted 08/27/2001 01:32AM
  Re: MONDAY IS "LOVEMETAL DAY"!! 32Rick08/27/2001 10:25AM
  Survivor REISSUES 54NOTCH JOHNSON08/26/2001 08:17PM
  Re: Survivor REISSUES 40 Snake65 08/26/2001 10:19PM
  Re: "Premonition" 32 Eric Abrahamsen 08/26/2001 11:53PM
  Survivor debut ... 35 Misterpomp 08/27/2001 06:27AM
  twisted sister and quiet riot!! 49 croman 08/26/2001 01:53PM
  Re: twisted sister and quiet riot!! 44 the ORIGINAL brent 08/26/2001 04:04PM
  Re: twisted sister and quiet riot!! 44 J.C. 08/27/2001 01:40AM
  Re: twisted sister and quiet riot!! 42 FORD 08/28/2001 12:05PM
  I have to disagree with you! 45 Mark 09/01/2001 03:36AM
  pat benatar 47 croman 08/26/2001 01:50PM
  behind the music 44 sfk kurt 08/26/2001 10:00PM
  Re:What is she doing now? 48 Pete 08/27/2001 05:23AM
  Re:What is she doing now? 42 ddregs 08/27/2001 06:25AM
  Re:What is she doing now? 45Tim C.08/28/2001 01:13AM
  Re:What is she doing now? 44 Mafia boy 08/28/2001 01:02PM
  Uploading Mp3's to the internet 48 SingerBoy 500 08/26/2001 01:20PM
  Re: Uploading Mp3's to the internet 42 Mike Matney 08/26/2001 10:32PM
  Re: Uploading Mp3's to the internet 42 Marc Vanway 08/27/2001 09:28PM
  Ted me 154 J_Elliott 08/26/2001 09:29AM
  Re: Ted me 47 ted 08/26/2001 10:24AM
  Re: Loly , Loly...LOL !! 50 Melodic Lover 08/26/2001 11:55AM
  Re: Ted me 158Captain Can Man08/26/2001 07:17PM
  lol 36 PetePete 08/26/2001 10:35AM
  Re: lol 39 ted 08/27/2001 01:26AM
  Baaah! Baaahh! (Anyone else hear sheep?) 37Rookie08/26/2001 09:11AM
  Re: Baaah! Baaahh! (Anyone else hear sheep?) 36 Brian 08/28/2001 06:38AM
  Is Steve Perry Satan? 68John Q08/26/2001 05:23AM
  no, herbie is! 56 sfk kurt 08/26/2001 05:51AM
  Herbie's pretty negative 48 koogles 08/26/2001 07:38AM
  Re: Herbie's pretty negative 48 Eric Abrahamsen 08/26/2001 09:25AM
  Very true! 48John Q08/26/2001 10:49AM
  Re: Yes! 49 Eric Abrahamsen 08/26/2001 11:06AM
  Re: Yes! 50 Mafia boy 08/27/2001 11:27AM
  Re: Very true! 42 the ORIGINAL brent 08/26/2001 12:02PM
  A bitter Herb? 57 koogles 08/27/2001 12:39AM
  excellent point Koogs 54 sfk kurt 08/27/2001 03:06AM
  Re: The Baby's did "stink" 48 Eric Abrahamsen 08/27/2001 03:47AM
  The Babys were awesome! 50 sfk kurt 08/27/2001 04:22AM
  Re: At one time... 40 Eric Abrahamsen 08/27/2001 04:43AM
  everyone is entitled to a bad disc 48 sfk kurt 08/27/2001 05:35AM
  Babys & Journey have one thing in common... 45 FORD 08/28/2001 12:08PM
  Re: A bitter Herb? 53capt kaos08/27/2001 10:41PM
  what Herbie thinks of Steve Augeri ... 45 Big Doggie 08/28/2001 03:31AM
  Re: Steve Perry 60 Eric Abrahamsen 08/26/2001 05:53AM
  Re: Steve Perry 54 honestabe30 08/26/2001 09:16AM
  Any singer as good as Perry... 53 koogles 08/27/2001 12:50AM
  Re: Is Steve Perry Satan? 56 croman 08/26/2001 01:49PM
  Re: Is Steve Perry Satan? NOPE! 43 george 08/27/2001 05:25PM
  To fans of modern rock with a retro **80's feel** 59 Dave G. 08/26/2001 03:14AM
  Andrew.. 41 Dave G. 08/27/2001 06:19AM
  John Elefante/Mastedon 50 Dave G. 08/26/2001 02:54AM
  Can "ROCK STAR" get our music back ??? 59 Tavas 08/26/2001 12:24AM
  Did 'Jurassic Park' bring back the dinosaurs? 36John Q08/26/2001 05:08AM
  LOL (np) 32 Misterpomp 08/26/2001 05:09PM
  Re: Did 'Jurassic Park' bring back the dinosaurs? 34Captain Can Man08/27/2001 07:31AM
  Re: Did 'Jurassic Park' bring back the dinosaurs? 36 Tavas 08/27/2001 05:33PM
  Re: Did 'Jurassic Park' bring back the dinosaurs? 38John Q08/28/2001 04:34AM
  Flawed comparison! 37JImbo08/28/2001 07:15AM
  Re: Flawed comparison! 42John Q08/28/2001 08:02AM
  Re: Flawed comparison! 32 Brian 08/28/2001 10:19AM
  Re: Did 'Jurassic Park' bring back the dinosaurs? 41 FORD 08/28/2001 12:18PM
  Re: Can "ROCK STAR" get our music back ? 34 croman 08/26/2001 11:30AM
  Don't be ridiculous... 35 FORD 08/28/2001 12:13PM
  Sherbs? 42 Susumu 08/26/2001 12:13AM
  Re: Sherbs? 38Ralph Santolla08/26/2001 01:56AM
  Re: Sherbs? 38 Misterpomp 08/26/2001 02:07AM
  Re: Daryl Braithwaite (Sherbs) 39 Rich 08/27/2001 11:29AM
  Re: Daryl Braithwaite (Sherbs) 37 Misterpomp 08/27/2001 06:17PM
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