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  Prayers to my American Friends.. 43Kauna09/12/2001 04:37PM
  Re: Prayers to my American Friends.. 38 The REAL Richard 09/12/2001 05:51PM
  On This Tragic Day..... 43 Tinger 09/12/2001 03:19PM
  I wish... 37 Don 09/12/2001 02:27PM
  The Power of Music 55 dee 09/12/2001 11:28AM
  Re: The Power of Music 37 Brian 09/12/2001 11:49AM
  Re: The Power of Music 35Phil 209/12/2001 12:17PM
  Re: The Power of Music 35 koogles (Tony Gryner) 09/12/2001 12:59PM
  Re: Amen, Koogles... 40 Don 09/12/2001 02:31PM
  Re: The Power of Music 33 Bladesian 09/12/2001 01:48PM
  Re: The Power of Music 39 Phil 1 09/12/2001 02:21PM
  Re: Indeed... 33 Don 09/12/2001 02:41PM
  Re: Indeed... 34Steve, Denmark09/12/2001 08:53PM
  World Trade Center. I Was There. 58 Justin/Music and the City 09/12/2001 09:56AM
  Re: World Trade Center. I Was There. 39 Jerry Oliver 09/12/2001 10:06AM
  Re: World Trade Center. I Was There. 47 Eric Abrahamsen 09/12/2001 10:17AM
  Re: I apologize 44 Justin/Music and the City 09/12/2001 10:36AM
  Re: I apologize 39 Jerry Oliver 09/12/2001 10:47AM
  Re: I apologize 44 Eric Abrahamsen 09/12/2001 11:11AM
  Re: I apologize 39Captain Can Man09/12/2001 12:12PM
  Re: I apologize 37 J.C. 09/12/2001 12:16PM
  Re: World Trade Center. I Was There. 44 J.C. 09/12/2001 10:36AM
  Re: World Trade Center. I Was There. 46Captain Can Man09/12/2001 10:43AM
  Re: Can Man/ JC 40 Eric Abrahamsen 09/12/2001 11:18AM
  Re: Can Man/ JC 40Doc K09/12/2001 12:03PM
  Re: World Trade Center. I Was There. 43 croman 09/12/2001 01:08PM
  I don't know what to say 44Kieran09/12/2001 09:45AM
  Still in shock! 47 sfk kurt 09/12/2001 05:24AM
  Re: Still in shock! 41 Eric Abrahamsen 09/12/2001 06:32AM
  me too 44 sfk kurt 09/12/2001 06:37AM
  Re: Still in shock! 43 ADOLFO 09/12/2001 06:38AM
  Re: Still in shock! 42 Brian 09/12/2001 06:50AM
  hard to take in today's nightmare 39Scott W09/12/2001 06:54AM
  Re: Still in shock! 42Dave UK09/12/2001 07:01AM
  Re: Still in shock! 40 Eric Abrahamsen 09/12/2001 07:09AM
  Re: Still in shock! 39danthecdman09/12/2001 07:33AM
  Re: Still in shock! 38 ele 09/12/2001 07:45AM
  Re: Still in shock! 40 Eric Abrahamsen 09/12/2001 07:46AM
  Re: Still in shock! 38Vigilante09/12/2001 07:40AM
  Re: Still in shock! 37 ddregs 09/12/2001 08:41AM
  Re: Still in shock! 42 ADOLFO 09/12/2001 09:07AM
  Re: Still in shock! 39 Jerry Oliver 09/12/2001 10:12AM
  Re: Still in shock! 54Jack09/12/2001 10:37AM
  Re: Still in shock! 40Phil 209/12/2001 12:25PM
  Re: Still in shock! 43 Andrew Paul 09/12/2001 09:39PM
  Re: Still in shock! 46Doc K09/12/2001 09:48AM
  We┬┤re missing a friend 42 Baffie 09/12/2001 10:02AM
  Disgusting! 43 honestabe30 09/12/2001 05:12AM
  Re: Disgusting! 42 ele 09/12/2001 06:22AM
  god bless america 47 ROGER 09/12/2001 03:40AM
  Re: god bless america 46 ele 09/12/2001 04:42AM
  Re: god bless america 41Captain Can Man09/12/2001 05:24AM
  Re: god bless america 40GAV09/12/2001 09:11AM
  Music doesn't seem so important right now!! 48Phil 209/12/2001 01:57AM
  Re: Music doesn't seem so important right now!! 35 Brian 09/12/2001 02:28AM
  Re: Music doesn't seem so important right now!! 38Jack09/12/2001 04:34AM
  Still Can't Believe the Horror 41 Rocker Chic 09/12/2001 07:30AM
  thank god you are safe now 37 sfk kurt 09/12/2001 07:34AM
  Re: thank god you are safe now 40 RCIT 09/13/2001 12:09AM
  Re: Music doesn't seem so important right now!! 35 CDChaz 09/12/2001 02:28AM
  Re: Music doesn\'t seem so important right now!! 34 Marc Vanway 09/12/2001 02:46AM
  Re: Music doesn\'t seem so important right now!! 36 Mark 09/12/2001 02:51AM
  Re: Music doesn\'t seem so important right now!! 42 ASTRA 09/12/2001 02:56AM
  What can I say? 34 Fred 09/12/2001 02:51AM
  Re: What can I say? 40Peter M. Bietenholz09/12/2001 04:09AM
  Re: What can I say? 34 Georg 09/12/2001 07:40AM
  Re: best wishes for our USA friends 40JUANJO (SPAIN)09/12/2001 03:04AM
  Re: Music doesn't seem so important right now!! 37 Coco 09/12/2001 03:08AM
  Re: Music doesn't seem so important right now!! 39Phil 209/12/2001 03:42AM
  Re: Music doesn't seem so important right now!! 41 Erkka/Urban Tale 09/12/2001 04:01AM
  Re: Music doesn't seem so important right now!! 34 Daniel 09/12/2001 06:20AM
  Devastated 39 ddregs 09/12/2001 04:10AM
  Re: Devastated 33 britny 09/12/2001 04:33AM
  Re: Devastated 36danthecdman09/12/2001 05:17AM
  Re: Devastated 36Metal Of 80s09/12/2001 12:42PM
  The rest of the Herbie Herbert interview 50 koogles 09/11/2001 11:37PM
  Michael Morales 47 jonnyrod 09/11/2001 08:13PM
  Re: Michael Morales 39Kris09/11/2001 10:53PM 43 jonnyrod 09/11/2001 07:08PM
  Re: 31 The REAL Richard 09/11/2001 10:07PM
  Beautiful Creatures Live Show - Hollywood 42 Doogie 09/11/2001 04:59PM
  gimme some advice people! 53 wayne 09/11/2001 01:15PM
  Re: gimme some advice people! 39Kris09/11/2001 01:55PM
  Re: gimme some advice people! 40 Baffie 09/11/2001 02:57PM
  Re: gimme some advice people! 37Scott09/11/2001 06:48PM
  Re: gimme some advice people! 41 Coco 09/11/2001 04:32PM
  Re: gimme some advice people! 36 dogga 09/11/2001 04:45PM
  Re: gimme some advice people! 37Peter M. Bietenholz09/11/2001 05:09PM
  Re: gimme some advice people! 38 the ORIGINAL brent 09/11/2001 05:25PM
  What??!! 36 koogles 09/11/2001 11:28PM
  Re: gimme some advice people! 38 Mafia boy 09/12/2001 01:13PM
  Hi Koogles! ...........sorry cringe factor off the 38 the ORIGINAL brent 09/12/2001 11:50PM
  Re: gimme some advice people! 37 Mike Bates 09/11/2001 11:22PM
  Where do you get Mp3's now? 45Tippy Top09/11/2001 12:24PM
  Re: Where do you get Mp3's now? 34danthecdman09/11/2001 07:15PM
  Re: Where do you get Mp3's now? 39Metal Of 80s09/12/2001 12:45PM
  Triumph The Insult Comic 44 Brian 09/11/2001 08:57AM
  i got the video at my site 35 sfk kurt 09/11/2001 09:01AM
  Brilliant, thanks Kurt! (np) 41Jack09/11/2001 02:34PM
  Re: i got the video at my site 41 the ORIGINAL brent 09/11/2001 06:05PM
  PS............... 39 the ORIGINAL brent 09/11/2001 06:08PM
  Re: i got the video at my site 37Peter M. Bietenholz09/11/2001 07:24PM
  kurt????? 38 the ORIGINAL brent 09/11/2001 07:37PM
  not sure - think you need DIVX 39 sfk kurt 09/11/2001 10:08PM
  Anyone????????? 38 the ORIGINAL brent 09/11/2001 10:39PM
  Z Rock 2001 - my report 47 Markus 09/11/2001 07:19AM
  Re: Z Rock 2001 - my report 39 Baffie 09/11/2001 02:37PM
  Urban Tale Newsletter 10/09/2001 91 Erkka/Urban Tale 09/11/2001 06:31AM
  White Sister/Heavy Pettin' 45 Double Decibel Dave 09/11/2001 01:12AM
  Re: White Sister/Heavy Pettin' 32 Double Decibel Dave 09/11/2001 01:13AM
  re: White Sister/Heavy Pettin' 35Patrick09/11/2001 01:23AM
  Re: White Sister/Heavy Pettin' 34 TAFKAMP 09/11/2001 04:36AM
  Re: White Sister/Heavy Pettin' 32danthecdman09/11/2001 07:16AM
  Re: White Sister/Heavy Pettin' 35 the ORIGINAL brent 09/11/2001 09:36AM
  Re: White Sister/Heavy Pettin' 31 Melodic Lover 09/11/2001 10:46AM
  Re: White Sister/Heavy Pettin' 36 Mark 09/14/2001 06:33PM
  Re: White Sister/Heavy Pettin' 32danthecdman09/16/2001 11:33AM
  URBANTALE.NET FINALLY OPEN! 46 Humppakeisari 09/11/2001 12:02AM
  re: URBANTALE.NET finally open!! 32Patrick09/11/2001 12:50AM
  blind melon 41 croman 09/10/2001 10:09PM
  Gods Info - Am I Blind ?? 42 Goddess 09/10/2001 09:40PM
  Re: Gods Info - Am I Blind ?? 33blm09/11/2001 04:40AM
  Re: Gods Info - Am I Blind ?? 34Andrew (via old second PC)09/11/2001 07:29AM
  Great weight loss system! 45 Captain Can Man 09/10/2001 02:50PM
  Re: Great weight loss system! 34 Fred 09/10/2001 03:24PM
  Re: Great weight loss system! 38 Rogue 09/10/2001 04:57PM
  Re: Great weight loss system! 35 Baffie 09/11/2001 03:07PM
  Re: Great weight loss system! 33c dog09/10/2001 05:18PM
  Re: Great weight loss system! 35 croman 09/10/2001 10:03PM
  Are You Allowed Beer????? 36 Coco 09/11/2001 03:47AM
  Re: Are You Allowed Beer????? 37 croman 09/11/2001 04:10AM
  Re: Are You Allowed Beer????? 35 Coco 09/11/2001 05:22AM
  Re: PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD!!! 37 Justin 09/11/2001 11:36AM
  Re: Great weight loss system! 40Jack09/11/2001 02:23PM
  Re: Great weight loss system! 37 Sue 09/11/2001 09:51PM
  Amanda Marshall News 60Patrick09/10/2001 02:42PM
  Re: Amanda Marshall News 41Peter M. Bietenholz09/10/2001 04:39PM
  Re: Amanda Marshall News 43 britny 09/11/2001 06:01AM
  Re: Amanda Marshall News 40 britny 09/12/2001 04:39AM
  Re: Amanda Marshall News 38Jack09/11/2001 03:12PM
  Re: Amanda Marshall News 35Peter M. Bietenholz09/11/2001 04:44PM
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