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  Stabbing Westward... 51 Don 09/29/2001 05:29AM
  Re: Stabbing Westward... 46 Coco 09/29/2001 08:56AM
  Re: Thanks Coco... 36 Don 09/29/2001 01:09PM
  Stabbing - LOVE them!! 31 Rogue 09/29/2001 04:57PM
  Re: Thanks, Rogue... 36 Don 09/29/2001 05:47PM
  Industrial 46 Coco 09/30/2001 12:45AM
  Ooops! only just saw this thread! 46Surfpunk09/30/2001 04:34AM 42 Coco 09/30/2001 10:39AM
  Sounds pretty cool... 38Peter M. Bietenholz09/30/2001 07:59PM
  Re: Industrial 36 Rogue 09/30/2001 05:05AM
  Re: Industrial 33 Coco 09/30/2001 10:36AM
  BTW 44 Coco 09/30/2001 10:44AM
  Industrial memories... ahhh 38 koogles 10/01/2001 04:17AM
  Industrial memories... ahhh 37 koogles 10/01/2001 04:20AM
  LOL!!! 39 Rogue 10/01/2001 11:12AM
  Both! Talented & Sexy 37 Coco 10/01/2001 04:31PM
  Are you married or single??? 37 koogles 10/03/2001 12:39AM
  Oi !! P'iss off Koogs 39 Coco 10/03/2001 04:14AM
  Re: Oi !! P'iss off Coco 35 koogles 10/03/2001 08:31AM
  David Tyson? 50Jack09/29/2001 04:54AM
  Re: David Tyson? 36 Carl1 09/29/2001 05:48AM
  Re: David Tyson? 36 TAFKAMP 09/29/2001 06:26AM
  Re: David Tyson? 33 Melodic Lover 09/29/2001 07:14AM
  Hey Ted ! 41 Rammy 09/29/2001 03:18AM
  HURRICANE - TAKE WHAT YOU WANT 47 Rammy 09/29/2001 02:32AM
  Re: HURRICANE - TAKE WHAT YOU WANT 33 Guy 09/29/2001 03:59AM
  Wow, I Didn't Know This.... 40 Tinger 09/29/2001 02:14AM
  Re: Wow, I Didn't Know This.... 40Kev10/03/2001 01:00AM
  CHRISSY STEELE?......Blood From A Stone 57 Kris 09/29/2001 12:03AM
  Re: CHRISSY STEELE?......Blood From A Stone 40 Rammy 09/29/2001 02:40AM
  Re: CHRISSY STEELE?......Blood From A Stone 37 Larry 09/29/2001 07:26AM
  Re: CHRISSY STEELE?......Blood From A Stone 43danthecdman09/29/2001 10:14AM
  Volunteers For America Concert 49 Matt 09/29/2001 12:00AM
  Re: Volunteers For America Concert 39 dee 09/29/2001 01:53AM
  John Waite – which LP is best 47mr wonderful09/28/2001 11:53PM
  Re: John Waite – which LP is best 37 Steve Reno 09/30/2001 12:22AM
  Re: John Waite – which LP is best 36 Mark 09/30/2001 01:29AM
  Re: John Waite – which LP is best 40 frank 09/30/2001 03:09AM
  VINYL! 47ALEX SIEDLER09/28/2001 08:30PM
  Re: VINYL! 31John Q09/29/2001 05:14AM
  Re: VIxen 36Pete09/29/2001 06:10AM
  Re: VIxen 32Kieran09/29/2001 11:49PM
  Re: Vixen 35 alex siedler 09/30/2001 02:19AM
  Danger Danger - Cockroach 49Kauna09/28/2001 04:01PM
  Re: Danger Danger - Cockroach 33 the ORIGINAL brent 09/28/2001 04:13PM
  Thank you... 32Kauna09/30/2001 11:06AM
  The Sign at the Village Pub 46 Music and the City 09/28/2001 01:31PM
  Re: The Sign at the Village Pub 35 Don Wishon 09/29/2001 12:25AM
  Re: The Sign at the Village Pub 36Jordan in Jersey09/30/2001 04:46AM
  Chat! 45Jack09/28/2001 11:52AM
  Re: Chat! 38 Goddess 09/28/2001 06:27PM
  Re: Chat! 34 Don 09/29/2001 05:33AM
  Vision 180......Hugo? 58Kris09/28/2001 10:45AM
  Re: Vision 180......Hugo? 37 Mats 09/28/2001 04:24PM
  Re: Vision 180......Hugo? 34Kris09/28/2001 11:13PM
  Vision 180.....awesome! 38 R P M 09/29/2001 07:40PM
  Re: Vision 180.....awesome! 39 gonzalo 09/30/2001 06:29AM
  Re: Vision 180.....awesome! 33 Goddess 10/01/2001 06:31PM
  91 suite new one an instant classic 43dave09/28/2001 10:14AM
  Re: 91 suite new one an instant classic 36 vicente 09/30/2001 03:11AM forum .... 47 Cooky 09/28/2001 05:56AM
  Re: forum .... 36 ted 09/28/2001 08:15AM
  Re: Ted Poley Interview at Music and the City 36 Music and the City 09/28/2001 12:43PM
  Re: forum .... 41 Coco 09/28/2001 08:19AM
  Dammit, didnt need to bother with that post 40 Coco 09/28/2001 08:21AM
  It's still there 36 PetePete 09/28/2001 07:01PM
  Anybody have Le Baron Boys for trade? 42Kieran09/28/2001 03:51AM
  TIME FOR GODS NEWS!!!!!!!! 52 Adolfo 09/28/2001 01:27AM
  Re: TIME FOR GODS NEWS!!!!!!!! 34 R P M 09/28/2001 02:53AM
  Re: TIME FOR GODS NEWS!!!!!!!! 32 andrew 09/30/2001 12:00AM
  Re: TIME FOR GODS NEWS!!!!!!!! 40 ron 09/30/2001 12:36AM
  Re: TIME FOR GODS NEWS!!!!!!!! 36stevieni10/01/2001 08:23AM
  Terry Brock will be there!! 52 Don Wishon 09/28/2001 07:19AM
  Urban Tale will be there!! 34 Erkka/Urban Tale 09/28/2001 07:36AM
  Re: Urban Tale will be there!! Great!!! 39 AOR Guru 09/28/2001 08:22AM
  Re: Urban Tale will be there!! Great!!! 44 Goddess 09/28/2001 06:31PM
  Re: Urban Tale will be there!! Great!!! 39 Erkka/Urban Tale 09/28/2001 09:52PM
  ABOUT TIME FOR GODS ANNOUNCEMENT 38 Goddess 09/28/2001 06:43PM
  Re: ABOUT TIME FOR GODS ANNOUNCEMENT 38Darren09/28/2001 07:02PM
  Re: ABOUT TIME FOR GODS ANNOUNCEMENT 34 Phil 1 09/28/2001 08:30PM
  Re: ABOUT TIME FOR GODS ANNOUNCEMENT 45Darren09/28/2001 08:51PM
  Re: ABOUT TIME FOR GODS ANNOUNCEMENT 32Mark Alger09/28/2001 09:42PM
  Re: ABOUT TIME FOR GODS ANNOUNCEMENT 35Mark Ashton09/28/2001 09:51PM
  Sorry Mark, but 35Darren09/28/2001 10:54PM
  Re: Sorry Mark, but 35Mark Ashton09/29/2001 01:19AM
  Right, F**k this 32Kieran09/29/2001 04:09AM
  Re: Right, F**k this 34stevieni09/29/2001 05:49AM
  Please be pleased that there is someone putting ef 41 Mats 09/28/2001 10:55PM
  Good Lord... 31Peter M. Bietenholz09/29/2001 01:36AM
  The Whole Gods Experience 35 Sue 09/29/2001 03:07AM
  Mark Ashton and moaning minnies 39Steve, Denmark09/29/2001 05:16AM
  Thanks to Now & Then, Z and their supporters 35Deb09/29/2001 06:07AM
  Re: ABOUT TIME FOR GODS ANNOUNCEMENT 36 Tez Durrant 09/29/2001 07:21AM
  Re: Thanks to Now & Then, Z and their supporte 33 britny 09/29/2001 06:16AM
  Re: ABOUT TIME FOR GODS ANNOUNCEMENT 34 Kev Thomas 09/29/2001 06:23AM
  Masi-"Eternal Struggle" 48 Andrew Paul 09/27/2001 11:26PM
  "Eternal Struggle" ~ agreeed, it's burni 35 Nick 09/27/2001 11:41PM
  Re: "Eternal Struggle" ~ agreeed, it's b 36danthecdman09/28/2001 07:02AM
  Re: "Eternal Struggle" ~ agreeed, it's b 33Steve, Denmark09/28/2001 05:01PM
  Re: "Eternal Struggle" ~ agreeed, it's b 35danthecdman09/28/2001 07:14PM
  Re: "Eternal Struggle" ~ agreeed, it's b 31Steve, Denmark09/29/2001 05:22AM
  Speaking of Imp... 35Peter M. Bietenholz09/29/2001 06:30AM
  Re: Speaking of Imp... 35Steve, Denmark09/30/2001 12:32AM
  Mad Max - Rollin Thunder 49 Rammy 09/27/2001 10:49PM
  Re: I dunno... 41 Don 09/28/2001 12:12AM
  I just bought one off of ebay .... 35 Rammy 09/28/2001 12:46AM
  Re: Rammy/Don 36 Melodic Lover 09/28/2001 06:48AM
  Re: Rammy/Don MAD MAX - ROLLING THUNDER 78MAD MAX underground09/28/2001 12:28PM
  Re: Hmmm... 36 Don 09/28/2001 02:29PM
  Re: Don... 42 Melodic Lover 09/29/2001 01:35AM
  Re: Thanks, M.L. ... 35 Don 09/29/2001 05:10AM
  The Future Of - PLEASE READ 51 Andrew 09/27/2001 09:34PM
  Re: The Future Of - PLEASE READ 40 Marc Vanway 09/27/2001 10:15PM
  Re: The Future Of - PLEASE READ 40 the ORIGINAL brent 09/27/2001 11:01PM
  Point One 34 Andrew 09/28/2001 07:36AM
  Re: The Future Of - PLEASE READ 34 Goddess 09/27/2001 10:26PM
  Re: The Future Of - PLEASE READ 33R.C.I.T09/27/2001 11:55PM
  Point Two 31 Andrew 09/28/2001 07:38AM
  Re: The Future Of - PLEASE READ 36 johnd 09/27/2001 10:41PM
  Re: The Future Of - PLEASE READ 35exnewyorker09/27/2001 11:02PM
  Thanks 39 Andrew 09/28/2001 07:40AM
  Re: donations to the site 37 the ORIGINAL brent 09/27/2001 11:10PM
  Re: donations to the site 31 Ralph 09/28/2001 03:51AM
  Point Three 32 Andrew 09/28/2001 07:44AM
  Re: The Future Of - PLEASE READ 34 zappacosta 09/27/2001 11:53PM
  Point Four 31 Andrew 09/28/2001 07:46AM
  disagree 34 zappacosta 09/27/2001 11:54PM
  If it ain't broke... 32 koogles 09/28/2001 12:35AM
  Re: No! 33 Ralph 09/28/2001 03:44AM
  Point Five 36 Andrew 09/28/2001 07:51AM
  Prog reviews??? 33Big Doggie09/28/2001 04:35AM
  Re: Prog reviews??? 30 AOR Guru 09/28/2001 05:10AM
  Re: Prog reviews??? 32Big Doggie09/28/2001 05:19AM
  Don't get lost on this point... 42 Andrew 09/28/2001 07:53AM
  Re: Hmmm.... Prog Rock... 39 Eric Abrahamsen 09/28/2001 05:47AM
  Re: If it ain't broke... 37Pete09/28/2001 05:48AM
  Thanks Pete. 44 Andrew 09/28/2001 07:58AM
  Re: The Future Of - PLEASE READ 30 Sven 09/27/2001 11:59PM
  Classics 34 Andrew 09/28/2001 08:00AM
  Re: The Future Of - PLEASE READ 37 Jake 09/28/2001 12:18AM
  ANDREW, one important coment... 30 Marc Vanway 09/28/2001 08:52PM
  Nice one Marc :) 36 Andrew 09/29/2001 12:32PM
  Re: The Future Of - PLEASE READ 34 Double Decibel Dave 09/28/2001 01:12AM
  % on reviews is tops 39Dave09/28/2001 01:53AM
  Re: The Future Of - PLEASE READ 46Peter M. Bietenholz09/28/2001 01:18AM
  Re: The Future Of - PLEASE READ 33 Ralph 09/28/2001 03:28AM
  A Publishers perspective 29MSL09/28/2001 03:00AM
  Re: A Publishers perspective 39 Ralph 09/28/2001 03:31AM
  Thanks - POINT SIX 36 Andrew 09/28/2001 08:07AM
  I've got an opinion! 31 TAFKAMP 09/28/2001 03:40AM
  Re: Glowing Reviews 37 Eric Abrahamsen 09/28/2001 04:15AM
  Re: Classic Rock and other thoughts - Andrew 39Bighairnolonger09/28/2001 04:52AM
  Andrew.... 33 Eric Abrahamsen 09/28/2001 05:39AM
  I would love to do that .. 44 TAFKAMP 09/28/2001 05:44AM
  Re: I would love to do that .. Me too! 32 Eric Abrahamsen 09/28/2001 06:02AM
  See Point Six...and... 44 Andrew 09/28/2001 08:13AM
  Re: Classic Rock and other thoughts - Andrew 37 Andrew 09/28/2001 08:03AM
  Re: Classic Rock and other thoughts - Andrew 34Bighairnolonger09/28/2001 08:30AM
  Precisely :) 34 Andrew 09/28/2001 08:44PM
  Absolutley agree.... 35 Andrew 09/28/2001 07:57AM
  some comments on´s future 32Steve, Denmark09/28/2001 04:04AM
  Re: some comments on´s future 42Big Doggie09/28/2001 04:42AM
  My spin.... 29 Rogue 09/28/2001 09:09AM
  Thanks Rogue... 39 Andrew 09/28/2001 08:47PM
  My Thoughts!!!!!!! 41Jack09/28/2001 11:31AM
  Thanks Jack! 31 Andrew 09/28/2001 08:49PM
  BBMAK 40Peter M. Bietenholz09/27/2001 08:44PM
  Re: BBMAK 33 Sue 09/27/2001 09:17PM
  What?! 32Peter M. Bietenholz09/28/2001 01:30AM
  Re: What?! 33 Phil 1 09/28/2001 02:38AM
  Re: BBMAK 36Kev10/04/2001 05:55AM
  Not sure if it is out in OZ... 34 Andrew 09/27/2001 09:39PM
  Max Martin....Andrew....! 33 Mats 09/28/2001 09:48PM
  Thanks Mats! 36 Andrew 09/29/2001 12:42PM
  Re: SFK Kurt... 35 Don 09/28/2001 12:30AM
  I have 35 sfk kurt 09/28/2001 06:24AM
  Jesus Peter 35Kieran09/28/2001 03:47AM
  Re: Jesus Peter 33Peter M. Bietenholz09/28/2001 05:24AM
  Re: Jesus Peter 38 Mats 09/28/2001 09:51PM
  Bitchs Brue/ Beautiful Beasts?? 48ALEX SIEDLER09/27/2001 07:04PM
  Info on future releases? 42Danimal1109/27/2001 05:07PM
  Error on the Tribute show.. 40 Jodes 09/27/2001 12:46PM
  Well.... 36 Andrew 09/27/2001 09:30PM
  Re: Error on the Tribute show.. 34 Don Wishon 09/27/2001 11:28PM
  Phil & Sue Ashcroft - please read msg above 35 Don Wishon 09/28/2001 02:08AM
  Re: Phil & Sue Ashcroft - please read msg abov 37 Phil 1 09/28/2001 08:36AM
  Any Info on Tuff Luck 42Trapp09/27/2001 12:16PM
  Re: Any Info on Tuff Luck 36 J.C. 09/27/2001 12:31PM
  Re: Any Info on Tuff Luck 40 J.C. 09/27/2001 12:33PM
  Re: Any Info on Tuff Luck 38Trapp09/27/2001 12:41PM
  Re: Any Info on Tuff Luck 38 J.C. 09/27/2001 01:14PM
  Re: Any Info on Tuff Luck 38 cateyez 09/27/2001 10:09PM
  Re: Any Info on Tuff Luck 38Trapp09/28/2001 12:06AM
  Re: Any Info on Tuff Luck 39 J.C. 09/28/2001 02:19AM
  Re: Any Info on Tuff Luck 33Trapp09/28/2001 05:51AM
  Tuff Luck/Push/Suckerpunch 74 Dave 09/29/2001 05:28PM
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