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  Milestone at Heavy Harmonies! 57 Dan 05/28/2002 01:03PM
  Theory on M3/Butch 48 Benno 05/28/2002 01:03PM
  Re: Theory on M3/Butch 40 Geoff 05/28/2002 02:56PM
  Motor Ace 42 Benno 05/28/2002 04:38PM
  Re: Motor Ace 48 Geoff 05/28/2002 04:55PM
  Re: Motor Ace 40 Mafia Buoy 05/29/2002 10:08AM
  Re: Theory on M3/Butch 36 Marc Vanway 05/28/2002 04:22PM
  Re: Theory on M3/Butch 37 Benno 05/28/2002 04:45PM
  Cynical? Me? 41Surfpunk05/28/2002 05:50PM
  Cynical? Me? Noooooo 41 Benno 05/29/2002 09:29AM
  Re: Theory on M3/Butch 46Tom Krupa05/28/2002 10:04PM
  Re: Theory on M3/Butch 41 Mike Matney 05/28/2002 10:39PM
  Farewell, behave, see some of you soon... 51 Andrew 05/28/2002 12:17PM
  Re: Farewell, behave, see some of you soon... 39 The REAL Richard 05/28/2002 01:33PM
  Can someone tell me about new AMAZE ME? 53 Geoff 05/28/2002 11:27AM
  Re: Can someone tell me about new AMAZE ME? 31 Andrew 05/28/2002 11:49AM
  Re: Can someone tell me about new AMAZE ME? 39 Geoff 05/28/2002 11:59AM
  Re: Can someone tell me about new AMAZE ME? 36 Andrew 05/28/2002 12:15PM
  new Poison album - really not THAT bad 55 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 09:45AM
  Re: new Poison album - really not THAT bad 37 Andrew 05/28/2002 10:40AM
  Re: new Poison album - really not THAT bad 42 Geoff 05/28/2002 11:29AM
  Re: new Poison album - really not THAT bad 39 mhnyr 05/28/2002 12:57PM
  50%- OUCH! 39 Joe 05/28/2002 01:19PM
  Re: 50%- OUCH! 37 Dave 05/28/2002 02:52PM
  Re: 50%- Par for the course 40 Jonny B 05/29/2002 06:53AM
  I heard Yngwie was the producer, 39Power to the penis05/29/2002 07:36AM
  Re: new Poison album - really not THAT bad 44 Mark 05/29/2002 08:12AM
  I found a way to make it better 44Travis05/30/2002 08:07AM
  Awesome Music-HIM 49 Candyman 05/28/2002 09:32AM
  One of Europe´s biggest rock bands... 40 Erkka/Urban Tale 05/28/2002 03:11PM
  Re: One of Europe´s biggest rock bands... 38 alex siedler 05/28/2002 04:20PM
  Re: One of Europe´s biggest rock bands... 34 Candyman 05/29/2002 09:15AM
  HIM- Bah! 43Surfpunk05/28/2002 08:00PM
  Re: HIM- Bah! 48 Lynchomaniac 05/29/2002 08:37AM
  Re: HIM- Bah! 37 Andrew Paul 05/29/2002 06:35PM
  Re: HIM- Bah! 43 alex siedler 05/29/2002 07:14PM
  Re: another finn band to watch out for.. 40 Jorge 05/29/2002 07:22PM
  New Harlan Cage Great Songs Shite Drums 70 Carl 1 05/28/2002 08:15AM
  Von Groove '7th Day' - weak drums too? 46 Geoff 05/28/2002 11:37AM
  Jamie Borger is a monster! 61 Ardian 05/29/2002 09:15AM
  Re: Jamie Borger is a monster!... and so are Treat 124 Geoff 05/29/2002 09:47AM
  Re: Jamie Borger is a monster!... and so are Treat 50Ardian05/29/2002 07:03PM
  Re: New Harlan Cage Great Songs Shite Drums 42 hotr 05/28/2002 01:33PM
  Pa rum pum pum, rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum 48 TAFKAMP 05/28/2002 04:10PM
  Re: Pa rum pum pum, rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum p 42 Carl 1 05/28/2002 04:16PM
  Re: New Harlan Cage Great Songs Shite Drums 42 Carl 1 05/28/2002 04:14PM
  Shite Drums 47 Lynchomaniac 05/29/2002 09:02AM
  help us getting a gig (as support fot DORO) 52 frytzsdmf 05/28/2002 07:07AM
  1 9 2 7 (nineteen twentyseven) 50 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/28/2002 06:38AM
  Ish... one of my all time favorites 48 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 06:41AM
  Re: Ish... one of my all time favorites 50Alfie205/28/2002 06:56AM
  Ok, this is scary 50 Benno 05/28/2002 10:17AM
  Re: Ok, this is scary 40 Geoff 05/28/2002 11:41AM
  Re: Ok, this is scary 40 Geoff 05/28/2002 11:42AM
  Re: Ok, this is scary 37 Mafia Buoy 05/28/2002 02:22PM
  Re: Ok, this is scary V CAPRI 39ron moss05/28/2002 07:21PM
  Re: Ok, this is scary DEVILS IN HEAVEN 56ron moss05/28/2002 07:23PM
  Re: Ok, this is scary DEVILS IN HEAVEN 58 andyj 05/29/2002 12:07AM
  Re: Ok, this is scary V CAPRI 42 Mafia Buoy 05/29/2002 10:10AM
  W A WA N E E ..........tops! ...ish 49 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/28/2002 06:06PM
  Now come on BBB.......... 47Wobble05/28/2002 06:56PM
  Pillow Buoy ...ish 59 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/28/2002 08:13PM
  Passion knows no bounds 37Wobble05/28/2002 08:29PM
  Jah Wobble....ish 57 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/28/2002 09:42PM
  Re: W A WA N E E ..........tops! ...ish 48 Mafia Buoy 05/29/2002 10:12AM
  Re: 1 9 2 7 (nineteen twentyseven) 54 Supertzar 05/28/2002 04:04PM
  pillow biter.....ish 47 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/28/2002 06:07PM
  Re: pillow biter.....ish 41 bomfunker 05/28/2002 08:09PM
  Re: pillow biter.....ish 41 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/28/2002 08:14PM
  OK, so Butch Walker RAWKS! 49 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 01:59AM
  That may be so... 42Surfpunk05/28/2002 02:36AM
  truthfully 40 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 02:56AM
  Re: truthfully 35 Tom Krupa 05/28/2002 03:01AM
  Re: truthfully 43 Marc Vanway 05/28/2002 03:13AM
  Re: truthfully 34 Mike Matney 05/28/2002 04:02AM
  Re: truthfully 39Phil II05/28/2002 12:56PM
  dont mean much anymore 44 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 04:28AM
  Re: dont mean much anymore 39 Marc Vanway 05/28/2002 04:34AM
  My Way isnt even a hit yet Marc! 38 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 06:30AM
  no no no.. you didn't get it!! 42 Marc Vanway 05/28/2002 04:25PM
  I think it is! 42 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 10:15PM
  Check out this article on Payola... 35 Mike Matney 05/28/2002 04:35AM
  I reckon it'll be lucky to go... 36Surfpunk05/28/2002 05:56AM
  Re: I reckon it'll be lucky to go... 33 Geoff 05/28/2002 11:49AM
  Re: truthfully 40 Dave 05/29/2002 06:52PM
  I saw Butch Walker live Saturday night 44 mhnyr 05/28/2002 01:00PM
  Re: I saw Butch Walker live Saturday night 40Tina05/29/2002 01:52AM
  What the hell is happening here? 45 Marc Vanway 05/28/2002 04:31PM
  ahh!!! And I forgot!! 37 Marc Vanway 05/28/2002 07:43PM
  Celene covers AC/DC shocker! 58 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 01:49AM
  Re: Celene covers AC/DC shocker! 44 Rammy 05/28/2002 01:59AM
  Re: Celene covers AC/DC shocker! 40Philbecks66705/28/2002 02:32AM
  RE: Celine covers AC/DC shocker! 40 Patrick 05/28/2002 03:31AM
  Re: Celene covers AC/DC shocker! 50 JC 05/28/2002 01:58PM
  Re: Celene covers AC/DC shocker! 43Vic Rivera05/29/2002 03:16AM
  Drummer required birmingham!! 48 Brendon 05/28/2002 12:47AM
  Payola still exists in radio! 55 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 12:27AM
  Re: Payola still exists in radio! 40 Mike Matney 05/28/2002 12:35AM
  That's impossible! 39Syr Up05/28/2002 05:23AM
  This article explains it in more detail 39 Mike Matney 05/28/2002 06:36AM
  Re: This article explains it in more detail 41Syr Up05/28/2002 12:00PM
  Re: This article explains it in more detail 40 Mike Matney 05/28/2002 12:18PM
  world cup 59matt05/27/2002 10:28PM
  Re: world cup 35 Marc Vanway 05/27/2002 10:29PM
  Re: world cup 41Darren05/27/2002 10:46PM
  Re: world cup 41 Fran 05/28/2002 12:22AM
  Re: world cup 41 Jorge 05/28/2002 08:43PM
  Re: world cup 41 BSixx 05/29/2002 10:33AM
  Re: world cup 44fuji05/28/2002 12:00AM
  USA! 38 Generic D2 Fan 05/28/2002 12:07AM
  Go Holland!!! 42Fred05/28/2002 04:41AM
  Re: Go ENGLAND!!! 42Old Nick05/28/2002 06:19AM
  Re: Go AUSTRALIA!!! 39 Geoff 05/28/2002 11:54AM
  who has the best hooligans? 42 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 12:06AM
  Re: who has the best hooligans? 34matt05/28/2002 12:22AM
  oh that's right, around here we all have to agree 38 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 12:26AM
  Re: oh that's right, around here we all have to ag 41matt05/28/2002 12:56AM
  actually I sorta like soccer/football 44 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 01:43AM
  Re: actually I sorta like soccer/football 42 Carl 1 05/28/2002 04:27AM
  gimme a break 32 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 04:33AM
  Did your interest on this sport arose back in 98 w 35 Jorge 05/28/2002 09:01PM
  it did! 38 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 10:17PM
  Re: who has the best hooligans? 38 Carl 1 05/28/2002 04:23AM
  oh come now! 36 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 04:29AM
  Re: oh come now! 40Tony M05/28/2002 05:12AM
  good point Tony 38 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 06:28AM
  Re: BUT... 36Old Nick05/28/2002 06:41AM
  Re: good point Tony 34 Carl 1 05/28/2002 06:46AM
  Another Two Words 41 Coco 05/28/2002 03:41AM
  Re: Another Two Words...erm! 36Tony M05/28/2002 05:14AM
  Re: Another Two Words...erm! 45Old Nick05/28/2002 06:22AM
  RE: world cup - FRANCE !!!!!!!!! 36 Patrick 05/28/2002 04:46AM
  RE: world cup -ENGLAND !!!!!!!!! 40Old Nick05/28/2002 06:35AM
  France! POOOOOEEEE! 39Sven05/28/2002 06:37AM
  Sweden, Argentina, Nigeria .. 41 TAFKAMP 05/28/2002 06:42AM
  Re: Sweden, Argentina, Nigeria .. 41Old Nick05/28/2002 06:44AM
  Peru, Iran, Costa Rica (np) 38Jimmy Hill05/28/2002 07:08AM
  Re: Peru, Iran, Costa Rica (np) 43William Wallace05/28/2002 07:15AM
  Re: Peru, Iran, Costa Rica (np) 37Jimmy Hill05/28/2002 07:22AM
  Re: Peru, Iran, Costa Rica (np) 36William Wallace05/28/2002 07:29AM
  Re: Peru, Iran, Costa Rica (np) pah 38Tony M05/28/2002 08:28AM
  Re: Peru, Iran, Costa Rica (np) pah 46William Wallace05/28/2002 08:45AM
  Re: Peru, Iran, Costa Rica (np) pah 53Tony M05/28/2002 10:10AM
  It's just a game Focker! 36 Johnny Lima 05/28/2002 12:08PM
  Re: It's just a game Focker! 44William Wallace05/29/2002 02:13AM
  Re: Peru, Iran, Costa Rica (np) pah 40William Wallace05/29/2002 02:25AM
  Good one .. 44 TAFKAMP 05/28/2002 04:09PM
  pseudo echo 54matt05/27/2002 10:15PM
  Re: pseudo echo 39Surfpunk05/28/2002 01:24AM
  excellent! 42 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 01:58AM
  oh and 43 sfk kurt 05/28/2002 01:59AM
  Pseudo Echo still doing the traps 50 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/28/2002 06:35AM
  Re: Pseudo Echo still doing the traps 51 Mafia Buoy 05/28/2002 02:31PM
  are there two bands? 41matt05/28/2002 06:56PM
  Re: are there two bands or Two Hands? 37 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/28/2002 09:52PM
  Re: are there two bands ? 41 Mafia Buoy 05/29/2002 10:20AM
  New Blue Murder CD??? 46BOL05/27/2002 09:07PM
  Re: New Blue Murder CD??? 47 Andrew 05/27/2002 10:35PM
  New Blue Murder CD??? INDEED!!! 44 Peter 05/28/2002 12:21AM
  Hopes Crushed 44 bridgeofsighs 05/28/2002 07:44AM
  Re: Hopes Crushed 40 Andrew 05/28/2002 09:35AM
  Re: Hopes Crushed 38BOL05/28/2002 06:49PM
  Will the real ACE please stand and be counted!! 49 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/27/2002 06:15PM
  Ace no more 40Wobble05/27/2002 10:47PM
  Re: Ace no more 34 Ace 05/28/2002 12:20AM
  Jah Wobble 37 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/28/2002 06:29AM
  "Cowboy Rock" thread - hillarious! 51 Benno 05/27/2002 04:37PM
  Who sings this film song? 54Richard.05/27/2002 07:38AM
  It's The Flys 37 koogles 05/27/2002 08:32AM
  Re: It's The Flys 34Richard.05/27/2002 08:54AM
  Unzipping The Flys 47 koogles 05/27/2002 11:53PM
  Re: Unzipping The Flys 39Richard05/28/2002 04:38AM
  LOL 41Syr Up05/28/2002 05:30AM
  :-( 37 TAFKAMP 05/27/2002 05:13PM
  MTV ICON: AEROSMITH 50 alex siedler 05/27/2002 06:11AM
  Re: MTV ICON: AEROSMITH 42 Justin 05/27/2002 08:29AM
  Re: MTV ICON: AEROSMITH 53 Mike Matney 05/27/2002 09:58AM
  F-UCK AEROSHIT!! 40 FORD 05/27/2002 12:25PM
  Re: MTV ICON: AEROSMITH 43 Marc Vanway 05/27/2002 05:26PM
  Re: MTV ICON: AEROSMITH 46 alex siedler 05/27/2002 06:11PM
  Pink/Aerosmith 40Surfpunk05/27/2002 08:40PM
  Re: Pink/Aerosmith 37 alex siedler 05/27/2002 09:36PM
  'Just Push Play' 38Surfpunk05/28/2002 01:37AM
  Re: 'Just Push Play' 41 Marc Vanway 05/28/2002 04:29AM
  Gods 2002 57Neil05/27/2002 05:07AM
  Count me in! 37Surfpunk05/27/2002 05:20AM
  Re: Count me in! 41 Tom Krupa 05/27/2002 05:54AM
  Re: Count me in! 40 Andrew 05/27/2002 07:51AM
  Re: Count me in! 38 Mats 05/27/2002 04:07PM
  Re: You lucky buggars... 45 Don 05/27/2002 04:14PM
  Re: Gods 2002 45 britny 05/28/2002 07:18AM
  Re: Count me in! 36 britny 05/27/2002 06:25AM
  Re: Count me in! 39 Jezzer 05/27/2002 05:46PM
  Re: Count me in! 41 Goddess 05/27/2002 06:04PM
  Re: Count me in! 40 Tom Krupa 05/28/2002 03:05AM
  RE Tom K & Davy NI 42 Goddess 05/28/2002 06:31PM
  Re: Count me in! 39Davy (NI)05/28/2002 04:31AM
  Re: Gods 2002 38 marty s from chicago 05/28/2002 01:56AM
  Re: Gods 2002 37 Scott W 05/28/2002 03:10AM
  Re: Gods 2002 39Tom (NI)05/28/2002 06:18AM
  Re: Gods 2002 41 Andrew 05/28/2002 09:37AM
  EXPORT 46 peter 05/27/2002 04:23AM
  Re: EXPORT 37 KAOS FAN 05/27/2002 05:58PM
  "A" 44Phil II05/27/2002 03:16AM
  Re: "A" 41 Coco 05/27/2002 04:33AM
  Re: "A" 35Surfpunk05/27/2002 05:11AM
  Re: "A" 36Phil II05/27/2002 07:02AM
  Re: "A" 41 Mike Bates 05/28/2002 04:54AM
  ques about 48Its Me05/27/2002 02:46AM
  Re: ques about 34 Andrew 05/27/2002 07:55AM
  Most overrated Rock/Metal band....... 58Ace05/26/2002 08:22PM
  deF LePPard 39 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/26/2002 09:04PM
  Re: deF LePPard 40Ace05/26/2002 09:07PM
  Bowie-Alomar/Slick/Fripp et al 50 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/26/2002 09:12PM
  Re: Bowie-Alomar/Slick/Fripp et al 46Ace05/26/2002 09:18PM
  P o w e r s t a t i o n - mesrs Taylor/Palmer 54 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/26/2002 09:08PM
  Re: P o w e r s t a t i o n - mesrs Taylor/Palmer 55Ace05/26/2002 09:16PM
  Sunday night 41 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/26/2002 09:21PM
  Arcadia 45 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/26/2002 09:23PM
  Duran Duran.... 'Rio'. 46 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/26/2002 09:27PM
  Re: Duran Duran.... 'Rio'. 39Ace05/26/2002 09:29PM
  'Notorious' 38 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/26/2002 09:32PM
  Nope! Disagree! 39Surfpunk05/26/2002 10:46PM
  Re: Sunday night 45Ace05/26/2002 09:25PM
  Re: Sunday night 45Ace05/26/2002 09:25PM
  If you'll give these guys a fair listen..... 50Ace05/26/2002 09:23PM
  Hey guys.... 32 Andrew 05/26/2002 09:30PM
  Re: Hey guys.... 41Ace05/26/2002 09:32PM
  Re: Hey guys.... 34 Bosnian Bagel Buoy 05/26/2002 09:34PM
  Re: Hey guys.... 32 Andrew 05/26/2002 09:58PM
  Re: def lep rule....... 47 Mafia Buoy 05/26/2002 09:54PM
  Re: def lep rule....... 46 Double Decibel Dave 05/27/2002 12:39AM
  hey, how did this guy get to post as Ace? 44 Ace 05/27/2002 01:43AM
  Re: Most overrated Rock/Metal band....... 31Syr Up05/27/2002 06:31AM
  Re: Most overrated Rock/Metal band... 36 Patrick 05/27/2002 07:13AM
  Re: Most overrated Rock/Metal band....... 33 Dave 05/28/2002 03:05PM
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