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  Mark Alger chickens out AGAIN! 74 Tommy Denander 01/30/2003 09:59PM
  Re: Mark Alger chickens out AGAIN! 50 woodpen36 01/31/2003 05:27AM
  Re: Mark Alger chickens out AGAIN! 48rich01/31/2003 07:20AM
  Re: Mark Alger chickens out AGAIN! 54 Tommy Denander 01/31/2003 08:25AM
  Re: Mark Alger chickens out AGAIN! 54 Melodic_Lover 01/31/2003 10:43AM
  Re: Mark Alger chickens out AGAIN! 46 Tommy Denander 01/31/2003 10:52AM
  Re: Thanks Tommy , great stuff indeed! ;) ( NP) 51 Melodic_Lover 02/01/2003 05:53AM
  UFO to take flight again! 87Jason Vorhees01/30/2003 06:31PM
  Re: UFO to take flight again! 47 AndyC 01/30/2003 07:06PM
  Re: UFO to take flight again! 57mark kennedy01/30/2003 07:57PM
  Re: UFO to take flight again! 52Padge01/31/2003 11:11PM
  monkey spanking!!!! 58 AndyC 02/01/2003 12:19AM
  Re: monkey spanking!!!! 63mark kennedy02/01/2003 12:46AM
  Re: monkey spanking!!!! 47 AndyC 02/01/2003 01:05AM
  Nu-metal meltdown (dedicated to notch) 148 Marc 01/30/2003 05:46PM
  Re: Nu-metal meltdown (dedicated to notch) 65 Notchitaph 01/30/2003 10:52PM
  Re: Nu-metal meltdown (dedicated to notch) 64 Marc 01/30/2003 11:03PM
  Re: Nu-metal meltdown (dedicated to notch) 75 Notchitaph 01/31/2003 12:02AM
  Re: Nu-metal meltdown (dedicated to notch) 69Joepitaph01/31/2003 01:05AM
  Re: Nu-metal meltdown (dedicated to notch) 84 Marc 01/31/2003 05:34PM
  Maybe true 61 AndyC 01/31/2003 01:24AM
  Re: Maybe true 82 Dennis 01/31/2003 04:44AM
  Re: Maybe true 69 AndyC 01/31/2003 05:57PM
  Re: Nu-metal meltdown (dedicated to notch) 64 docsvenaor 01/31/2003 01:35AM
  Re: Nu-metal meltdown (dedicated to notch) 77Terry01/31/2003 02:02AM
  Ash and Feeder????? 70Surfpunk01/31/2003 08:47AM
  Re: Nu-metal meltdown (dedicated to notch) 74MIKEN02/01/2003 05:32AM
  Top Ten female fronted acts 168Dave01/30/2003 04:26PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 120 Andrew 01/30/2003 04:42PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 75 Monkey Nuts 01/31/2003 01:06AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 115 Patrick 01/30/2003 04:59PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 83 Phil 1 01/30/2003 05:06PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 101 JJ 01/30/2003 07:21PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 79 RDNZL 01/30/2003 07:30PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 76 OzzMosiz 01/30/2003 08:18PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 78Jez01/31/2003 10:12PM
  Don't forget...... 107 Pete 01/30/2003 07:44PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 113the ORIGINAL brent01/30/2003 08:15PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 105 Mafia Buoy 01/30/2003 08:46PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 81 Patrick Lewis 01/31/2003 12:56AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 77Jeff E01/31/2003 12:22AM
  A few more for the list 112 Sgt Schultz 01/30/2003 09:48PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 81 Ron Miner 01/30/2003 10:03PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 90Scott Watson01/30/2003 10:07PM
  BEKI & THE BOMBSHELLS???? 95WOBBLE01/30/2003 10:30PM
  Re: BEKI & THE BOMBSHELLS???? 113 Patrick 01/30/2003 11:06PM
  Re: BEKI & THE BOMBSHELLS???? 143WOBBLE01/31/2003 03:36PM
  Re: BEKI & THE BOMBSHELLS???? 122 Patrick 01/31/2003 07:03PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 125 Alex Siedler 01/30/2003 11:14PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 125 Jonny B 01/30/2003 11:19PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 131 Alex Siedler 01/30/2003 11:25PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 82 AndyC 01/30/2003 11:42PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 95 Chris Hayes 01/30/2003 11:44PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 109GlenRavine01/31/2003 01:36AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 127DjX01/31/2003 01:56AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 87 wesley 01/31/2003 02:09AM
  Anyone remember?? 99Steve 4001/31/2003 03:09AM
  Re: Anyone remember?? 152 Phil 1 01/31/2003 12:24PM
  Re: Anyone remember?? 80 jo 01/31/2003 08:33PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 80 wesley 01/31/2003 05:16AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 105Dave Reynolds01/31/2003 05:03AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 86 Phil 1 01/31/2003 05:39AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 115Dave Reynolds01/31/2003 07:51AM
  Kylie???? 93 AndyC 02/01/2003 12:03AM
  Re: Kylie???? 92Dave Reynolds02/01/2003 02:53AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 108That Joe-×01/31/2003 05:22AM
  Re: Topfemale fronted act-FIONA! 77Jason Vorhees01/31/2003 06:03AM
  MARCIE FREE, LMAO 104 Rock News 01/31/2003 07:17AM
  Re: MARCIE FREE, LMAO 101 Carl1 02/01/2003 07:20AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 87Taliwakker01/31/2003 09:24AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 89 Luc 01/31/2003 10:06AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 106 Mafia Buoy 01/31/2003 06:26PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 95 pete deeley 01/31/2003 08:09PM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 115Chris D02/01/2003 12:15AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 92 zoccoletto walter 02/01/2003 05:59AM
  Re: Top Ten female fronted acts 73phillllllll02/03/2003 11:22PM
  American Idol Rocker 115 Kent 01/30/2003 01:02PM
  Re: American Idol Rocker 64Joepitaph01/30/2003 01:10PM
  Re: American Idol Rocker 70Jackitaph01/30/2003 01:25PM
  Re: American Idol Rocker 78 Kent 01/30/2003 01:36PM
  Re: American Idol Rocker 74Phil II01/30/2003 02:17PM
  Re: American Idol Rocker 88 Kent 01/30/2003 02:25PM
  American "Swing" movement back in '98 (does anyone remember that, sheesh!!!!). 78 jc 01/31/2003 03:32AM
  Brian Setzer rawked! 60 Notchitaph 01/31/2003 03:52AM
  I'm embarassed 74Okie01/30/2003 02:51PM
  is that the guy with the wild hair? 72Kauna01/31/2003 01:33PM
  Re: is that the guy with the wild hair? 84 Kent 01/31/2003 01:40PM
  Re: American Idol Rocker 71 Notchitaph 01/30/2003 10:55PM
  Re: American Idol Rocker 67GlenRavine01/31/2003 01:09AM
  Re: American Idol Rocker 87Kauna01/31/2003 01:38PM
  Where's The Next Stryper? 72mike01/30/2003 12:04PM
  Re: Where's The Next Stryper? 51Brent01/30/2003 03:43PM
  Re: Where's The Next Stryper? 43 Satan 01/31/2003 03:33AM
  track listing for the new meat loaf? Anybody 80mike01/30/2003 11:36AM
  stampede request....again :( 82mike01/30/2003 10:31AM
  Re: stampede request....again :( 68 Patrick 01/30/2003 10:50AM
  MINDSTORM 100 Jack Cherry 01/30/2003 10:09AM
  John Taglieri "Half & Half" Cd Pre-Sale starts This Saturday 2/1/03!! 101 John Taglieri 01/30/2003 09:54AM
  Shania and those vocals (again) 157 Andrew 01/30/2003 09:39AM
  Re: Shania and those vocals (again) 80 Ellen 01/30/2003 10:07AM
  Re: Shania and those vocals (again) 70mike01/30/2003 10:18AM
  Re: Shania and those vocals (again) 66 Melodic_Lover 01/30/2003 11:57AM
  Re: Shania and those vocals (again) 86 Frank 01/30/2003 03:45PM
  Re: Shania and those vocals (again) 91 Rocker Chic 01/30/2003 11:42PM
  Yeah... that reminds me... 80Fretmelter01/31/2003 06:53AM
  Happy Birthday TequillaGod 189 Andrew 01/30/2003 09:34AM
  Re: Happy Birthday TequillaGod 87 Phil 1 01/30/2003 12:24PM
  Re: Happy Birthday TequillaGod 83 Andrew 01/30/2003 01:10PM
  Re: Happy Birthday TequillaGod 68 Phil 1 01/30/2003 01:31PM
  Re: Happy Birthday TequillaGod 76 TequilaGod 01/30/2003 01:38PM
  Re: Happy Birthday TequillaGod 77 Tequila God 01/30/2003 05:10PM
  Robby Valentine : New CD ? 166Kris01/30/2003 09:09AM
  Re: Robby Valentine : New CD ? 97Dave01/30/2003 10:18AM
  Re: Robby Valentine : New CD ? 109Kris01/30/2003 02:39PM
  Re: Robby Valentine : New CD ? 100Phil II01/30/2003 03:41PM
  And it will continue to get praise ... 107 TAFKATAFKAMPAKATASKAMP 01/30/2003 06:08PM
  Do you rate Project V (Valentine/Valensia)? 80Big Dog01/31/2003 01:46AM
  Re: And it will continue to get praise ... 74Phil II01/31/2003 07:32AM
  Re: And it will continue to get praise ... 110 AOR Guru 01/31/2003 08:32AM
  Valentine vs Valensia 104 Sven 01/30/2003 09:46PM
  Don't understand ........ 91 TASKAMP 01/31/2003 07:12AM
  Re: Robby Valentine : New CD ? 87 Chris 01/30/2003 05:57PM
  How on earth.... 109 RonK 01/31/2003 02:20AM
  Re: How on earth.... 88Chris01/31/2003 11:02PM
  Some questions for you.....! 123 Figge 01/30/2003 08:50AM
  Re: Some questions for you.....! 68 RonK 01/31/2003 02:23AM
  krokus 109mike01/30/2003 08:16AM
  Re: krokus 134 Andrew 01/30/2003 08:36AM
  Best download sites 162Mike Fazio01/30/2003 08:13AM
  Re: Best download sites 83 Monkey Nuts 01/30/2003 08:22AM
  Re: Best download sites 62 Baffie 01/30/2003 12:44PM
  Re: Best download sites 61GlenRavine01/31/2003 01:15AM
  Re: Best download sites 78 Baffie 01/31/2003 09:27AM
  anyone heard the new gotthard 71mike01/30/2003 08:02AM
  Re: anyone heard the new gotthard 39Jack01/30/2003 09:13AM
  Leatherwolf! 82 Figge 01/30/2003 07:38AM
  Re: Leatherwolf! 40Surfpunk01/30/2003 07:49AM
  Re: Leatherwolf! 38TT01/30/2003 09:04AM
  Re: Leatherwolf! 41 Figge 01/30/2003 10:42AM
  Re: Leatherwolf! 44 pinkguitarzfromhell 01/31/2003 08:15AM
  the rods 94 jim 01/30/2003 07:06AM
  Re: the rods 47 Figge 01/30/2003 07:19AM
  Re: the rods 48 jim 01/30/2003 07:27AM
  Re: the rods 51 Figge 01/30/2003 07:34AM
  Re: the rods 58 Figge 01/30/2003 07:36AM
  Re: the rods 43 jim 01/30/2003 07:58AM
  Re: the rods 45 Figge 01/30/2003 08:43AM
  Re: the rods on cd 47Denman01/31/2003 12:36AM
  tours 45 jim 02/13/2003 08:37AM
  The Rods - "Wild Dogs" CD 50 Patrick 01/31/2003 01:23AM
  where are they now 84 jim 01/30/2003 06:58AM
  Re: where are they now 41TAFKATONIC01/30/2003 09:05AM
  Oops... 45Jack01/30/2003 09:08AM
  Re: Oops... 54 Geoff 01/30/2003 01:10PM
  Jeff Watson 85Jeff E01/30/2003 06:18AM
  Re: Jeff Watson 40Bob01/30/2003 06:33AM
  Re: Jeff Watson 42 Rogue 01/30/2003 08:55AM
  Re: Jeff Watson 43 Ellen 01/30/2003 09:34AM
  Re: Jeff Watson 43 Rocker Chic 01/30/2003 11:53PM
  Re: Jeff Watson 45 AndyC 01/31/2003 01:32AM
  NEH Records 107 Mike McPherson 01/30/2003 05:28AM
  Something to lighten the mood 129 TAFKASS 01/30/2003 05:16AM
  Re: Something to lighten the mood 83 jrnyman28 01/30/2003 06:03AM
  FAVOURITE FOOD 196simon tut01/30/2003 05:13AM
  Re: FAVOURITE FOOD 129 jo 01/30/2003 05:30AM
  He Means..."Fries" 167 Coco 01/30/2003 06:07AM
  Re: He Means..."Fries" 120TAFKALUST01/30/2003 06:36AM
  Re: He Means..."Fries" 130 TAFKACOCO 01/30/2003 06:55AM
  Point Of Clarification....... 132 TAFKACOCO 01/30/2003 07:07AM
  Re: Point Of Clarification....... 122TAFKATONIC01/30/2003 07:58AM
  Note to TAFK's 135 Andrew 01/30/2003 08:39AM
  Spoilsport :( 148 TAFKACOCO 01/30/2003 08:46AM
  Re: Note to TAFK's 120 Sgt Schultz 01/30/2003 09:27AM
  Re: Note to TAFK's 121 Notchitaph 01/30/2003 10:28AM
  Re: Note to TAFK's 119 Andrew 01/30/2003 11:19AM
  You wacky Brits 156 TAFKASS 01/30/2003 07:37AM
  Re: You wacky Brits 121 TAFKACOCO 01/30/2003 08:42AM
  Re: You wacky Brits 135 TAFKASS 01/30/2003 08:49AM
  Re: You wacky Brits 130 TAFKACOCO 01/30/2003 08:54AM
  Re: You wacky Brits 130 TAFKASS 01/30/2003 08:57AM
  Actually no ......... 157 TAFKATAFKAMPAKATASKAMP 01/30/2003 08:57AM
  Agreed..... 109 TAFKACOCO 01/30/2003 09:08AM
  Re: Actually no ......... 114 TAFKASS 01/30/2003 09:25AM
  Re: Actually no ......... 113 TAFKACOCO 01/30/2003 09:32AM
  Re: Actually no ......... 105 Phil 1 01/30/2003 12:35PM
  Re: Actually no ......... 142 Andrew 01/30/2003 01:12PM
  Re: Actually no ......... 120 Tequila God 01/30/2003 08:43PM
  Aussie Slang 124 Tequila God 01/30/2003 08:48PM
  More about Australia 151 Tequila God 01/30/2003 08:52PM
  Re: Actually no ......... 118 TASKAMP 01/30/2003 06:05PM
  Re: "Fries" 113 Rocker Chic 01/31/2003 12:00AM
  Mayo!!! 144 AndyC 01/31/2003 01:40AM
  Re: FAVOURITE FOOD 109 docsvenaor 01/30/2003 05:52AM
  Re: FAVOURITE FOOD 160 TAFKAp 01/30/2003 06:21AM
  Sensei What!? 138 Sonny 01/30/2003 03:17AM
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