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  Gamma Ray cover art 45 ADOLFO 10/12/2001 08:53AM
  UFO 31 Capt. Crunch 10/12/2001 09:47AM
  Oops, should be a new thread 42 Capt. Crunch 10/12/2001 09:53AM
  UFO...agreed! 38 KAOS FAN 10/12/2001 02:16PM
  Re: UFO...agreed! 36 frank 10/12/2001 06:17PM
  Re: UFO...agreed! / Chapman!!!!! 35 Billy D\'Allyn 10/12/2001 10:31PM
  Re: UFO 33Syrup Wizard10/12/2001 06:41PM
  Re: UFO 37Scott10/12/2001 06:55PM
  Re: UFO 37Steve, Denmark10/12/2001 08:57PM
  Re: UFO 39Ralph Santolla10/13/2001 01:52AM
  Correction! 36Ralph Santolla10/13/2001 02:56AM
  Imperfect Mogg 39Syrup Wizard10/13/2001 04:27AM
  Re: Imperfect Mogg 34Steve, Denmark10/15/2001 04:24AM
  George Bellas... 35Syrup Wizard10/15/2001 01:28PM
  Re: George Bellas... 35Steve, Denmark10/15/2001 07:56PM
  Re: A photographer might disagree 36 paul stephenson 10/13/2001 03:11AM
  UFO and Scorpions 35 Luc 10/13/2001 09:00AM
  Re:Uli und Micheal 36Ralph Santolla10/13/2001 09:11AM
  Re:Uli und Micheal 36Steve, Denmark10/15/2001 08:02PM
  Re:Uli und Micheal 32Ralph Santolla10/16/2001 01:17AM
  The Fast And The Furious Soundtrack Q' 50 Coco 10/12/2001 08:47AM
  Dokken 51 Daniel 10/12/2001 06:36AM
  Back For The Attack 36Kris10/12/2001 08:05AM
  Re: Back For The Attack 35Bighairnolonger10/12/2001 09:29AM
  Disagree.... 36Kris10/12/2001 11:16AM
  Re: bring back the quality control 38 Mafia Boy 10/12/2001 08:03PM
  Re: Dokken 36Syrup Wizard10/12/2001 10:07AM
  Re: Dokken - too hard on them! 37 KAOS FAN 10/12/2001 02:25PM
  Re: Dokken - too hard on them! 39Steve, Denmark10/12/2001 09:06PM
  Don't panic....... 40 Snake65 10/12/2001 09:33PM
  Re: Don't panic....... 36Syrup Wizard10/13/2001 04:36AM
  Re: Don't panic......Kelly Gray. 40 Brian 10/13/2001 11:09AM
  Re: Don't panic......Kelly Gray. 41Syrup Wizard10/14/2001 09:32AM
  The problem is producers 36 Snake65 10/14/2001 12:48PM
  Not really... 39Syrup Wizard10/15/2001 04:15AM
  Re: Don't panic....... 40Bighairnolonger10/16/2001 05:55AM
  Re: Don't panic....... 36 britny 10/13/2001 04:29AM
  Re: Don't panic....... 38 Daniel 10/13/2001 04:48AM
  This board is about music, not politics or current 48Bighairnolonger10/12/2001 04:44AM
  Gotta agree there 41Kieran10/12/2001 09:02AM
  Re: Gotta agree there 38 declan 10/14/2001 04:51AM
  Re: This board is about music, not politics or cur 37That Joe10/12/2001 09:10AM
  Nope. 41Jack10/12/2001 09:40AM
  Re: The Melodic Rock Board 48 Eric Abrahamsen 10/12/2001 10:36AM
  no censorship!! 45 KAOS FAN 10/12/2001 02:42PM
  rock on Kaos 38 sfk kurt 10/12/2001 11:14PM
  Re: rock on Kaos 35exnewyorker10/13/2001 03:26AM
  Re: Rock On , KAOS ! 36 Melodic Lover 10/13/2001 05:35AM
  Re: Nope. 43 Snake65 10/12/2001 09:37PM
  My thoughts on this.... 45 Andrew 10/12/2001 10:02PM
  Re: My thoughts on this.... 40Bighairnolonger10/18/2001 04:27AM
  My thoughts... 43Gav10/12/2001 10:07PM
  Re: My thoughts... 35 Danny Danzi 10/13/2001 08:54AM
  Re: My thoughts... 40Gav10/13/2001 10:45AM
  Dating board 41 britny 10/13/2001 06:51PM
  I know the feeling Britny. 40Surfpunk10/14/2001 02:03AM
  why don't SP and Britny... 35 sfk kurt 10/14/2001 07:23AM
  Have you seen his pics?? 33 Coco 10/14/2001 09:15AM
  Brit Club 39jt10/14/2001 04:03PM
  Re: Brit Club 42 Goddess 10/15/2001 06:19PM
  Re: This board is about music, not politics or cur 41Tony Harnell10/13/2001 02:50AM
  Right On Tony!! 39Ralph Santolla10/13/2001 03:32AM
  Re: Right On Tony!! 39Tony Harnell10/13/2001 05:17AM
  Re: Right On Tony!! 36Tony Harnell10/13/2001 05:19AM
  Re: Right On Tony!! 33Ralph Santolla10/13/2001 09:21AM
  Re: Right On Tony!! 34Tony Harnell10/13/2001 12:47PM
  Re: Right On Tony!! 37 Lil Al 10/15/2001 03:30AM
  The day America cried 39 Tom 10/12/2001 04:37AM
  Re: The day America cried 39 Don Wishon 10/12/2001 05:44AM
  Mitch Malloy 47Tom10/12/2001 04:10AM
  Re: Mitch Malloy 34 Davy(NI) 10/12/2001 06:17AM
  Re: Mitch week on Saturday 38 R P M 10/12/2001 07:58AM
  September 11 Dollar Donation Day 40 Kreep 10/12/2001 03:29AM
  Chris Spahn 43 Andy 10/11/2001 06:31PM
  Re: Chris Spahn 34 Billy D\\\'Allyn 10/11/2001 08:55PM
  Re: Chris Spahn 36 Billy D'Allyn 10/11/2001 08:56PM
  Some "new" prog purchases... 41 ddregs 10/11/2001 05:30PM
  Re: Some "new" prog purchases... 32 Eric Abrahamsen 10/11/2001 08:59PM
  Re: Some "new" prog purchases... 37 ddregs 10/11/2001 09:25PM
  Oysterhead 32Dave10/12/2001 12:33AM
  Re: Oysterhead 36 ddregs 10/12/2001 01:16AM
  Re: Metheny, Flower Kings, On the Virg 33 Eric Abrahamsen 10/12/2001 07:38AM
  Re: Metheny, Flower Kings, On the Virg 32 ddregs 10/12/2001 05:57PM
  Re: Metheny, Flower Kings, On the Virg 37 Erkka/Urban Tale 10/13/2001 03:53AM
  Metheny... great! 34 ddregs 10/13/2001 04:39AM
  Re: Some "new" prog purchases... 31Geoff10/14/2001 03:13AM
  BEST "DUAL GUITAR" COMBOS 43 KAOS FAN 10/11/2001 04:19PM
  Re: BEST "DUAL GUITAR" COMBOS 40 hotr 10/11/2001 04:33PM
  Re: BEST "DUAL GUITAR" COMBOS 37 Marc Vanway 10/11/2001 04:39PM
  Re: BEST "DUAL GUITAR" COMBOS 33 Andrew Paul 10/11/2001 05:56PM
  People People People... 34 Andrew 10/11/2001 07:17PM
  Re: People People People... 35 John Taglieri 10/12/2001 12:47AM
  Close but no cigar! 34Syrup Wizard10/12/2001 04:49AM
  Re: BEST "DUAL GUITAR" COMBOS 36 frank 10/11/2001 08:01PM
  Re: BEST "DUAL GUITAR" COMBOS 40 Erkka/Urban Tale 10/11/2001 08:56PM
  This is a no brainer people! 35 Captain Can Man 10/12/2001 02:04AM
  Re: This is a no brainer people! 33 John Taglieri 10/12/2001 03:28AM
  Re: This is a no brainer people! 38 Captain Can Man 10/12/2001 04:49PM
  Re: This is a no brainer people! GILLIS... 36 hotr 10/12/2001 06:40PM
  Re: Bradley's little digit... 35Ralph Santolla10/13/2001 02:00AM
  Re: This is a no brainer people! GILLIS... 36 Erkka/Urban Tale 10/13/2001 03:58AM
  Re: BEST "DUAL GUITAR" COMBOS 34 The Rob 10/11/2001 10:12PM
  Going back some years 33 Jake 10/11/2001 11:37PM
  Re: Going back some years 36 Erkka/Urban Tale 10/12/2001 12:51AM
  re: some more!!!! 36Patrick10/13/2001 12:57AM
  re: some more!!!! 40 Erkka/Urban Tale 10/13/2001 04:01AM
  Re: BEST "DUAL GUITAR" COMBOS 42Surfpunk10/12/2001 06:05AM
  Re: BEST "DUAL GUITAR" COMBOS 35danthecdman10/12/2001 06:56AM
  Re: BEST "DUAL GUITAR" COMBOS 35 TD 10/12/2001 08:05AM
  Chat 42 Geir 10/11/2001 04:19PM
  Re: Chat 39 Eric Abrahamsen 10/11/2001 09:02PM
  Re: Chat 39 Goddess 10/11/2001 10:20PM
  Re: Chat 34 britny 10/12/2001 04:21AM
  The norse perspective, part 2. 41 Geir 10/12/2001 05:13AM
  Meet Dumb and Dumber!! 35Surfpunk10/12/2001 06:11AM
  Re: Chat 40Jack10/12/2001 09:16AM
  Re: Chat 39 Davy(NI) 10/12/2001 02:21PM
  Re: Chat 36 britny 10/13/2001 04:36AM
  Re: Chat 39 Tommy 10/20/2001 06:16AM
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID LEE ROTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 46 Vanfan 10/11/2001 02:43PM
  Yay! We're going to McDonald's! 35Jack10/11/2001 03:41PM
  Re: Yay! We're going to McDonald's! 41Jack10/11/2001 03:48PM
  Followed by a visit to the hairclub for men! 36Peter M. Bietenholz10/11/2001 04:30PM
  ....and a psaltic surgeon!! 36Jack10/11/2001 04:35PM
  Re: ....and a psaltic surgeon!! 38Peter M. Bietenholz10/11/2001 07:49PM
  Re: ....and a psaltic surgeon!! 43 frank 10/11/2001 08:04PM
  Shut up you lot! 36 Sue 10/11/2001 11:19PM
  Agreed! 35 ddregs 10/12/2001 02:02AM
  Uh..... 31Jack10/12/2001 05:38AM
  Re: LOL !! 39 Melodic Lover 10/12/2001 09:20AM
  Re: ....and a psaltic surgeon!! 42 FORD 10/14/2001 04:06PM
  Re: Yay! We're going to McDonald's! 36 FORD 10/14/2001 04:03PM
  Aerosmith - Dodge Ram Commercial 177 Eric Abrahamsen 10/11/2001 11:29AM
  Re: Aerosmith - Dodge Ram Commercial 44 Brian 10/11/2001 04:39PM
  Re: Aerosmith - Dodge Ram Commercial 33 frank 10/11/2001 08:11PM
  Re: Aerosmith - Dodge Ram Commercial 39Big Doggie10/12/2001 01:05AM
  Speaking of commercials... 35 Alan 10/12/2001 10:06AM
  Re: Aerosmith - Dodge Ram Commercial 46 FORD 10/14/2001 04:10PM
  Stuff on Ebay! 46 BOB R FETT 10/11/2001 03:00AM
  John Taglieri’s “Leap Of Faith” CD nominated for R 41 Leap Dog Music 10/11/2001 12:58AM
  Re: John Taglieri’s “Leap Of Faith” CD nominated f 38 Ralph 10/11/2001 01:13AM
  De Allen / Metal Mayhem 46Melodic Rock Underground10/10/2001 09:42PM
  WANTED! Dream Theater Cover 51 Snake65 10/10/2001 08:19PM
  Re: Dream Theater Cover 38 Eric Abrahamsen 10/10/2001 09:07PM
  Re: Dream Theater Cover 34 Snake65 10/10/2001 10:23PM
  Re: Dream Theater Cover 35Gav10/11/2001 02:16AM
  Re: You would have a long wait.... 37 Eric Abrahamsen 10/11/2001 07:19AM
  Re: You would have a long wait.... 34 Carl1 10/12/2001 02:06AM
  Re: WANTED! Dream Theater Cover 35Kieran10/11/2001 11:05AM
  Re: WANTED! Dream Theater Cover 38 Billy D'Allyn 10/11/2001 08:58PM
  $50?!? You gotta be kiding... 35Jimbo10/11/2001 11:49PM
  Re: $50?!? You gotta be kidding... 36America Forever!10/12/2001 12:27PM
  For J.C- listen up. 50 Eric Abrahamsen 10/10/2001 10:28AM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 41 Andrew Paul 10/10/2001 05:58PM
  Re: Oh yeah.... 37 Eric Abrahamsen 10/10/2001 08:42PM
  Re: Queen - "Jazz" 42 Eric Abrahamsen 10/10/2001 09:01PM
  Re: Queen - "Jazz" 36Peter M. Bietenholz10/11/2001 12:34AM
  Re: Mercury & Queen 38 Eric Abrahamsen 10/11/2001 07:24AM
  Re: Oh yeah.... 43 Andrew Paul 10/11/2001 06:01PM
  Re: Zora... something 35 Eric Abrahamsen 10/11/2001 09:08PM
  Zoroastrianism 31Ralph Santolla10/12/2001 04:58AM
  or Mithraism 37Ralph Santolla10/12/2001 05:00AM
  Re: or Mithraism 38 Andrew Paul 10/12/2001 05:41PM
  Re: or Mithraism 37Ralph Santolla10/13/2001 01:36AM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 34 J.C. 10/11/2001 01:09AM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 36 Johnny Blackout 10/11/2001 05:01AM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 36Tony Harnell10/11/2001 05:51AM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 41 J.C. 10/11/2001 06:18AM
  Re: I give up. 40 Eric Abrahamsen 10/11/2001 07:16AM
  Drunken thoughts for You. 34Jack10/11/2001 03:27PM
  I just have to say it... 39Jack10/11/2001 03:45PM
  Re: I just have to say it... 38Jack10/12/2001 05:41AM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 35Peter M. Bietenholz10/11/2001 07:47AM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 31 Andrew Paul 10/11/2001 06:16PM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 43Peter M. Bietenholz10/11/2001 08:26PM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 33 Billy D'Allyn 10/11/2001 09:05PM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 37yardwork10/11/2001 08:00AM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 38Jack10/11/2001 04:19PM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 35 J.C. 10/11/2001 10:56PM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 32yardwork10/11/2001 11:42PM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 38 J.C. 10/12/2001 12:06AM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 28yardwork10/12/2001 12:14AM
  Dilemma for JC. 33yardwork10/12/2001 01:39AM
  Re: Dilemma for JC. 34 J.C. 10/12/2001 01:54AM
  Re: Dilemma for JC. 34yardwork10/12/2001 02:00AM
  Re: Dilemma for JC. 36yardwork10/12/2001 02:03AM
  Re: Dilemma for JC. 33 J.C. 10/12/2001 02:11AM
  Re: Dilemma for JC. 36yardwork10/12/2001 02:25AM
  Re: Dilemma for JC. 39Tony Harnell10/12/2001 05:06AM
  Re: Dilemma for JC. 37 Double Decibel Dave 10/12/2001 07:08AM
  Re: Dilemma for JC. 43yardwork10/12/2001 07:30AM
  Re: Dilemma for JC. 32 Double Decibel Dave 10/12/2001 07:57AM
  Re: Dilemma for JC. 37yardwork10/12/2001 08:47AM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 40 Thunder God 10/11/2001 08:51AM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 43Tony Harnell10/11/2001 12:42PM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 35 Double Decibel Dave 10/12/2001 07:22AM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 33Tony Harnell10/11/2001 12:21PM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 39Melv Smellpaisley10/11/2001 02:35PM
  Re: For J.C- listen up. 32 Andrew Paul 10/11/2001 06:09PM
  Nexx at The Gods of AOR 74 Fran 10/10/2001 09:47AM
  Re: Nexx at The Gods of AOR 50 Goddess 10/10/2001 06:14PM
  Re: Nexx at The Gods of AOR 43Kieran10/10/2001 11:42PM
  Re: Nexx at The Gods of AOR 40Tony M10/11/2001 02:06AM
  Re: Nexx at The Gods of AOR 43 Per$y 10/12/2001 01:09AM
  Re: Nexx at The Gods of AOR 42 Phil 1 10/12/2001 08:52AM
  Re: Nexx at The Gods of AOR 42 Tez Durrant 10/13/2001 06:10AM
  Re: Nexx at The Gods of AOR 50 Fran 10/13/2001 09:33AM
  Not preaching to the converted!!!! 59Surfpunk10/10/2001 03:23AM
  ??? 36Kev10/10/2001 04:35AM
  Re ??? 36Surfpunk10/10/2001 04:46AM
  Beat the system 41Kev10/11/2001 09:16PM
  Re: Beat the system 42Kev10/12/2001 06:27AM
  Re: Radio 2 40Terry10/10/2001 06:19AM
  Posted but deleted !!!! 38Terry10/11/2001 10:19PM
  Radio 1 post still there 39Kev10/12/2001 12:32AM
  Best One-Off Albums of All Time 53 koogles 10/10/2001 12:58AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 48Patrick10/10/2001 02:11AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 41Scott10/10/2001 06:56PM
  how about Aviator? 43 sfk kurt 10/10/2001 02:30AM
  Hell yeah! 39Surfpunk10/10/2001 02:35AM
  Re: Hell yeah! again 49neverlettherockstop10/10/2001 02:46AM
  Beau Coup did two albums 48 TAFKAMP 10/10/2001 04:05AM
  Re: Beau Coup did two albums 39 Eric Abrahamsen 10/10/2001 08:43AM
  Re: Beau Coup did two albums 40 TAFKAMP 10/10/2001 09:30AM
  Re: Beau Coup did two albums 40 Eric Abrahamsen 10/10/2001 10:52AM
  Re: Beau Coup did two albums 41 Eric Abrahamsen 10/10/2001 10:53AM
  Don't 4get... 40Syrup Wizard10/10/2001 04:29AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 41 Carl1 10/10/2001 05:40AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 44 TAFKAMP 10/10/2001 06:21AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 38 Carl1 10/12/2001 02:09AM
  Re: Stencil Forest 40 Eric Abrahamsen 10/10/2001 09:32AM
  I, Napoleon 38 Johnny Blackout 10/11/2001 05:10AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 46 Melodic Lover 10/10/2001 07:30AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 49danthecdman10/10/2001 08:10AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 38 hotr 10/10/2001 08:26AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 36danthecdman10/10/2001 09:43AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 40 Melodic Lover 10/10/2001 10:11AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 39danthecdman10/10/2001 07:16PM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 45 Melodic Lover 10/11/2001 06:35AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 41danthecdman10/11/2001 10:30AM
  Some more. 49That Joe10/10/2001 11:10AM
  Re: Some more. 43 hotr 10/10/2001 12:05PM
  An obvious omission......... 45 the ORIGINAL brent 10/10/2001 12:59PM
  Re: An obvious omission......... 52Melv Smellpaisley10/10/2001 04:30PM
  Re: An obvious omission......... 44danthecdman10/10/2001 07:18PM
  Re: An obvious omission......... 41fun110/11/2001 07:27AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 31 AOR Guru 10/10/2001 11:13PM
  what about.... 40Ace10/11/2001 01:34AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 32 ebk5150 10/11/2001 08:13AM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 39danthecdman10/11/2001 11:12AM
  how can u forget 48 wayne 10/11/2001 11:46AM
  Re: how can u forget 41travis10/11/2001 05:22PM
  Re: Best One-Off Albums of All Time 41 FORD 10/11/2001 01:07PM
  Danny Danzi!!!! (np) 45 Rogue 10/10/2001 08:18AM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 41 Joe Vana 10/10/2001 02:16AM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 45 The REAL Richard 10/10/2001 07:47AM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 39 big daz 10/10/2001 02:59AM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 43Kieran10/10/2001 04:12AM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 46Steve, Denmark10/10/2001 04:47AM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 41Peter M. Bietenholz10/10/2001 05:40AM
  Hey Peter!! 38Kieran10/10/2001 11:44PM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 43 Leap Dog Music 10/11/2001 12:20AM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 41Bighairnolonger10/11/2001 04:47AM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 46Ralph Santolla10/10/2001 06:04AM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 44 Richard 10/10/2001 08:06AM
  Current fave GUITARISTS!! 50 J.C. 10/10/2001 08:57AM
  Most definitely... 43Syrup Wizard10/10/2001 10:26AM
  Re: Most definitely... 50 hotr 10/10/2001 04:37PM
  DUH!!!!! Anyone here heard of........... 42 the ORIGINAL brent 10/10/2001 01:07PM
  Re: DUH!!!!! Anyone here heard of........... 42 frank 10/10/2001 02:08PM
  Re: DUH!!!!! Anyone here heard of........... 43 Rogue 10/10/2001 02:53PM
  Re: DUH!!!!! Anyone here heard of........... 39Steve, Denmark10/10/2001 04:33PM
  Re: DUH!!!!! Anyone here heard of........... 38Bighairnolonger10/11/2001 04:50AM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 41 bartman2002 10/10/2001 08:03PM
  Andy Timmons & Thomas G:Son 46 Coco 10/10/2001 10:15PM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 41 Spacechild 10/10/2001 10:50PM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 41 Leap Dog Music 10/10/2001 11:48PM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 43 Leap Dog Music 10/10/2001 11:49PM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 42 Shane French 10/11/2001 02:58AM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 46 Erkka/Urban Tale 10/11/2001 09:25PM
  Re: FAVOURITE MELODIC ROCK GUITARISTS!! 46 Phil 1 10/12/2001 09:05AM
  Midnight Sun 56 Andrew Paul 10/09/2001 10:04PM
  Disappointing................. 40Kris10/10/2001 12:10PM
  Re: Disappointing................. 40 Andrew Paul 10/10/2001 05:49PM
  Re: Disappointing................. 47Peter M. Bietenholz10/10/2001 06:49PM
  Re: Disappointing................. 47 Andrew Paul 10/11/2001 05:44PM
  Melodic? 47Kris10/11/2001 11:43PM
  GTR II 44 mike 10/09/2001 11:08AM
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