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An article credited to the New York Post's Page Six feature, interviewing Sammy Hagar on the state of the Sam & Dave tour appears to be nothing more than an over-hype to stir thing up. The duo's tour continues without too much fuss or controversy.
Here's the details of the set lists from a recent show (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-Ford Center, July 25, 2002)
Sammy Hagar and the Warboritas:
Red . Runaround . Three Lock Box . There's Only One Way To Rock . Heavy Metal . On Top Of The World* . Right Now* . Best Of Both Worlds* . Why Can't This Be Love* . Finish What Ya Started* . Eagles Fly . Rock Candy . I Can't Drive 55 . Mas Tequila . When It's Love . Dreams* (* Also Featuring Michael Anthony)
David Lee Roth Band:
Hot For Teacher . Panama . And The Cradle Will Rock . Mean Streets . Dance The Night Away . Runnin' With The Devil . Show Your Love . Eruption . You Really Got Me . Beautiful Girls . So This Is Love? . Atomic Punk . Little Dreamer . (Oh) Pretty Woman . D.O.A. . Yankee Rose . Ice Cream Man . Everybody Wants Some . Unchained . Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love . Jump

Sammy Hagar has also just announced a free New York concert.
The Press Release:
August 1, 2002, New York, NY In the throws of the second leg of his successful 43-city national tour, Sammy Hagar has announced a FREE-almost-end-of-tour bash and special performance in New York City. "A Night at Cabo Wabo" will invade Irving Plaza on Thursday, August 29. Beachwear and sand optional.
"It's been an awesome spring and summer," stated Sammy. "The Waboritas and I had a blast taking our show on the road. We had a New York City offer, but David chose not to play, so instead, this is what I decided to do for our friends in Manhattan."
The evening, entitled "Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas 'Not 4 Sale,'" will have Sammy picking up the entire tab. Known for throwing some of the best parties on either side of the Gulf of Mexico, Sammy states, "This is the perfect way to end a perfect summer. New York has had one helluva year. It's my way of saying 'thanks' for being tough - for all of us."
50% of the tickets will be allocated to those involved in the rescue efforts of 9/11, with reps from Hagar's office working directly with the Port Authority of the City of New York. The other 50% of tickets will be made available via a combination of radio promotions and on a first-come, first-served basis night of the show at the venue.
Sammy will also be buying everyone in attendance one free shot of Cabo Wabo Tequila.
Going with the flow, there's no rest for the wicked. Sammy's annual "Mexican Meltown" weekend is already on the books for October 4th and 5th immediately followed by his annual "Birthday Bash." Both events take place at the famed Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


Sammy Hagar appeared last week on the Rockline Radio Show and gave out a few new details on his current work.
Hagar said he has 9 songs in the can for a new record, with a 10th underway.
Something he has recorded, but not yet decided whether to include is a medley of Led Zeppelin tunes.
It's hoped to have the album out by October.
Sammy also confirmed something mentioned here previously - that he has a Live Greatest Hits album ready to go whenever the situation might require one.
Sammy also told of his plan to have Van Halen re-unite last year with both him and Dave up front, but the Van Halen brothers were not interested.


Thought this was worth re-printing for those that haven't seen it:
Lifted directly from news; from Billboard:
In a recent Billboard magazine interview Sammy Hagar is concerned that David Lee Roth may go over the "edge" and pull out of the tour.
Hagar expressed the following, "Of course, the few times I've been around him, he's definitely on the edge of going one way or another. I don't think he's quite as stable and consistent a human being or a performer as I am and I think he could easily do something. I'm worried about it because it's not going to change my life but I think it would really hurt the fans and the credibility of this tour if he pulled out for some reason.
I'm telling you right now, if he does that to me... first of all, I will go on anyway and I'll play for two-and-a-half hours. I'll play every old Van Halen song I know. I would call up Michael Anthony. I would call up Eddie Van Halen and say, 'Eddie, here's a million dollars, get your ass out here and play a couple of nights with me because Dave pulled out.'
I would go that far with it if he pulled out. I will ruin him if he does that to the fans. It would be a horrible thing."

I have had several requests for some coverage of the Sam & Dave Tour. Coming up!

SAMMY CLAIMS VAN HALEN ARE DONE: have an interesting set of quotes from Sammy Hagar online:
Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar revealed several interesting items about Van Halen's comeback plans during a recent interview with reporter Patrick Berkery of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Among the revelations that are due to be detailed in the article which is set to be published on August 16th are the following:
Van Halen is over for good, according to Sam. VH bassist Michael Anthony (who's been showing up at a lot of Hagar's recent tour dates) hasn't spoken with the VH brothers since February and they haven't recorded any music, discussed a singer or anything of the sort since last year. Drummer Alex Van Halen sits on the Internet all day (and smokes), while Eddie Van Halen sits in his house and does nothing all day (and smokes). The way Sam sees it, no label, no management, no singer=no band.
The recent David Lee Roth/Van Halen reconciliation rumors: Dave was indeed writing and recording with the band circa 2000. Very quietly, things were broken off because, according to Sammy (according to Michael Anthony), Dave's voice was pretty shot and Eddie was growing incredibly frustrated. Eddie was very intent on writing "radio-friendly" rock, and Dave was into his usual "non sequitur" rock, says Sam. Hence, Dave's proposal to Sammy (again, according to Sammy) to do this tour.
Dave Lee Roth has taken seven bodyguards with him on his current tour with Hagar.
VH, Roth and Sammy were offered $50 million to do two shows in Las Vegas in 2001 for a big pay-per-view deal, the whole shebang. Sammy says they all turned it down immediately except Roth. He also says a whole tour with all parties was also proposed by the same person (a Las Vegas businessman) for dollars that would make your eyes pop out!


Lifted from
Sammy & Dave Nix Tour Opener - Updated 11:02 PDT Wed, Jul 17 2002
The second leg tour opener for Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth has been cut from the itinerary. The concert, scheduled for July 23 at the CenturyTel Center in Bossier City, La., was cancelled due to "production logistics," according to the duo's publicist.
Those who bought tickets are advised to get refunds, as the event will not be rescheduled.
The tour is now set to kick off in Oklahoma City July 25.
Though they have yet to appear onstage at the same time, Hagar and Roth - who frequently traded jabs in the press - embarked on this co-headlining tour earlier this year, both of them mixing solo hits and material from their Van Halen days.
The outing, which began in May, has grossed $5.6 million thus far and has nabbed the co-bill a No. 27 slot on POLLSTAR's Mid-Year Top 50 Tours list.
With the success of the first leg of Song For Song: The Heavyweight Champs Of Rock And Roll, as it's officially dubbed, Hagar and Roth tagged on a second string of shows, which looks to rock fans into September.


It seems that the Hagar/Schon/Anthony/Castronovo super group have settled with the name Planet Us for their project together. I only heard of one other name being considered, that was RedDog.
No further updates from band possible Slash.

Updated news from Michael Anthony on the project. From his website:
March 8, 2002
Things are getting pretty exciting these days. I thought you'd like to hear a little bit about two of the kick ass songs we've been working on, so strap in and check this out!
Vertigo has a slow, heavy groove and has Sammy's killer pipes all over it. Watch out for Neal Schon too, 'cuz this fucker be-a-shreddin'!
Peeping Through A Hole is a high energy song that will almost leave you pissed off by the time you're done listening to it because it's so intense.
I especially dig the killer drum work on this song, compliments of my man Deen Castronovo.
We're currently bashing out some more tunes and I can't wait to open this baby up full throttle. Ow!
Stay tuned for more, Michael


From Sammy Hagar's Official website:
"Slash wasn't able to make it to the studio on short notice. We took that opportunity with the four of us Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Neal Schon & Dean Castronovo and recorded the two songs, Vertigo and Peeping Through A Hole.
The working name of the band is Planet Us.
We are hoping that Slash can join us down the road because we won't be doing anything serious until the fall since Sammy and the Waborita's and Journey will be on tour this summer. *Dates to be announced.* It is possible that Planet Us will be part of the Meltdown in Cabo this October."
I might add that the songs have now been sent to Slash for consideration and that there is at least one other name under consideration for the group.


That's this week's $65,000 question - just what form will the final line up of the Hagar / Schon / Anthony / Castronovo 'supergroup' be?
First some Official Statements from all concerned, then some additional updates.

From Michael Anthony @
February 23, 2002 - "Hey everybody, how the hell are ya?
I wanted to post an update on what I've been up to lately. As some of you have heard, I'm involved in a side project band with Sammy Hagar, Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo. We've been working on a few tunes and having a kick ass time! We're still tossing around a lot of ideas and things, but I'll keep you posted as things develop.
Also, this does NOT mean I'm leaving Van Halen, so don't get your panties in a wad! Sammy asked me to take part in this project and I decided to go for it while VH is on a little break. It's definitely gonna rock!
VH fans rule! Michael

Neal Schon, Sammy Hagar, Deen Castronovo and Michael Anthony have recently completed a two-song demo tape at Sammy's home studio in Marin County, California. Neal stated that, in only ONE day they laid down two kick-ass songs that "f*ckin ROCK!"
One of the songs, tentatively titled Vertigo, will be presented for consideration on the soundtrack for the upcoming summer blockbuster "Spiderman". Neal and Sammy are also considering the idea of doing some live performances during the Fall/Winter of 2002 after they have wrapped up their separate summer tour seasons.
In the meantime, Neal along with Jonathan, Steve, Ross and Deen will be spending the month of March writing new material for this summer's Journey tour.

From (Slash's site):
Sammy, Michael Anthony, Neal Schon, Dean Castronovo and Slash are in the studio recording a few tunes!....
"It does sound interesting, so we rang up Slash to see if he could give us his take on the new band and those new songs. Surprisingly, Slash knew nothing about it. He did not play on these or any other songs with the so-called supergroup.
He hasn't heard the songs either. Frankly, we were very surprised since it is on Sammy's site.
Slash said this is either a mistake by the person who wrote the news there, or Sammy's team is trying for more publicity or squeezing him to decide.

From Sammy Hagar's Official website (news updated and text changed...):
February 23 2002
Sammy, Michael Anthony, Neal Schon and Dean Castronovo are in the studio recording a few tunes! They've finished two great songs, Vertigo and Peeping Through A Hole and are hoping to have them in a movie soundtrack. The music sounds like a combination of Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, and Tool.
The guys are hoping to have Slash join them on the adventure and possibly record a guitar part for the song, Vertigo. This is a great and fun side project for all involved. Sammy is also currently in the middle of planning the Summer 2002 tour with the Waboritas!!

So what is really going on?
A combination of all of the above. The group is active and underway. I have confirmed there are plans for a full album and a tour - both coming after this coming US Summer.
The confirmed line up at this stage is: Hagar, Schon, Anthony & Castronovo.
This is also the line up that has recorded the two songs so far, in the single recording session that has so far taken place.
Slash was supposed to be involved. It was hoped that he would make the recording sessions, but I am told he was just too preoccupied with other matters, which prevented him from making his flight and attending the creative session/studio date in San Francisco.
It is now hoped Slash will contribute some guitar parts to the song/s by overdubbing some parts on the recordings.
I heard that if Slash likes the tracks and wants to be involved, the invitation for him to join the band is still open. The ball is in his court, so to speak.
If he does not accept, the band will not search for another guitarist to fill the place. The band will record as a four piece.

No doubt there will be more news to follow!


Remember where you read it first!
On February 1 - three weeks ago - I ran news of Sammy Hagar forming a super group with Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo of Journey, ex-Guns N Roses guitarist Slash, with the bass player position likely to go to Van Halen's Michael Anthony.

Well folks - for those that have been awaiting an update, or didn't quite believe it - it's now confirmed and there's 2 tunes down already!

Just uploaded to
Sammy, Michael Anthony, Neal Schon, Dean Castronovo and Slash are in the studio recording a few tunes! They've finished two great songs, Vertigo and Peeping Through A Hole and are hoping to have them in a movie soundtrack. The music sounds like a combination of Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, and Tool.
This is a great and fun side project for all involved. Sammy is also currently in the middle of planning the Summer 2002 tour with the Waboritas!!

I will have more to add to this story later, but will add now that Journey's manager, the legendary Irving Azoff will be involved with the band and there are plans for a full album late in 2002, early 2003, with a tour to follow.
I am also told that Eddie Van Halen has given Michael Anthony his blessing to join this group, although that is unconfirmed.
Believe me, this will be more than a "fun side project"!
Stay tuned...


A new supergroup is being formed in Los Angeles, with plans being formulated for an album then a US tour.
The group will be fronted by former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar. Playing alongside Hagar will be long time friend and current Journey guitarist Neal Schon.
It's no secret that Sammy and Neal have been looking for a situation where they could work together again.
News of the pair's intended plans have been the subject of discussion on a dozen Internet message boards.
Current Journey (and former Hardline) drummer Deen Castronovo is also involved with the project.
But the interesting twist in this tale is the question of just who would be the bass player.

The hottest tip out of L.A. for this position is none other than Sammy's former band mate - Van Halen's own Michael Anthony.
Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony have maintained their friendship over the years, despite Hagar's acrimonious split with the band he fronted for over a decade.
The only individual that has recently commented on anything related to the band's activities - Brad Starks, Van Halen's webmaster, was contacted for a comment, but had not replied at time of printing this.
It is understood that a legendary rock n roll manager is behind the super group's plans and is shopping a Studio Album and US Tour package to various companies.

The other rumour associated with this super group project is the possible inclusion of a second guitarist.
If so, the hottest tip from LA based sources is that the position was offered to and accepted by former Guns N Roses guitarist Slash.
Planning is still in it's early stages and there is as yet, no suggestions on the board for a name to the project.

Until a formal Press Release is made available, consider this group a work in progress. No one yet seems sure about the time line involved here either. But I hope full confirmation of the band's line up, plus plans for the album and tour will be announced soon.

Schon and Hagar have previously recorded and toured together, with the 80's supergroup HSAS, which was rounded out by Michael Shrieve (drums) and Kenny Aaronson (bass).
Interestingly, Hagar has also shared the stage with Schon and Castronovo on at least one previous occasion - as a special guest of Hardline, live in Marin County, California in 1992. As a show finale, they jammed on the HSAS track Top Of The Rock.

Neal Schon jammed with Slash as recently as last night in Los Angeles as guests of Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers. Slash and Schon both previously appeared as guests on Rodgers' Muddy Water Blues album.
Yet another odd connection between this group of musicians was the recent appearance of Slash performing Eddie Van Halen's famous guitar parts on Michael Jackson's latest TV special.
Neal is again scheduled to guest on stage this weekend - with Sammy Hagar live (February 2 & 3) at Konocti Harbor, Kelseyville, California. Tickets are available from the venue.

One big question is whether or not another guest - Michael Anthony - might also join the guys onstage?

As for Van Halen - speculation of their future has again been rife after news of the band's amicable split with Warner Bros.
Unfortunately, everything I have been told suggests another year void of activity for the band in 2002.
Despite the passionate fan base holding out for a re-union with David Lee Roth, it appears hopes of that happening are slim.
There are current rumours of a David Lee Roth solo summer tour, plus he is busy currently working on his own DVD release.

Van Halen's webmaster Brad Starks has gone on record saying the split from Warner is a good thing. That might be so, but in the short term it means that there will be little band activity.
If Van Halen - the band did indeed have material with Roth recorded, there is no way that Warner would let the band walk away, or refuse to release whatever was on offer.
Despite a short re-union with Roth in 2000, the band are yet to provide any proof that any music was even recorded. Had the opportunity been there to release a Best Of Volume 2, my personal view is that option would have been taken already.

Industry sources say that Warner Bros. and future perspective labels will not be interested in the band until a line up is formalised.
It has long been rumoured that Warner Bros. wanted either Sammy or Dave back in the band for a new album, but was not interested in making the band an offer for an album with a fourth singer.
With neither re-union failing to materialise, the band and label split on agreed terms. This upholds the premise Starks made clear earlier - that Van Halen was not dropped by Warner.

But all is not lost - even though it appears that Van Halen are without a contract and without a singer, the split with Warner and long time attorney Don Engel is apparently allowing Eddie Van Halen to building the band back up again from square one. Whether the new look Van Halen camp includes Roth, Hagar or a fourth vocalist is anyone's guess.
Whether there will be any kind of Van Halen release this year - Best Of Vol 2 or a compilation of unreleased material - and through whatever label - is once again up for debate.
But either way, it might be some yet until the next chapter of Van Halen's long and colourful career is opened.


Last weekend saw Sammy Hagar and Neal Schon on stage together, with Schon guesting at a Waborita's gig.
Neal joined Sammy for the same four songs on both nights of the two gig stand at Konocti Harbor.
I am told the songs featured were: Rock Candy, Heavy Metal, Crossroads (same track Neal and Slash jammed on with Bad Company, last week in San Diego), Whiter Shade Of Pale (also featured on the HSAS album).
Sammy Hagar wins quote of the week for his statement from the stage during the encore. Using some colourful language, Sammy mentioned how his last three CDs have not sold well, but his tequila sold over a million bottles in the last year.
Apparently he's not worried about the records, because his bottles went platinum. Nice!


This is a little further information available about the proposed Super Group involving Sammy Hagar, Neal Schon, Deen Castronovo, Slash and hopefully Michael Anthony.
The project is set to start officially after this coming US summer. Sammy Hagar is about to announce summer tour dates, Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo have 2 months of Journey dates already booked and Slash is working with Izzy and Duff on a record.
Once these commitments are fulfilled, get ready! In the meantime, I hear there is some chance of the guys meeting to write and record one or two songs to start the publicity ball rolling. Don't expect any official announcements for this group for a little while yet!

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