Mr. Big have updated their Official Website with a goodbye message, but also with a hint of what's still to come!
It seems Box Set is in the works, plus other Rarities releases are planned. There is a letter from the band detailing the reasons why they have split, details which singer Eric Martin elaborates on in some detail in an upcoming interview to be featured here soon.
The Site Message:
"Mr. Big has had 12 great years of making music all over the world. We thank all of our friends and fans everywhere. As of February 2002 Mr. Big is no longer together. We will continue to update this site with news of several CD and video releases that will be coming soon. A box set is in the works and several other releases of hard to find recordings are possible, but as of February 2002 Mr. Big will no longer be performing together."

And Eric Martin has re-launched his own solo website, at the new address:


A Japanese only pressing of a new live DVD is planned to celebrate Mr. Big's recent farewell tour.
Mr. Big Farewell Live In Japan DVD is due June 5 and features the very last gig of the band (Feb. 5, 2002, Tokyo)
Included are completely alternate mixes of the live Mr. Big In Japan CD. 16 tracks total, including previously unreleased solo parts by Billy & Richie.


Mr. Big's final (could that be possible?) live album In Japan is set for a Japanese release through WEA Japan on April 24. There is, as yet, no release date for territories outside Japan, as the band and Atlantic Records have parted ways.
The live album was recorded on the band's recently completed farewell tour of Japan.
Burrn Magazine recently listed the band's farewell live sets, which the new live CD should mirror closely.
Those tracks featured on tour were: Lost In America . Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy . Shine . Price You Gotta Pay . Superfantastic . Alive And Kicking . Suffocation . Richie Solo . Static . Where Are They Now? . Take Cover . Green-Tinted Sixties Mind . Take A Walk . Wild World . Pat Solo . Dancin' With My Devils . To Be With You . Electrified . Billy Solo . Addicted To That Rush . Colorado Bulldog . Just Take My Heart . 30 Days In the Hole . Blame It On My Youth . Mr Big


I have featured news here of Eric Martin's upcoming solo album I'm Going Sane previously, but here's a complete run down, plus some exclusive comments from album co-writer Andre Pessis!
Due out March 6, the album features the line up of Eric Martin, Mark Chole (bass), Denise Martin (drums), Mark Holley (guitar), Paul Dorr (keyboards).
Guest musicians include: Jerry Marquez (bass, guitar, backing vocals); James Fisher (guitar) David Simon-Baker (guitar, backing vocals); Joel A. Cadena aka DJ396 (scratches); Zoe Ellis (background vocals) and Eric Gorfain (guitar).
The Track listing is as follows, with song comments from co-writer Andre Pessis (on the songs he co-wrote & in orange):
My Disease (Eric Martin, Andre Pessis, Jack Blades)
This is a song about how people like to judge others and get them to change into a more acceptable form of behavior. Often these so called saviors are covering up their own problems by focusing on yours.
Spaceman (Eric Martin, Andre Pessis)
A song about escape from the humdrum world that we all can get trapped in from time to time. A metaphor for freedom.
I'm Goin' Sane (Eric Martin, Andre Pessis, Roger Silver)
This song is a satire on conformity. many of us are different and sometimes society doesn't encourage this, but the kind of insanity this song talks about is actually individualism, which is a necessary ingredient in an artist. The world needs healthy insanity to grow and change.
Free Of It (Eric Martin, Andre Pessis)
A song about getting away from an authority figure and giving yourself the permission to be yourself.
Marie (Eric Martin; Andre Pessis, Hudson, Westphal)
A song about a young girl who is going through a first heartbreak. The singer tries to teach her about love and life and to beware of the kind of man that will easily tell her anything in order to get what he wants.
There Goes The Neighbourhood (Eric Martin, Andre Pessis)
A comic view of a nomad class of American society sometimes referred to as trailer trash. The song lovingly pokes fun.
Carnival Of Souls (Eric Martin, Andre Pessis)
This is a view of the true crazy part of society. The carnival is a metaphor for the seedier side of life that is all around us that we catch a glimpse of from time to time.
Untouchable (Eric Martin, Andre Pessis)
A song about the tease that we all fell in love with when we were too young to figure things out. We all know this woman and although she is impossible to get, the singer like all of us is blindly optimistic about his chances to score.
Bigger Man (Eric Martin, Andre Pessis)
A man can no longer tolerate the heartache in a relationship with a dishonest partner. He can't rise above the hurt and doesn't think he should have to anymore.
Who Am I Supposed To Be? (Eric Martin, Andre Pessis)
This is a song of self discovery. There is a time in all our lives where we have to question our true identity and develop our self esteem.
Everyday (G. J. Marquez, Eric Martin)
Fly (David Baker, Eric Gorfain, Frank Scarpelli)
In Case You Didn't Know (Eric Martin, Andre Pessis)(Japanese bonus track)
A song about a love affair that was never consummated, but never forgotten. The memories of what could have been live on through the years and we can't help but wonder - "what if?"

Eric Martin's new solo CD is set to be titled I'm Going Sane.
Advance reports suggest the CD will be popular with those that really enjoyed the current Mr. Big album Actual Size (eg. Me!).
On his website, Eric also described the CD as "13 songs ranging from heavy rock to punk pop..."
In an earlier report, I described how I was told the CD is a very 'rock' release.
The CD is out initially in Japan March 6 and features the bonus track Fly, In Case You Didn't Know.
Mr. Big will finish their long history as expected at the conclusion of their early February Japanese tour. One would expect a live album from that tour sometime later in 2002.
Eric is also planning a Eric Martin Band tour later this year.


It's official - Atlantic Records have parted ways with Mr. Big.
The label will not be following through with a worldwide release of the band's recent (excellent) studio album Actual Size.
But the good news is that the band is free to negotiate with new labels to get the album released in various territories.


Mr. Big's new single is out in Japan, in the form of the EP Arrow. The EP features the title track, plus three Live In The Studio acoustic tracks - recorded at Warner Music Recording Studio Japan, August 25, 2001.
The EP also features Video-Extra footage of a film clip to the single.
The full track listing is: Arrow (Album Version), Shine, Lost In America & Static (Acoustic Live).
Soundbytes are now available in the Edits section.

Best Albums

Mr. Big - 1989

Lean Into It - 1991

Actual Size - 2001