Frontiers Records are pleased to announce the signing for a multi album worldwide deal of the legendary Swedish/American hard rock act Talisman, featuring former Yngwie Malmsteen members Jeff Scott Soto (vocals) and Marcel Jacob (bass)
The band is currently in pre-production for the next studio album, which will not include any contributions from former guitarist Pontus Norgren. To replace him, the band decided to bring back Frederik Akesson.
He played guitar with Talisman from Genesis (1992) until the Life album, leaving in 1995 to be replaced by Pontus Norgren himself. Singer Jeff Scott Soto had this to say about it: "It was the obvious choice being he was a favourite among fans & has a history with us already."
The album (currently untitled) will be recorded under the supervision of Jeff and Marcel during late summer / autumn 2002 in an Italian studio based in Acqui Terme, near Turin.

According to singer Jeff Scott Soto "To clarify the latest gossip surrounding Talisman & Humanimal, the real deal is there will no longer be Humanimal. Humanimal was a retooling of sorts in where the direction of Talisman should & would go, now reuniting the band with drummer Jamie Borger for a possible spring release".


Here's a little exclusive for you - the hot off the press new CD cover for the European release of Eric Martin's I'm Goin' Sane CD - out August 23. Samples linked in yesterday's news...

Also from Frontiers Records / Now & Then Productions, are the following August releases, out on the 5th of the month.

Ralph Santolla - Shaolin Monks In The Temple Of Metal is the debut solo album from the Millenium guitarist.
This is an instrumental album based entirely on the amazing skills of the Floridian axeman who has been also involved, during his career with bands such as Death, Eyewitness and Monarch.
The album features as special guests the brilliant Helge Engelke (Dreamtide, ex-Fair Warning) and Vinny Burns (ex-Dare, Ten) who appear as guest on the tracks Starlight.
The album is guaranteed to please not only the technical guitar freaks, but all fans of guitar driven melodic rock, showcasing influences from Randy Rhoads, Uli Roth, Michael Schenker, Gary Moore, Allan Holdsworth, Eric Johnson and Jeff Beck.

New Religion is the third studio album from Lost Weekend, a British melodic hard rock quintet, with very solid roots in the classic tradition of sound of bands like UFO, Thunder and FM.
The album has been recorded and produced in Canada under the direction of Murray Daigle and Mike Dmitrovic of Emerald Rain fame.
The band is already committed to play several dates in the UK and abroad in support of the album release in August and September.
Expect previews features of all three albums next month.


Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions are happy to confirm that former Mr. Big singer, Eric Martin has been signed to a multi-album solo deal for the European territory!
The first album that will mark the beginning of this new partnership will be the recent Japan only release I'm Goin' Sane which will hit the streets in Europe August 26, 2002.
More info in yesterday's news...
Expect the Eric Martin Band to tour Europe during the Autumn! Plans are being made to have special appearances and live shows in support of the release of I'm Goin Sane. More details to follow soon!

Contrary to what has been previously announced, the new Jeff Scott Soto album will be titled Prism.
Some of the song titles include: 2 Late For Goodbyes, Heaven Knows, Don't Come Easy, Eyes Of Love, By Your Side, Holding On, Don't Wanna Say Goodbye, How Long, Til The End of Time, I Want To Take You Higher (duet with Glenn Hughes).
Videos for the songs Holdin On and Eyes Of Love will be shot in the next few weeks. One of those will be made exclusively available on a single EP which will released before the full album is out.
Fans of the melodic rock side of Jeff's songwriting will definitely enjoy this new release of the ex-Malmsteen, Eyes, Axel Rudi Pell and current Humanimal singer! Release date is tentatively scheduled for early November 2002.
As a special bonus we are also pleased to announce the re-release in budget price of the first Jeff Scott Soto solo album Love Parade initially published on Long Island Records in 1995.

Now & Then Productions and Frontiers Records are pleased to announce the completion of two long awaited new releases.
Lost Weekend's new album New Religion has been completed in Toronto under the direction of Murray Daigle and Mike Dmitrovic (Emerald Rain). The final track listing includes the following songs:
Who's The One To Blame; Feed On Emotion; Can t Get You out Of My Mind; By Now; Sophia's Song; New Religion; All Alone; Dead In The Water; Faith; Once In A Moment; Whose Heart; I'm Not The One
Fans of classic melodic hard rock in the British vein will be pleased with the results.

Ralph Santolla, guitar player of Millenium has also finally completed his debut solo album.
Completely based on his guitar skills, Shaolin Monks In The Temple Of Metal is expect to please not only all the fans of the Florida based guitar player, but generally all fans of Satriani, Tony McAlpine and the likes.
The final track listing will include the following songs: Red Baron, Hot Rik's, The Creme De la Menthe Incident, Starlight, Mightiness (Part 1), Sartori, Echelon, What Might Have Been
Guests on the album include Dreamtide guitar player Helge Engelke and former Ten lead guitarist Vinny Burns (both appearing on Starlight).
Release date for both the above albums is scheduled for August the 5th 2002.

Hardline's long awaited new album II is scheduled for release September 23rd.


Ken Tamplin has signed to Now & Then / Frontiers Records, the album to be titled Wake The Nations will be released in the Autumn 2002.
Song titles set to appear include: Hare' Christian, Ladies In Mercedes & Eleven People.
The musicians on the records are:
Ken Tamplin - Lead and Backing Vocals/Guitars; Scott Van Zen - Guitars; Howie Simon - Guitars/Backing Vocals; Daniel Pearson - Bass; Eduardo Roth - Keys; Glenn Sobel - Drums
Award winning "(LA Guitar Wars)" Scott Van Zen previously with Tamplin is back. Teaming up with Tamplin and Van Zen is also guitar virtuoso Howie Simon (check him out on Tamplin's previous releases as well as the new Jeff Scott Soto's forthcoming CD that includes Glen Hughes).
Giving a Night Ranger approach to soloing with hints of Stevie Ray and Blackmore meet Yngwie this will be a guitar record to play for years to come. This combined with former Coolio and Jennifer Lopez's bass player Daniel Pearson locking in with the pounding rhythm of former Chris Impelliteri drummer Glenn Sobel the grooves slay big time.
Ed Roth (also from Impelliteri and Glenn Hughes and Mya) rounds out the band with his amazing keyboard playing and John Lord style organ. All in all, be prepared for Coverdale/Paul Rogers style vocals, Deep Purple / Van Halen style hooks with 21st century production, pushing the envelope of melodic rock.


After months of speculations, Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions are finally ready to announce that the supergroup The Sign has finally assured to have a successor to the release of Signs of Life, one of the most successful and critically acclaimed melodic hard rock albums of the past few years!
The new album - tentatively titled The Second Coming - will be recorded over the summer / autumn 2002 for a tentative release in the first semester of 2003.
Band members Mark Mangold (keyboards), Randy Jackson (guitars) and Terry Brock (vocals) have already written many songs and are totally excited to feed all melodic rock fans with a new masterpiece!
Terry sent me an e-mail comment to add to this great news: "I'm very pleased to be working with Randy and Mark again on a new CD by The Sign. We promise to try not to disappoint the fans of the first one!!!"

Frontiers are pleased to announce that Robert Fleischman ex singer of Journey and Vinnie Vincent Invasion has finally completed the recording and mixing session of his long awaited come back solo album.
The CD will be entitled finally World In Your Eyes and has been completed under the direction and production of Kelly Hansen (Hurricane).
The final tracklisting shall be: World In Your Eyes; Heaven To Me; The Crush; Words Aren't Enough; Over My Head; Look At The Dream; Only Room For One; I Can't Sleep At Night; Just One Kiss; Walking On Fire
The line-up featured on the album includes Josh Ramos (The Storm, Two Fires) on guitars; Richie Onori (Heaven & Earth) on drums; Marving Sperling (Heaven & Earth) on bass. Production duties, background vocals and keyboards have been handled by Kelly Hansen.
This album is guaranteed to please all melodic rock fans and will re-establish Robert Fleischman's reputation as one of the best singers and songwriters of the scene!

The mighty ex-Malmsteen and Talisman singer Jeff Scott Soto has finally completed his brand new solo album. The title is set to be The Calm Before The Storm. Release date is tentatively planned for autumn 2002.

Murray Daigle and Mike Dmitrovic of Emerald Rain have just completed producing the third Lost Weekend album, tentatively titled New Religion.
The entire record was recorded at MDS Recording Studios and The Recording House in Toronto, Canada. Everyone involved is very excited about the release and feel it will be a breakthrough record for the band.

Ten will debut behind the iron curtain, playing a show in Hungary at the Summer Rocks 2002 festival on Saturday the 7th of June. Summer Rocks is a three days event and definitely the most important hard rock / metal live event of the year in Hungary. Ten will play on the second day along with In Flames (headliner), Borknagar and a Hungarian band Dying Wish. For further information and tickets www.concerto.hu

After the recent signings in the Frontiers / Now & Then camp, the release schedule looks like this:
May 20th, 2002 - The Cage 2, Vicious Mary & Talon
June 17th, 2002 - Jim Peterik World Stage Rock America - Smash Hits Live!, Honeymoon Suite Dreamland & Andre Andersen Black On Black.
July 8th, 2002 - Stramonio Mother Machine, 7 Months, Slav Simanic Let It Go + Water Of Life (special bonus)
August 5th, 2002 - Santolla Shaolin Monks In The Temple Of Metal & Lost Weekend New Religion.


Following their successful comeback live performance at the recent Gods 2002 Festival, Hardline will release their new album II on September 23.
Frontiers Records have announced details of the album, which is now complete.
Hardline's II was recorded under the guidance of Andy Haller, Gary Hoey and producer Bob Burch.
The album has the following final tracklisting and songwriter credits:
Hold Me Down (Johnny Gioeli; Bob Burch) . Y (Johnny Gioeli; Bob Burch) . Paralyzed (Marc Tanner; Paul Mirkovich, Johnny Gioeli) . Face The Night (Johnny Gioeli; Joey Gioeli) . Do Or Die (Johnny Gioeli; Joey Gioeli; Bob Burch) . Hey Girl (Johnny Gioeli; Joey Gioeli; Bob Burch) . Only A Night (Johnny Gioeli; Joey Gioeli) . Your Eyes (Johnny Gioeli; Joey Gioeli; Bob Burch) . Weight (Joey Tafolla; Johnny Gioeli) . Way It Is, Way It Goes (Johnny Gioeli; Bob Burch; Joey Tafolla) . This Gift (Johnny Gioeli; Neal Schon)

Hardline 2002 is: Johnny Gioeli - vocals; Joey Gioeli - guitar; Josh Ramos - guitar; Michael T. Ross - keyboards; Bob Rock - drums; Chris Maloney - bass
The album will be released in Europe on Frontiers Records on September 23rd 2002.


Frontiers Records are happy to announce that the recording sessions of the highly anticipated Khymera album have been completed.

Khymera is a studio project featuring none other than Kansas singer Steve Walsh with Italian musical talent Daniele Liverani (Genius). The line-up is completed by drummer Dario Ciccioni (also featured in the rock opera Genius).
Background vocals have been supplied by Mecca duo Joe Vana & Thom Griffin, and the mix is scheduled to start next week in Los Angeles under the direction of Mike Slamer (Streets, Steelhouse Lane, Seventh Key).
The tracks recorded for the album are (in no particular order):
Khymera . Strike Like Lightning . Shadows . Who's Gonna Love You Tonight . Living With A Memory . Say It With Love . Tears On The Pages . Aftertouch . Live Without Love . Bless A Brand New Angel . If You Dare To Dream . Without Warning . Written In The Wind . Love Leads The Way
Songwriters involved include: Jim Peterik (Survivor), Robin & Judithe Randall (Mark Free), Bob Held (Joe Lynn Turner), Johnny Gioeli & Neal Schon (Hardline), Kip Winger & Reb Beach, Giorgio Moroder and David Foster.
Khymera will be especially dedicated to the memory of Judithe Randall who sadly passed away on April the 3rd 2002.
Release date is tentatively scheduled for February 2002 on Frontiers Records!



It was mentioned earlier in the month, but Frontiers have made the official announcement of the release of Royal Hunt & Artension singer John West's new solo album Earth Maker.
John West's new (third) solo release Earth Maker is almost a group effort, having had the chance to work with such musicians as Chris Caffery (Savatage) and Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford) on guitars, Bobby Jarzombek (Halford) on drums, Kevin Chown (Artension) on bass and Lonnie Park (Cozy Powell) on keyboards.

Special guests on When Worlds Collide are the two keyboard virtuosos Andre Andersen and Vitalij Kuprij!
Earth Maker is a concept album based on the story of the Native American spirit Shenandoah on his journey through time and lives as he embarks on his Vision Quest to meet the Earth Maker. His spirit realizes in different animate and inanimate forms. Each song describes the world and the universe through his eyes.
The release date is scheduled for September, 23rd 2002 and the track listing is:
Soul Of The Beast . When Worlds Collide . Sleep Of The Dead . Stand, Sentinel . Life . Warrior Spirit . Mystic Wings . Love Is Pain . Earth Maker . Soul To Soul

Other upcoming Frontiers Records releases include Robert Fleischman's The World In Your Eyes and Daniele Liverani's Genius Episode 1 - A Human Into Dreams World
Both releases are due ot October 23.


Tickets are now on sale for the launch party of Lost Weekend's New Religion CD, which is to take place on Saturday 14th September at Revival's Bar in Halifax. They are priced at 2.00 each and can purchased from Paul Uttley, 3 Upper Fountain Street, Sowerybridge, Halifax, HX6 2QY.
Please state how many tickets are required and enclose a S.A.E. Make cheques payable to: Paul Uttley.
Paul has stated that this show is to be something special! The band have hired in an amazing PA system and lights. So be there!
Don't forget to catch the lads on the road! The dates that have been announced so far as:
Friday 16th August - McMillians, Halifax Free Entry. Band On Stage @ 9pm
Saturday 14th September - Revivals, Halifax "New Religion" Launch Party! Support from Deadline! Entry Fee 2.00 - check www.lostweekend.supanet.com for details. Tel 01422-322113
Friday 27th September - Supporting Mickey Finn's T-Rex Penningtons, Bradford, UK Details To Be Confirmed Mickey Finn's T-Rex website www.t-rex.co.uk Penningtons website www.penningtonslive.com Tel 01274 304455
Saturday 28th September - Herringthorpe Leisure, Centre Middle Lane, South Rotherham Classic Rock Society Event Headlined by Lost Weekend With Deadline + one more tbc.
Tickets 10 For Hotels and more info. check out the official CRS site at www.birwood.demon.co.uk/crs.htm
Also the band has been asked to play at the next Gods in November!!
The band would like to thank you for your support and loyalty. Remember to spread the word about Lost Weekend and www.lostweekend.supanet.com


Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions are pleased to announce the European release of two new projects tied to the extended family of Royal Hunt! The first album signed is the new solo work from Royal Hunt leader and main songwriter Andre Andersen, entitled Black On Black.
Following his solo debut Changing Skin, the new CD encompasses all musical styles dear to the great Russian-Danish composer, that is to say neo-classical metal, symphonic rock and classic hard rock music.
The line up appearing on Black on Black features none other than Elegy singer Ian Parry, plus Rene Rieland on Guitars and Kaj Laege on Drums.
The full track listing: Coming Home . Tell Me Why . Arena . Desperate Times . Life . Black On Black . Eclipse . Sail Away . Piece Of My Heart.
The release date of this beautiful piece of art is tentatively scheduled for June 2002.

The other member of the Royal Hunt family that has been signed to the Anglo/Italian label is Earthmaker, the solo project from the band's amazing singer John West.
Earthmaker features an incredible all star line-up which includes Chris Caffery (Savatage) and Mike Chlasciak (Halford) on Lead Guitars, Lonnie Park (Cozy Powell, John West) on Keyboards, Ray Riendau (Halford) on Bass and Bobby Jarzombek (Halford) on drums.
Also scheduled to appear are Vitalij Kuprij (Artension), Andre Andersen (Royal Hunt), Steen Mogesen (Royal Hunt / Cornerstone) and Jeff Plate (Savatage).
Some of the song titles which will appear on the album are: Sleep of The Dead, Earthmaker, Soul To Soul, Love Is Pain, Stand Sentinel, Soul Of The Beast, Warrior Spirit, White Man Red Man, Mystic Wings, When Worlds Collide (which will feature an amazing "duel" between keyboards virtuosos Andre Andersen and Artension's very own Vitalij Kuprij).
The release of the album is tentatively scheduled for late summer 2002.

Amazing critical results are accompanying the release of Harem Scarem's new album, Weight Of The World.
The CD has already been awarded Record Of The Month in Melodic Journey Magazine in Germany, with the front cover feature as well.
Also the band will appear as the main feature on the covers of the specialist melodic rock magazines, Fireworks in the UK and Rock Time in France.
The label are also pleased to announce that the album won the soundcheck and was awarded Album Of The Month on the German metal magazine Rock Hard!
This is the first time that our label has received such a prestigious award.
The same goes for the amazing 100% received by the album on melodicrock.com, the leading source of information in hard rock and melodic rock worldwide! (Thanks guys...!)
The album will be officially released Europe-wide on March 25th 2002.

The recording of the Genius Rock Opera Ep.1 A Human Into Dreams World is finally completed and the album is currently being mixed by Mike Slamer in his studios in Los Angeles.
As a last minute addition we were able to ensure that none other than Mecca vocalist, Joe Vana took the last part available and will appear as King McChaos Consultant.
Also appearing will be ex-Trillion vocalist Thom Griffin on harmony vocals.
The track listing of the CD is:
Without Me Today; The Right Place; Paradox; Twin Spirits Land; All Your Acts; Dreams; My Pride; There's A Human; Father; I'm Afraid.
The album release has not been scheduled yet and the label is looking at a late 2002 street date.

We are pleased to announce that Drive, She Said have finally completed the recording of the new album Real Life.
The songs titles recorded are:
Real Life . What's It Gonna Take? . When Will It Be Love? . How Can I Be Sure? . Find Your Place As A Man . Overdrive . Silver White . Hold Me . All Your Heart . Stronger . Al's Song . We Live For Love . Always and Forever . We All Need.
On a related note, keyboard wizard and Drive, She Said member Mark Mangold will appear as special guest star at Lokerse Feesten in August 2002 during the Vaughn concert. He will perform songs from his latest solo record and Flesh & Blood, the band in which Mangold and Danny Vaughn worked together.

We are also pleased to announce that the long awaited Dario Mollo / Tony Martin project - The Cage have finished their new album, simply entitled 2 and will release it simultaneously for European and Japan on May 22nd 2002. The final track listing is:
Terra Toria . Overload . Life Love and Everything . Balance Of Power . Amore Silenzioso . II . Wind Of Change . Theater Of Dreams . What a Strange Thing Love Is . Dazed And Confused . Guardian Angel . Poison Roses.

Check out the Now & Then Productions Website at: www.nowandthen.co.uk & Frontiers Records at: www.frontiers.it.


With the new Harem Scarem album Weight Of The World now out in Japan, talk turns to the bonus track included on this release.
All reports suggest that the song - End Of Time is fabulous, in the vein of the album Mood Swings and well worth having.
Now & Then boss Mark Ashton posted a message on the Noticeboard regarding this track.
He said: "Before you all rush out and pay extortionate prices for the Japanese version of the album, I want to let you know that there are plans afoot for us to include the track on a forthcoming [Now & Then / Frontiers] Union sampler, which you could pick up either for free as part of our "Buy 3 get Union free" offer in the UK, or for around 5. OK, the price of the Harem album plus Union might come out the same as a Jap import, but you'll get 30+ more tracks doing it this way.
Buying the European version, if you are in Europe, will actually help the band to tour over here. We have to go to agents / promoters with sales figures to get them interested in bringing bands over as the majority of them don't know who Harem Scarem (or any of the other bands we all love ) are. The better the sales we can tell them, the more chance of the band touring. So, you see, you won't be helping me by buying the European version, you'll be helping yourselves get to see the band play live in your home town!"
Thanks Mark!
More details of the Union 5 sampler will be listed shortly.


Frontiers / Now & Then will release the Jeff Austin Project on March 25. The Toronto, Canada based outfit are of a classic melodic rock / AOR nature, in the style of Journey, Hugo and The Storm/Two Fires.
This debut album features two very interesting cover songs - So You Ran, written by Barry Goudreau of Boston (originally recorded by the band Orion The Hunter) and I'm A Fighter a Cobra / Van Zant song written by none else than Jimi Jamison (Survivor) and guitarist Mandy Meyer of Asia / Gotthard fame.


Remember a news teaser a few weeks back regarding a new high profile AOR project? Well, if you do, here are the details!
Khymera is the band name and Frontiers Records are the label responsible.
The synopsis:
Take one of the greatest vocalists in the history of rock and put him into a studio with one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists, armed with a bunch of songs penned by some of the most successful songwriters in melodic rock history. The result would be nothing less than a wet dream for the melodic and hard rock fans of the whole world!
The Details:
Khymera is exactly this a union forged in a recording studio between Steve Walsh of Kansas with Daniele Liverani (Empty Tremor / main performer and composer of the Genius rock opera)(due out in late summer 2002 on Frontiers Records), with beautiful songs supplied by the likes of Jim Peterik (Survivor, Mecca, World Stage), John Bettis (Heart, Journey), Robin & Judithe Randall, Giorgio Moroder, Bob Held (Joe Lynn Turner), Kip Winger and Reb Beach (Winger), Johnny Gioeli (Hardline) and Neal Schon (Journey)!!!
Frontiers Records / Now & Then Productions have acquired the worldwide rights for this great release and recording has begun already in the studio near Ravenna, Italy. Steve Walsh is committed to record his parts during February and the project shall be completed in the spring of 2002 with a release tentatively scheduled for the end of this year.
Mike Slamer (Streets, Seventh Key, Chris Thompson, Steelhouse Lane) is lined up to mix the album in his studios with the precise task to rebuild the approach and sounds of the classic Streets album but with a "new millennium" edge!

Ten have confirmed the appointment of their new lead guitarist. Ten were delighted with both the response to the auditions, which was incredible and the standard of the contenders, which was extremely high.
Ten would like to send a big thank you all those who applied and wish them all the very best in their future careers.
As of 11 January 2002, Ten are proud to announce that the new lead guitarist is Chris Francis.
Chris is 25 years old and hails from Kent. He graduated from the London Guitar Institute (G.I.T.) with honours in 1999 and reached the finals of Guitarist magazine's 'Guitarist of the Year' contest one month later. He did even better in 2000 by winning the 'Guitarist of the Year' award and has not looked back since.
Reviews of his debut solo album included:
'Chris Francis debut album features nine instrumentals combining the tone of Eddie, the melodic ear of Nuno, the technique of Yngwie and - perhaps most importantly of all - the feel of Satch et al.' - Simon Bradley, Guitarist magazine.
'An incredibly diverse showcase of instrumental prowess' Ben Bartlett - Guitarist Magazine.

Ten are very pleased to welcome Chris into the band and look forward to introducing him to their fans on the road in 2002, where they are sure that Chris will receive a warm welcome.
Chris is very excited about playing in Ten and welcomes the position without any hesitation. Gary Hughes has said "Chris was exceptional at the auditions, there were other guys who came very close, but Chris edged past them, displaying a rare ability seen in very few Guitarists. We are certain that he will be a very exciting and positive addition to the band".
Catch Ten live in Europe and Japan from February onwards 2002. Chris has his own site which can be found at www.chrisfrancis.net

Now & Then / Frontiers Records are pleased to announce the signing of The Jeff Austin Project.
The band, which is the brainchild of drummer / songwriter Jeff Austin, plays pure 80`s style AOR and is unashamed in it's obvious love of that era of music.
Pre-production on the album was done by John Albani (Wrabit / Lee Aaron) before being taken down to Florida, where renowned engineer Mark Severns (Firehouse) worked his magic on the material until the end result is the debut CD Go Big Or Stay Home, heavily influenced by the likes of Wrabit, Sheriff and Van Zant.
So much so that the album contains a cover of the Cobra / Van Zant classic, I`m A Fighter and a superb version of Orion The Hunter`s So You Ran.
The Jeff Austin Project aren't claiming to be reinventing the wheel, but anyone wanting an undiluted dose of soaring vocals, huge keyboards, fluent guitar work and most of all memorable melodies is in for a real treat when the album is released on March 18th, 2002.

At this stage the release schedule here at Frontiers Records looks as follows:
February, the 24th, 2002: Two Fires Ignition Reb Beach Masquerade
March the 11th, 2002: Harem Scarem Weight Of The World Austin Go Big Or Stay Home
Mecca's Self Titled debut will now be released Mid April, one month earlier than initially anticipated.


Frontiers Records / Now & Then Productions are finally able to announce the details of one of the bigest projects ever undertaken by the company!
During the spring of 2002 the label is going to release worldwide the first episode of a Rock Opera Trilogy called Genius.

The first episode entitled A Human Into Dreams World shall feature such characters as:
Mark Boals (Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire) as 'Genius'
Lana Lane as 'Doorkeeper'
Daniel Gildenlow (Pain Of Salvation) as 'TwinSpirit n.32'
Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger) as 'Stationmaster'
John Wetton (Asia, Uriah Heep) as 'Mc Chaos King'
Steve Walsh (Kansas) as 'Wild Tribe King'
Oliver Hartmann (At Vance) as 'Wild Tribe Consultant'
Midnight (ex Crimson Glory) as 'Maindream'
Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai, Ring Of Fire) as 'The Storyteller'

Choir: Olaf Senkbeil (Dreamtide), Hacky Hackmann, Chris Boltendahl

More details on the cast of characters of the forthcoming episodes shall be announced in the near future.
The music and lyrics have been completely written, arranged and produced for Frontiers Records by the Italian musician Daniele Liverani, know for his work with the progressive metal band Empty Tremor.

Daniele plays all Guitars, Keyboards and Bass on the whole Opera, except drums, which are played by the incredible human engine Dario Ciccioni.

The whole concept runs around the many characters that Genius meets during his journey, only 8 of which are appearing in this first episode.
Furthermore, a storyteller will help the listener to follow the various events....
During the three chapters of the story the listener shall be able to experience the thrilling adventures of the teenage drummer Genius who becomes accidentally captured in a parallel dimension where he discovers the secrets of the creation of human dreams.
Unfortunately, he has also creates a lot of problems and paradoxes which put the whole existence and the safety of that parallel dimension in serious danger.
The music style is very varied featuring a unique and spectacular blend of Melodic Rock, Heavy Metal and Progressive Metal styles for 72 minutes of music powered by a winning cast of some of the best singers from all the ages and styles...
The album is currently in the final vocal recording stage and will be mixed by Mike Slamer (Streets, Steelhouse Lane, Seventh Key) in Los Angeles during January 2002.

Current Releases

Eric Martin


Ralph Santolla

Lost Weekend