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Friday, 20/07/18
  ALL AUDIO SOUNDBYTES NOW AVAILABLE   At the heart of the melodic rock scene is a large number of independent artists, who make music for the love of it, contributing some very fine music but not always getting the attention they deserve.   MRR will release DANIEL TRIGGER’s new album ‘Right Turn... + continue reading
Friday, 20/07/18
AUDIO PREVIEWS FOR ALL TRACKS NOW AVAILABLE   MRR will release JIM SHEPARD’s third solo album ‘Jaded’ on August 10. Utilising 3 vocalists to deliver Jim’s hard edged melodic rock songs gives the album plenty of variety, while remaining consistent throughout. The punchy songs range from hard rock to AOR and... + continue reading
Friday, 20/07/18
MAD MAX - New album 35 out August 10 - - First single and video today -   The first single ‘Beat Of The Heart’ stands out among the eleven songs on the forthcoming album 35 for a number of reasons. One the one hand the track could be described as the 2018 successor of Mad Max’s most important hit... + continue reading
Thursday, 19/07/18
  'There's a new rock n roll thunder coming from the land down under, and it goes by the name CROSSON. Ten tracks of fist in the air rock n roll anthems.' Josh Smith – Hair Band Heaaven  April 2018 "5/5. Supurb.. I love it!!" Rockfarbror (Sweden) April 2018... + continue reading
Wednesday, 18/07/18
  THERION was founded in 1987 by Christofer Johnsson their debut album Of Darkness… “ was released in 1991 and was a huge success for the band within the underground Metal scene. THERION began as a very creative Death Metal band, pushing limits of the contemporary sound and grew beyond... + continue reading