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The band Biloxi came to be in the late 80’s. It was the brainchild of Clyde Holly and named after his birthplace just east of the mighty Mississippi on what is now an area rebuilding from the devastation from hurricane Katrina. Clyde passed away in September 2006 leaving behind 2 Biloxi CDs and the current line-up with an unfinished CD, which was to be Biloxi III.

There are a number of bands that have seen tragedy, one being Def Leppard, and Biloxi is no stranger to tragedy and the want to continue the legacy. The original line-up of Biloxi saw the death of its guitarist, Rich Symons, and the death of its road manager, which torn the line-up apart. Clyde returned to his home in Mississippi to regroup knowing that he would again regroup under the name Biloxi. He began regrouping the band in 1994. However, he was continuing his quest for the right chemistry. He found part of that chemistry when he banded up with Rob Gronkoski (drums) and Stephen Prescott (keyboards). At that point the chemistry and line-up were nearly complete. With the recording of “right the music” Clyde, Rob, and Stephen found themselves recording the release with several walk on musicians. However, it didn’t feel complete until 2002 when they recruited Dave Melton (bass) and Mark Allen Lanoue (lead guitar). The auditions felt like the group had been together for years and it just felt right. The band began supporting “right the music” and in early 2003 would start writing what is now Biloxi III.

After the passing of Clyde, Mark and Rob were left with a decision to make; finish the release or move on. And after strong support from Clyde’s family, his friends, and the local community, they decided to move on to fulfill the legacy of their friend and band mate, Clyde Holly, and to bring the final tracks that contained Clyde’s talents and the chemistry of his bandmates to all the fans of Biloxi worldwide. With the devastation and delays left by hurricane Katrina, Clyde did not leave much in the way of lead vocal, so the band had to decide what to do to finish the CD. So it was decided that mark would step up and finish the lead vocal with Rob helping on the lyrics and production. Dean Fasano (Prophet, Message) was brought in from Mark’s original home of New Jersey to coach mark during the sessions and Bruce Stephen foster offered up his talents on two of the tracks. Mark knew Dean from his writing with him years ago and from mark’s song fine line being the title track of the message fine line CD in 1998. The release of Biloxi III ‘In the Wake of the Storm’ came slightly more than a year after the passing of Clyde. With the loss of Hollyhouse, Rob and Mark found themselves recording and mixing the release at a friend’s studio and in Rob’s front living room of his house. So I guess you could say they went from Hollyhouse to Robshouse. Without the original producer and engineer, Clyde, Rob stepped up to produce and mix the release and did a fine job.

The release is collection of songs that are written about life experiences and the loss of love and life. For example: the first track ‘Here Alone’ was written about the last conversation that mark had with Clyde shortly before his passing. ‘15 Minutes’ is about how quickly life can change and the devastation you can leave behind for others when you hold back and remain untruthful. 'Broken' is about the blame game once a relationship goes bad.

Mark and Rob are working on a new project as well, which will be announced in the near future. There are plans for Biloxi and the support of Biloxi III in the near future, as well.

Here are some of the things that others have had to say about Biloxi III:
Titled “In The Wake Of The Storm” – due to the impact that hurricane Katrina has had on the lives of all Americans – the album is more than a worthy follow-up of “Right The Music”. THE ROCK REPORT – NOV/DEC 2007

Big up's goes to the Biloxi band members Mark, Rob, Dave and Stefan for keeping the fires burning. 'Biloxi III' also has a title 'In The Wake Of The Storm'. GLORY DAZE – NOV/DEC 2007

Recently their label MTM went bankrupt and much worse, original lead singer/guitarist CLYDE HOLLY passed away and this nee BILOXI CD is dedicated to him. MARK ALLEN LANOUE (known for his solo-records and MESSAGE) replaced him (although Clyde can be heard singing on 2 songs and playing guitar on 5 tracks) on this new 14 tracks counting BILOXI CD. Mark's a great singer/guitarist and makes this new BILOXI album the best one next to their mini-debut CD from 15+ years ago. Opener "Here alone" is a classic 80s big time up tempo AOR/Melodic Rocker with big harmonies a la DOKKEN, STRYPER, SLYBOYZ and such. STRUTTERZINE – DEC 2007

Biloxi is back with their third powerful slice of melodic hard rock featuring soaring vocals and top-notch musicianship. Highly recommended! Retrospect – JAN 2008

You can pick up your copy at retrospect records website: and

Biloxi III is receiving air play globally and will be available on iTunes, Rhapsody, emusic, and cdbaby in the coming month.

Finally, the members of Biloxi would like to thank their fans old and new. We truly appreciate each and every one of you. You all rock!!!!! Contact us anytime and we will keep you updated on all things Biloxi and on the involvment of the members in other projects. On Saturday nights (USA central standard time ) between 7 pm and midnight, fans can tune into z95 fm at and click on the “on the air” link for the Saturday night request fest. Fans can email Dr. Bob at and request Biloxi III music. Local fans can call toll free 1-888-304-rock.