PRESS RELEASE: in 2020 Updated

After a long, hot and dry summer period, the first week of February sees the start of school for the kids and the start of my ability to concentrate on work and the year ahead.
I hope folks are getting used to the new ways of MelodicRock – with the news, video and PRs all being added instantly throughout the day via the embedded Twitter feed.
Under that space will go the special features, added like a normal article has been over the past few years. Except MOST of the exclusive added content will be music reviews. Yes, Reviews are back, and they start tomorrow (Tuesday).
I am still to tweak the site layout a little – make it simpler and easier to view.
Additional news, music talk (and social) commentary can be found at:
The new MelodicRock Records website can be found at: – equipped with eCommerce and pre-order links plus back catalogue bargains.
The label has since grown to a size where I needed to bring in outside partners to help and bring the necessary resources needed to expand and continue to grow the label. Thankfully I found the ideal duo of Peter Hoffman and Peter Naylor of SOLPRN Entertainment, with the day to day operations of the label now based in Melbourne Australia, as well as all packaging and distribution.
They are also under sole control of the MelodicRockFest event brand.
Manufacturing, shipping, invoicing, ordering and distribution and will be handled by the new partners. There are already some great plans for the label and projects coming together.
As Head Of A&R for MRR, I will continue to work on signing new artists and developing new titles. Any artists out there with new music to shop or archive projects/re-issues in mind, drop me a line anytime.
As a new income source, I will be running my new multi-media platform, MelodicRock @ Patreon.
PATREON – New platform to help support the continuation of MR:
Signing up to Patreon is really simple, its just a simple registration (with FB sign in as one option). From there you add payment source (credit card or Paypal) and select from the various levels of sponsorship and the perks they offer.
Users are charged for all existing content at the time of signing up and then recurring on the first of every month. Cancellation or changing levels can be done at any time.
I need all the support possible, so I can continue to bring Reviews, News, new and rare audio and exclusive content to those that still have a thirst for the best music in the world.