Hi folks. I’m back home, sitting at my desk for the first time in what seems like weeks, reflecting upon the most recent MelodicRock Fest event. will start to get updates from today, with full service from next Monday (21st).
I’d like to thank first and foremost, my wife Catherine for supporting my endeavours and for taking on the responsibility of looking after our boys and also burden of dealing with my anxieties and stresses in dealing with everything these events entail.
From the time of conception, each MRF event has taken roughly a year of preparation time to execute, with valuable help from others at certain points, but as others that have put together such events know, the financial responsibility and the pressure of maintaining the integrity of the overall event for all present, falls on the shoulders of the promoter.
These pressures haven’t been easy to absorb and at times, so Catherine, I pay tribute to you for all of this.
I think that each event has been a success for all in attendance and that is the biggest payoff for all the work involved. No matter what’s happening behind the scenes, I think the fans and artists attending have all enjoyed the close-knit community and fellowship that everyone brings to each event.
I have made many friends for life – relationships cultivated online, but brought to maturity through being able to talk, hang out, embrace and share the energy of enjoying great live music.
So, to each and every one of you – thank you. I’m truly honoured and consider myself much richer in spirit to be able to call you friends.
I would like to thank all the artists that have appeared as part of the 5 USA and 1 Australian MRF line-ups. Even the ones that were a bit of a pain in the ass! I kid I kid…all is forgotten!
This post would go on indefinitely if I was to identify all individually, but you guys all know the fantastic artists that gave up their time and energy to be part of MRF. Please continue to support those artists.
I do however, need to name just a few individuals for their continued support of the series of events and for going out of their way and over the top as far as time, effort and spirit put into these shows.
Take a bow Vic Rivera, Eric Ragno, Jeff Scott Soto, Joe Vana, Joey Vana, Jim Peterik, Richie Hofherr, Ty Sims, Erik Johnson, John Parker, Stevie Janevski, Jason Old & Paul Laine.
In the case of MRF5, a huge thanks to Chad and Squid at CC Backline, I couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough. And Tony, George and the Home Bar staff for always being amazing, plus the Crown Plaza Hotel Northbrook for accommodating an entire hotel full of lunatics.
Henry at Heavy Duty Promos, Dave Tedder at 20th Century Music, Darren and Todd Dewis at One Riff Merchandise and Rachel at CSR Music Promotions, Debbie Setliff, Steve at Impulse Music, Matt Lemieux, Phil the wonder-driver and Dannette Pahl. I know I’ve missed some…for that I apologise and don’t be surprised if this post is edited a dozen times.
There are also several people from past events that need thanking. When taking stock of everything that has passed, it would be remiss of me not to include everyone in the appreciation deserved for helping make past MRF events what they were.
So thank you: Denise Zigler and the Morris Performing Arts Center (MRF1); John Schenk; Geoff Sands at the Roadhouse (MRF2); Frontiers Records (MRF1 & 3), John Kivel & Kivel Records (MRF1-4), Michael Eden (MRF1 & 2), Joey DeMarco, Nello D’Omo, Richard Mace, Justin Murr, John Kivlin (RIP), Brett Walker (RIP), Sheron Walker, and Ryan Northrop at Metal Mayhem Music (MRF1 & 2).
I think that covers a lot of what I wanted to say. It doesn’t cover everything I feel, be assured that there are many many people I am grateful to and for and you know who you are.
Now it’s time to do try something different…
MelodicRock and MRR will of course continue on with the intent to grow both platforms further.