Frontiers Announces Signing of ARCTIC RAIN


Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of a new Swedish melodic rock sensation, Arctic Rain.

"With influences like Whitesnake, Mr Big, Foreigner, Talisman, Def Leppard, TOTO, Treat, Dokken, White Lion, Journey, and so many other great bands, we believe the result of our album is somewhat a distillation of our combined interpretation of that era of music,” says guitarist Magnus Beglund. "In late 2018, a demo recording was made and sent out to a number of record labels, and the response was very promising. Several labels announced their interest, but the preferred label for us, Frontiers, did not respond. It turned out that somehow our mail had not reached them, and when all was sorted out and it was clear that Frontiers in fact were interested, there was no question what label to go for. There is no mistaking the true love of music these guys have!"

Arctic Rain is the result of a collaboration between songwriter/keyboardist Pete Alpenborg, guitarist Magnus Berglund, and singer Tobias Jonsson. Later on, bassist Gert Daun and drummer Jonas Jönsson joined forces with the band for the recording of their upcoming album. The aim for the band was to write songs with strong melodic rock vibes based around the type of tasteful instrumental harmonies typical for a lot of bands in the '80s and '90s. A revival of sorts, but with a modern touch, both melodically and for the overall sound. 

While the core of Arctic Rain is undoubtedly Pete’s songwriting - he has an impressive track record of working with reputable acts such as Revolution Saints, House Of Lords, Issa, All 41, Toby Hitchcock, Sunstorm, Kee Of Hearts and many more - Magnus' tasteful guitar playing and Tobias’ amazing voice create an outstanding final product, which shows once again why Sweden is the golden land of Melodic Rock.