DENNIS DEYOUNG & The Music Of Styx - Live In Los Angeles (Review)

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Dennis DeYoung
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Melodic Rock
Dennis De Young heads to the Westcoast for a rare live appearance and while he was there, he filmed this event for a 2CD/DVD release. It’s raining live releases right now, and Dennis is the cream of the crop.
Singing the hits of Styx with a dynamic 6 piece band accompanying him, Dennis happily plays away on his famous piano, those iconic lead vocals pure ear candy.
The songs are of course, long since proven as classics, with the audience familiar with every word, every line.
Highlights? Well, all of it of course.  Dennis sounds amazing; his backing band is fabulous and the material is unquestionable.
It could be seen as a little unusual for the Tommy Shaw sung classics to be included in the set, featuring August Zadra on lead vocals for those. But I guess when presenting an evening of ‘The Music Of Styx’, you include all of Styx. I think that’s a credit to DeYoung’s overview of the legacy of the band. He's not just delivering the songs he wrote and sung himself.
In the end, this is a highly enjoyable romp through the best of Styx over an hour or two, with flawless performances and the biting wit of DeYoung in-between those songs. The guy really could try a career in stand-up.

Beautifully recorded and filmed, this is a very high quality live release that I recommend to all.


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Fantastic from start to finish...Dennis nailed this one.......