NIVA – Incremental IV (Review)

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Tony Niva
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AOR / Melodic Rock
AOR Heaven
Tony Niva follows up his very good 2013 release Magnitude with the oddly titled Incremental IV record.
Following exactly where the last album left off, Incremental IV is more of the same – high energy, melodic rock-n-pomp, with high pitch vocals and plenty of those fluffy Scandinavian harmonies.
This is a very good sounding record with a great clear mix. Makes things so much easier to enjoy with the rhythm section pounding away with vocals gliding over the top.
I do think that Niva’s vocals are of the style that will appeal to some, but not to all; they are a bit over the top when going for notes on the higher end of the scale.
Best tracks here include the opening anthem Don’t You Know; the fast moving AOR of Crush; the slightly darker Better Just Forgotten and the AOR anthems The Reason Why and Play The Game.
The ballad Travel Back In Time is a good change of pace and is accompanied in like by the mid-tempo All By Myself.
Fans of Grand Illusion and Final Frontier should definitely add Niva to their list to check out – the bands have a lot in common aside from the vocal style.
A very good sounding record that will appeal to all fans of Niva and most pomp/Scandi AOR fans.



Acceptable.  That's about all I can think of for this cd.  It's not terrible.  It's not good, either.  There are a few songs that I didn't mind hearing repeated, but not a single song that I would look forward to hearing again.  It's just OK.  It's just Acceptable.