C.O.P. - State Of Rock (Showcase)

Release Year: 
State Of Rock
Produced By: 
Ola af Trampe
Release Date: 
September 25
Most great rock music can be boiled down into a three letter word, be it G ’N R, R’n’R, AOR or – as in this case – C.O.P. From Sweden, arguably the best breeding ground of modern melodic rock, come this three piece of heralded and experienced AOR-sters, including one of the genre’s top singers, a guitar hero and producer extraordinaire – and a song writing drummer.
Frontman Peter Sundell has graced a number of highly revered albums over the years. His work with Grand Illusion, Decoy and recently, Starlight Brigade, has made AOR fans all over the world drewl, in awe over his high pitched and powerful voice. As the singer of C.O.P he has finally taken the step forward as one of the true masters of melodic rock singing.
Peter’s younger brother Christian was also part of the Grand Illusion family and although he’s capable on most instruments, he has never revealed what an excellent songwriter he is. Until now, that is. It’s his songs and vision that marks the foundation of C.O.P, and it is his knack for writing instant, catchy, earworm worthy hooks that will surely make these boys a revelation to AOR fans all over the world.
The third and last part of the C.O.P equation consists of Peter and Christian’s long lost little brother Ola af Trampe, an extremely talented guitarist, producer and songwriter, also of Grand Illusion, Code and The Killbilly 5’ers fame. Without Ola, there would quite frankly be no C.O.P (and C.P would be a silly name for a band, wouldn’t it).
C.O.P are the new blue bloods of melodic rock, with their arresting songs, smash and grab choruses and captivating musicianship and they are here to show you what the State of Rock is like in 2015. “State Of Rock” is the name of their first album. The CD was mixed and record by Ola af Trampe at ChrisStudio, Nässjö, Sweden and Studio 165, Växjö, Sweden and mastered by Frank Rosato, Woodcliff Studios, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Enough with the law enforcement metaphors, already – just listen to the music – it’s guaranteed to blow your mind and, quite possibly make you want to rock the fuck out.
Peter Sundell – Lead and Backing vocals
Ola af Trampe – Guitar, Bass
Christian Sundell – Keyboard, Drums



Nalle Påhlsson's ROYAL MESS - Royal Mess (Showcase)

Release Year: 
Friday, September 25, 2015
Royal Mess
Produced By: 
Nalle Pahlsson
Release Date: 
September 25
Melodic Hard Rock


Nalle Påhlsson's ROYAL MESS is designed to kick some ass – a little Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys meets Kiss, meets Swedish melodic rock class.
View album teaser #3 now:
 ROYAL MESS Special Edition $15 + $5 Shipping Worldwide
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Nalle’s name should be very familiar to fans of Scandinavian rock – just check the credits for such great acts as Treat, Last Autumn's Dream, Vindictiv and Therion.
After so many years helping others sound great, MRR is proud to bring Nalle’s debut album to fans.
Produced by Nalle Påhlsson and Mixed by Chris Laney
The self-titled Nalle Påhlsson's ROYAL MESS album IS OUT NOW in two configurations – regular and a direct pre-order limited Special Edition that will feature one bonus track.
Track Listing:
01. Aces High (Påhlsson/Lundquist) 4:00
02. Hell City (Påhlsson/Lundquist) 3:44
03. Mr Freedom (Påhlsson) 4:22
04. Gold Digger (Påhlsson) 3:22
05. Breakout (Påhlsson) 3:50
06. Higher Than Seventh Heaven (Påhlsson/Lundquist-Nerge) 4:09
07. The Pieces Of My Heart (Påhlsson/Lundquist) 3:45
08. To Hell And Back (Påhlsson/Lundquist-Zan) 3:29
09. Trip (Påhlsson/Lundquist) 3:28
10. From Rise To Fall (Påhlsson/Lundquist) 3:05
11. Loaded Gun (Påhlsson/Lundquist) 4:18
Special Edition Exclusive Bonus Track:
12. See You In My Dreams (Påhlsson/Nilsson-Geli) 4:52
And check out the list of special guests on ROYAL MESS!
Kee Marcello (ex Europe)
Ian Haugland (Europe)
Mats Olausson (Yngwie Malmsteen)
Jamie Borger (Treat, L.A.D.)
Danne McKentzie (Mustasch)
Mats Levén (Candlemass, Therion)
Snowy Shaw (Therion)
Linnéa Vikström (Therion)
Johan Koleberg (Therion)
Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall)
Patrick Appelgren (Treat)
Kristian Niemann (ex Therion)
Zinny Zan (Easy Action, Shotgun Messiah)
Stefan Bergström (Skintrade)
Christian Vidal (Therion)
Micke Hujanen
Igna Jover (Antalgia)
Nicci Notini
Love Magnusson (Dynazty)
Stefan Lindholm (Vindictiv)
Max Lorentz
Henrik Bergqvist (The Poodles)
Mikael Erlandsson (L.A.D)
Lasse Andersson (producer, songwriter)
Pontus Larsson (Vindictiv)
For more than three decades, Nalle Påhlsson has been one of Sweden's leading rock bassists, providing reliable backing vocals along the way. September sees the release of Nalle Påhlsson's Royal Mess. An album where Nalle finally steps out as a lead singer, songwriter and versatile musician (providing rhythm guitars and keyboards, as well as bass).
Inspired by his oldest brother's record collection, Nalle started playing guitar at an early age. At 10, he joined his first band, switching to bass guitar the following year.
"Playing the bass reflects my personality. If I was a housebuilder I'd be into cement, working on the foundation. I feel just as at home playing the rhythm guitar, which has a similar role", Nalle smiles.
His early influences – Deep Purple, Kiss, The Sweet, Kansas – instilled the rock'n'roll dream, and the success of the band Europe proved that it was possible for Swedes his own age to make it.
Soon, Nalle was a sought-after bass player, touring and/or recording with some of Scandinavia's biggest names (Mikael Rickfors, Mats Ronander, Pugh Rogefeldt, Sanne Salomonsen, Easy Action and many others). He also formed what may have been Sweden's first tribute band, AB/CD. Not only did they play impeccable AC/DC covers; Nalle (who, being the rhythm guitarist, naturally called himself Nalcolm) also wrote new material in the style of the Australian rockers. AB/CD released one EP and two albums. The first album shifted 30,000 units, outselling some of Sweden's most hyped rock bands in the process.
Nalle continued to work as a freelance musician, as well as being a member of bands like Treat, Last Autumn's Dream, Vindictiv and Therion.
"I always tried to create bass lines that added something to the music, and made it more interesting and varied".
His efforts did not go unnoticed: in 2010, he was voted Bass Player of the Year on
But there was always a sense of unfinished business. He had his own album to make. And now it's finally here.
Royal Mess reflects a big part of Nalle's musical tastes. Crunchy riffs, high energy playing, and catchy melodies. Timeless and melodic hard rock/AOR, as opposed to metal. Elements of prog can be detected, too, but he has chosen to save most of that side for another time.
It would be hard to pick out specific highlights from such a strong collection of quality songs. Most of them convey a life-affirming feeling. Nalle has had his share of bad relationships and self-destructive behaviour. Four years sober, he has used his time well, playing sessions and touring the world as Therion's bass player, while making this album.
"I have spent a lot of time being drunk or hungover in my day. The drinking increased around 2008, and one day I had just had enough. I realized that not only did I hurt myself, but also the ones I care about the most: my kids, my mother, my brothers and my friends. I decided to look for help. Ever since then, my whole life has become more enjoyable".
Most of the album's lyrics describe this journey.
"I hope that the songs inspire others who find themselves in similar situations to make a change, and take control of their own destiny. It's never too late."
The album was produced and arranged by Nalle himself, and mixed by renowned producer/musician/songwriter/artist, Chris Laney, who provided the already big and bold material with his trademark "in your face" attitude, and a slightly more modern twist.
The list of musicians credited on the album reads like a who's who of the Swedish hard rock community. How about Kee Marcello (Easy Action/Europe), Love Magnusson (Dynazty), Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall), Micke Hujanen (AB/CD), Stefan Lindholm (Vindictiv), Henrik Bergqvist (The Poodles), and Kristian Niemann (Therion) – and that's just the solo guitarists. It seems that everyone who knows Nalle wanted to help put him in the spotlight by lending their talents to the album. However, it's Nalle's vocals, rhythm guitar, bass and songwriting that is the core of the album's sound and style. The question remains: Why on earth hasn't he sung lead before?
"A lot of people who have heard the album have wondered why I have waited so long to do it. I guess it's a question of self confidence. People also seem to find it refreshing that I have made a classic hard rock album that reminds them of the Seventies and Eighties. But this is quite simply the kind of music I grew up listening to. I guess the only target group I had in mind was me!" Nalle laughs.
Nalle Påhlsson's Royal Mess is a personal and musical victory. 
Put it on, crank it up, and you will soon know why.



ART NATION - Revolution (Showcase)

Release Year: 
Produced By: 
Jakob Herrmann
Release Date: 
August 28
AOR / Melodic Rock
Swedish rock band Art Nation release their highly anticipated debut album “Revolution”. Playing concerts throughout the year, while recording the album simultaneously, shows that the band is truly ”going all in”.
Art Nation was formed 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden, after lead singer Alexander Strandell’s departure from his former band Diamond Dawn. Strandell, already well known for his strong voice and energetic stage presence, decided to raise the bar, and gathered some of the best musicians available, bassist Simon Gudmundsson being the first, shortly followed by Theodor Hedström and Christoffer Borg.
An acoustic single, ”Moving On”, was recorded, followed by power ballad ”One Is Better Than No One”, which also featured a music video and was released in collaboration with humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), who named the song Official Charity Song of 2014, and all money generated from it was, and still is, donated directly to the organization. ”One Is Better Than No One” was also the starting point of the band’s collaboration with producer and engineer Jakob Herrmann (Raised Fist, Hardcore Superstar, Engel, etc).
Art Nation spent the rest of 2014 playing shows, as well as guesting national TV and radio shows, further building their fan base and reputation. The band got its final line-up when adding second guitarist Johan Gustavsson, together with drummer Carl Tudén, who was recruited just after winning the Swedish Drum Championships.
In early 2015, Art Nation signed a deal with German label AOR Heaven for their full-length debut album, titled “Revolution”. The record was produced and recorded by Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor Studios, together with Christoffer Borg. “Revolution” consists of 12 songs, one being a completely remade version of their first single ”Moving On”. It also features the stripped down piano ballad ”Look To The Sky”, performed in one single take by Strandell and keyboardist Theodor Hedström. The album was mixed and mastered at Hansen Studios in Denmark by renowned mixing engineer Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Engel, Volbeat, etc) and Christoffer Borg and co-produced by Art Nation.
Alexander Strandell - Vocals
Christoffer Borg - Guitar
Johan Gustavsson - Guitar
Simon Gudmundsson - Bass
Theodor Hedström - Keyboards
Carl Tudén - Drums

NEWMAN - The Elegance Machine (Showcase)

Release Year: 
The Elegance Machine
Produced By: 
Steve Newman
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
August 28
Melodic Rock
In 1997 Singer, songwriter Steve Newman formed the band Newman and since 1998 have been producing consistently high quality albums filled with hook laden songs and thought provoking lyrics. The now, hard to find self-titled album was followed up in 1999 by the awesome "One Step Closer" album. Continuing the high standard came "Dance In The Fire" and then "Sign Of The Modern Times" in 2000, and 2003 respectfully. Fans and critics alike began to realize they were dealing with an artist that would evolve and mature with them.
The year 2006 saw the release of "Heaven Knows", and once again proved beyond all doubt that Newman were becoming one of the top purveyors of Melodic Rock in the UK. Later in 2006 Steve Newman broke away from his former label to form "Chrome Dome", an independent label set up for the purpose of continuing to release the Newman product. Any doubts about the quality or consistency were cast aside when in 2007 "Primitive Soul" was released to great acclaim. This was followed in 2008 by "Decade" a double album celebrating 10 years of Newman. However, not wanting to take the usual route of a "hits" album this was packaged with a second CD containing another 14 unreleased songs which ended up being so well received it was reviewed as a new studio album. "Decade" may have been a great way for a band to sign off and call it a day, however, not only was this not even considered, the focus went into producing the next stage of the bands career.
In 2010 "The Art Of Balance" was released to huge acclaim from critics and fans. The band followed this up with a string of successful live dates including Cambridge Rock Festival, Firefest Festival, and a UK Tour supporting John Waite. All this was achieved in the face of huge emotional strain after Steve suffered losing both his parents that year. In fact, as the writing progressed onto the following recording "Under Southern Skies" this AOR Heaven release ended up being a very personal and reflective album for Steve.
All this time , the live band, with the addition of Pete Newdeck on Drums, joining Steve (Vocals, Guitar), Shaun Bessant (Guitar, Vocals), Paul Boyle (Keyboards, Vocals), Dave Bartlett (Bass, Vocals) were gaining momentum, culiminating in shows in Greece, Spain, Germany, and the US.
2014 saw the re-recording and release of the acclaimed first album as a Limited Edition, This coincided with a successful UK tour with Vega.
Now, the legacy continues with the brand new release "The Elegance Machine", the culmination of songs written over the past two years and an album that once again encompasses what Newman stand for. The powerful guitars are present, as is the strong songwriting and huge melodies. But this time it also brings in modern influences such as on the title track "The Elegance Machine" and "Halo" giving the recognizable and reliable Newman sound a more contemporary edge. A natural follow up to "Siren" the album delivers a harder edge than its predecessor, but without losing the emphasis on strong hooks. Steve has always been known for his thought-provoking lyrics, and "The Elegance Machine" is no exception with subject matter ranging from corporate business greed (The Suit), through domestic violence (She Walks In Silence), and even onto the space themed (Prayer For Apollo).
Once again Steve has teamed up with Rob McEwen (drummer for the last 8 Newman albums), and has also brought in the talents of Geoff Wootton backing vocals on "The Suit", "One Good Reason" "Halo", and Mark Thompson-Smith (Praying Mantis, Big Life) backing vocals on "Illuminate", "Send Us Salvation" and "Pretender Surrender".
Produced By Steve Newman;  All songs written by Steve Newman except: "Halo" written by Steve Newman and Paul Boyle.
On this album:
Steve Newman : Vocals, Guitar, and Keyboards
Rob McEwen : Drums & Percussion
Geoff Wootton : Backing Vocals on “The Suit (Skyscraper)”, "One Good Reason" and "Halo"
Mark Thompson-Smith : Backing Vocals on "Illuminate", "Send Us Salvation" and "Pretender Surrender"
Live band:
Steve Newman: Vocals, Guitar
Shaun Bessant: Guitar, Vocals
Paul Boyle: Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Bartlett : bass, Vocals
Pete Newdeck : Drums, Vocals

PHILL ROCKER - Hard To Bleed (Showcase)

Release Year: 
Hard To Bleed
Produced By: 
Phill Rocker
Release Date: 
Hard Rock
Phill Rocker is a musician / singer / songwriter and solo artist.
Hard to Bleed is his debut album which was released January 29. With lot of hard rock tracks, this is an album full of power and attitude.
The album is full of great musicians and hard rock references, following special guest musicians: guitarist Doug Aldrich (Lion, Hurricane, House of Lords, Bad Moon Rising, Burning Rain, Dio, Whitesnake), bassist James Lomenzo (White Lion, Pride and Glory, Zakk Wylde, David Lee Roth, Black Label Society, Megadeth), drummer Brian Tichy (Billy Idol, Pride and Glory, Slash's Snakepit, Foreigner, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake), guitarist Richard Fortus (Guns N' Roses), keyboardist, pianist and percussionist Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses), singer Tim "Ripper" Owens (Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Judas Priest), drummer Dusty Watson (Lita Ford, Legs Diamond, Rhino Bucket, The Sonics), Ricardo Fernandes, Gonçalo Pereira, Rui Rocha, Nuno Correia, Mario Percudani, Miguel Aguiar and João Paulo Aça.
The album is written and produced by Phill Rocker.
Co-produced by Ricardo Fernandes and Swedish producer Tobias Lindell.
Mixed by Tobias Lindell.
Mastered by Thomas Plec Johansson.
All Songs Written by Phill Rocker.
This is the lineup of the album:
01 Wasted Generation [In Me] (Special Guests — Doug Aldrich & Brian Tichy)
02 So Close To Hell (Special Guests — Doug Aldrich, James Lomenzo, Brian Tichy & Tim “Ripper” Owens)
03 Feel Inside My Life (Special Guest — Brian Tichy)
04 Masquerade Of Feelings (Special Guests — Doug Aldrich, James Lomenzo & Brian Tichy)
05 Open Wide (Special Guests — Doug Aldrich, James Lomenzo & Brian Tichy)
06 Burning In The Fire (Special Guests — James Lomenzo & Brian Tichy)
07 Devil On The Loose (Special Guest — Brian Tichy)
08 How Does It Feel (Special Guests — James Lomenzo & Brian Tichy)
09 Drifting Away (Special Guest — Brian Tichy)
10 Empty Inside (Special Guest — Brian Tichy)
11 For All The Reasons (Special Guests — Dizzy Reed & Brian Tichy)
12 Incomplete (Special Guest — Brian Tichy)
13 Glorified (Special Guests — Richard Fortus, James Lomenzo & Brian Tichy)
14 False Humanity (Special Guests — Brian Tichy & Tim “Ripper" Owens)
15 So Unreal (Special Guests — Doug Aldrich, Dizzy Reed & Brian Tichy)
Bonus Tracks:
16 Feel Inside My Life Single Version (Special Guest — Dusty Watson)
17 Glorified Alternative Version (Special Guests — Richard Fortus, James Lomenzo & Brian Tichy)



MIKE TRAMP - Nomad (Showcase)

Release Year: 
Produced By: 
Soren Andersen & Mike Tramp
Release Date: 
September 4
Melodic Rock
For almost a half decade, Mike Tramp has been on a worldwide journey, touring and living as a modern life nomad, in his quest for personal and artistic freedom and staying true to the idea of the rock n roll troubadour.
Mike  has just completed his third solo tour of the USA in 3 years.  Playing 50 shows on each tour, traveling all by himself exploring the American continent from coast to coast like never before. A journey of true dedication -making him unique in danish rock history.
With "Nomad" Tramp completes what he calls his trilogy on his journey to show who he is and where he stands. The album makes the final step on the ladder he started climbing (with Cobblestone street), this time with a full band album, from first to last song.
"Without the no compromise on "Cobblestone Street" and "Museum", I would never have found my way home to "Nomad". Each previous album gave me the freedom to follow the songs  wherever they wanted to go, and with "Nomad" my vision was clear as a bell, once again I just had to be who I am." - Mike Tramp
In the spirit of the album, Mike Tramp with special guests – "Lucer" embarks on a massive european tour, in late summer taking them to Denmark,  Germany, Sweden, England, Netherlands , Belgium, Northen Ireland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, France and Switzerland.

POWERPLAY - All Those Years (Showcase)

Release Year: 
All Those Years
Produced By: 
Release Date: 
September 4
AOR, Melodic Rock, Westcoast
After 20 years of silence, the westcoast-rockgroup PowerPlay, from Copenhagen, Denmark is together again and return with a new strong melodic AOR rock-album, inspired by the sound and feel of bands like TOTO, Journey, Supertramp and Starship.
PowerPlay was founded in a basement in Hellerup Copenhagen in 1987 by Simon Dalberg (Drums) Erik Thomsen (Vocal) Kurt Lundgaard (Guitarist) and Peter Gjedde (Keyboards). The music was heavily inspired by TOTO, Journey, Starship and other West Coast bands of that time and with a twist from Supertramp, but always with a twist of pure energy and the desire to play and perform with own composed music.
PowerPlay had various bass players in the first years, but after a while the young and talented Bass player Philip Stricker joined and brought new dimensions into the music. The band was constantly on the move and played in many underground places around Copenhagen like Umatic and Loppen, and became rather popular in those environments.
In 1991 The PowerPlay won the music award ”Let’s Rock”  in Trommen as the best performing act and with that title also a contract for a record In Werner Studio in Copenhagen.Unfortunately, due to some very sad circumstances, the band never came to the point of making the record and as such The Powerplay stopped their activities in 1992
The PowerPlay is now back after 20 years rest, and in the original setup “We have never been better” they say and actually The PowerPlay is now ready to release a record with all new material – But for the fans from the good old days there will be one or two oldies in new flashy clothes. 20 years later they decided to start up again with a few shows, and the beginning of the album, which should have been out in 1993., but later is always much better than never !!!

"City Of Love" sounds really good! If the other songs can keep this level it sounds like a must have for AOR fans. - Gerald, Editor in chief (Rock It!)
So look forward to 10 great and melodic AOR rock-songs on the album ‘All Those Years’, which will be released September 4.
Erik Thomsen - Vokal
Simon Dalberg - Trommer
Kurt Lundgaard - Guitar
Peter Gjedde - Keyboard
Philip Stricker - Bass



THE RADIO SUN - Wrong Things Right (Showcase)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Wrong Things Right
Produced By: 
The Radio Sun, Paul Laine
Release Date: 
Out Now
Melodic Rock, Power Pop

BACK IN STOCK - GET READY FOR The Radio Sun's UPCOMING ALBUM 'Heaven And Heartbreak'

The Radio Sun - Wrong Things Right (MRR020)
$15 + $5 airmail shipping worldwide.


Australia's The Radio Sun have been very busy since they formed in 2012. With past members from the excellent Square One and some of Melbourne's best local musos, The Radio Sun are about catchy rocking songs with an emphasis on layered vocal harmonies somewhere in between Rick Springfield, Nelson, Firehouse and The Marvelous 3.

After locking in Paul Laine (solo, Danger Danger, Shugaazer) to mix the band's debut album in 2013, The Radio Sun impressed so much that Paul Laine asked the guys to be his backing band on his recent tour downunder. The Radio Sun will also do double duty at next year's MelodicRockFest 4 by again being a part of the Paul Laine band and then performing the very next day in their own showcase set. Things are definitely looking up for the boys from downunder with their debut album Wrong Things Right to be released through MelodicRockRecords May 19.

The album cover and CD package was crafted by the always awesome Swedish artist Monowasp.

WebLinks: /

"The Radio Sun debut album 'Wrong Things Right' has that 'feel good' sound with a focus on catchy choruses, big vocal harmonies and rokken guitars" ~ guitarist - Stevie Janevski.

ROOM EXPERIENCE - Room Experience (Special Edition) (Showcase)

Friday, May 22, 2015
Room Experience
Produced By: 
Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri & Pierpaolo "Zorro11" Monti
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
May 22
Melodic Rock / AOR
Yes, the limited edition version of the debut Room Experience​ album is all gone.
Thanks for the fantastic support from everyone that ordered this (last orders going out tomorrow), and to Gianluca Firmo Quello Vero​ for showing faith in a small label like mine.
Copies of the regular version are easily found at the likes of / and other fabulous melodic retailers.
Distribution via Cargo Records for wholesale orders.



ROOM EXPERIENCE’s self-titled debut is truly going to be an experience for fans of high-class European AOR and melodic rock!
This is perhaps the most star-studded MRR release yet.
01. Shock Me
02. Tomorrow Came
03. Run To You
04. Queen Of Every Heart
05. Another Day Without You
06. One Way Out
07. The Only Truth
08. Not Time Yet For A Lullaby
09. Rainbow In The Rain
10. No Sign Of Summer
11. Only Goodnight (Gianluca Lead Vocal)
The opening track from the album "Shock Me" - please check out below.
David Readman (Pink Cream 69, Voodoo Circle) - Lead & Backing Vocals
Gianluca Firmo - Keyboards, Backing Vocals & Lead Vocals on "Only Goodnight"
Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri (Wheels Of Fire, Charming Grace) - Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Piano, Acoustic & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Pierpaolo "Zorro11" Monti (Shining Line, Charming Grace, Lionville) - Drums & Percussion
Amos Monti (Shining Line, Charming Grace, Lionville) - Bass
Steve De Biasi (Gunshy, Charming Grace) - Guitars
But that’s not all… Making special guest appearances are:
Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, L.R.S, Three Lions, Shining Line) - Hammond on “Rainbow In The Rain"
Ivan Gonzalez (Secret, 91 Suite) - Guitars on "Another Day Without You", "No Sign of Summer" & "Tomorrow’s Came"
Sven Larsson (Street Talk, Fergie Frederiksen, Lionville, Charming Grace) - Guitars on "The Only Truth"
Stefano Zeni (Wheels Of Fire, Charming Grace) - Guitars on "Queen Of Every Heart"
Boris Matakovic (Human Zoo, Charming Grace) - Sax on "Tomorrows Came"
Elena Aurë (Charming Grace) - Backing Vocals on "Rainbow in the Rain" & "Tomorrows Came"
ROOM EXPERIENCE will release their debut album “Room Experience” via MelodicRock Records/Cargo Distribution on May 22.
For those fans of Lionville, Shining Line, David Readman (solo), Charming Grace and Street Talk comes the debut AOR masterpiece ROOM EXPERIENCE!
Check out a full track from the album: “Tomorrow Came”
On May 22 Room Experience will be finally released worldwide through Melodic Rock Records, with artwork and graphics provided by Antonella Astori (Charming Grace).
The key is in the hole and turning... the doors are about to unlock: are you ready for the "Room Experience"?

SKINTRADE - Scarred For Life (Showcase)

Release Year: 
Scarred For Life
Produced By: 
Oscar Ammer
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
July 24
Hard Rock
SKINTRADE was formed in 1992 by Matti Alfonzetti (vocals), George Bravo (guitar, backing vocals), Stefan Bergstr'm (guitar, backing vocals), Hakan Calmroth (bass) and H'kan Persson (drums, backing vocals).
The group's self-titled debut was released in 1993 and received overwhelmingly positive respnse from both media and audience. The singles "Sick As A Dog" and "One By One" were played frequently on the radio and their videos spun on MTV's "Headbangers Ball". The same year, SKINTRADE was honored with a Zeppelin award for "Best Hard Rock Album" and was nominated for a Swedish Grammis (Grammy equivalent) in the category of "Best Video'. The follow-up CD, "Roach Powder", came out in 1995 with Thomas Skogsberg as a producer (ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER). The videos for the singles "Snap Goes Your Mind" and "Flies" were played regularly on MTV.
Between 1993 and 1995, SKINTRADE embarked on several tours of Europe and played at some of Sweden's and Europe's biggest festivals such as Sweden Rock, Hultsfred, Dala Rock, Dynamo Open Air (Holland) and Rock Am Ring (Germany). SKINTRADE also supported the Danish band D-A-D on their European tour in 1995. One of their last and most memorable gigs took place in late 1995 with the Irish band THERAPY? during a live radio show in Amsterdam, Netherlands. SKINTRADE disbanded shortly thereafter.
The idea for the SKINTRADE members to collaborate again came about as they got more and more requests from fans asking them to make new music. During the first rehearsal in May 2011, it became obvious that the band's chemistry was very much intact.In the summer and autumn of 2011, SKINTRADE recorded four new songs at Sound Trade Studios with their old friend and partner Ronny Lahti, engineer and producer who previously worked with the band on all the recordings in the '90s.SKINTRADE's "best-of" album, "Past And Present", was released in March 2012 via Universal Music. The CD includes three new songs and 12 classics.
Their new album, 'Scarred For Life', will be released via AOR Heaven on July 24th, 2015. Once again the CD was recorded and mixed by Oscar Ammer. This time Skintrade also worked with producer Geo Slam on the song 'Wide Awake' originally recorded by Katy Perry and written by Max Martin.

S.A.Y - Orion (Showcase)

Friday, May 22, 2015
Produced By: 
Jan Åkesson
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
May 22
Melodic Hard Rock
S.A.Y - Orion
$15 + $5 postage (airmail anywhere) Out NOW!


MelodicRock Records is very excited to be able to announce the signing of new Swedish band S.A.Y., featuring two veteran artists under the new band name, reflecting their decision to record a melodic hard rock album together.
S.A.Y. is guitarist Jan Åkesson and singer Peter Grundström, musical partners since 1984 and teamed in StoneLake for six studio albums from 2006-2013.
Deciding to record an album with power and finesse, but in a more commercial melodic vein, Jan and Peter settled upon a new name for the project – S.A.Y.
S.A.Y. will release their debut album “Orion” via MelodicRock Records/Cargo Distribution on May 22. Pre-orders for this album and coming up.
Now it’s time to reveal the cover art and album track listing:
01. Tragedy
02. Heroes
03. Crash And Burn
04. Never Say Goodbye
05. Eight Hundred Miles
06. Broken Wings
07. Dream On
08. Love And Affection
09. Illusion
10. Memories
11. Under Your Spell
The album contains 11 tracks of polished and powerful melodic rock and features the distinctive vocals of Peter Grundstrom and the hard edged guitar work of Jan Akesson; which will immediately bring comparisons to TNT, Westworld and Final Frontier.
S.A.Y. are:
Peter Grundstrom – Vocals
Jan Akesson – Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Backing Vocals
With: Jens Westberg – Drums
“Orion” is set to be one of the noted debut albums of 2015.
And here is another exclusive FULL track from the album to preview – the opening track ‘Tragedy’
Time to check out one of the tracks from 'Orion', the anthemic "Broken Wings":


HUNGRYHEART - Dirty Italian Job (Showcase)

Monday, June 29, 2015
Dirty Italian Job
Produced By: 
Mario Percudani
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
June 29
Melodic Hard Rock
After two albums ("Hungryheart" and "One Ticket To Paradise") which have made Hungryheart a very popular and respected band within the AOR / Melodic Rock world, the band is set to release its third album, "Dirty Italian Job" June 29.
12 songs of pure melodic hard rock characterized by the unmistakable sound of Hungryheart. Throughout the last 5 years, the band and each of its members have had the opportunity to share the stage, play and collaborate with names such as House of Lords, Mitch Malloy, Bobby Kymball, Vinny Appice, Issa, Kelly Keeling and many others. The experience earned led to a peak of artistry and song writing perfectly expressed in this new album where hard rock roots melt naturally into a great diversity of musical influences. Typical AOR tunes such as "Back To The Real Life" and the single "Shoreline" stand together with classic rock songs such as "Rock Steady" and "There Is A Reason For Everything" while "Devil's Got My Number", "Time For The Letting Go" and "Second Hand Love" show the bluesy side of the band.
This last song and ballad "Nothing But You" is based on a vocal duet between Hungryheart's founding members Josh Zighetti and Mario Percudani.The Lyrics thrive with positive messages concerning life, dreams and hope. The only cover is "Bad Love" by Eric Clapton, rearranged and adapted to Hungryheart sound. The album, produced by guitarist Mario Percudani (Mitch Malloy, Ted Poley, Axe, Lionville), features Josh Zighetti on vocals, Paolo Botteschi on drums and Stefano "Skool" Scola on bass. It has been recorded and mixed at Tanzan Music Studio (Italy) by Mario Percudani & Daniele Mandelli and mastered by senior engineer Brad Vance (Foreigner, Mr.Big, Ritchie Blackmore) at Red Mastering Studio (California, USA).
The first steps were taken in the 90’s but the breakthrough arrived in 2008 when Josh Zighetti, Mario Percudani, Lele Meola and Emilio Sobacchi (the original Hungryheart line up) released their first self titled album. The album was voted by the Canadian "Sleazy Roxx Magazine" as one of the Top Ten Hard Rock albums of that year. Two years passed and in 2010 a new lineup (Josh Zighetti on vocals, Mario Percudani on guitar & vocals, Stefano Lozzi on bass and Paolo Botteschi on drums) released the much acclaimed ‘One Ticket To Paradise’ where the band expanded the meaning of hard rock through a deeper and stronger songwriting. Hungryheart, having had two successful albums, two European tours and countless shows in Italy, keep on evolving their style and spreading their energy on stage, sharing it with the likes of Mitch Malloy, Quireboys, Michael Bormann and House Of Lords. "Dirty Italian Job", their third studio album, comes after 5 years of hard work, study and radical innovations and move up the unmistakable sound of the band a step further!
Josh Zighetti: Lead & Backing Vocals
Mario Percudani: Guitars, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals On #04 / #07
Stefano Scola: Bass
Paolo Botteschi: Drums
Paolo Apollo Negri: keyboards on #02 / #07 / #10
Alessandro Del Vecchio: keyboards on #01 / #04 / #06 / #08
Giulio Garghentini: backing vocals on #08
Produced by Mario Percudani
Recorded and mixed by Mario Percudani & Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Studio (Italy)
Mastered by Brad Vance at Red Mastering Studio (California, USA)
Executive producer: Mario Percudani & Tanzan Music
Cover and band pictures by Riccardo Bernardi
Artwork by Tanzan Music Graphic Design
All songs published by Tanzan Music Ed. Musicali s.r.l. (SUISA – Switzerland), except “Bad Love”
Press office: Edoardo Giovanelli (Tanzan Music / Freemood Promotion)
Mario Percudani uses Fuchs Amps & Deacci Pickups



VINDICTIV - World Of Fear (Showcase)

information persons: 
Release Year: 
Friday, July 10, 2015
World Of Fear
Produced By: 
Stefan Lindholm
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
July 10
Melodic Metal
MelodicRock Records is offering a double dose of Swedish class in July. MRR will crank up the metal once again by releasing the new studio album from Swedish melodic/neoclassical metal outfit VINDICTIV on July 10.
The new album World Of Fear is a huge leap forward for the band and features the vocals of superstar MARK BOALS throughout.
MelodicRock Records is excited to launch another full track preview of the coming album, with the track 'Day' below.
PRE-ORDER for VINDICTIV and CONSTANCIA available now. BOTH releases available as limited Special Edition versions.
VINDICTIV 'World Of Fear' Track Listing:
01. Prophecy
02. Why
03. Paralyzed
04. Clay
05. Day
06. World Of Fear
07. Till The Dawn
08. Dead Men
09. Wall Of Pain
10. Far Beyond The Sun
11. The End (MRR Special Edition Bonus Track)
 VINDICTIV 'World Of Fear' Special Edition $15 + $5 Shipping Worldwide
 DEAL! VINDICTIV & CONSTANCIA Special Editions $30 + $2 Shipping Worldwide
And check out 'Paralyzed' available below:
Once again, following the fantastic reception to the ROOM EXPERIENCE Special Edition, VINDICTIV World On Fire will also be available direct from MRR as a Special Edition limited release – featuring one exclusive bonus track!
Also featured on the new album is a perfect cover of the Yngwie Malmsteen classic Far Beyond The Sun. A video for that track has just been released:
Stefan Lindholm – guitar
Pontus Larsson – keyboards
Nalle Påhlsson – bass
Mark Boals – vocals
Marco Minnemann – drums
One of the best kept secrets of neoclassical metal – so far. Stockholm's Vindictiv introduced themselves to the metal audience in an impressive fashion with their 2008 eponymous debut. The band's sophomore effort ”Ground Zero” followed swiftly the following year, and remains a fan favorite.
From this point on Vindictiv's career path got rockier. ”Cage Of Infinity” arrived in 2013, following an acrimonious split between guitarist Stefan Lindholm and his other band Raven Lord.
Vindictiv's fourth and current effort ”World Of Fear” was created under more harmonious circumstances, and to their guitarist marks both a progression and a return to form.
”The sound is harder, but also more melody-oriented”, muses Stefan (whose resumé also includes Phenomena and Black Sabbath legend Tony Martin). ”Some fans may have found the last album too metallic, but this is more in the veins of ”Ground Zero”.
”Wall Of Pain” is a catchy heavy metal anthem with plenty of double bassdrums. ”Until The Dawn” is slower, a semi-ballad – a little something for the ladies. ”Day” is somewhat poppy – more of a major chord-vibe, unlike the minor chord-oriented remaining songs. At the same time, this is a more technical album than the previous one. I deliver my usual masturbation-style solos!”
Lest we forget – ”World Of Fear” introduces the most star-studded Vindictiv lineup yet. Present as always are Stefan's faithful cohorts Pontus Larsson on keyboards and renowned bass player Nalle Påhlsson (Therion, Treat, Last Autumn's Dream).
By their side we find virtuoso drummer Marco Minnemann (Kreator, Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson) and singer Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Royal Hunt, Dokken). The latter is arguably the most famous on a long list of Vindictiv frontmen that includes Tommy Karevik (Kamelot, Seventh Wonder), Nils Molin (Dynazty), Oliver Hartmann (At Vance, Avantasia) and Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum).
”Mark is someone I've known for some time and it was great to finally make a whole album with him”, says Stefan. ”Marco is a very easy-going guy. I hooked up with him on Facebook and he agreed to do the album as soon as he heard the songs. He's such a quick worker, he nailed his parts almost before he received the songs from me.”
As additional icing on the cake, ”World Of Fear” features guest solos from two keyboard exceptionals. Mark Basile is best known as the singer in Italy's own DGM. The recently deceased Mats Olausson has made stellar contributions to the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, Lion's Share, Ark and Evil Masquerade.
”These sessions may be the last that Mats ever did before his passing”, says Stefan. ”He appears on three songs, including a cover version of Yngwie Malmsteen's ”Far Beyond The Sun”. Such a sweet guy. We dedicate ”World Of Fear” to him.”
Have Vindictiv finally found a stable lineup? If it's up to their guitarist, the answer is yes.
”I'd really like to bring an element of permanency to the band. And the odds of us five performing live together look real favorable. Sure, some members are busy people and Mark and Marco live in the US. But my goal is to get Vindictiv back on stage and Mark is already on board. After all, playing live is the most fun part of all about being in a band.”
With any luck, these plans will quickly come to fruition. ”World of fear” marks the rebirth of Vindictiv, and it's due time that the band goes from ”best kept secret of neoclassical metal” to ”best revealed secret of neoclassical metal”.
”Vindictiv” (2008)
”Ground Zero” (2009)
”Cage Of Infinity” (2013)
”World Of Fear” (2015)

WORLDVIEW - The Chosen Few (Showcase)

Release Year: 
The Chosen Few
Produced By: 
George Rene Ochoa
Release Date: 
Melodic Metal
Worldview formed in Los Angeles when George Rene Ochoa (Deliverance, Recon, Vengeance Rising) and Rey Parra (Sacred Warrior) spoke soon after their mutual friend Rick Macias (Sacred Warrior) passed away. He had always encouraged them to form a band together and though they were miles apart, Rick thought that it would be a great collaboration.  Regrettably, he passed away before this would ever take place.  So George and Rey decided to form this union to honor their friend and thus Worldview was born. The lineup includes the addition of John Gonzales (Recon, Deliverance) on drums and Todd Libby on bass guitar and keyboards. Ronson Webster also joined them as co-songwriter and background vocal guru.  The Worldview unit was now complete.
The band took to the studio and recorded two songs that received a tremendous response on the Internet.  The band quickly reached #3 on the Reverbnation Metal Charts. Soon after, they announced the release of their full-length record that was to be released and it was hailed the “Most anticipated release of 2014” by several critics and fans.  Various delays have set that date back but it is now slated for a 2015 release.
The Worldview first release will be entitled “The Chosen Few” and it promises to deliver high energy and melodic power metal to the eagerly awaiting metal-listening community throughout the planet.
This release is packed with a host of celebrity guest players: Oz Fox (Stryper) playing a blazing lead guitar, Les Carlsen (Bloodgood) laying down a dramatic guest vocal, Jimmy P. Brown (Deliverance) cutting some low and powerful background vocals.  Larry Farkas (Vengeance Rising, Die Happy) shredding with his tasty licks, Armand Meinbardis (Rob Rock) from the country of Latvia, dazzling with his violin and piano playing, and Niki Bente gracing the record with her lovely voice on the title track.
Mixed and mastered by the infamous Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Sacred Reich, Tourniquet, Trouble, Armored Saint, Deliverance) and produced by George Rene Ochoa, this record promises to deliver the metal goods.  The last time these two worked together was for the legendary Deliverance “Weapon’s Of Our Warfare” record.
George recalls, “It has been a pleasure working with everyone on this project. I feel that all bring their unique flavors to the table. Ronson Webster has been a great asset as a co-writer and an awesome background vocalist. Oz Fox was so gracious to do a lead (and a great flashy one!) in the midst of his busy schedule with Stryper. Les Carlsen came into my studio and nailed the vibe that we needed.  He is a great brother and phenomenal vocalist.  Jimmy P. Brown and I have remained friends over the years and he is one of the most talented people that I know.  What a great background vocal Jimmy recorded! Larry Farkas is one of my really good friends and an awesome guitar player.  It was only natural for me to include him. 
Armand Meinbardis is another busy musician that everyone wants to use.  He is way beyond me and it is an honor to have him play on this record. Niki Bente was a referral by another friend Ray Vidal. She came into the studio, and added that female touch the record needed.  Finally, Bill Metoyer is one of the nicest people on the planet to work with. His ear is impeccable which makes him an outstanding mix engineer. He really helped me to sculpt this Worldview record to be all that it could be.  I would work with Bill again anytime.”
Worldview is currently gearing up for a live show and they are finishing filming and editing their music videos which are to debut sometime in 2015.
With all of this talent and history, Worldview “The Chosen Few” debut album is a must listen for all true fans of metal.
Johnny Gonzales - Drums, Percussion
Todd Libby - Bass guitar, Keyboards
George Rene Ochoa - Guitars, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Rey Parra - Lead Vocals
Special guests
Oz Fox [Stryper] – Lead guitar on "Back in Time" (2nd lead)
Les Carlsen [Bloodgood] – Bridge vocals on "The Chosen Few"
Larry Farkas [ex. Vengeance Rising] – Lead guitar on "Prisoner of Pain" (1st lead)
Jimmy P Brown II [Deliverance] - BGV on "The Mirror" (2nd and 3rd chorus)
Ronson Webster - Keyboards, Background Vocals
Armand Melnbardis [Rob Rock] - Piano on "The Chosen Few", Violin on "Back in Time"
Niki Bente - Female vocals on "The Chosen Few"
Produced by: George Rene Ochoa
Mixed and mastered by: Bill Metoyer [Fates Warning, Slayer, W.A.S.P.]
Artwork by: Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Jorn]

PYRAMAZE - Disciples of the Sun (Showcase)

Release Year: 
Disciples Of The Sun
Produced By: 
Jacob Hansen
Release Date: 
Melodic Metal
Pyramaze was founded by guitarist Michael Kammeyer in 2002 with the intention of creating an epic melodic metal band from scratch. The original line-up also consisted of Niels Kvist on bass, Lance King on vocals, and remaining current members Morten Gade Sørensen on drums and keyboardist Jonah W. respectively. This line-up saw the release of the first two Pyramaze albums "Melancholy Beast" (2004) and "Legend of the Bone Carver." (2006) Lead guitarist Toke Skjønnemand joined the band in time to record the "Legend of the Bone Carver" album.
In 2007 Lance King was replaced by former Iced Earth vocalist Matt Barlow and Pyramaze recorded their third album "Immortal" (2008) to high critical acclaim.
Following the release of "Immortal" Matt Barlow left and returned to Iced Earth. He was briefly replaced by Urban Breed for the bands Danish tour with Volbeat in 2008. Several line-up changes occurred in 2008, including the departure of Kammeyer, Kvist, and Urban Breed.
Guitarist and producer Jacob Hansen joined Pyramaze in 2011 and the band began working on their next album during that time. Eventually seeing new vocalist Terje Harøy join Pyramaze in 2013.
Marking the dawn of a new era for Pyramaze, fourth album "Disciples of the Sun" is a true creative and artistic venture for Pyramaze. With song writing being divided between members Jacob, Toke, and Jonah this time around, there is an undeniable diversity and freshness to the sound of the album.  Heavy, dark, progressive, melodic, and catchy.... "Set out to catch the fire!"
Heavy and full guitar riffs, complemented by the epic and cinematic keyboard arrangements of Jonah W, along with the blistering infusion and foundation provided by drummer Morten Gade Sørensen, work together seamlessly to create the signature sound of Pyramaze. New vocalist Terje Harøy brings power and catchy melodies with a modern flair, without sacrificing the dark and progressive edge that Pyramaze is known for. The furious, progressive, and precise thrash infused riffs of new guitarist Jacob Hansen lay down the rock solid foundation upon which the soaring vocal and guitar melodies exist. Lead guitarist Toke Skjønnemand brings the shred and undeniably memorable guitar solos with both a modern and classic influence.
Pyramaze are devoted to making music that mirrors their souls, combines all of their influences, and stimulates the mind and spirit of their listeners... Pyramaze continue to make music that is dark, thought provoking, all with a sense of fearlessness! The band will forever be committed to making the melodic art of a group that understands the importance of staying true and faithful to one's passion.
"Divided by oceans, bound together by brotherhood, we must become that which divides us.... we are PYRAMAZE, and we are the Ocean!"
Terje Harøy - Vocals
Jacob Hansen – Guitars, bass
Jonah W. - Keyboards
Toke Skjønnemand - Guitars
Morten Gade Sørensen – Drums
Special guests on the album:
Joost Van Den Broek [ex. After Forever, Star One]
Kim Olesen [Anubis Gate]
Henrik Fevre [Anubis Gate]
2015: Disciples of the Sun [Inner Wound Recordings]
2008: Immortal [Locomotive. Re-issue: Inner Wound Recordings 2014]
2006: Legend of the Bone Carver [Massacre/Nightmare]
2004: Melancholy Beast [Replica/Nightmare]
Produced, mixed and mastered by: Jacob Hansen [Volbeat, Amaranthe, Epica, Evergrey]
Artwork by: Alex, Mayhem Project Design

WITHIN SILENCE - Gallery Of Life (Showcase)

Release Year: 
Gallery Of Life
Produced By: 
Jan Cvercko
Release Date: 
Within Silence is a young, promising melodic metal band that are ready to make an impact in the metal scene with their debut album “Gallery of Life”.
The band was formed under the name “Rightdoor” in 2008 by Martin Klein and Richard Germanus and was operating more as a project during the first years. Besides Martin and Richard, some other musicians were involved but no stable line-up was kept. During 2012 the band recorded a single that helped them to get the word out.
The following year the band found new members and the current line-up was completed as Peter Gacik [drums], Martin Cico [guitars] and Filip Andel [bass] joined the band.
Rightdoor was now a full band and started to play shows around in their home country Slovakia. During 2013 and 2014 they shared the stage with bands like Dark Moor, Theocracy, Blaze Bayley and more.
At the end of 2014 the band finished the recordings of their debut album entitled “Gallery of Life” with the help of producer Jan Cvercko. The guys then felt that they needed a stronger band name, so they decided to change it to “Within Silence”. Early 2015 Within Silence signed a deal with the Swedish label Ulterium Records, and the debut album “Gallery of Life” is scheduled to come out early May in Europe and North America.
Strong musicianship and the ability to write interesting songs with memorable melodies makes Within Silence a band to be reckoned with for years to come. Their debut album “Gallery of Life” got everything from up-tempo power metal tracks like “Silent Desire” and “Emptiness of Night” to pounding metal tracks like “The Last Drop of Blood” to epic metal songs like “Road to the Paradise”.
“Gallery of Life” will be a perfect album for fans of bands like Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius and Theocracy and fans of melodic metal in general.
The artwork was created by Jan Yrlund at Darkgrove Design [Delain, Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani].
Martin Klein - Lead vocals, backing vocals
Richard Germanus - Solo & rhythm guitars, growls, backing vocals
Martin Cico - Rhythm guitars
Filip Andel - Bass, backing vocals
Peter Gacik - drums
2015: Gallery of Life [Ulterium Records]
Mixedand mastered by: Jan Cvercko
Artwork by: Jan Yrlund, Darkgrove Design [Delain, Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani]

TEN - Isla De Muerta (Showcase)

Release Year: 


British hard rock giants TEN announced that the release of their eagerly awaited 12 studio album is scheduled for May 20th 2015 viaRocktopia Records. The new album is titled ‘Isla de Muerta‘ and follows hot on the heels of their ground-breaking and highly lauded 2014 opus ‘Albion‘. The album cover was illustrated by Gaetano Di Falco, can be viewed below.

Named after the mythical ‘Island Of The Dead‘ from Pirate legend and as the title would suggest, this time around the album has a very ‘piratical, seafaring‘ feel. In true classic TEN style, the album opens with the atmospheric ‘Buccaneers‘ instrumental and segues straight into the cinematic ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales‘. Any fans of TEN and their expanding catalogue will not be disappointed.
Isla de Muerta‘ will be the second outing for this current line-up and sees the boys build upon the foundation stones laid by their ‘Albion‘ release.
TEN are:

Gary Hughes
 - Vocals
Dann Rosingana - Guitars
Steve Grocott - Guitars
John Halliwell - Guitars
Steve Mckenna - Bass
Darrel Treece-Birch - Keyboards
Max Yates - Drums
Expect all the trademark TEN essences: Great songs, Big choruses, stunning solo work and twin leads with the British seven piece once again raising the bar and firing on all cylinders.
Isla de Muerta‘ promises to inspire the imagination, with songwriter Gary Hughes once again delving into a rich and varied array of subject matter this time around. Delivered in the classic TEN manner and conjuring images on a simply cinematic scale.
The wait is almost over!



Track Listing & Soundbytes:





Release Year: 
Produced By: 
Dennis Churchill Dries
Release Date: 
May 22
Melodic Rock
During the 1980s and ’90s, in those halcyon pre-Autotune days when the song was king and talent mattered, Dennis Churchill Dries was the singer and bass player of the bands White Sister and Tattoo Rodeo. Both of these groups earned prestigious major label record deals, but in the long run would learn how tough the music business can be.
Issued to rave reviews in 1984, White Sister’s self-titled debut was produced by Gregg Giuffria of Angel fame. While having tasted life on an independent label with its follow-up ‘Fashion By Passion’, Churchill Dries was also a part of the outfit Tattoo Rodeo. Picked up by Atlantic for ‘Rode Hard, Put Away Wet’ in ’91, they hit the road and opened for Bad Company and Damn Yankees. The band followed up with ‘Skin’ some four years later, and called it quits in 1998. There was a reunion show in 2006, and talks of new material, but all was scrapped after the death of drummer Rich Wright.
In October 2008, to the astonishment of just about everybody, original White Sister mebmers DCD, Rick Chadock, andGarri Brandon reunited to appear at the legendary indoor rock festival the Firefest. To say that they blew the doors off would be an understatement. They went over so well that the Firefest team invited the boys back again the following year, and they did not dissapoint! There was hushed yet optimistic talk of new music.
And then in October 2012, the unthinkable happened. Chadock lost his battle with cancer…Dennis was crushed by the loss of his music partner and closest friend of 35 years. New music from White Sister was not to be, and DCD retreated into solitude.
Dennis began writing on his own as a form of therapy, and in 2014 was reunited with Paul Sabu, who produced, engineered, and mixed “I”, and supplied the guitar work. DCD  drew priceless encouragement from the multi-talented Sabu, whose bands have included Only Child, Silent Rage and Sabu.
“I believe that Paul came back into my life for a reason... and that Rick had something to do with it!” says DCD. “Can it really be a coincidence that another great rock guitarist/vocalist/engineer fell into my lap after working with Rick exclusively for 35 years? No...”
“I” is heavily influenced by the music of the late-1970s and ’80s, mixing chunky grooves with radio-friendly melodies and drawing influence from DCD’s favourite acts, including The Beatles, Bad Company, Journey, Steve Perry, John Waite, Styx and Toto. The voice remains in great nick, too. “I took several years off, and only performed 3 shows from 2006 through the recording process in 2014…I still have a lot left in the tank!”.
DCD states “the whole process was like therapy really. The album’s lyrics are very telling,” he explains. “I didn’t realize the fact while I was living it, but this was a process  of affirmation, hope and moving forward. Listening to the final mixes in my car, I literally broke down. I didn’t realize how important this was to me until I finished it”.
“These songs are not groundbreaking, and they don’t fit neatly into a genre, but they’re completely from my heart,” he concludes. “This isn’t a conceited statement but I don’t care whether I sell 100 or 100,000 copies. I did this for me.”



MICHAEL BORMANN - Closer (Showcase)

Release Year: 
Produced By: 
Michael Bormann
Release Date: 
May 22
Melodic Rock
On the 22nd of May 2015, after more than four years, the long awaited fifth solo album "Closer" by Michael Bormann will see the light of the world. 2014 has been an eventful and exciting year. With his impressive performance at one of today’s biggest TV-Shows “The Voice of Germany” Michael reached millions of people.
All songs were written, recorded and produced within a three-month studio session by the end of 2014.

Due to the huge demand of the Demi-Lovato song "Warrior", that got him into “The Voice” - show, Michael had no chance but taking it on the forthcoming CD.

Downright refreshing, versatile and rocking Bormann presents "Closer".  Ballads, mid-tempo songs and pure Rock´n´Roll: you got it all! Defining a favorite is pretty hard as every single song has its own magic.

"Because we are the world" goes straight to the heart. The children’s choir  makes this tune very special. Not only radio stations will love this song.

It should be mentioned, that a valuable contribution to this album has been given by Eric Ragno and Bobby Stoecker. Knowing what and how he wants it, Bormann played most of the instruments by himself. It’s impressively showed on “Closer”.

His strong “Voice” - performances got Michael the long deserved attention.
Now it´s time for the next level. Closer will be drawing in the crowds under its magic spell.

Line-up: Michael Bormann – Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar & Leadguitar, Acoustic guitar, Vox; Jean Bormann – Guitars, Backingvox; Marco Grasshoff – Keyboards, Backingvox; Eric Ragno – Keyboards; Bobby Stöcker – Leadguitar; Katie Juraschka - Backingvox
Produced by M. Bormann
Recorded and mixed at RMB Studios, Duisburg, Germany
Mastered by Michael Bormann 

FOREST FIELD - Onwards And Upwards (Showcase)

Friday, May 8, 2015
Onwards And Upwards
Produced By: 
Peter Cox
Release Date: 
Progressive Melodic Rock
Forest Field is a project with the intent of creating an ear caressing combination of ambient and
proggy typed instrumentals with vocal Progressive Rock songs. The name originates from the local
name for the region where founder and songwriter Peter lives.
The second full length album sees Phil Vincent (Legion, D´Ercole, Tragik, solo) taking care of all vocals.
Sue Straw returns, this time to add some haunting Native American flutes on the track Hope. All
other instruments were performed, recorded and produced by Peter Cox (Chinawhite, Earthshine) at
Down the Road studio Netherlands.
We are proud to mention that the mix was handled by Billy Sherwood of Yes and Circa: fame at Circa:
HQ, Ca, USA and mastering was taken care of by Maor Appelbaum in Ca, USA.
The theme is best presented with the track stronger: “ it´s not the falling down, it´s the getting up
again” . Hence the album´s title, keep moving forward! The odd numbered tracks are again all
instrumentals. The even numbered tracks have vocals.
On the EPK for the album can be found, as well as teaser samples for various other tracks.
Phil Vincent (USA): all vocals (
Sue Straw (USA): NA flutes on 3 ( )
Peter Cox (NL): everything else, so all guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and programming
The album is available in digital formats on all major retailers and Spotify. A CD version is available through CDBaby and the bands label Rock Company.
BeNeLux distribution through Rock Inc. / Bertus.

SERPENTINE - Circle Of Knives (Showcase)

Monday, May 4, 2015
Circle Of Knives
Produced By: 
Gary Hughes
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Melodic Hard Rock
SERPENTINE are back with their third album: "CIRCLE OF KNIVES", available on the genre’s iconic AOR Heaven label.
After the success of 2010’s ‘A Touch of Heaven’ and 2011’s ‘Living and Dying in High Definition’, Serpentine sought a break from studio work to present their material live, playing shows across the UK and Europe including slots with FM, Ten, Crashdiet, Houston and Romeo’s Daughter as well as numerous festival appearances at Hard Rock Hell, Firefest, H.E.A.T Festival, Rockfest Madrid etc.
The band then approached Ten mastermind GARY HUGHES, who took the band under his wing and into his Doghouse Studio in a producer/co-writer role to work on the album. In early 2014, with the writing sessions successfully completed, and the band having settled on a fresh lineup including ADAM PAYNE and OWEN CRAWFORD, Serpentine began recording the record which they believe represents their finest work to date; an album built on a powerful melodic hard rock sound.
SERPENTINE is: Adam Payne (Vocals), Chris Gould (Guitars), Gareth David Noon (Keyboards), Owen Crawford (Bass), Roy Millward (Drums)
Out on CD:
24 April 2015 - Europe (AOR Heaven)
20 May 2015 - Japan (Marquee Avalon)
Out on VINYL :
22 June 2015
The Vinyl pressing is a Blue Vinyl, double gatefold special edition, limited to 250 copies, all signed by the band. The first 50 pre-orders will also include personalised guitar picks from Chris and Owen.
"A winning blend of melodic hard rock, AOR, metal and pomp" - Classic Rock Magazine
"The best UK melodic rock album in years" - Planetmosh
"Possibly the best album of 2015" - Uber Rock
"Serpentine are keeping the true spirit of rock n’ roll alive, and we really like it" - Hit The Floor
"An album that will be the highlight of my collection" - Rock 'n' Roll Circus
"One of the Best Melodic Hard Rock albums of 2015" - BeRock
Album Trailer
Circle of Knives
The album is available on CD (from April 24th) and Vinyl (from Jun 22nd). The Vinyl pressing is a Blue Vinyl, double gatefold special edition, limited to 250 copies, all signed by the band. The first 50 pre-orders will also include personalised guitar picks from Chris and Owen.
USB Re-Issues
A limited edition 1GB USB stick containing all the songs and artwork from the first 2 Serpentine albums and some bonus tracks.
These contain everything ever recorded by the band before the new line-up in 2015
All of our T-shirts are available in Mens and Ladies style, sizes S to XXL



NELSON - Peace Out (Showcase)

Friday, May 1, 2015
Peace Out
Produced By: 
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
May 15
Melodic Rock

Their music has stood the test of time. Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, revered for unforgettable past hits, explore fresh creative territory in the present with their new project, 'Peace Out'. Magical melodic songwriting and soaring sibling harmonies continue to ensure that this dynamic duo is still a vital part of the music scene's future.

'After the Rain' was the debut multi-platinum album by NELSON, the band led by twins Matthew and Gunnar in the early 1990s. They zoomed to number one with their hit song, "(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection,' which made history landing America's iconic Nelson family (bandleader Ozzie Nelson, rock legend Rick Nelson, and twins Matthew & Gunnar) into the Guinness Book of World Records as the ONLY family in Entertainment with 3 successive generations of #1 hitmakers. NELSON's 'After the Rain' record and tour became a phenomenon just prior to the rise of grunge.  The last major success of the good time rock'n'roll era, NELSON has had (1) Number One, (4) Top Ten, and (5) Top 40 Billboard Hot 100 hit singles, plus (5) #1 MTV videos and has sold over 6.5 million albums worldwide!

Every magazine from Rolling Stone to People did cover stories, and NELSON performed on television shows like "Late Night With David Letterman" and "Saturday Night Live."

Nelson has always been synonymous with entertainment in America. Matthew and Gunnar follow Ozzie Nelson's vision of embracing connecting with people and audiences through all forms of media. They have been doing television-hosting work for VH1 and E!Plus, Gunnar co-hosted LIFETIME Radio's nationally syndicated morning show.

Matthew and Gunnar have rare insights into what it takes to earn longevity in the entertainment world. They continue the inspiring story of a most remarkable show business family. Their grandparents, Ozzie and Harriet, achieved immortality with "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," the longest-running live action sitcom in television history. Earlier, the couple had enjoyed big band success and had scored a number one hit in 1934.   Long before MTV made twins Matthew & Gunnar pop-rock icons, Ozzie Nelson is credited with creating the first conceptual music video for Ricky Nelson's 'Travelin' Man'.

Perhaps the most televised rock star in history, the twins legendary father Ricky Nelson emerged from the TV series' popularity to establish himself as one of the most important rock artists of the '50s and '60s with over 200 million career record sales.  Rick Nelson is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame credited with founding the country rock music genre.  

Eonian Records Presents 'Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip' Box Set

information persons: 
section name: 


01. Rattlesnake Shake - Shootin' Daggers (4:53)
02 - Rattlesnake Shake - Get Around (Everybody Needs Somebody) (3:09)
03 - Alice Be Tokelas - In the Morning (4:26)
04. Alice Be Tokelas - This Is Now (3:55)
05. The Wild - Get Down 2 Night (4:41)
06 - The Wild - Some Girls (3:29)
07 - LongGone - Higher (4:25)
08. LongGone - Sticky Situation (4:35)
09 - Hans Naughty - Fallen Nature (4:47)
10. Hans Naughty - Be In You (3:25)
11. Imagine World Peace - Something I Miss (3:54)
12 - Imagine World Peace - Sometimes (4:07)
13. Bad Blood - Slip (2:57)
14 - Bad Blood - Sweet Addiction (4:20)
15 - Cyclone Sound - City Monsters (6:01)
16. Cyclone Sound - All Systems (4:26)
17 - Hap Hazzard - Sorry (3:50)
18. Hap Hazzard - Under Fire (3:58)


01 - Charlotte - Little Devils (5:55)
02. Charlotte - Krackerman (3:22)
03. Lypswitch - Sexx On The Sun (3:43)
04 - Lypswitch - She's So Psychedelic (2:54)
05. Bad Bones - My Love Is For Real (5:25)
06 - Bad Bones - Give Good Love (4:33)
07 - Enticer - Daddy's Little Girl (5:21)
08. Enticier - One Way Ticket (3:44)
09. Scratch - Merry Go Round (4:34)
10 - Scratch - Smack Dab (3:52)
11. Hardly Dangerous - Sweeter Than Honey (4:06)
12 - Hardly Dangerous - Game Of Love (3:16)
13 - Sam Mann And Thee Apes - Feel My Body (3:39)
14. Sam Mann and Thee Apes - Nasty Woman (4:32)
15. Mad Reign - Rise (3:48)
16 - Mad Reign - The First One's Free (5:13)
17. The Mimes - Crack Alley (3:55)
18 - The Mimes - Kick, Kick (Scratch and Fight) (2:53)


01. Shake City - Betty Blue (3:50)
02 - Shake City (Hot Wheelz) - She's Atomic (3:07)
03 - Blackboard Jungle - Paint You A Picture (3:39)
04. Blackboard Jungle – Chicago (4:30)
05 - Paradise - Satisfaction Guaranteed (5:12)
06. Paradise - I'm In Love With You (3:28)
07 - Hollywood Rose - Sweet Little Angel (3:43)
08. Hollywood Rose - Come A Little Closer (4:02)
09. Taz - Day Of The Dog (3:07)
10 - TAZ - Dogtown (3:32)
11 - Daddy Ray - Success (3:36)
12. Daddy Ray - Nag, Nag, Nag (3:29)
13. Children - Dance With Me (3:56)
14 - Children - Water Into Win (3:38)e
15 - Shel Shock - Lotta Love (3:23)
16. Shel Shoc - Pull The Trigger (3:40)
17 - Dallas Dollz - Dirty Money (4:54)
18. Dallas Dollz - Doin' Time (4:22)


01. Deaf, Dumb and Blonde - Heaven's Trail (4:45)
02 - Deaf, Dumb and Blonde - Down and Dirty (4:05)
03 - Cold Shot - Give Me What I Need (4:08)
04. Cold Shot - Little Too Late (3:51)
05 - New Improved God - Back Where You Belong (3:11)
06. New Improved God - Dead Rock Stars (4:27)
07 - Agent Zero - Shadows (3:50)
08. Agent Zero - Shadows (4:41)
09 - Aces & Eights - Read My Lips (4:30)
10. Aces & Eights - You Ain't My Religion (5:05)
11 - Rough Justice - Cheap Disguise (4:16)
12. Rough Justice - Good Ole' Days (4:10)
13 - Byte The Bullet - Let 'Em Down Easy (3:29)
14. Byte the Bullet - Russian Roulette (4:23)
15 - Spyder Blue - Dummy Says (3:09)
16. Spyder Blue - Love Lies And Hate (3:07)
17 - Charlemagne - You're All I Need (3:57)
18. Charlemagne - Who Needs Bad Girls (3:12)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Eonian Records is very excited to present the single largest collection of West Hollywood's Sunset Strip bands ever assembled entitled Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip.

Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip were the final wave of Sunset Strip bands, the most competitive market for rock 'n' roll that had ever existed.
During this era, the Sunset Strip had become a living, breathing entity of extreme depth and breadth of musicality, self-indulgence, and living in the intrepidly fast and dangerous lane, Blackboard Jungle, Imagine World Peace, Paradise, Rattlesnake Shake, Shake City, Taz and The Wild were just a small handful of bands that played part of the greatest rock 'n' roll scene that ever was. They are the last generation of rock bands that ruled the Los Angeles music scene!

Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip - Volume I features 36 bands from the 1980s and early 1990s Los Angeles rock scene and is a four-disc collection with 72 digitally re-mastered, original studio recordings.

Only a small handful of these recordings were ever made available, as most were meant primarily for the ears of recording industry giants in an effort to be signed.

Volume I also features a 60-page color booklet with a close up look at each band, over 100 original archived photos, and the 13-page "Rock 'n' Roll Rebels: Sunset Strip Certified" narrated by JohnnyX of The Wild and Adam Gifford of Paradise, both well-known bands on the Sunset Strip.



Adam Gifford & Johnny X


- 36 bands
- 72 re-mastered, original studio recordings
- 4 hours and 51 minutes of music
- Majority of the 72 studio recordings have never been previously released and were meant primarily for the ears of recording industry giants in an effort to be signed
- 60-page color booklet
- 36 pages dedicated to a close up look at each band
- 13 page "Rock 'n' Roll Rebels: Sunset Strip Certified" narrated by JohnnyX of The Wild and Adam Gifford of Paradise, both well-known bands on the Sunset Strip
- Hundreds of original archived photos
- Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip will be printed in limited quantities



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[ee-oh-nee-uh n] adjective - eternal; everlasting.

Founded in 2008, Eonian Records is an American Indie record label specializing in extremely rare and often never released classic hard rock and glam metal from the 1980's with a keen attention to detail, high-quality re-mastering and stellar packaging.

Eonian Records believes that great music never dies. Just because a lost recording resided in a state of dust and dormancy for the last quarter-century does not automatically mean it should be discarded like an expired condom. If you purchase an album bearing the Eonian Records logo, you can rest assured that it deserved to be released. 
Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip - Volume I

Eonian Records is very excited to present the single largest collection of West Hollywood's Sunset Strip bands ever assembled entitled Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip.

Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip were the final wave of Sunset Strip bands, the most competitive market for rock 'n' roll that had ever existed. During this era, the Sunset Strip had become a living, breathing entity of extreme depth and breadth of musicality, self-indulgence, and living in the intrepidly fast and dangerous lane. Blackboard Jungle, Imagine World Peace, Paradise, Rattlesnake Shake, Shake City, Taz, and The Wild were just a small handful of bands that played part of the greatest rock 'n' roll scene that ever was. They are the last generation of rock bands that ruled the Los Angeles music scene! 

Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip - Volume I features 36 bands from the 1980s and early 1990s Los Angeles rock scene and is a four-disc collection with 72 digitally re-mastered, original studio recordings. Only a small handful of these recordings were ever made available, as most were meant primarily for the ears of recording industry giants in an effort to be signed. Volume I also features a 60-page color booklet with a close up look at each band, over 100 original archived photos, and the 13-page "Rock 'n' Roll Rebels: Sunset Strip Certified" narrated by JohnnyX of The Wild and Adam Gifford of Paradise, both well-known bands on the Sunset Strip. 


West Hollywood is a city in Los Angeles, California. Incorporated in 1984, it is home to the Sunset Strip. The Sunset Strip is the name given to the mile-and-a-half stretch of Sunset Boulevard that passes through West Hollywood. It extends from West Hollywood's eastern border with Hollywood at Havenhurst Drive, to its western border with Beverly Hills at Sierra Drive. The Strip is probably the best-known portion of Sunset, embracing boutiques, restaurants, rock clubs, and nightclubs that are on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry.

In the 1960s and 1970s the Sunset Strip became a haven for a number of well known music groups. Bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Byrds, Frank Zappa, and many others played at clubs like the Whisky a Go Go, the Roxy, Pandora's Box and the London Fog. The Strip became a major focus for punk rock and new wave during the 1970s, but with the arrival of Van Halen, Quiet Riot, Dokken, Motley Crue among others, it soon became the center of the glam metal scene throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, hosting some of the world's most renowned bands and groundbreaking albums that would influence sounds and be imitated for years to follow.


Van Halen, originally named Mammoth, formed in Pasadena, California in 1972 consisted of Eddie Van Halen on guitar, keyboards, and vocals, Alex Van Halen on drums and percussion, Michael Anthony on bass and vocals, and David Lee Roth on lead vocals. Van Halen became a staple of the Los Angeles music scene during the mid-1970s playing world famous Sunset Strip venues Whisky a Go Go and Gazzarri's. In 1976, after seeing the Van Halen play, Gene Simmons produced their demo tape, but later opted out of further involvement after he took the demo to Kiss management and was told that "they had no chance of making it" and that they wouldn't sign them. 

In mid-1977, Mo Ostin and Ted Templeman of Warner Bros. Records saw Van Halen perform at the Starwood in Hollywood. Although the audience was small, the two were so impressed with Van Halen that within a week they offered the band a recording contract. The band recorded their debut album at Sunset Sound Recorders studio in fall of 1977 and eventually reached No. 19 on the Billboard Music Charts, one of rock's most commercially successful debuts. 

During the 1980s, Van Halen also had more Billboard Hot 100 hits than any other hard rock or heavy metal band. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Van Halen is the 19th best selling band of all time with sales of over 56 million albums in the USA and is one of five rock bands that have had two albums sell more than 10 million copies in the USA. Van Halen would release Van Halen II (1979), Women and Children First (1980), Fair Warning (1981), Diver Down (1982), 1984 (1984), 5150 (1986), OU812 (1988), and For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (1991).

Quiet Riot was founded in 1973 by guitarist Randy Rhoads and bassist Kelly Garni under the name Mach 1, later changed the name to Little Women before settling on Quiet Riot in May 1975. Quiet Riot often opened for Van Halen in several Los Angeles clubs, before either band had a record deal. In 1977, the band secured a deal with Sony Records and the original four members recorded their debut album in 1978 and the follow-up in 1979, but their albums would only be released in Japan. Quiet Riot's 1983 US debut, Metal Health, was the first glam metal album and the first heavy metal album to reach number one in the Billboard Music Charts. The group's follow-up, Condition Critical (1984), though successful, it was a relative critical and commercial disappointment, selling only 3 million units and reaching only No. 15 on the Billboard Music Charts.


The early 1980s were loaded with groundbreaking debut albums from the Sunset Strip glam metal and heavy metal scene including the band Dokken. In early 1981, after Dokken recorded a bunch of demos with Michael Wagener and with the help of German heavy metal band Accept's manager, Gaby Hauke, a deal was secured with Carrere Records. Recorded between July and September of 1981 at Studio Stommeln with Wagener and Dieter Dierks, Breaking the Chains was initially released under the name Don Dokken before it was changed to simply Dokken on subsequent pressings. Dokken's follow-up album Tooth and Nail, released on Elektra in 1984, sold more than one million copies in the United States alone; peaking at No. 49 on the Billboard Music Charts, while selling another estimated one million copies worldwide.

Motley Crue, founded by bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee, who were later joined by guitarist Mick Mars and vocalist Vince Neil, the group self-produced and released their debut album Too Fast for Love on Leathur Records in November 1981, selling 20,000 copies. The band would eventually sign with Elektra Records in late spring 1982 and the debut album was then re-mixed by producer Roy Thomas Baker and re-released in August 1982. Motley Crue would release several best-selling albums during the 1980's, including Shout at the Devil (1983), Theatre of Pain (1985), and Girls, Girls, Girls (1987). Motley Crue reached its peak popularity with the release of their fifth album; the Bob Rock produced Dr. Feelgood (1989). On October 14th of that year, it became a No. 1 album and stayed on the Billboard Music Charts for 109 weeks after its release. Motley Crue would eventually become one of the best-selling bands of all time, having sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

In complete contrast to Motley Crue, Stryper, originally named Roxx Regime and composed of brothers Michael Sweet on lead vocals and lead guitar and Robert Sweet on drums became the become the first overtly Christian glam metal band to gain acceptance in the mainstream. Stryper signed with major label Enigma Records and released their debut album The Yellow and Black Attack (1983). Stryper's first full-length album, Soldiers Under Command (1985), was the band's first gold record. Stryper achieved platinum sales status selling over one million copies with the release of To Hell with the Devil (1986) and went on to release two more gold albums before breaking up in 1992.

Ratt signed with the independent Los Angeles recording label Time Coast Records in 1983. Later that same year, Ratt released their self-titled independent EP. Soon after, the band signed with Atlantic Records and immediately started writing and recording what would be its breakthrough album Out of the Cellar released in March 1984, reaching Platinum status several times over. Out of the Cellar became a commercial success, going platinum many times over in the United States. Ratt would release four more albums by 1990: Invasion Of Your Privacy (1985), Dancing Undercover (1986), Reach for the Sky (1988), and Detonator (1990), all of which reach Platinum status.


By the mid-1980s, glam metal had begun to be a major mainstream success. Los Angeles continued to foster the most important scene around the Sunset Strip, but arguably, the greatest success was Guns N' Roses. Originally formed from a fusion of bands L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose, Guns N' Roses played with a grittier and rawer sound than many of its predecessors. Guns N' Roses formed in Los Angeles in 1985. The classic lineup as signed to Geffen Records in 1986 consisted of vocalist Axl Rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan, and drummer Steven Adler. 

A year after its release, Guns N' Roses' debut album Appetite for Destruction in 1987 reached No. 1 on the Billboard Music Charts. The album has sold in excess of 28 million copies worldwide, including 18 million units sold in the United States, making it the best-selling debut album of all time. The success of their debut album was followed by the eight-song album G N' R Lies (1988), which reached also No. 2 on the Billboard Music Charts. The twin albums Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II (1991) debuted at No. 2 and No. 1 on the Billboard Music Charts and have sold a combined 35 million copies worldwide, including 14 million units sold in the United States alone. 


By 1987, West Hollywood's Sunset Strip scene had exploded! Hard rock and glam metal was now dominating the top of the Billboard Music Charts, selling millions of copies multiple times over, selling out world-wide tours, as well as producing chart-topping singles while opening the door to MTV and commercial success for other bands at the end of the decade. Hard rock and glam metal bands were in heavy rotation on the channel, often at the top of MTV's daily dial countdown, and many appeared on the channel's shows such as Headbanger's Ball, which became one of the most popular programs with over 1.3 million views a week. 

Los Angeles, California had it all - the venues - Gazzarri's, Rainbow Bar and Grill, The Roxy Theatre, Trroubadour, Whisky a Go Go, Coconut Teaszer and more; the publications - L.A. Weekly, RRock City News, Bam and Screamer; one of the best radio stations in the country - KNAC Pure Rock 105.5. Throughout the decade and into the early 1990s, the Sunset Strip would be on full display with countless major label signings such as the Armored Saint, Badlands, Bad Moon Rising, Bang Tango, Bangalore Choir, Bulletboys, Barren Cross, Cold Sweat, Electric Angels, Faster Pussycat, Great White, Guardian, Holy Soldier, House of Lords, Hurricane, Jailhouse, Johnny Crash, Junkyard, Keel, Kik Tracee, King Kobra, L.A. Guns, Lion, Lita Ford, Little Caesar, Lizzy Borden, London, Love/Hate, Mr. Big, Nitro, Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd, Racer X, Rough Cutt, Salty Dog, Shark Island, Southgang, The Four Horsemen, The Scream, Tuff, W.A.S.P., Warrant, Wildside, XYZ, among others. Needless should we say - hundreds of very talented unsigned bands, many of which are featured on Volume 1 and the upcoming Volume 2.


Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip displays how extremely competitive this era of a rock 'n' roll really was. The bands featured dedicated their youth to writing, rehearsing, booking, promoting, playing, dealing with agents, managers, record labels, as well as jammed and performed with so many of the great rock outfits from back in the day. It was common to see Axl Rose and Slash hanging out at The Roxy at a "Rattlesnake Shake" show or drop in at Cathouse and see members of the New York Dolls, Kiss, as well as Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne at a "The Wild" gig. You name 'em ...they were there. They were all great friends, had great times! Late night jams after sold out shows. People were coming from around the world to feast on the musical excesses of the Sunset Strip.

Where else in the world can you say you could find all of this in a mile-and-a-half stretch? This was West Hollywood's one and only, the Sunset Strip. Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip is a true piece of Hollywood music history from the mid - late 80s.

A very special thank-you to all of the bands and contributors to Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip, as well as the hard rock, glam and metal media who have been kind enough to help promote it. Eonian Records will be donating the net profits to a non-profit that provides affordable housing to those less fortunate.

Hardly Dangerous

Byte The Bullet

Bad Bones

Agent Zero

Sam Mann And Thee Apes

Mad Reign

The Wild



Daddy Ray

Aces & Eights

Blackboard Jungle

Shake City

Hap Hazzard

Cold Shot



Rattlesnake Shake

Long Gone






MISS BEHAVIOUR - Last Woman Standing (Showcase)

Monday, April 27, 2015
Last Woman Standing
Produced By: 
Miss Behaviour
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Melodic Rock
The story of Miss Behaviour goes back to 2004. Keyboard player Henrik Sproge and guitarist Erik Heikne were both studying Music Management at the Baltic Business School in Kalmar, Sweden, when the idea of Miss Behaviour first came up. With a great passion for 80's melodic hard rock and AOR, they decided to start the band to express their vision of how a modern rock band, inspired by the great bands of the eighties should sound.
The first Miss Behaviour songs where written in a student apartment in Kalmar in late 2004 and ended up at the 3-song EP Give us the world. Miss Behavior worked –and still do with producer/technician Daniel Gese who had a career as drummer/producer with his 80’s metal/sleaze band Pole Position in the late 80s/early 90s.
After the debut album Heart of Midwinter was released in 2006, Henrik and Erik decided to recruit the new lead singer Sebastian Roos, a quite well known singer in Sweden, with a lot of touring, TV and radio performances and Eurovision song contest on his CV. The breakthrough came with the Album Last Woman Standing, released in 2011.
In spring 2011 Miss Behaviour competed in Swedish national radio with the song Till we meet again, making the première live performance with the current lineup in front of 400000 radio listeners. Joining forces with former Backyard Babies manager Michael Sundén in 2011 the band hit the roads in the UK.
Late 2011, after touring the UK with CrashDiet, the album Last Woman Standing won the ”Best AoR album of 2011” readers poll with 23% of the votes, leaving bands like Journey, Robin Beck, Work of Art and more behind. The reviews were fantastic and the album got top scores in important magazines, such as Classic Rock (UK), Sweden Rock Magazine (Sweden) and more.
UK Magazine Classic Rock picked Cynthia as one of the best tracks in 2011, and featured the song on the compilation Classic Rock Buzz. Miss Behaviour returned to the UK on the Smokehead Rocks Tour, playing another 10 dates and finished the tour with a sold out show at O2 Islington Academy in London, Oktober 12th, 2011. In the middle of the song writing and recordings of the new album Michael Sundén tragically passed, in a horrible accident at venue Rock City, Nottingham. This loss took a while to recover from but finally the brand new album Double Agent was finished and received great feedback in the press last year.
Last Woman Standing – Re-Issue
Last Woman Standing (2011) was the band’s breakthrough album. "Cynthia" was selected one of the best songs of 2011 by Classic Rock (Melodic BUZZ CD). The single "Till we meet again" premiered live in Swedish national radio with 200k+ listeners. The video had over 60000 views.
The Bonus material (* tracks 12 & 13): These songs were written in 2011 and recorded in a new session whit the new members Niclas Lindblom (Bass) and Magnus Jacobson (drums). The same line-up that consists today and played two UK-tours back in 2011 and 2012.
Discography: Heart Of Midwinter (2006), Last Woman Standing (2011), Double Agent (2014), Last Woman Standing (Re-Issue, 2015)
Sebastian Roos - Vocals
Erik Heikne – Guitars, Henrik Sproge –Keyboards
Nicky Bloom– Bass, Guitar
Magnus Jacobs – Drums



WINDSOR DRIVE - Windsor Drive (Showcase)

Friday, March 13, 2015
Windsor Drive
Produced By: 
Windsor Drive
Release Date: 
March 27
Formed in the unexpected art community in “The Northwood’s” of Wisconsin, the band has taken influence from arena-friendly Britpop acts as well as paying homage to their rock alma maters from the seventies and eighties.
The roots of the band can be traced back to a friendship between singer/songwriter Kipp Wilde and Owen Jones (drummer) at Wilde’s father’s church. After years of performing together on Sunday’s and writing their own material on the side, Jones and Wilde connected with Daniel Sukow (guitar) and Jon Wasleske (bass) through the local Wisconsin scene. Together they began to pen songs for what would become their first release, the self-produced “Meet the Tide” (2008) and Bridges EP (2009). In fact the songs were written in Jones’ basement on a street called “Windsor Drive.”
The Bridges EP, produced by Grammy award winning producer, Stephen Short (Phil Collins, Augustana) pushed the band out of the Midwest and out on the road showcasing to industry executives on both coasts at famous venues such as Hollywood’s The Roxy and NYC’s Gramercy Theatre.
After several national tours to support their initial releases and pushing over 15,000 units independently, the band caught the attention of numerous nationally renowned acts and were asked to support dates with artists including American Idol winner Kris Allen (RCA/19 Entertainment), Imagine Dragons (Interscope), Ryan Cabrera, Eisley (Equal Vision), and The Rocket Summer (Island). In 2011 the band was hand selected to support iconic indie rock band Mae on their farewell tour and perform on the popular traveling summer festival Vans Warped Tour. Coinciding with the tours came the limited edition Under the Weather EP (2011). With the release the band claimed the spotlight on E! News with Ryan Seacrest and a feature on Clear Channels iHeartRadio. Most recently the band supported He is We (Universal Republic) on the “Give It All” Tour, select dates with Teddy Geiger, and an international tour in Japan.
In 2015 Windsor Drive will release their first self-titled full-length album in Europe on AOR Heaven. The self-titled release will feature hand selected songs from their previous U.S. releases including, 2013’s “Wanderlust” produced, recorded, and mixed in Los Angeles, CA by multi-platinum producer John Fields (Parachute, Switchfoot) and Bleu (Boys Like Girls, Air Traffic Controller).
Discography: Meet The Tide – EP (2007), Bridges – EP (2009), Under The Weather – EP (2010), Wanderlust – EP (2013), Windsor Drive (CD, 2015)
Kipp Wilde – Vocals / Keys Daniel Sukow – Guitar / Vocals Jon Wasleske – Bass Owen Jones – Drums


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